My Slave Kayce

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My eyes burned a hole through her. I stared before taking the time to enjoy the site of her body. Her name was Kayce and we had been friends for a long time. It had always been apparent that we had a lot of similar interests but we always had obstacles. She had boyfriends and I had my share of girlfriends as well. Finally, it all came together.

Her body was tightly wrapped with a dark purple latex skirt with matching top. I watched her hands move around a bit, testing the cuffs as they rested comfortably on her black gloved wrists. The boots she wore were black. They came up to her knees and glistened when the light hit them.

I held the riding crop firmly in hand as I swung it forward, smacking her latex covered breast. Moans escaped her blood red lips. Kayce’s large breast bounced every time I gave them a hard whack of my leather crop. In turn, that had my cock straining against my tight leather pants.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my 8 inch hard dick. My tongue lashed at her neck before my teeth sank in. Her latex skirt rubbed against me, driving me wild.

“I’m going to turn you into a bad girl. You are so fucking innocent. After tonight, you are going to be a wild…crazy…slut. You’ll beg bostancı escort for me to fuck you. So you are aware, for now on, you are going to wear latex and only latex.” Kayce nodded. “It looks great, tightly wrapped around your sexy body. Oh! Last but not least, I love my girls to smoke.”

The table next to me had a pack of cigarettes laying on it. “Open your mouth slut.” She complied. The cigarette rest between her lips as I lit the tip. My hands reacted quickly to grab it before it fell as she coughed repeatedly.

“It takes some time my little smoking whore. Now take another hit.” She inhaled yet again and coughed. This time not as hard, as she burned through the cigarette. She grew more accustomed to it. The site of her in the shiny tight dress, smoking, was hard to take. My cock throbbed. The need to be inside of her grew unbearable.

Quickly, I uncuffed her and grabbed her by her dyed red hair, dragging her towards the bed. My mind raced with ideas of what I wanted to do to her as I tossed her onto the bed. I pressed my hands down around her, feeling the soft satin sheets under me. Her eyes met mine and I saw a fire within them. She wanted it as much büyükçekmece escort as me.

I kept my eyes locked on hers, deeply staring as I licked slowly up her purple outfit. My teeth sink in on her breast as Kayce lifts up her skirt to reveal her bare pussy. She spreads the lips with her fingers. It’s soaking wet. My cock slides in between the lips, gliding smoothly, before I push all of it inside of her.

“Do you like having all of that hard dick inside of your dirty cunt?”

Kayce nodded, “Yes master. I love your big cock inside of me.”

Her pussy is dripping as I squeeze her left breast, pushing every inch of me inside. Her finger franticly rubs her clitoris. My cock pushes deep. The head swells as it brushes against her opening.

“Ok bitch,” I pull out of her cunt and move towards her mouth, “It is time to show how well you suck a dick.”

Her gloved hand wrapped firmly around the bottom of my thick shaft. Her tongue was so smooth as it slowly went up the length, poking my piss hole. She took my plump head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around my shaft.

“Mm, you are doing so good. You must suck a lot of dicks, you whore!”

Kayce çağlayan escort was caught off guard when I gripped her hair between my clenched fist and drove my rod deep down her throat. I continuously fucked her deep as she gagged. Her mascara ran down her face as she struggled, trying to refrain from puking. My index and middle fingers pressed tightly on her nostrils so she gagged harder as I drove it deeper.

“You are taking it like a good slut. I just might have to keep you.”

Thrusting hard against her throat, saliva ran down her chin as it dangled. With one hard push she nearly threw up and it drove me over the edge. My cock spurted hot semen onto her tongue and onto the sides of her mouth, some of it coating her tonsils.

“Oh fuck. Open your mouth, let me see that big load of cum.”

She held her flooded mouth open as some of my seed ran down her lips.

“Very nice. Now spit it into your gloved hand.”

Kayce seemed relieved as the cum and spit mix dropped from her mouth onto the palm of her hand. It shined with the latex.

“Good slut. Now suck it back up and swallow every fucking drop.

Her eyes lit up, a bit surprised. “Yes master.”

Like a good girl, she sucked it back up and swallowed. To my surprise, she licked her glove clean. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Well Kayce, I definitely am going to be keeping you. You will be my little slave. Would you like that?”

She shook her head up and down as she sucked on the tips of her fingers, getting the last bit of my cum into her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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