Eric Becomes Erica Ch. 03

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“I think I’m gonna need a bottle of water, before the next round. You girls are so fucking hot,” Robert said.

“I’ll get it. I think we all need some,” Erica said, getting up and going into the kitchen.

Robert pulled Carla into his arms and kissed her, deep and long. She was beautiful. “Do you feel comfortable with me and Erica?” he asked.

“Oh, yes,” She said. “I feel more comfortable than I ever have in my life. I love it here. I wish I never had to leave.”

“You know, Erica cares a great deal about you. She wanted to bring you here so you could have the chance to be yourself,” he said.

“I love her. She’s the only one I’ve ever known who understood me. And now, you too,” Carla said.

“Well, I’ll talk it over with Erica and if she feels the same, maybe you don’t have to leave. We have plenty of room here,” Robert said.

Carla’s eyes widened. Her beautiful, dark eyes. “Do you mean it?” she asked.

“There’s no need to discuss it. I feel the same way,” Erica said from the doorway. “Carla and I talked about asking you, earlier this evening, when we were upstairs.”

She came to them, handing out the bottles of water. “You better drink up, Robert. I think you’re going to need this.” She laughed.

“So, have I been played?” Robert smiled.

“No, dear. You know I love you and you know I want to be faithful to you. But you also knew my fantasy about a threesome. If I’m going to share you with anyone, I want it to be someone we both care about. I think it’s obvious that we both care for Carla and we want her to be able to be herself,” Erica silivri escort said.

“My beautiful girl. Not only beautiful but smart. I made a lot of mistakes earlier in your life, but I’m glad I finally learned what’s most important. And that’s happiness. Everyone deserves to be happy with who they are. I love you,” Robert said.

“The past is the past. All that’s important is what we have now. I love you so much,” Erica said as she kissed him. “And for now, I think Carla needs to experience what it feels like to be a real woman. You were my first, and if she’s going to live with us and be a part of our lives, it’s only right that you should be her first too.”

“Maybe we should take this to the bedroom,” Robert said.

“Yes. I think that’s a good idea,” Erica said.

Once upstairs, they all three lay on Robert and Erica’s bed.

Robert turned to face Carla. “Are you ready?” he asked.

“Yes, Robert. Make love to me,” She said.

Robert leaned in and kissed her. Her warm body pressed close to his, caused his cock to once again come to life. He moved his thumbs across the hard nipples of her flat chest. Moving his hands down across the soft, smooth curves of her hips and thighs. He kissed her earlobes, running his tongue down her neck and across her shoulders. He enjoyed everything about her. He wanted her to know all the joys that a tongue could bring to a body.

He reached back with his left hand, taking the bottle of lube, offered by Erica. He pulled back from her as he coated his fingers with lube, şirinevler escort and then moving his fingers to her rectum. He slowly coated the outside and then slipped one finger inside her. She gasped. He waited, kissing her soft, sweet lips again. He inserted the second finger. She moaned. He fucked her with his fingers, slowly moving them in and out.

Once again, he rose up and coated his stiff cock with lubricant. He stared into her eyes as he pushed the head of his cock against her virgin ass. She closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh. He quickly put his lips to hers and took in her escaping breath as he kissed her again. So sweet. He gently pushed against her. The tip of the head entered her. He stopped and waited. When she opened her eyes and smiled, he pushed again. She was so beautiful. Her mouthed moved in a silent ‘oh’. She met his next push with one of her own. The head was in. He slowly kept pushing. He stopped, waiting for her to accept it. She reached up and kissed him. He pushed harder and she met him. He was almost halfway.

He was so excited, he had to force himself to stop. She was so tight, but so inviting. As he was beginning to push again, she pushed her ass up to him, taking his cock all the way in with a loud moan.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?” he asked.

“Oh, yes,” She moaned.

He slowly moved in and out. God, she felt so good. She began to move with him. She wanted to be fucked and she was forcing herself to take it. She opened her dark eyes, once again, staring into his. She lifted şişli escort herself to meet his strokes. He began to move a little faster now. And she still kept up.

“Erica?” Carla said, in short breaths.

“Yes, sweetie?” Erica answered.

“Could I have your cock in my mouth now?” Carla said.

“Yes,” Erica said, moving up next to Carla’s head and feeding her cock to her beautiful friend.

Carla was insatiable. She began sucking Erica’s cock with a fury as Robert fucked her ass with faster and harder thrusts, she meeting each one with the same zest.

Robert pulled out. “Roll over on your side and suck each other,” he said.

He began fucking Carla from behind in spoon fashion, as she and Erica sucked each other in a side by side 69 position. He had a full view as his lovely Erica and Carla pleased one another while he slammed his cock into Carla. He grabbed Erica’s head and forced her down onto Carla’s cock. He was going to cum soon. Her ass was so fucking good.

“I’m cumming,” he said. Carla started fucking him faster.

“Mmm Hmmm.” Was all she could manage.

“Fuck! Fuck!” he said as he shot a load of cum into her ass. Erica and Carla both came.

They all came to a slow stop, trying to get the most of their mutual orgasms. Robert kissed the back of Carla’s neck and shoulders. He could feel his semen flowing out of her. He tried to catch his breath as his girls did their best to drain each other.

His cock finally softened and slipped out. He didn’t move. He didn’t have the energy to move.

“We need to clean you too,” Carla said, rolling over and moving down to take him into her mouth. Erica joined her, laughing.

“Are you okay, Robert?” Erica asked.

“Oh, yeah. I’m fine. I was just thinking about something,” he said.

“What were you thinking?” She asked in between licks.

“I was thinking, we’re gonna need a bigger bed,” he said, laughing.

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