My Teenage God Ch. 02

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*This story is the second installment of the “My Teenage God” series. Hopefully of many*

*This story is a fantasy based on dominance and muscle in an older-younger gay setting. If this doesn’t sound appealing to you, then don’t read any further. All characters and story-lines are purely imagined and not based off any true facts*


I lay on the floor of the shower, still fully clothed but soaked to the bone. As I recovered, I was again filled with trepidation that had been thrust out of my mind only a few minutes earlier. I had just swallowed the cum of a student. God it was wrong, God he was hot. My god. My god max…

I shook my head. I had to snap out of it!

Okay, I told myself. Now it was really time to leave. I stood up, my clothes dripping and hanging off of me. I’ll just walk out the door without a word.

I walked to the door, I was right there but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to leave. Something didn’t feel right. I was filled with an anxiety that I had forgotten something or needed to do something first. I couldn’t figure it out but I just stood there by the door staring at the door handle unable to bring myself to reach out and turn it.

“Going somewhere cockslut?”

Just hearing his voice sent shivers down my spine now.

“Well, I…just needed to…” I mumbled without turning around.

“I noticed you were having trouble actually leaving there. I think I know why. You see, I am your master now, and you can’t bring yourself to do something without first getting my permission.”

His words shocked me. Surely they couldn’t be true. What had just happened was in the heat of the moment but me calling him master really didn’t mean anything.

“You see teach, you’re the type who’s had to make decisions and think for yourself for all of your life. The problem is first that you’re not too good at making those decisions, and second that you really don’t want to have to them. You want someone else to make them for you, to control you, to own you. You need a master. Me.”

Here I was. A grown man standing soaking wet in the hallway of a teenage kid I just sucked off, trying my best to deny what he was saying. But it was hard to refute him. It seemed like he tapped a deep dark desire of mine that I had had stored away somewhere. Nevertheless I knew I had to fight it. This couldn’t be me.

Still facing the door I simply said, in as strong as a voice as I could muster. “I have to go Max, it’s time for me to leave.” But as I said it I filled with confusion and despair.

“Why are you telling me?” His voice was closer now, “Why don’t you just go?”

“Fine.” I reached out. I did it! I grabbed the handle.

But that’s all I could do. For the life of me I couldn’t twist it, no matter how hard I tried to make myself there was a mental block.

I heard a low chuckle a few feet behind me.

“Go ahead, ask your master”

….I paused for a long time…I needed to get out of here…I was getting confused again and knew I had to escape while I could. I would just say what he wanted to hear and then kaynarca şişman escort go.

“May I leave?” Some of the anxiety began to leave me.

“tsk tsk, My little cockslut. You must properly address me.”

Another pause. “May I leave, master?” I asked quietly.

“Turn around slave.”

I slowly turned around and again soaked in the sight of my god max. I mean max, just max…shoot I…but there he was. He had dried himself off and was in a tight t-shirt and boxer briefs now. His bicep veins still visible from his work out. What a beautiful sight…

“What were you asking?”

“May I leave…Master?” More anxiety was sliding away

“Sure teach, just a kiss goodbye”

I tried to fight it but I was filled with excited anticipation. I moved my face towards his but he backed away.

“No, a kiss goodbye for my huge cock.”

Again I was disappointed not to kiss those beautiful lips of his, but I slowly sank to my knees. A quick kiss I told myself and I would be out the door.

He grabbed the back of my head and pulled it into his crotch with his boxer briefs still on. I tried pushing off his legs but of course he was stronger than me. I wasn’t really kissing anything, just breathing in his essence, and it was intoxicating. I took 5 or six huge breaths and soon instead of pushing off his legs I was running my hands up and down his strong muscled quads. My head was in a daze.

“Now teach, before you go I just want to show you something.”

With that Max picked me up, without any kind of strain, and carried me fireman style into his bedroom. I was amazed at the sheer power of this kid and stared down his strong back as he carried me. I didn’t protest.

Max dropped me hard onto the floor. It hurt but I looked up at him from the floor and was again struck by my god’s dominance. I noticed his white Tshirt was slightly see through now that I had dripped all over it and I could see some of his body through it.

Max sat down on his desk chair and swiveled away form me toward his computer. I wasn’t sure what to do.

“Why don’t you take off your wet clothes teach, they don’t look comfortable.”

At this my anxiety flared up again because I knew I was about to fight him on something. “I don’t know Max…Master…I don’t think that that’s a good idea, me being your tutor.”

At that he laughed loudly. “Really slut? Don’t you think we’re past that? Tell you what, I’m gonna look at some straight porn now, because I’m not a gay fag like you. And I’m probably gonna get hard while I watch. I’ll let you stay and watch me, maybe even help me out, but you have to earn your stay. One piece of clothing at a time.”

I saw he was looking at a girl with hug jugs who was dancing on a pole. I should have left but I thought to myself, just a little longer, I’ll just take off my shoe. Soon however, I was down both shoes and both socks. Max leaned way back on his chair and I could see his massive cock start to grow again.

He reached down and began pulling up his shirt, revealing his lower abdomen. I kurtköy escort waited with baited breath but he stopped and looked at me.

“All done?” he began to lower his shirt.

I quickly took off my shirt, aware of the tinyness of my body next to this Adonis. But I didn’t care as I watched him reveal his body and again was amazed at the sheer beauty of his body. He began to lightly stroke his still soft cock through his boxers but each time he paused I took off another piece of clothing, staring at him form the floor of his bedroom. I was soon completely naked.

He glanced over and laughed at my erect dick, so much smaller than his. “Okay come get me hard my little cockslut.”

Just him calling me “my little cockslut” sent a thrill through me.

“Thank you master.” The words came out naturally. I got on my knees before him and grabbed his huge cock with both hands, beginning to pump up and down, meanwhile max went back to watching porn. This disappointed me because I wanted to please him all on my own. So I started licking it, prompting him to smack me.

“You have to ask permission or be responding to my command bitch.”

“Yes Master…sorry Master”…I was ashamed.

I continued to stroke his growing cock and I loved that it was getting hard in my hands. I was pleasing my god.

Max pushed my head back now that he was hard. His cock spanned the entire length of my face. He started smacking me with his giant cock. What an amazing feeling. What a man. I tried licking it as it went by my lips and turning my face in the direction of each slap.

“Okay, Stand up slave.”

I stood up and he told me “Now sit on my lap.”

Now I froze. No, that was too far. I couldn’t do that. I wasn’t gay I did not want his cock in my ass. But even as I thought about it I wasn’t so sure.

I didn’t want to say no to my master though so I sat on his leg, not fully on his lap.

“That’s not my lap teach, I thought you were supposed to be smart. C’mon slide on back.”

His strong hands grabbed my waist and pulled me onto him and soon I felt his huge hard cock rubbing against by butt crack.

“No max I don’t think we should, I’m your teacher and we could get into a lot of trouble, I’m so much older than you and you’re so young and we shouldn’t be doing this and what if we…”

All my fears were rising up and bubbling to the surface as I tried to verbally fight off the inevitable…max lifted me clearly off his lap, amazing how strong he was and began to lower me onto…

I expected him to enter me but instead he slid his cock through my legs so that it was poking out my front. Amazing, his cock was longer than mine even in this position.

“C’mon slut, gimme some friction here.”

I immediately started gyrating up and down. His cock sliding against my own. I reached down and tried to hold them together as I slid up and down. I came within 20 seconds of this and collapsed, leaning back into his hard body. This was my third time cumming in about an hour.

“You think you’re done slut? We’re just getting kurtköy escort bayan started.”

He lifted me off him and this time I could tell he was aiming for inside me. No no no, I had to stop this.

“No master no please we can’t do this I’ll do anything else you….OHHHHH”

He entered me slowly, it felt so strange, like a huge and wrong invasion, and it HURT. It stretched me out.

“Ohhh ohhh no Master it hurts.”

Max didn’t listen though and began to slowly lift me up and pull me down repeatedly. I was grunting and closing my eyes. God it hurt, and it felt so strange and intruding. But after a couple minutes of this the pain started to subside and it began feeling kind of good, very good even. I held onto his hands on my hips, squeezing his fingers tight. I was rock hard myself once again.

“Master…no…oh wow, you’re incredible.”

“Okay now that we’ve loosened you up here we go slut. That’s only half my cock that I’ve been feeding into your hungry ass.”

With that he took his hands off my hips and I sank on him, impaled by his huge dick.

“OH MY GOD” I had never felt such an amazing feeling before. He raised me up again and dropped me. “OHHHH Masterrr”

He kept on raising me up and dropping me. Soon he stopped and I began pumping myself onto him. He spun me around, his cock twisting inside of me, so now I was facing him. I almost came again looking at my beautiful god. I put my hands on his chest and squeezed his hard muscles as I bounced up and down on his lap.

“Who’s your god!?” He asked me at me.

“YOU ARE MASTER, YOU ARE MY GOD” I was delirious with pleasure, and kept pumping my body onto him.

“Do you think you’re worthy of me?!” I looked at him and notice that he was just lying back casually now, seeming relaxed and simply to be enjoying my utter submission. God what a stud. I wish I could please him.

“NO MASTER… uh…no one… uh…is worthy of you…ugh….i was silly to think….ugh….i could teach you…ugh…anything.”

I reached back with my hands and started squeezing his huge balls as I bounced up and down on his cock. This got him going quickly and his expression changed from a relaxed to intense.

“Wow bitch you really want to please your god, good.”

I was filled with pride and kept up my onslaught. Soon he took over and grabbed me off his lap and literally threw me onto the bed. There he mounted me from behind and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

He pumped into me hard and fast. I was his ragdoll, his plaything, he utterly took me then and I had never felt better than I did then. I felt him tense up and with one huge last thrust I felt a warm deposit deep inside me. Needless to say I came for the fourth time right there.

Max collapsed on the bed face up. I dismounted my master and eagerly cleaned his cock. Licking him up and down. I then kissed and rubbed him all over. I brought my lips to his and he kissed me back and I felt like the luckiest person in the world. He lost interest but I continued to suck on his lip until he pushed my face away. Nevertheless he put his arm around me and I nuzzled up to his body. This was the most content I had ever felt in my life. I gazed at him, his eyes were closed though he wasn’t asleep. I ran my hand up and down his stomach and abs and felt completely happy. I fell asleep with my head on his chest and hand on his cock.

End of chapter 2…

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