Escape into Custody

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Part I. Reunion

Jacqueline was a very rebellious and indomitable child, she had a troubled past and was perceived at school as a bit of a loner, she had a troubled relationship with her Mother, who had problems of her own. Jacqueline was growing into a fine figure of a woman, still slightly lissom, she had fine, straight, dark Auburn hair and light chestnut eyes that shone in the sun.

Jacquie had an aquiline nose that balanced her face well and she got plenty of attention from boys, Jacqueline just did not welcome it much; she did not really like boys her age, too unstable and insecure in themselves.

She liked to dress in dark colours and older styles, people at school said that Jacqueline was a Goth, but really she was more of a Victorian Romantic, she liked melancholia and burlesque themes, this also compounded her seeming inaccessibility to boys at school, consequently.

Everything changed for Jacquie when on her 16th Birthday she received a Birthday card and letter (via a Solicitor’s firm) from her estranged Father, Martin, who had lost touch after her Mum had moved away and he’d returned to live in his native Spain. After some mediation, Jacqueline was given visitation rights with her father.

Jacquie had been estranged from Martin somewhere between Three and Four years old, so the sad fact was that she could remember nothing about her Daddy, not even what he looked like, her Mother had thrown all the old stuff out of the house when she had moved away. At first, things were awkward and a bit stilted between them.

Martin was hurt that his Baby girl could not remember him and how affectionate he was with her, so he tried to make up for that this time. It was not hard for him to turn things around, luckily.

Martin was uber-cool and capable, and at last Jacquie felt protected and safe, she came out of her shell a lot more and became confident in many things. Through his warmth and affection that her Dad displayed to her, Jacquie did not dislike herself as much as before either; and this was the true reason for her new-found confidence.

When Jacqueline had to go back to her normal life at home, she was disconsolate again, because she missed how affectionate and intimate her Dad was with her. But there was something else; Jacquie was also extremely attracted to her Daddy and despite herself, she had soon developed a really big crush on him.

Martin was no fool and was aware this, but pretended he to be oblivious, while not responding and being just as affectionate as ever to his precious Jacquie.

Martin was exactly Jacquie’s type, which intrigued her even more about her attraction to him (since she had not remembered what he looked like for most of her life), he was just over 6 foot tall and had a solid build, broad shoulders and a big chest, Jacquie loved resting her head on it to listen to his heartbeat or sonorous voice when he spoke.

Jacqueline’s Daddy had a real presence, but such gentle, loving eyes at times and especially when creased in that special smile of his that made Jacquie feel that she was the only one he smiled at like that, but the slight creases remaining around his eyes afterwards belied that.

Martin had almost black hair (about 30% pure white “salt”) that curled at the ends slightly after growing straight for most of the length to his regular cut, which was always short at the sides, he had olive skin, which Jacquie also loved to compare to her own when she was next to him, arm to arm, leg to leg, a silly, innocent game, but Jaqcueline loved it much more than she let on.

Martin dressed casual, but smart, he took care of his appearance in a subtle way, always smelled nice and Jacquie loved all this, she compared all other men that she met to him; she could not help it.

Unintentionally, Jacquie’s Daddy had legitimated the crush, but Martin hoped she would grow out of it. Martin had also read somewhere that it was sometimes an aspect in relationships with estranged children where there had been a very long break and they met as adults, or close to.

In fact the most consensual sexual relationships on that basis were usually in those circumstances, as Martin had discovered to his surprise, but Jacqueline’s Dad took his responsibilities as a father more seriously, he understood that Jacquie was just young and had obviously never had a man treat her that well before.

Martin knew at the same time that he had to continue with the positive reinforcement and persevere with being the only positive male figure in her life at that time (and seemingly ever, which made Martin even sadder and more determined in his task).

Unfortunately and as often happened, Jacqueline’s Dad’s success with her was used against him; and her Mum broke the agreement and moved away again, causing more turmoil in Jacqueline’s life. This time and for her Daddy’s sake, and even though she could not see him, she tried to be good, she got a boyfriend for a while and kartal escort she even slept with him sometimes and he was a decent, stable young man.

But one night and sleeping with with her man and after some heavy fooling around, Jacquie had a dream where she was being comforted and being made love to at the same time by her Daddy, as he gently held her in place by shoulders and shushed into her ear gently as he thrust himself completely into her, whispering for her to relax…

It was such an amazing dream that it stayed with Jacqueline all the next day and she dumped her boyfriend abruptly, as she realised that she just did not love him and Jacquie was very disturbed by her dream and what it really meant. Was it a literal dream or some sort of metaphor?

After her 17th Birthday and with no Daddy in prospect for the summer holidays, Jacqueline ran away to her Dad’s marina in London to stay on his houseboat. She only got about 4 days with him before the Police and Social Services came, responding to a complaint on behalf of the Mother, which had to be investigated, and the child was placed back with her legal guardian/s if found. So back she went, and tearfully.

However, that was the best weekend of Jacqueline’s life so far, because she loved his little houseboat and his little black cat, Mishka, Jacquie was able to confide in him about her man-troubles and family troubles and in return her Daddy gave good, objective, advice to her and he did not judge her.

In Jacquie’s life at home she got advice that suited the adviser and her Mum always spoke badly about Martin, and yet, he was nothing like that here and now in front of her. She could play her music on the laptop, and she loved making Daddy some sandwiches, even if they were badly done sometimes, Daddy never commented, apart from how good they were.

But Jacqueline did not talk about the main thing; which was her dream and how completely nurtured, protected and loved she felt when her Daddy took sexual possession of her at last. She thought about it all the time, how to talk about it with him, but the time was never right.

Jacqueline’s Dad was always just Dad, which made it harder in so many ways.

That was why for example Jacquie talked about guy-troubles, they really meant nothing to her any more, and she wanted to go on from that to ask if he had any girl-troubles, and find out what he liked in a woman, and then maybe think and talk about her and Daddy… but Martin never responded, he always stayed focused on Jacquie and on giving her good advice, which just made it more frustrating for her.

So regretfully Jacqueline went back “home” for the rest of the lonely summer holiday, with the few treasured memories to hold close to her heart of being on the boat and the small kernels of information her Daddy had given her.

How for example soon enough she would be 18, and then legally a lot of things changed. She could decide where she wanted to live herself, and even if the Police came knocking, this time she could refuse to go with them.

At the same time Martin continued to try to get access via the Civil Courts, but again Jacqueline’s Mum told a lot of lies, stonewalled, and missed appointments. Also at Jacquie’s age, the Courts did not really do much. Martin had few rights to access or anything like that, due to the lack of contact beforehand, which was not his fault; Jacquie’s Mother had moved away and not left any forwarding address early on, but the Court did not recognise this.

This made the desire raging in Jacqueline’s heart burn stronger, the passion sometimes visible in her dark-ringed and delicately moted chestnut eyes.

So having her own choice and living with Daddy became Jacquie’s dream, as the dark winter months progressed. She would write to her Daddy as often as possible, and him to her. Phone-calls were not so easy, Jacqueline always got a hard time if caught out talking and laughing with her Dad, but this also added to the “danger” sometimes and Jacquie also enjoyed even that small thing as another escape from the humdrum.

Jacquie had more dreams about her Daddy, strange ones of being tied up and being whipped and forced into sex with him, but again her own lust and desire was so intense that the dreams stayed with her for days and days after.

Although Jacqueline thought about it obsessively, it was still her darkest deepest secret; one that she could not even confess to her Daddy, as much as she wanted to and planned to, but Jacquie could never quite get up the courage. But she could indulge the obsession by talking about him, which she did and very often.

Jacquie was so impressed by her dark and vivid dreams that she would often wake up extremely sexually frustrated and she needed to touch herself to make it go away.

She had never had this habit before, and she took to relieving herself in risky situations, the shame was always huge when nearly caught. But she used to fantasise kurtköy escort about being caught by an older man and being taken by him roughly, right there in that semi-public place. Jacqueline was beginning to take to risky, impulsive sexual behaviour now; another sign of potential personality problems in the future.

This would’ve concerned Martin greatly if he knew, he would’ve agonised at how vulnerable such girls are to unscrupulous men, in fact Martin had that fear as very real in his mind already, as is common among some fathers. Jacqueline’s mother of course, noticed nothing, she was too wrapped up in her own Man-problems anyway (and as ever).

Slowly the months until May crept on and May the Seventh; her 18th Birthday. Finally and on the day, a Saturday and as planned with Daddy, Jacqueline filled her rucksack with her “running-away” pack of clothes with a nervous, joyous energy and went downstairs to have a light breakfast.

Jacqueline exchanged pleasantries with her Mum and said she had some stuff she wanted to take to the dry-cleaners in the rucksack she wanted cleaned to wear out that night. She opened the pink and tacky birthday cards she’d received in a casual and subtly dismissive manner.

“Goodbye to childish things”, Jacquie thought in her mind, as she tied her hair back in a pony-tail again, with an air of finality.

This was because Jacquie’s thoughts were racing ahead to where she wanted to be and in the adventure in prospect with Daddy, at last! Jacqueline both wanted to hurry and take her time and savour the moments. It felt like she was in her own escape movie, and Jacquie indulged the fantasy while she could.

After washing up, Jacqueline picked up the sports rucksack and said she’d be back “Later” and after a hair appointment from visiting the dry-cleaners first; but instead as she got into town she went to the train station and got her ticket to London and the marina in the East End, where her Daddy was.

Jacqueline had crazy butterflies in her stomach for many reasons by the time she walked across the gangplank and onto Martin’s boat, the “Jacquie’s Choice”.

After a very special card and inscription inside that, a little cake and book for a present (Dostoyevsky, “Crime and Punishment”), Daddy talked about the future. He proposed that they simply stay there until the police arrive soon, but this time she can tell them legally that actually she has not “run away”, but chooses to live there with her Daddy instead, as is now her right.

But Jacqueline did not like this idea, as she always had this dream of her Daddy coming in the night for her to save her from her horrible life by taking her onto his boat and they run away together and away from the world, she also wanted it as her revenge on the Police and Social Services for putting her back somewhere she hated all the time.

So Jacquie was honest and told her Daddy about this and Martin thought about this; how his precious Jacquie’d had so little stimulation and love from the “parents” in her life so far.

Martin then thought he would make this one small thing come true for her on her Birthday, so he improvised, asking if Jacqueline was for going on an extended summer cruise together on the boat and through the Canal and River system and into Wales and rather than being stuck in that Marina any longer, since the “Jacquie’s Choice” had been in the same place for a few years now.

Of course, Jacquie agreed to this plan, she loved it, her Daddy had come through for her once again.

Part II. Escape

The “Jacquie’s Choice” set sail under her own steam the next day and after Martin had paid off his mooring fees and told the Master that he was leaving. Not long after they left, Jacquie was eagerly helping fix things on the boat to make her ready for the journey and Daddy repainted the boat and they renamed her the “Custody”, in commemoration of his and Jacquie’s travails to get to this point.

It was a strange name for a boat, but they both loved the private meaning that it had. Soon the name would come to have another meaning again to them both.

In her private thoughts, Jacqueline loved the seeming contradiction of never feeling as free, truly liberated as she did around her Daddy and yet she was now technically in his custody, but by her own free-will. That she had in fact escaped into his wonderful custody. This was another thing that Jacquie could not share with her Dad yet, another strong, but secret impression in her mind.

Meanwhile the Police and Social Services were looking for Jacqueline, but there were not many resources, legally with a missing over-16 year old (let alone an adult, legally at 18), they might have run away by choice; so resources were limited even more in such cases. Just a small team of 2 detectives in Jacqueline’s home-town were on the case and on a part-time basis, looking at Jacquie’s bank-card transactions and speculating any maltepe escort river routes they might have taken based on those.

For everyone their 18th Summer is always a special one, well, if it can be possible, Jacqueline’s one was even more so, she loved nature and so did her Daddy; so they often went on walks together and they would talk about many things, because Martin was so well-educated and read, they would always see wild animals close up because even wild animals were so easy around Jacquie’s Daddy, anther thing she loved about him.

They would have picnics and camp-fires later on at night, life on the boat was idyllic.

Unfortunately for Jacquie though, her own dark torments got much worse, as she bonded even more with her Daddy. Not only that, but her closeness to him made it so much easier for her to indulge her obsessive fantasies about him while on the confines of a small boat and with a Daddy who did not believe in secrecy or closed doors with such close family. This was also because Martin had noted that where Jacqueline grew up, her parental figures were obviously the opposite, which can also be damaging psychologically.

But Jacqueline had her own secrets, for example one day she found Daddy’s collection of erotic comics in his berth in the bow of the boat, and one of the was called “Ai Papi” about a Latin father like hers who had a taboo consensual relationship with his late teen daughter.

It was too much for Jacquie to see what was sparked involuntarily with a small series of extremely arousing but disturbing dreams which then fed into an existing crush that had subsequently turned into a dark and obsessive secret desire. Now those secret thoughts were being rendered almost exactly by someone else and put into the form of a comic with extremely erotic art which was also owned by Daddy himself?

It was another amazing discovery for Jacqueline, as she delved into the world of Adult comics via her father’s collection in his cabin.

Jacquie began to masturbate when she could to these comics and in Daddy’s bed, surrounded by his smell. She was never caught, but Daddy did realise that his Jacquie was reading his comics, but he just again pretended otherwise, and thought she’d get it out of her system soon and so purported not to notice to save her from any present and future embarrassment (also like with Martin pretending when not to notice when she was crushing on him).

It was so also that it would not become an issue in a negative way and cause Jacqueline any damage or stress, Daddy was very careful to avoid this in his Lil’ Princess at all times. Martin further acknowledged that she was old enough to develop her own sexuality and had a right to do so; even if it was via his comics, again it had just sort of happened like that, the Genie was out of the bottle already, so…

Jacquie’s Dad thought this, because “adult” comics really did deal with sex and a lot of sexual fantasy and deviance and extremes, which can sometimes only be played out or expressed in that form, as drawn fantasies, but not much else.

Many new avenues were opened up to Jacqueline and were normalised; since they were in mass-printed comics, no less, so it was not so “abnormal” after all to think about these things, and so scrummy to read about them and look at them!

Sometimes and in the night Jacqueline would get nightmares, or she was scared of thunderstorms, and contrary to before and even though technically she was to big for that now, she used to get comfort in her Daddy’s bigger berth, again to both it felt like catching up on what was missed before and they bonded even more in these moments.

Martin understood this was another thing that was previously lacking in her life and her gave her snuggles and said quiet, comforting things that always got Jacquie off to sleep, she had never felt so safe and protected before, she never wanted these moments to end.

Oftentimes and especially on weekends, Jacqueline would get a lie-in as well in Daddy’s bed and watch the little TV he had mounted on the wall. When Martin went in to have his shower, Jacquie would take this guaranteed private time in her Daddy’s bed to touch herself and especially if she’d had another dream the night before and waking up in Daddy’s arms like that.

Jacqueline would lie back and stroke her body, imagining how smooth and sexy it must feel for a man to touch, she would turn her head to one side and smell that smell and stroke her engorged clit in earnest, seeking release before getting caught.

Sometimes Jacquie would need to suppress a moan if Daddy was having a shower next door by biting hard on his pillow, tasting and smelling him at the same time and to the slightly muffled sounds of the shower and her Daddy washing himself and whistling silly cheery tunes to himself.

Jacqueline was desperate to be caught and spanked (and fingered) for being so naughty and brazen, this was always her fantasy at these times; it was the best one that had her grinding against her slender, feminine (but sometimes frantic) fingers in release.

But always in the moment the actual shame of being caught was too much and drove her to err on the side of caution, again to her later regret when she aroused again.

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