Elevator Fun Pt. 01

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Thanks to deadeye_76 for the editions. I’m submitting this story again. I hope the previous mistakes are solved.

This is one of my first stories, it involves twin siblings facing some new experiences. Both are 18 years old. It takes some build up to get to some action. But I consider it’s worth the waiting and patience. Read and Enjoy.


It was a hot summer afternoon when something quite unexpected happened and it made my sister and I get closer emotionally and physically.

I woke up in my bed, my body damp in sweat because of the crazy temperature of the season. It was, according to meteorologists, one of the hottest summers registered this decade.

I put on a white T-shirt and black shorts and went downstairs for breakfast. I entered the kitchen and saw my mother preparing some pancakes and my father reading a newspaper sitting at the table.

“Good morning everyone,” I said, sitting in a chair in front of my father.

“Good morning sweetheart, how did you sleep?” Mom asked me.

“Terrible! It’s getting hotter every day. Can we please buy an air conditioner? I can’t stand it anymore,” I protested.

“We’ll see honey. Let’s have breakfast first.”

“Hey everyone,” my sister Kate said entering the kitchen. My eyes couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“What a hell is wrong with you? That’s not an appropriate attire to show in front of your brother and father.” Mom yelled.

Kate was wearing just a light blue bra and red panties. I couldn’t believe it, but her body was pure perfection. She was skinny, quite tall almost my height, her boobs were quite big, her legs were muscular, she often does spinning at the gym, and her face is beautiful even though her hair was a mess, having recently woken up. She looked pretty no matter what style she had.

“I’m sorry mom, but it’s so hot today,” she said, noticing my looks on her body, but not seeming to care at all.

“That’s no excuse. You can’t walk around the house like that. This is not a damn strip club. This is your home. For the love of God have some respect!” Mom yelled at my sister.

My father was out of words just like me. I could almost see how he was checking her out, hiding behind his newspaper. I couldn’t blame him. My sister was such a hot chick. Her skin was slightly shiny, showing the sweat produced by the heat. I have to confess; my cock was responding to my sister’s body. I’ve never ever had a hard-on watching my own sister, but she’s never wore that kind of clothes in front of me, until this morning.

“You’re exaggerating mom. It’s just little less clothes than I usually wear. Besides they are covering my intimates, so it’s not a big deal.”

Fuck, now I was thinking about what was hiding under those garments. How big were her nipples? Was she shaved? How did her pussy….stop! This is your sister. Your twin sister. You shouldn’t think of her like that. YOUR SISTER! YOUR SISTER. I repeated myself inside my mind.

“Are you nuts? can’t you see the point of being in just your underwear here?” Mom yelled one more time.

“Fine! I’ll change, but you’ll have to get the air conditioner. I can’t bear another damn day in this heat,” Kate told my mom in an angry tone.

“We’re going right to the mall this afternoon. Now put on more clothes. No excuses this time.”

Kate turned around just to show us her butt, those magnificent cheeks with her panties disappearing in her crack. She was gone, but the image of her body remained in my head, tormenting me.

“Are you happy?” Kate said at the kitchen’s door. Sher returned wearing a white T-shirt, and sweatpants.

“Don’t push me Kate, just sit down!” My mom said still in anger.

My sister sat on the chair by my side got her head close to my ear and whispered. “We’re finally getting the air conditioner,” she said with a smile on her face.

My sister and I were 18 and going to the same high school and in the same class. Even though we were living in the same house, we didn’t have a great connection as brother and sister. We never shared anything, I barely knew anything about her, and she knew little about me. Anyway, we were constantly asking my parents to get air conditioning. My father thought it was a great idea. On the other hand, my mom refused to do it because it was a big cost to get the device, install it, and then pay for the power it would consume.

“Was that really necessary? I mean you in your…. underwear,” I asked.

“I know it was too much. But it was the only way mom would agree to get it. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”

“Don’t worry. I’m also tired of this heat.”

We had breakfast in silence. The atmosphere was tense. My sister’s plan had some secondary effects. My mom was very angry about being blackmailed like that from her daughter. My father was immersed in his own thoughts. And I was thinking about my sister’s body. I don’t know how much time it would take to get over this image.

After breakfast, everyone went about their own business. I was in my room, changing my clothes, merter escort when I heard the shower going. I figured it was my sister, since my parents went to visit some relative. The thought of my sister naked showering herself in there had me all crazy. I got close to the bathroom’s door and listened to some moans. The door was locked so I pressed my ear to it. I wasn’t sure but it sounded like my sister was masturbating in there.

I didn’t think about it twice and took my hard-on out of my shorts and boxers and started pumping it. I thought about her body I just saw a few moments ago. I was wondering when my sister became this sexy woman. We grew up together, played together, and she was this cute little girl, driving everyone crazy. And now she was a woman, a woman with needs, a woman ready to experiment new situations. A woman who was masturbating on the other side of this door.

I stroked faster, and when I heard a louder scream from her, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I shot my sperm out in the hall, some of it went on the door, and some reached over two feet away from me. I had one intense ejaculation thinking about my sister. How did that happen?


By noon my parents returned home.

“Get ready kids! We’re going to have lunch outside and then go to the mall for the air conditioner!” mom yelled from the living room.

I was in my room thinking how messed up was this situation. I felt guilty and ashamed. But I was also tired of this damn heat.

Soon my sister and I went downstairs to meet our parents. We all got into the car, my sister in some yellow floral dress, and me in a white T-shirt and blue shorts. I didn’t want to check out my sister, but my eyes went directly on her legs and breasts. It was as if I no longer had control over my actions. We had lunch quite normally in some restaurant, and then headed to the mall.

“Excuse me, where can we get some air conditioners?” Mom asked the security guy.

“It’s on the fifth-floor ma’am, you can take the elevator if you want.”

“Thank you very much.”

We got on the elevator which was big enough to take ten people inside. We got to the fifth floor and were headed to the stores.

“Damn it,” my father suddenly cursed, “I left my wallet on the car. Can you go get it Greg?” he asked me.

“I don’t know where it is dad,” I said.

“I do. Let’s go get it Greg!” My sister took me by the hand and we went back to the elevator.

“I could have looked for it by myself you know,” I said while we entered the elevator.

“I know but we can take a reward from dad’s wallet and he’ll never know,” my sister told me with a devilish smile.

While we were going down, the elevator suddenly stopped. The lights also shut down and it was slightly hard to see what was going on.

“What happened?” My sister said

“I don’t know,” I replied. “It must be a blackout or something,” I looked on the screen above the door’s elevator and we were on the third floor not moving at all.

There was still some sunlight letting me see around the place. We were all alone and the heat was rising every second.

“Can’t you open the door?” My sister asked me.

I tried several attempts, but it was useless. The door didn’t have anything to hold onto and it was tightly closed.

“I’m sorry Kate. It’s closed up tight. We’re going to have to wait till the power comes back.”

“How much time will that take?”

“I honestly don’t know. It might take hours or some minutes depending on how big the electrical problem is.”

“Fuck. It’s hot in here. I hope it doesn’t take too long.”

We were waiting some minutes until we heard some knocks on the door.

“Greg! Kate! Are you ok?”

“Dad! we’re trapped in here. We can’t open the door,” I yelled.

“You’ll have to be patient. The security and some electrical engineers told us there was a problem that covers almost four blocks. It may take up to 2 hours to repair,” my father replied.

“What?! Did you tell them we’re trapped in here?” Kate yelled scared about the situation.

“I did. But they told me it’s quite dangerous to force the elevator to move without any power. It might collapse the support cables and the elevator could fall with no resistance.”

“Can’t you at least open the door. We’re toasting in here!” Kate protested once again.

“I’m sorry sweetheart. The elevator is stuck between third and fourth floor. And the door was designed to resist any attempt to open it by force. We can try to use some tools or machines to open it by applying more pressure. But once again, it would make the elevator’s structure collapse,” Dad explained to us.

“Fuck! Are you serious?”

“Honey listen, the security guard is making us leave the building. Be aware of Greg’s cell. I’ll call you two in a while. Please, be patient. Besides you’re not alone, you have your brother with you in there.”

“Dad? Daaad!” My sister yelled. But there was no response this time.

“Dear God. Two hours? How nişantaşı escort are we going to stand this?” Kate said frustrated.

“Just relax Kate. We can’t do anything else. There’s nothing else to do than wait,” I tried to calm her down.

“But the heat is overwhelming. Look, I’m already sweating,” my sister showed me her front and as she said, it was covered with sweat.

“Me too Kate. But desperation won’t lead us out of here. Just relax, we’ll make through this. I promise,” I told my sister, making her less nervous.

“I guess you’re right. Fine!” She said. She sat on the floor on the other side of the elevator, in front of me. Her legs extended and closed, and her back was supported on the wall. Her arms were crossed under her boobs.

I was staring at her and my dick was responding because she looked so cute and sexy like that. I had to sit down in front of her, with my knees raised and closed to cover my hard-on. Two hours alone with my sister! I hoped I didn’t do anything stupid.


A half hour passed and the heat filled up the entire elevator. We had little ventilation openings distributed along the roof, so the air was breathable, but the heat remained high.

My sister touched her dress over her stomach to pull it apart from her skin. With all the sweat on our bodies our clothes were constantly sticking to our skin. It was annoying.

“Greg don’t be silent. Tell me a story or something to distract myself from this heat,” Kate said.

“I don’t know what to tell you.”

“You never want to tell me anything, you can trust me, I’m your sister, we should share more experiences with each other. We never hang around. That’s so sad.”

“But I don’t really know what you’re interested about in my life.”

“How about we play a game?”

“What kind of game?”

“You’ll tell me something personal about you and I’ll tell you something about me that’s on the same page.”

“Give me an example. I’m not following you,” I asked her.

“Pay attention. If I ask about your favorite color. I’ll tell you mine. If I ask about your last girlfriend’s name. I’ll also tell you my boyfriend’s and so on.”

“Ok. That sounds like fun,” I answered, “why don’t you start? Ask me something.”

“Mmmm. Let’s see…. How about…. What was your most embarrassing experience?” Kate asked me with a smile on her mouth.

“Wow. I can’t tell you that. You’ll make fun of me. In fact, every day I try to forget it happened.”

“Come on! I’ll also tell you mine and I swear it’s way more shameful than anything you have to say,” Kate said.

I wasn’t sure about telling her my situation. She was right, we never bonded like this before. We had our private lives and had never intended to interfere with the other one’s life. Maybe, that was a mistake. Maybe some confidence with your sibling is not as terrible as I think it is.

“Ok. Please, don’t laugh at me.”

“Spit it out Greg. I promise I’ll not make fun of you.”

“Fine…. Well, it started one Friday evening. I had a date with Jennifer, do you remember her? The hot chick from junior class?”

“Oh yeah. I do. What’s wrong with her?”

“Nothing! We went to the movies, and then to some place to dance and had some drinks after that.”

“Wow. This is getting interesting!” My sister said smiling even more.

“After that, we decided to go to her house, given that it was empty since her parents were out of town.”


“I think I drank too much, because I was having some dizziness and I couldn’t walk very well. She made me drink most of her shots, so she was almost all right. But I was a mess.”

Kate was looking at me directly, I figured she was picturing my story in her head. Anyway, the next part was the cherry on the cake.

“We entered her bedroom and started making out. She was a pretty good kisser, or so I thought because I was too drunk. I don’t tend to drink that amount of alcohol and that made me kind of disoriented.”

“That’s it?” My sister asked.

“Do you want to know the details, or shall I tell you directly what happened?”

“We have one hour and a half. Don’t hold yourself, tell me everything.”

I didn’t want to be very explicit, but what a hell, we had plenty of time. I took a deep breath and released it, ready to tell her my darkest secret.

“Ok. I kissed her mouth for almost ten minutes, she even had her tongue playing with mine. My hands were resting on her waist. And her hands were trying to take my shirt out of me.” Kate was focused on my words.

“She had a pretty good body. She had big breasts and her legs were wonderful.”

“Mmm…. What were you two wearing?” Kate asked out of nowhere.

“I had some jeans, a blue shirt and a leather black jacket that I left on the hanger by her door. She had a dark pink blouse showing a lot of cleavage and a skirt that came to her knees.”

“Quite nice. Go on!”

“I lowered my head to kiss her on her neck, put my fingers on the ortaköy escort hem of her blouse, and began to rise it over her body.”

Kate was starting to breath more rapidly, I guess, the heat was affecting her breathing.

“I saw her bra covering her boobs and her nipples were visible through the garment. I placed my hands on the zipper of her skirt and started to open it.”

“Holy shit!” Kate said shocked at my words.

“Then I took her skirt off and she was only in her bra and panties…. Like you in the morning.”

Oh my god, I don’t know why I said that.

“Mmm…. color?” Kate asked to my relief. I thought she would get mad about my comment.

“Green,” I answered, “Then I took my jeans out and my boxers came to view and that’s when it happened”

“What happened?”

“I realized my…. you know… my penis wasn’t hard. I was hoping it was just my imagination. But it was real Kate. My cock wouldn’t come to life. In my desperation, I tried to massage it or maybe shake my hips a little. Nothing worked in that moment.”

“That’s not so bad Greg. It happens more currently than you think.”

“That’s not the worst part. I saw Jennifer’s accusing eyes and a great fear entered my head. I got all nervous and my head was spinning like crazy. Then I …… I…… I threw up…. all over her.”

“What?” Kate said surprised.

“I covered her with my vomit. She got so offended and she screamed at me. She immediately went into her bathroom to clean herself up. Then after a while, she threw my clothes at me and told me to leave her house.”

Kate watched me with a sad look, instead of mocking.

“I left the house, never telling anyone about it. And I don’t think she did either, because, it was way too embarrassing.”

“Oh my God. I’m sorry Greg. That must have been so hard for you.”

“Ha-ha!” I laughed not believing it, “I thought you were going to laugh about it.”

“How could I? I recognize it’s difficult when you over drink sometimes. You have no control over your body. Everything spins around you. It sucks!”

“But about ….. the penis thing?” I asked.

“Well, sometimes you get real nervous and given the amount of alcohol in your system, it’s not really surprising to see that kind of result,” Kate said wisely.

Honestly, I didn’t expect that kind of response from my sister. She always tends to make fun of everything, but now, it was totally comforting to get to know her in this new way.

“Um. Okay. What about you Kate? Is your story more embarrassing than mine?” I asked.

“You have no idea,” Kate said.

“Well, tell me!”

“Ok. You want every detail as well, don’t you?” Kate asked me.

“I told you everything. I think you should do the same.”

“Fine. It was just last month. I had a date with Carl. You know him, he’s your friend’s brother.”

“I think I do.” I recalled his face but nothing else, “well, he’s not my greatest friend I have to say.”

“Well, we were having a pretty good time on his car; listening to loud music, visiting some places, shopping for me, and other stuff.”

I didn’t know Kate enjoyed hanging around in a car that much. Maybe after this, I’ll take her in my car too.

“At night, we decided to go to some quite place on the beach. We settled down a blanket on the ground and started making out.”

I was imagining every word she told me, I wanted to know more. I wanted to see my sister as she really is. A beautiful human being, with a hell of a sexy body.

“What…. um… what were you wearing?” I asked nervous about my question.

“He had a sweater and black pants. And I was wearing my jeans and a black tank top. Underneath I wore my usual white bra and some pink panties.” Kate didn’t even hesitate to tell me that, I savored the image coming to my head.

“We were getting aroused. He made me lean on the blanket as he placed himself over me. I could feel his cock pressed on my stomach. And he kissed me on my neck, lowering to reach my…. mmm… my breasts,” Kate said nervously.

“He began moving his hips rubbing his suppressed cock over my… my crotch.”

I couldn’t get my eyes away from her, I was imagining this whole context; her clothes, her movements, her moans. Fucking hell. “Tell me more,” I begged inside my mind.

“Then his cellphone rang. He took his mouth away from me for a moment to answer. And he suddenly stood up with a preoccupied look.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“I asked him that. And he told me that there was an emergency and his mom was in hospital. Apparently, she was in a car accident. He didn’t give me more details. We headed directly to his car and he took me home. Then, he apologized about this situation and he left.”

“Wow. Kate. I’m sorry, that was…”

“I didn’t finish,” Kate interrupted me.

“What? there’s more?”

“Yeah. I got into our house and realized you weren’t home.”

“Where was I?”

“You had this group project or something at your friend’s house. And you were staying all night. Remember?”

“Oh yeah!” I said, remembering it was just an excuse to my parents to party with some friends all night.

“Well, you weren’t there. And our parents weren’t either, they went to some social community meeting, or so I remembered.”

“So, what happened?” I asked impatiently.

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