Naughty Michelle

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This is my first submission would love feedback good and bad special thanks to DragonSlayer_OK for with out you my story would not be worth posting. You were very very helpful.


My husband, Dave and I have been married now, for about a year now. We are very happy, our sex life had been great, but still we wanted more. We have talked about having another woman join us in the bedroom before along with the possibilities of maybe doing some swinging. I have been bi curious for quite some time now. However I had been much too shy to meet up with anyone till now.

It was a rare weekend that I actually had off of work. This weekend we had made plans to meet with a couple we had been chatting with online for sometime now . We were going to Raleigh , to meet up as we lived in a very small town with not a whole lot of things to do. This would be the first time we went through with plans to meet another couple that we had been chatting with for some time on the computer as I have been looking for another woman to join us in the bedroom for a while now.

Friday night we drove to the city and checked into the hotel. Tonight we were going to go to a swingers club we wanted to check out ahead of time as this is where we would be meeting the couple we were meeting the next night. So we went and got dinner and headed to the club. When we got there it was kind of a surprise to see people so openly performing oral and all on there better halves as I have never done anything with people watching. We found a table and ordered drinks. The tables had little TVs that was where you could watch different porn , My husband could not resist and turned on one. He had found one that involved two woman anadolu yakası escort and a man. The first lady in the movie had been eating the second lady out while the man fucked her doggie style from behind. My husband asked me if I would like to be one of the girls in the movie though he new the answer would be yes. My husband gave me a kiss then went and got another round of drinks. Soon after he got back a couple walked up to us . To my surprise it was Missy and Chris the couple we were suppose to meet the next night, They had seen who they though was Dave when he went to get the drinks and followed him back to our table. My husband was afraid I would back out after going to the club the first night and asked them without me knowing to meet us there Fri. night to. After introductions we all ordered more drinks.

Missy was five foot three inches tall.. About 120 pounds. She had short chin length brown hair and green eyes. She had what looked a 34 c cup for breast size. Her husband Chris was tall a good 6 foot 2 . He was about 200 pounds. All muscle. He was in a band and you could tell he had longer hair tied back in a ponytail. It was jet black. He had a pair of jeans and a Metallica t-shirt on. He had a typical bad boy look to him.

I was sitting in between my husband and missy .. I had been wearing a skirt that night as my husband requested. It was a “school girl skirt” it was plaid and pleaded and came only mid way down my thighs. I had a white tank top on that showed off my d sized breast. I also had no bra or panties on as my husband said he wanted to be able to see if I was getting turned on . I felt My husbands Dave’s hand on my thigh inching arnavutköy escort it way up to my shaven pussy while he was kissing my neck . Missy’s hand slowly made its way up to my breast and started to knead it through my thin tank top.

Before I new it Missy had leaned in close and kissed me, deeply. I loved it instantly and with out hesitation, I kissed her back. It was like fireworks going off. It felt so different and erotic to finally be kissing another woman. At first she had just kissed me open mouthed but with just a little tongue as soon as she realized I was not minding the kiss we went to an all out passion kissing war. I knew for sure this was surely going to be a great night. While this was happening Missy’s husband, Chris interrupted, asking me to sit up on the table facing Dave and Missy so he could get a better view. I Started to get a little shy as I knew people may see. Between Chris, Missy and Dave, along with the amount of Bärenjäger I had in me , it did not take them long to talk me into it.

I went and sat on the table in-between Missy and Dave . Chris scooted over so that he was on one side of Missy and Dave on the other he grabbed one side of my shirt And Dave grabbed the other and the two of them lifted it over my head…. After they had me pretty well undressed Chris and Dave both started sucking on my nipples . Missy had them lean me back a little and then started to eat me out, I could not help myself I started to moan. It was so different to get eaten out by a woman than a man. She new just how to touch and just were to lick and suck.

By now there were a few people who had gathered to watch the show, this just turned ataköy escort me on more. Dave had took his dick out which was now a raging hard very thick 6 inches . I took him in my mouth and started sucking his cock. Before I could resist I had started to cum due to being eaten out by Missy. The sight of this sent my husband over the edge and he came in my mouth . I laid back on the table to catch my breath and he sat back down. I then sat up and looked at the three of them staring at me and noticed Dave and Chris were now massaging Missies breasts. I slid off the table and under it and started to finger and eat out Missy I did this till she cam in my mouth it was my first time ever tasting another woman but I new it would not be the last. She was sweet tasting very unlike my husbands salty semen . After she was done Cuming I got back up and dave told I had got him off and got Missy off that it was only fair that I got Chris off to. So I looked at him and he asked if he could fuck me I looked at dave and he grinned and gave me the go ahead. I went to go slide onto Chris’s long 8 inches of hard on and started riding him after a few min of this he had me move to the side of the table where dave was sitting. He bent me over he could fuck me doggy style and I would be able to suck my husband off again . After a little bit of sucking my husband off missy got up and climbed on top of him and started riding him while I sucked on her tits. Chris was ramming me so hard I just could not help but moan and holler his name. I kept asking him to do it harder and harder. Missy on the other hand was grinding and bouncing up and down making my husband moan just as much as Chris was making me.

We all cam together and had about the whole place watching us. We all got dressed had a few more drinks and agreed we would meet there again the next night.

After getting back to the hotel I agreed with my husband that we would have to come to places like this more often was it was some of the best sex either of us had ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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