My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend Ch. 02

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I had come home after working all night to find my girlfriend, Cheryl, passed out in our bed after a hard night of drinking. In bed with her, naked, was her best friend, Sara. It was quite a surprise, as neither was bi. As I fantasized about what might have been and what might be yet to come, Sara awoke. Rather than being embarrassed by being caught, she invited me into the bed and between her thighs. It was a threesome in the making. But Sara and I got carried away in our fucking. I came inside of her, and we kissed like lovers.

Meanwhile, Cheryl was still asleep, lightly snoring with her eyes closed. She didn’t know.

We’d expected her to wake and either join us or scold us. But now we had to make a very hard decision. The deed was done, and we had to choose whether or not to tell her about it.

Sara and I both came to this realization at the same time. We saw it in each other’s eyes. And then we saw the answer.

We jumped off the bed and ran out of the room, closing the door behind us. We were kissing again with as much passion as we had during our recent mutual orgasm before we even reached the couch…

Sara dropped to her knees.

“God, I need that cock,” she growled as she stuffed it into her mouth.

I had cum just two or three minutes ago, so I wasn’t hard. In fact, I was still softening down from my original erection. But Sara didn’t care. When I didn’t grow again right away, she ducked under to my testicles, opening wide and taking them in a deep mouthful, then sucking. Sucking so hard she was almost swallowing them down. Below, she was fingering herself, and I saw her bring the fingers that had just been inside her up to her lips. The fingers glistened from a coating of something thick–the cum I’d shot inside her–and she stopping sucking my balls so she could lick it off.

She looked up and saw me watching her. Briefly, we waited for the other to do something. Then we both moved to the couch, me on my back and Sara falling on top of me. We were kissing again.

It was thrilling, but strange. The cheating factor, the excitement and wrongness of it all was apparent through our fucking, but even when Sara had her face buried between my legs, it still didn’t feel like we were really breaking any rules unless we were kissing. It was as though a purely physical relationship could be forgiven, but kissing was more personal, and therefore inexcusable. But we had already crossed the line, so being bad only made it all feel better. We made out with animalistic intensity. Our tongues begged for more. I couldn’t get enough of her.

We kissed long and hard, enough to give my cock time to grow again. And as soon as it did we were off and fucking. Sara slipped under me and we did it missionary like that for a while, but then Sara sat up on me, riding me, and I watched her enormous tits bounce as she thrust herself against me. They were so beautiful that I let go of her hips and held her breasts as I fucked her, squeezing them and pushing them together, rubbing my thumbs over the big, hard nipples. She responded by pushing against my hands. I had lusted for but never touched breasts this size before. I was in Heaven.

The fucking was amazing, but we both wanted so much more. Sara climbed off of me and moved down. She grabbed my dick, lowered her mouth–

A cough, from the bedroom.

We both froze. Cheryl was awake. And she’d be alarmed. If she remembered what had happened between her and Sara last night, she’d be panicked. Sara’s absence from the bed didn’t mean much–only that Sara had woken first and maybe went home. But the morning mahmutbey escort light meant that I was home, and Cheryl would worry about what I had already seen or figured out from the clues left from last night. She would be up and out of the bedroom in no time to see if either I, or Sara, or both of us, were here.

And there was one big problem with that: all of our clothes were in the hamper next to the bed.

There was literally nowhere to hide, and yet there was one place we could go to at least buy ourselves some time. Our minds working as one, Sara and I dashed to the bathroom, passing right by the closed door to the bedroom where Cheryl was stirring. I shut the bathroom door and locked it.

We hadn’t gone in there to make love, but as soon as I turned to face Sara and out eyes met, all we could think was to be together again. We embraced, kissed, and she lifted herself, trying to slide me back inside of her. As soon as I was in her, I let out a hard gasp. This was too hot, and I needed her too much. There was no way we could do this and not be loud about it. I didn’t dare start fucking her, because if I moved, I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop. Instead, I gritted my teeth and fought my urges with every trace of willpower I had.

I pushed her gently away, went to the shower, and turned it on. It would buy us some time if Cheryl thought someone was showering in here, and she’d probably assume it was me. I thought about Sara’s clothes in the hamper. I had put my clothes on top of hers. If Cheryl saw the hamper, unless she looked real closely, she wouldn’t see Sara’s stuff. She would think Sara had left. Getting away with this seemed like a lost cause, and besides, I wasn’t convinced I wanted to keep it a secret. I loved Cheryl too much, and I knew I’d confess eventually. Better sooner than later.

Though thinking it was easier than doing it.

By turning on the shower, I had intended to buy time for Sara and me to plot our next move, like how we might reveal what happened as gently as possible. But when I turned to her and saw her standing there, naked, hot and bothered by the door, her hip thrust to the side as she leaned against the sink, her long blonde hair a frenzied mess, her big, full breasts sitting high and heaving with each breath, there was nothing I wanted more than to experience more of her. What the hell, I thought. I’m going to get in trouble anyway. Might as well enjoy it first.

I lunged at her, pushing my face between her great tits, kissing and sucking them, squeezing them together against my tongue. I dropped to my knees and she put her hands on the back of my head, knowing what I wanted and knowing she wanted it even more. I put my mouth around her pussy and thrust my tongue inside. My top lip quivered against her hard clitoris as I tongue-fucked and sucked her.

Having already shot a huge load into the very spot just minutes ago, I initially tasted more of myself than of Sara. But she knew I’d cum there, too, and I guess the thrill of knowing I was essentially eating myself right out of her drove her crazy, because she was shaking on her feet and losing balance so badly that she had to grip the sink with one hand to keep herself up. Her breathing came in deep, ragged gasps. I considered myself a good pussy-eater, but I’d never made a girl this crazy this quickly just by going down on her before. It wasn’t long when Sara’s flavor took over my own, and hers was a treat that made sucking down my cum more than worth it. I squeezed her soft, plump ass cheeks in my hands and pulled her to me as maltepe escort I gobbled her.

Sara responded by pushing me even harder against her pussy, moving my head to guide me.

“Oh God…Oh God, yes,” she gasped, desperate.

I couldn’t have stopped licking her if I’d been pulled away by a tow truck. Between her insistence and my own, Sara’s pussy was mine, and I couldn’t get enough. For a while, either could Sara, but soon her breathing was heavy and rapid, and her hands were getting restless. She would grab my head, then my shoulders. She even guided my hand so my fingers were buried in her ass crack; kept directing me until I touched her anus, never going in, but teasing the possibility with a fingertip.

I was sucking her clit and massaging her anus when she finally burst into orgasm. She lost power in both legs and had to grab the sink with both hands to give herself a controlled drop to the floor. I kept my face and hands right where she wanted them, following the whole way and even inserting my finger in her smoking hot ass up to the second knuckle. Sara gasped and cried out, somehow being quiet about it, but reacting as if she might pass out at any second. As her body shook, tightened, went limp, and then shook again, I was kind of surprised that she did remain conscious.

She was still shuddering when I finally moved off her. I sat back, as we were both now on the floor, and watched her ease down from her climax. I hadn’t noticed until now how hot the room was. The shower was spraying steaming hot water, and with the door closed the heat had nowhere to go. A cloud of steam filled the upper half of the room, and Sara and I were becoming wetter by the second from the stifling humidity. Her hair was already a damp mess, clinging to her face and shoulders, and the rest of her body glistened like a jewel.

She’d never looked more appealing, and that was really saying something.

But it also said something about me when, instead of going after her again, I took advantage of a rare moment of clear-headedness and stood up. I reached for the door handle, but looked down to Sara before doing anything else. Her head was right at the bottom of the door. For me to get out, she had to move. She was still panting when she looked back at me.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m going to see Cheryl. We have to tell her.”

I admit I was still thinking “threesome”. But even if Cheryl wasn’t into the idea, she would have to know why I thought it would have been a possibility. The way I’d found her this morning. The way Sara was so willing. How mad could she really be, especially if I was going to come clean when I could just as easily have kept fucking her best friend in our bathroom?

But when Sara heard my intentions, she sat up quickly, further blocking the door.

“No,” she said. Looking scared before letting her eyes settle on my still hard dick. “I’m not finished with you yet.”

She grabbed my cock and stroked it until she was up on her knees before me. I might have fought her off, but she was so quick and her soft little hand felt so, so good. Her mouth felt infinitely better. She sucked just my tip, swirling her tongue every-which way, driving me crazy. I kept my hand on the door handle, gripping it so tight I might very well have ripped it right off.

I loved the way Cheryl sucked me, but when it came to cock sucking, Sara was a God dammed artist. Her tongue could do things that I never believed a tongue capable, licking and curling around me. Stroking me, just with that tongue. maslak escort And she didn’t use her hands the whole time, instead keeping them on my ass, holding onto my cheeks. And still she didn’t suck anything more than just the tip of my head. She was all about teasing and licking, or sucking me from the side. Since she wasn’t using her hands to hold me steady, my dick flopped around from her movements, but she kept control with her lips and mouth, and I melted.

“Sara…Please…” I said, part of me still wanting to go tell Cheryl before we went any further. It was a small part, though, and it didn’t come off that way.

Sara replied by finally taking me fully in her mouth. Her tongue was still forever moving, doing all the right things, and her lips were so soft as she bobbed up and down me. She was so wet that saliva was literally running out the corners of her mouth. Standing there, my whole body tense, I just let her do with me what she wanted. Sweat was now dripping from my every pore as the room around me grew hotter and cloudier. But I could still see Sara below me, her hair now soaked and dripping, as she took my cock deep in her mouth…and then her throat.

I grabbed her head, curling my fingers into her mess of tangled, wet, blonde hair, and helped her along. Fucking her against me. Fucking her face. My hips thrust slowly with me, loving the intense pleasure but needing more, and needing it now. I wanted to talk to Cheryl as soon as possible, yet I also wanted this to last. Cheryl won, but only because Sara was so unbelievingly good that I couldn’t hold back any longer. I grabbed the hand towel from by the sink, wiped the beads of sweat from Sara’s forehead, then really started fucking her mouth.

“Oh fuck!” I grunted. “Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum!”

I tried to pull out, but Sara didn’t release me. I wondered if perhaps she hadn’t heard me because of the shower spray, but the cum was already shooting through me, setting fire to my nerves and muscles. I couldn’t form words to warn her again. I pulled from her harder, and my dick almost passed her lips.

“No!” she mouthed around my cock, before sinking me back inside.

I couldn’t believe it. Cheryl never let me cum in her mouth. I was so used to pulling out I hadn’t considered doing otherwise. Knowing what I was about to do made my balls throb, and the cum seemed to run faster and in a load twice as big as it felt before. I pumped into her mouth, holding her head and feeling my cock tease her throat when the first blast of cum shot into her, right past her tonsils. But Sara didn’t cough or even hold the sperm in her mouth to spit out later. She swallowed, making the “Mmmm” sound between swallows as I fucked her mouth. I must have pumped just as much jizz down her throat as I had into her pussy earlier, which was quite a feat considering how recent that first orgasm had been.

Sara kept swallowing even after I had given her my last drop, apparently enjoying whatever still remained in her mouth. She kept pumping her face on me, too, which was great for little bit, but then I became ultra-sensitive, and it was just too much. I gently led her head away, my legs barely able to keep me up, my body shivering at her every touch. She licked my balls, but even that was too much for me to handle. I sunk to the floor, intending to just sit, but I couldn’t help but lay down, fighting to catch my breath and waiting for the whirlwind of ecstasy to pass me by.

Sara sat between my legs, watching me, still panting herself. Still dripping wet and looking hot. Huge, sweaty breasts heaving. Nipples still proudly erect.

By now I knew we were really pushing it, and as much as I wanted to tend to Sara again in all capacities–and take a long fucking time doing it–I knew we had to do something very important. We had to address the Cheryl problem.

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