My UK Adventure Pt. 05: Conclusion

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What a night I had in Liverpool. I just bought this short black sequenced dress that was very enticing; at least that is what Dirk told me. I had no bra under it but was wearing white stockings and my black fuck me shoes. Whenever I went into a pub, it was like everyone turned to look at me or it felt that way. I would sit on a bar stool and cross my legs, hoping a guy would come over to shag me. While I scanned the pub looking for potential lovers, my pussy became very juicy anticipating a hard cock being buried in me. It took a while, but eventually one or two guys would come over and Dirk would farm me out for a price. Soon I was in a privy or a back room having sex. By the time we hit the fourth pub, I already had 7 guys sticking their hard throbbing boners into my wanting body. I also had many orgasms while enjoying the horny blokes, putting me in a state of pure ecstasy desiring more. It was like being in a fantastic wet dream with lots of hunks wanting me. I’ve never felt so popular and was having so much fun flirting. But this new pub woke me up from my sexual fantasy.

The owner kicked us out yelling, “You can’t pimp your whore in here. Get the fuck out before I call a bobby!”

Dirk said something angrily back that didn’t make sense to me. Even though I knew, I didn’t want to acknowledge what I was really doing. But that moment made me realize that I was just a horny girl fucking for money and I didn’t care what they looked like. The funny thing was that as soon as I became totally aware of my behavior, I just brushed it aside. I had to tell myself that there was nothing I could do about being a strumpet except embrace and enjoy what I was doing. And I was surely getting loads of pleasure from my fun.

Once outside, I held onto Dirk’s arm and sensually said, “Where to next? I’m sure the next pub will have some nice guys for me to have fun with. I’m still so very horny!”

He started to laugh and before he could to say something to me, an ugly very fat guy with a beard hurried out, caught us and shouted, “Wait bloke; how much to shag your lovely old-lady?”

We stopped and turned around as Dirk quickly answered, “300 quid!”

The guy laughed and replied, “I have only a hundred quid on me.”

Dirk looked at me. I shook my head no and whispered, “Please not him.”

Instead he gave me an evil sneer and answered, “Okay you got 15 minutes to get your wanker off, starting now.”

The guy threw the money at Dirk, took my hand, and dragged me into an alley. We were only a few steps from the street. He smiled and told me that I was very pretty, took the straps down off my arms and pulled the top off my boobs. Lowering his head into them he began to suck and bite my nipples. In a moment he finished, pushed me against the wall and began to kiss me.

I stopped him and cried, “No kissing big boy. Just fuck me and get it over with.”

I guess that pissed him off or something like that. He instantly turned me to face the wall and mumbled something about getting his whole fifteen minutes worth. Lifting my skirt up over my ass, he pulled my hips back toward him, forcing me to slide down the wall. I put my hands out for balance and he pulled me farther toward him. I heard him unzipping his pants. Reaching under me, he began roughly yanking on my boobs.

As he did he whispered, “Bitch, you’re one hot looking tart. It’s been almost six months since I had such a fit hussy and I’m going to enjoy sticking you. Damn you are fucking gorgeous and your tits are fucking firm. Let’s see if your fucking cunt is as enticing.”

With my skirt over my ass, he saw that I wasn’t wearing any knickers. He mumbled something else that I don’t recall, as his fingers began mauling my vagina. He told me that I was very wet. I guess I still was. Then he pushed his bare cock into me.

“Damn you are very tight for a fucking whore. It doesn’t feel like you had many blokes tonight. I’m really going to enjoy fucking a hot trollop like you.” He nastily said.

I wanted this over with as quickly as possible. So as I pushed back and forth on his cock, I began to moan over and over again, “Oh god you feel so good. Oh Yes! Fuck me! Oh Yes! Make me cum. Yes! Yes!”

As he was plowing speedily in and out of me, I heard footsteps. I looked over and it was Dirk smoking one of his smelly cigars, while watching this guy plundered my pussy. He didn’t say anything. The guy held my hips while pumping me faster and faster. Then Dirk said something about five minutes or it will cost him another 50. The guy began to really shag me harder. Suddenly he grunted, slowed down, and pushed himself deep inside me. I could feel him squirting his spunk into my well used hole. With each squirt he would pull me tighter against him. When finished, he held me in that position until he started to shrink. Then he fell out.

As I stood up from his ravishing, his spunk began leaking out of me down my legs. I keep my legs open, bent forward and pushed the rest out, which landed on the ground kurtköy escort bayan making a puddle under me. As the Dirk watched me, I heard chuckles from other guys that were walking by.

Then the fat guy said, “Dude, she’s a real nice fuck. I really needed to blow that load. And damn what a hot tight cunt your slag has.”

As they watched his spunk dripping out of me, Dirk laughed and said, “I guess you had a lot saved up. Look, she’s still pushing it out.”

The guys chuckled together and he answered, “Fuck yeah! It’s been a very long time from fucking a slag. I’ve been locked away. She’s exactly what I needed. Are you going to be around tomorrow? I could use another fuck.

Dirk laughed and answered, “Probably not. We have another town to visit tomorrow night.”

Then the guy asked, “Well then tell me, what’s her story? I can’t believe someone attractive and with such a fit body is out here fucking for a 100 quid. She seemed to enjoy being humiliated as some sort of harlot too. What gives?”

Dirk became serious and irately answered, “Look bloke! It’s none of your damn business. You shagged her and she loved it. Leave it at that.”

After I stood up, the guy looked at me and thanked me, then quickly walked away. I asked Dirk if we could go back to the hotel now. He smiled, took my hand, turned me to look at three other blokes who watched me getting it and said, “Do any of you guys want to shag my old-lady too?”

One guy asked how much and Dirk answered a 100 quid. He took him up on it and I was again leaning against the back wall with this guy holding my hips and fucking me. Then the next guy took his 15 minute turn and the third. When they finished, I pulled up my top and placed the straps over my shoulders. With their spunk dripping down my legs, Dirk told me that I was great tonight. Afterwards, I held his arm tightly, laid my head on his shoulder, and slowly walked back to the hotel. I was thankful for not taking me to another pub. That’s when I realized that I had changed into a cheap strumpet, exactly what he wanted me to become.

After Liverpool, my sexual depravity was now in full swing. I no longer cared about who or where I was being shagged. I just wanted it all the time. I was no longer the innocent Lady when I flew into London. In fact I was the complete opposite. I finally embraced my role as a street harlot. Even while doing tourist stuff during the day, I would look at guys and flirt. When a guy flirted back, I would tell Dirk that I wanted him and he would negotiate a price. Then we would find a place for him to shag me, but most of the time we went to a privy. At night I couldn’t wait to dress in my strumpet outfits. It didn’t matter where Dirk took me or whom I would enjoy shagging. I just accepted who I have become. Also I wasn’t happy with shagging just one or two guys any more. I needed to shag at least four guys every night to be content and completely satisfied. I really can’t explain it now, but for some reason I needed to quench my appetite as harlot. I had become the strumpet that Dirk said I was, after I went dogging.

The next day we drove up to the Lake District and took a boat tour on Lake Windermere. It was cold that day so Dirk allowed me to wear pants, a blouse with no bra, and a jacket. It was on the boat that we met two blokes from Scotland out for a day. We became buds and toured the stops with them. It was at one of stops and while we were eating lunch, that Danny asked if Dirk was my boyfriend. I guess the flirting got to him. I laughed and said no he wasn’t. Dirk chimed in and asked them if they liked what they saw. He had me unzip my jacket which gave them both a nice view of my breast from under the sheer blouse. It took them by surprise, but in unison Danny and Clyde said they did. Well one thing led to another and after the boat ride, we were back at their two bedrooms rented cottage.

I was sitting on a couch as Dirk and Danny were outside smoking. Clyde was sitting next to me and chatting about his life. I was so turned on and horny from flirting all day. I got real close to him, put my hand on his crouch and kissed him. We didn’t stop kissing, as I felt his cock beginning to enlarge. When we finally stopped, Dirk and Danny was behind us.

Danny blurted, “Well I guess Clyde couldn’t wait for an okay from you. If you two stay the night, I’ll agree to your fee, but it has to be all night. I don’t think I could get enough of Kathryn in just a few hours.”

Dirk smiled and agreed to the terms. I looked up at him smiled and said, “Oh we are going to have so much fun. Thank you for letting us stay the night. But I have to go and prepare myself, if we are doing what I hoped we’re going to be doing.”

As I started to get up, Clyde grabbed me for another kiss. I told Danny that I needed a shower first. He took may hand and slowly walking me toward the bathroom. As he did, he told me how beautiful I was, patted my ass I maltepe escort bayan went in. By this time Dirk had our bags in and he gave me my beauty case, which contained my enema stuff. An hour later I came out squeaky clean and ready for fun.

I walked out bare foot wearing just sheer black lingerie with a black thong barely covering anything. The guys took one look at me and their jaws dropped. With lusty smiles I could tell they wanted me. I love that look a guy gives when he’s horny for me. I know in his mind he is thinking of what it would be like to fuck me. In a moment these two nice lads are going to find out.

“Okay guys, I’m all ready for some nice long loving!” I sensually said. “So who wants to be first or would you like to make love to me together?”

They looked at each other and without a word I took both their hands and said, “Come on guys. Don’t be shy. I would love to feel both of you in me at once.”

They chuckled and we went into one of the bedrooms leaving Dirk by himself. Once inside the room I sat on the edge of the bed, opened my legs and smiled at them. They quickly undressed.

When they were naked Clyde said, “Ah Kathryn. We have a confession to make.”

I smiled and kidding asked, “Okay what is it. Wait, let me guess. You really don’t like women!” I laughed afterwards knowing that wasn’t the case.

Danny looked like I discovered the truth and answered, “Well I don’t know how to say this but we are somewhat gay. But from time to time we love sex with women too; especially a woman as beautiful as you.”

I giggled and replied, “I thought so guys. That was why I flirted with you guys so much during the day. But if you are gay let’s see you two suck on each others cocks.”

They asked if I was kidding and I said I wasn’t. So Clyde knelt down and began sucking on Danny’s hardening cock. Then I had them trade places all the while I was rubbing my pussy. Soon they were rock hard. I got up, took each hard cock in my hand and pulled them toward the bed. They both flopped down on their backs.

Standing I front of them; I took off my thong and sensually said, “Such nice hard cocks you guys have. I think I’ll do Clyde first and save your big cock Danny until later.”

Danny’s cock was at least 9″ of thick throbbing manhood, while Clyde’s was only 6″. Jumping on the bed I straddled Clyde and guide his wanker into me. Slowly I sat down on his fun rod. When I gobbled it all up in me, I began grinding on it. It felt great and I moaned in pleasure. Clyde even reached for my boobs that were dangling in his face from under the lace material. As I was enjoying him, I suddenly felt fingers rimming my ass hole. I turned around and asked what he was doing.

Laughing Danny said, “Well, I’m going to fuck that beautiful arse you have Kathryn. I can’t help myself. It’s so inviting while Clyde is in your cunt.”

Then I felt him trying to stick that huge thing in me. Slowly at first but eventually he pushed it all the way in. I yelped for him to stop a few times but he didn’t. After a minute of just not moving in me, he began to pull out and then back in.

“Oh god it hurts. Not too hard Danny. Oh please not too hard.” I cried a few times.

I couldn’t move as Danny began his ravishing and then Clyde said, “Now you know how I feel with him.”

After some time I became used to his big thing in me and Clyde even began moving again. Danny pulled out, while Clyde pushed in. They eventually got a great rhythm up and I was now moaning in exhilarating pleasure. I even came a few times.

This went on for what seemed along time with me crying, “Oh god that feels so good. Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Fuck me guys! I want to be fucked hard! Yes! That’s it!” I loved every minute of it.

Eventually Danny began shooting a huge load of spunk inside my wide open arse. When he pulled out, I felt so much better and concentrated on Clyde. I could now move up and down on him again. He too squirted and shrunk out of me. We all just laid there enjoying our ecstasy quietly for some time.

Danny finally said, “Kathryn, you are a great fuck. Most women can’t take my big schlong and why I love guys better. But you took every inch and moaned in pleasure from it. That makes you a very special girl.”

I giggled and answered, “Oh it did hurt Danny until I go used to it. Then it was very pleasurable. But I’m going to hurt tomorrow.” We all laughed.

Danny went out to the kitchen and brought back a bottle of unopened champagne. Carry three glasses he said, “I was going to save this for tomorrow night because it’s Clyde and ours 5 year anniversary. But Kathryn, you are extraordinary kind of Lady and it will be a great honor to share our celebration with you.”

Clyde chimed in, “Here, here Danny! I totally agree.”

So we drank the bubbly and chatted for over an hour. Then it was my turn to suck them hard and they traded places with me on Danny mecidiyeköy escort bayan and Clyde doing my arse. After I got each of them to blow their loads again, we crashed exhausted. I guess we slept until the sun peeked through the curtains. Then as Clyde slept, Danny took me to the other bedroom and shagged both of my holes again. Afterwards, I turned and saw Dirk drinking tea and asking if I was done yet because we had to get going. It took over an hour to clean up and get dress. When we left the guys told me that I was the best and hopefully if I make it to Edinburgh to look them up. Well I didn’t know if we were going there, so I said I would if we got that far. Dirk just sneered and we left.

On our way to Carlisle Castle we talked about going to Edinburgh. Dirk told me that I had other obligations to perform. I was sad about that. Once we got to Carlisle, we drove into town, which was about three blocks on the other side of the highway away from the Castle. We checked into the Crown Mitre hotel in the downtown square near a museum. It was cold and raining so I changed into my lime green pants, sheer blouse without a bra and my pink jacket over it. I took my umbrella as we walked to the Castle going in a tunnel under a busy highway.

Once inside, I was in awe over this castle. I read all of the history as we meandered around. Inside the audience room with a large green tapestry on the back wall was a huge chair. I’m guessing where royalty presided over events. In front of that was a long table, I’m guessing where food was served. I jumped up on the table, sat on the edge and pretended that I was being ravished by someone. Dirk looked at me like I was crazy. When we left, I saw a military museum outside the castle with what looked like barracks. I cute guy dressed in a uniform walked by and said hi. I smiled but he was stopped by Dirk. They chatted a few minutes, turned and looked back at me with a lusty grin. I asked Dirk what that was about and he just answered it was nothing. Afterwards we went back in town.

The town was great with little shops, pubs, restaurants and lots of shopping. I was in heaven until evening. Then he had me take shower, enema, and shave everything. I dressed in my black short flowing skirt, white stockings, sheer top without a bra, but since it was cold I was allowed to wear my black jacket. I figured we were going pub hopping again. We did for dinner and drinks and I shagged two guys in the privy. When he looked at his watch, he told me that I had an engagement the rest of the night.

Off we went walking toward the castle. As we went through the tunnel, there were three blokes smoking. They saw us and said something degrading about me that I don’t remember. Once we arrived at the castle, there was a guard at the locked gate. Dirk said something to him and he let us in.

The guard took his hand radio and said, “She’s here.” A person on the other side answered back,

“Okay keep her there for a few minutes. We’re almost ready.”

I tuned to Dirk and asked what was going on. He chuckled and answered, “Well Kat, some of the guys saw you at the castle today and wanted to know how much to shag you. So I said 2000 quid for as long as they wanted.”

Oh my god and another gang bang. How many guys this time I wondered. But when two, young, cute, hunky guys showed up to get me; I become extremely excited. I was going to be shagged by who knows how many young horny men. Now I couldn’t wait. How often does a thirty something woman gets to have so many young studs paying so much to shag me. I was now becoming very amorous and happily took their arms as they guided me into the castle.

They took me to the room where I earlier pretended that I was being fucked on a long table. I guess I had a premonition. The only light in the room came from the three windows and all I could make out were lots of guys standing or sitting on the table looking at me. I could hear them squabble about what I looked like. Suddenly, some guys turned on flash lights all pointed at me. They told me to take my jacket off. It was chilly so I complained, but one guy told me I would get nice and hot in a minute.

I slowly unbuttoned my blouse teasing them as I did. I kept stripping off the rest of my clothes except I kept my stockings and shoes on. After I was naked, the lights were pointed at my pussy.

I heard someone say, “Damn Mike! You found a very attractive strumpet this time. I can’t wait to shag her hot little body.”

Others commented, “Look how fit she is. What a great set of tits and that lovely bare cunt. Yeah I can’t wait either.”

Afterwards, two guys came over and lifted me onto the table covered with a blanket. I guessed this is where I was going to get it and I couldn’t wait. I really wanted them to fuck me in the worst way. I was very wet in anticipation of being the object of their big throbbing young cocks. Suddenly their comments went from accolades to derogatory slang describing what they were going to do to me. Then it started.

I was pushed on my back width way across the table. My head hung over the edge and two guys slapped my face with their cocks. I was told to open my mouth and began sucking on them. As I did, I felt fingers on my pussy spreading my lips apart. Their comments about being already wet stuck in my head. Then I felt the first guy push up my legs and begin playing with my arse hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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