Don’t tell Daddy Ch. 04

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*** This is a fictional account of a real life acquaintance. Her continuing story takes Katie deeper down the rabbit hole of May/December relationships than she ever imagined possible. Names again have been changed but every sparkle in those brown eyes is real. Chapters one and three are useful for knowing the background for this particular chapter. ***


Like most homeowners these days Mike Wilson had installed a doorbell camera at the front door of his home. He was almost out of the habit of checking the footage but did so occasionally when his only child Katie was home alone. She’s not a child he grumbles to himself. She’s way too grown and at twenty-two just as rebellious as her mother was at that age. Also, the spitting image of the woman he fell in love with all those years ago. A lean beauty from the years of school athletics that left her tone and firm from head to toe. He silently groans to himself each time he sees her in her work uniform. His wife Karen there to remind him that their deal was she would pay for school and they would provide room and board.

“She’s made enough in tips to more than cover her expenses.” Karen would always remind him.

This particular day as she’d left he caught a glimpse of more of her ass than usual. The skirt seemed shorter than normal. He watched as she gathered her things getting ready to leave. “Can’t you change into that at work?” He complained as she approached and got on her tiptoes to give him a peck on the cheek. Mike blushed slightly when he realized that he was staring at his daughter’s ass as she left the house.

“Love you daddy!” She called back turning and catching his stare but thinking nothing of it, because after all he hates the uniform.

His build more like a retired defensive end than assembly line supervisor at a local aircraft manufacturer. Standing 6’6″ and weighing a very solid 260 lbs, his football days were well in his past. His post typically afforded the person an opportunity to sit in the cockpit of the fighter jets his plant assembled as they “rolled off” the line but he mostly declined because of his size. His buddy Scott ussually took the honors as they powered up and tasked the electronic systems while transferring control of the aircraft to the military for its series of test flights. A short tow across the tarmac to an opposite hangar but still a pretty cool ride.

Having just returned from the mother-in-law’s where Karen had him complete a honey do list the app on his phone was alerting him of Katie’s departure and reminded him that he hadn’t checked on her weekend visitors. He takes a seat on the sofa to check. Hopefully not that little shit Jackson, Mike thought to himself. There were several of Katie coming and going but then Saturday afternoon, after Katie got home from work there was one that surprised him. Scott and Johnny stopped by and went in the house? Scott had done this a few weeks earlier but didn’t know Mike wouldn’t be home and left 45 minutes later. He and Katie had always been close, so this wasn’t unusual and he had borrowed a drill. This time was different though, the two of them knew I was gone and he looked at the time stamp, an hour and twenty minutes? What the fuck? he thought to himself. When he saw them leaving, they looked different and each leaned into the doorway, that’s Katie’s arm. Okay, she’s hugging them. I guess? Somethings off, his brain kept telling him as he would rewind the clip and watch again and again. Was that her tit that barely came into view? His mind raced and he fumed at the thought of his two “friends” with his daughter but worst of all he had a raging hard as he tried to freeze the one frame with the flash of skin that he thought was Katie’s breast. “Fuck! it’s too blurry.” He mumbled.

Karen surprised him at that moment “What’s wrong?” She asked peaking over his shoulder.

“Nothing Babe, just deleting videos from the doorbell.” He answers forcing a smile. He begins planning his next steps immediately in his head. Pulling up a search for hidden surveillance cameras on his phone. If he places one in the family room and one in the hallway he can monitor the comings and goings without violating too much of his daughter’s privacy. Satisfied with his choice, he makes the purchase of two motion activated cameras that can be easily hidden and with a surprisingly high resolution for something so small. He thought that he’d also let his daughter know that he’d seen his two friends come by and ask her what they wanted? This would serve another purpose he thought, force them to come in the back door. Thinking if they come over again at least some of the activity will be in the back room. There you go he thinks, if they’re trying to sneak around, they’ll use the backdoor. He hopes that he’s wrong but he’s afraid that he’s going to see his worst fears realized. What’s even worse is his cock is still twitching in anticipation.


Later that week Mike Wilson has installed and checked the angles on his two hidden cameras and told his wife that güvenilir bahis they have to return to her mother’s that weekend to complete one of his projects. She had thought his plans were to complete it later that month but she let her mother know and that they would be there Friday evening. Mike had a few things left to do in preparation. The first was letting his crew at work know that his wife had commandeered another one of his off days turning him into free labor. He witnessed Johnny pull Scott aside shortly afterwards and the two talked for several minutes. Next was Katie, he assumed one or both of his friends had already let her know but for now he’d play dumb. He called her into the family room Thursday evening, thankfully she was dressed conservatively making it easier for him to concentrate on what he had to say.

“What’s up Daddy?” She smiled at him as she often did, those brown eyes sparkling.

He lost himself staring into them and hoped again that he was wrong. “Mom and I have to go to grandma’s again tomorrow.” He finally said.

“Okay?” she almost shrugs at him wondering if that’s it.

“I wanted to talk to you about Scott and Johnny.” He sees the panic almost betray her but she recovers quickly.

“What about them? Did something happen at work?” she asks.

Nice recovery, he thinks. “No, it’s just that I saw that they came over last week.” He flashes the doorbell app which he has pulled up on his phone in her direction. “What was that about?” He asks searching her eyes.

“Nothing really.” She says trying to play it off. “They had been drinking, you know at Earl’s and had to use the bathroom. I guess it couldn’t wait? They shouldn’t have been driving anyway so I made them stay awhile.” She broke eye contact and asked “was that it?” Did he see me telling them goodbye? Damnit! she screams inside her head .

He ponders her answer and thinks that’s actually plausible but he doesn’t quite believe her. “Well if it happens again call them an Uber. I don’t want those two hanging around you if they’re drunk.”

“Daddy! I’m a big girl, I can handle myself.” She pouts at him slightly as she starts to head into the kitchen to complain to her mother.

“Hold on, hold on, I know that you’re a big girl, an adult.” He corrects himself. “That’s part of the problem, everyone’s noticed. I just still want to protect you that’s all.”

“I know, I just don’t want you to worry about me.” She almost flings herself at him wrapping her arms around his neck. “I love you Daddy!” she says with a tight hug. “Thanks for always looking out for me.”

Mike Wilson’s heart melts a little bit as it always does when she calls him daddy. To the point where he is having second thoughts about his plan. Do I really want to see what I think is going on? he thinks. Then feeling her body pressing against his, he has to pull away before she causes a reaction that he’s not ready to admit to himself that she could easily trigger. “I know Katie” He replies as he holds her at arms length and leans over kissing her forehead. “I love you too baby.” He turns away not wanting her to see the look in his eyes. A look somewhere between lust and disgust as his brain struggles with conflicting thoughts.


Mike and Karen load up his truck under the watchful eye of his daughter Friday afternoon following work and prepare to leave as planned. Karen giving Katie her usual instructions, even though they hadn’t changed since the first time they had left her home alone during her senior year of high school. “Get the mail, turn on the porch lights, don’t make a mess, check all of the locks before you go to sleep and don’t forget to turn on the alarm.”

“I know mom!” Katie groans in response.

“How’d you get a Friday night off?” Mike asks suspiciously.

“Sammie wanted my shift, so I switched with her for Sunday night.” She lied.

“Doesn’t seem like a good trade to me.” He grumped. “Don’t you make more money on Friday nights?”

“Daddy, I can always go and pick up a shift if you really want me to go into work.” She teases her father exchanging grins with her mother.

“I DO NOT!” He states emphatically. This gets a giggle from both ladies. “Be good.” He says climbing into the driver’s seat, avoiding his daughter, as he thinks about what she might be planning with a scowl on his face.

“What’s wrong with Grumpy?” Katie asks her mom, the two giggling again. “Love you Daddy.” she says which gets a terse reply.

“Hmph, love you too.” He can’t look at her.

Karen gives him a sideways glance as she climbs in her seat. Looking back at Katie, shrugging her shoulders, “See you Sunday.” She waves goodbye after shutting the door and Katie watches them depart before returning to the house.

Casting a glance at the camera on the door frame on her way inside. He knows, she thinks to herself.


Johnny and Scott are drinking a beer at Earl’s and impatiently awaiting the all clear text from Katie. Scott’s phone rings and he looks at the türkçe bahis screen. “Mike”, He states loud enough for Johnny to hear but not really directed at him. “Hey Mike, what’s up?” Scott asks.

“Nothing, never mind. Forgot what I was going to ask.” He lies, still struggling with his thoughts. Too late now he tells himself. “I’ll call you back if I remember.”

Scott feels his phone buzz with the much anticipated text. “Alright buddy, Y’all have a safe trip.” He tells his friend as his mind wanders to what he and Johnny are planning to do to his daughter.

Fuck you! he refrains from screaming into the phone as he hangs up by punching the button on his steering wheel.

His wife Karen looks at him, “What’s going on with you?” She asks.

“Nothing,” He mumbles in reply. Staring blankly ahead he mulls turning around now but if it’s already happened, what difference would that make? It would just drag his wife into a situation he’d rather she never knew anything about. It’s a quiet two hour drive and he is tormented by his thoughts every second of it.


Having been warned to avoid the front door, Johnny pulls into the driveway of the Wilson home at the back of the house. Katie hears the truck pulling in as she lies naked on the sofa awaiting her two “Uncles.” She had double checked her mother’s location using the find my iPhone app just to make sure and they were in fact several miles outside of town now. She’s propped up on her hand looking towards the door as the two enter. All three now have huge smiles on their faces and none aware of the motion sensitive camera which has been recording everything since Katie entered the room.

Scott and Johnny quickly begin to discard their clothing while Katie watches. She beckons them closer as she sits up and then moves to her knees in front of the couch. “How long do you have?” She asks the pair.

“As long as Ashley or Michelle (Johnny’s wife) don’t show up at Earl’s looking for us or start calling we should be able to stay until midnight or so.” Scott replies looking down at Katie as she grins up at him. Scott winning the race to her mouth as she takes his stiffening cock into her hand, which she quickly engulfs, she feels him continue to grow in her mouth. Johnny soon takes up a spot next to him more than a little envious of his buddy but knows that he’s next as she grabs his cock with her free hand and starts stroking him.

It’s not long before she pops off the tip of Scott’s cock and smacks her lips looking up at Johnny. “Your turn.” She says with a giggle before sliding her lips past the head of his cock and circles it with her tongue before sucking him all the way to the base. Katie gags on his girth as she tries to hold him deep while looking up at him, his hand resting on the back of her head. She continues to alternate between the two cocks, sucking and stroking each as they moan and watch in awe, this eager young girl greedily slurping on their dicks. Her own juices flowing as she finally tells them to “fuck my mouth until your ready, then I want you to spray me with your cum.”

Johnny takes the lead forcing his cock deep into her throat and begins to thrust as she uses her hand to stroke him. “Fuck, who would have known you were such a cum hungry little slut.” His moans match hers in intensity as he edges closer and suddenly pulls out. She pumps furiously with her hand as he holds her head still and begins to unleash thick ropes of white cum across her face and chest.

Scott who had continued pumping his own cock while watching the two can’t take it any longer and as she turns to face him. “Cumming!” He warns seconds before spraying her face and open mouth with his cum. Katie shocked slightly by the first shot quickly positions her tongue under his tip as he aims for her open mouth, successfully hitting the target with all but the last stream which hits her chin and drips down onto her chest.

Katie looks up at the pair and blows a cum bubble. Showing them some of what she’s holding in her mouth before swallowing what’s left. She then sucks and licks each of them clean. When she finishes the smile on her face shows the pair that she’s truly enjoying herself. “I think I need a shower guys? Anyone care to join me?” Her hands smearing the cum across her chest.

Neither of them protest as she takes one of their hands in each of hers and leads them down the hall to the bedrooms. The two men exchange looks as she passes her room and pulls them into her parents bedroom where they disappear from view of the second camera which had been placed in the hallway. “The shower in here is big enough to hold us all” as she explains their unexpected destination. Katie turns on the water and stands under the stream of water rinsing the cum from her face and chest. The two watch her tight young body bending and stretching as she uses a sponge to soap herself. Scott feels the life surging to his cock and enters the shower embracing her from behind, his hands quickly finding her breasts as he plants soft kisses güvenilir bahis siteleri on her neck. His fingers teasing her nipples as he traces over them. He bends her over forcing her to brace herself on the bench on the back wall. She feels his cock head rubbing along her slit from behind and teasing her clit briefly before pushing into her. “Oh yessss! Fuck me Scott!” She exclaims. Looking to her right as Scott thrusts into her she sees Johnny stroking himself as he watches on the other side of the glass, not quite fully errect but getting there. She makes a mental note that while Johnny is by far more aggressive, Uncle Scott has the quicker recovery time, which will definitely work to his advantage. Scott’s hand slaps her ass as he thrusts hard into her from behind, almost as if he’d heard her thoughts. “Owww!” she moans with a hint of her trademark giggle. Taking this as a positive sign Scott swats her ass again, this time with a little more enthusiasm. “Fuuuuck!” she screams, “that hurt!” As he pumps his cock in and out, she feels her first orgasm start to wash over her. The constant “oh, oh, oh’s” begin that Scott loves to hear as her pussy clenches around his dick. When she finishes, she stands and turns to face him kissing him softly on the lips, her fingers playing in his chest hair as the water coarses over them.

Johnny reaches in and turns off the water offering her a towel. “Scott and I have been talking about trying something different, if you’re game?” Katie arches an eyebrow at him as she dries off. “We thought you liked the two of us at the same time so much, that you might enjoy a different configuration?” He watches her waiting for a reaction.

Her mind works out the statement and her mouth gapes open. “Ummm, I don’t think so!” she laughs.

“I’m not really giving you a choice.” Johnny tells her feeling a little left out after not joining the couple in the shower.

“Johnny, neither of you will fit in my ass.” she tells him.

“We’ll fit. You’ve got lube, right?” Ever the aggressor he pulls her still a little wet from the shower and leads her back into the hall briefly before taking her into her bedroom. His aggressiveness turning her on and making her want to do it regardless of the pain that may be involved. He sits on the edge of her bed and tells her to “get the lube!”

She complies, Scott enters the room and watches as Katie brings a small bottle from the nightstand with her and kneels between Johnny’s legs. She pulls and sucks on his now hard cock while Johnny looks down at her. She coats his dick with saliva and then pours a clear liquid from the bottle into her hand and transfers it to his cock, stroking him lightly. Satisfied with the coverage she stands and applies the remaining liquid on her hand to her tight hole. “Good girl” she hears Johnny say in approval. He lays back and watches as Katie spreads her legs on either side of his and backs on top of him slowly. Her hand reaching back and positioning his cock against her asshole. She pushes back against him and nothing. Again, she tries and nothing, then Johnny grabs her hips and pulls her back while she pushes.

“”Ouch” she blurts out as the head pushes past the sphincter muscle and enters her very tight ass.

“Mmmm, fuck she’s tight.” He says out loud as Scott watches the discomfort on her face.

Katie notices that Scott is in front of her stroking his cock back to life and lays back on Johnny’s chest as she gets him all the way inside of her. “Give me a minute.” she says looking at Scott. The intense look on her face seems to be a mixture of pleasure and pain. Grinding against the cock in her ass, she pulls her feet up flat on the mattress and back as far as she can to give Scott room, her feet on either side of Johnny’s hips he’s trying to bounce her up and down but she fights him, trying to stay still as she gets used to the cock in her ass. “Ahh, fuck, that’s different.” She gasps. Scott moves forward and gets in position in front of her rubbing his cock head over her clit which puts her over the edge again and she starts to scream. “Oh fuck!, oh fuck!” She cries out as Johnny tweaks her nipples, groping both of her tits as he holds her down on top of him.

Scott smiling down at her watching her squirm just from the simulation. “Seems like Katie Kat likes it up the ass Johnny.” He presses forward easily sliding into her once he gets his cock at the right angle.

Johnny gives her a satisfied grunt in her. “She just loves these big dicks is all. It doesn’t matter where we put them.”

Katie leans back and attempts to kiss Johnny but Scott’s dick hits the right spot at that moment. “Oh fuck yessss!” She screams. Rolling into a second orgasm and feeling like she’s going to explode from being stuffed beyond her capacity. As she relaxes Scott begins moving in and out the best he can, given the position of the three of them.

Johnny getting the benefit of Katie’s orgasms even though she’s not squeezing him like happens when he’s in her pussy. She still squeezes his cock around the base as she cums. The squirming on his cock and oddly another cock brushing against his causes too much simulation for him to hold out. He groans, “I’m going to cum!” and Katie feels the thick cock in her ass begin to pulse.

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