Nikki Ch. 03: Twin Sister Kristal 02

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Nikki here, Max asked me to write Part II of his birthday surprise story.

Specifically the part where he was teased, tortured and finally gave in to the power of my sweet ass. That’s right, he finally gave in to his most primal urges and sank balls deep into my lubed, forbidden hole. No man can resist the temptation of anal sex.

Max wanted to write it himself but, the memory of the night still affects his ability to type. (Read the Epilogue of this story for insight on how to get your partner to give up the most intimate body parts.)

I surprised my baby and tricked him into driving downtown. Eventually luring him upstairs to the executive suite of the Mandarin Oriental. I think his fantasy of having a threesome with twin sisters blinded him from everything else.

Posing as my trashier, sluttier, promiscuous, and nonexistent twin sister Kristal, I’d gotten my lover to blow his load. He blew it in my mouth, on my lips, over my tits and himself. The boy couldn’t help it. Who could blame him? Two weeks of no sex and no release drives a man wild.

After discovering my ruse, he tested the boundaries to see just how far he could push this role playing. He wanted to see if I’d break character. He would learn that the persona of Kristal, my nastier twin sister wasn’t role play – it’s a part of me I only bring out for special people and occasions. By the end of this night he wished that Kristal would “visit” more often.

We pick up right after that epic cum shot. Spent and nude, my baby was sitting in a club chair positioned across the from the king size bed.

Ready horny readers? We’re going into first person POV mode now.

I emerged from the bathroom after cleaning myself of all your spunk.

I am dressed to push any sane man over the edge. Dressed to fuck.

“Hey baby, you ready for round two? I know it’s only been twenty minutes since you blew your load. But, from the way your cock is throbbing it looks like you want more.”

I apply a new layer of hot pink on my dick-sucking-lips.

“What do you think baby, do you like my new outfit? I’m wearing it just for you. I think it’s sooooo sexy.”

I walk over to you, in white thigh high boots. The heels are an easy six inches and adorned with metal studs. The top of these leather boots forms a perfect V outlining my crotch. It puts extra emphasis on my sheer panties pulled high over my waist. I’m wet and that makes the panties almost transparent, showcasing my shaved pussy. So slick, so smooth, so fuckable.

You get slapped in the face for getting up from the chair and trying to get a closer look. I push you back down into the chair.

“Uh, un uh. Not yet baby, not yet.”

I turn around and push my ass into your face, allowing you to lick what you can’t yet have. I bend over and allow you to see my beautiful lips.

I whisper, “Good girls bend at the knees, bad girls bend at the waist.”

I hear an audible sigh as I grab my ankles and push my ass further into your face. I sit down on your lap and pull your shaft between my wet skin and the filmy dampness of the panties. So close yet so far. Your cock is now pinched between my legs. Am I going to give you a lap dance?

“It’s not too late. You can still go to Nikki and tell her I seduced you. Tell her it wasn’t your fault. You only fucked my tits and came in my mouth. OK, you fucked my mouth too. In certain circles that’s not even sex. That’s just hooking up.”

I giggle, “She might even forgive you.”

I stand up and take off the panties in one smooth motion. The wetness creates a stringer that stretches between the panties and my cunt. It dribbles down my boots. I thread them them around the ankles of the left thigh high boot and drop them into your lap.

“That’s not what you want to do now is it, baby? You’re already in trouble. If you’re already in trouble don’t you want to do something to be sorry for? Come on baby, don’t you want to suck, to fuck? It’s not cheating if Nikki doesn’t find out. I won’t tell her you fucked her sister, if you won’t tell.”

I reach down and slip just the head, the engorged mushroom tip of your cock into my hot, wet twat. My pussy. It’s so good. So tight. So warm.

“You’re wondering now that the swatch of fabric between you and this delicious cunt is gone… How will you control yourself? How will you control yourself, when your girlfriend’s slut sister isn’t even dressed for dinner? I’m not even covered enough to go clubbing. This white knit body stocking leaves all my holes open and uncovered. You have full access to my tits, my ass and my cunt. I’m not dressed for anything illegal bahis – except fucking.”

I put my full weight on your cock. It squishes with my juices as you slip all the way into me – all the way to in. Then I pull it all the way out. You cock is slick, throbbing, begging for more.

“Oh no, baby. Kristal’s done a bad thing. You’ve officially cheated on your girlfriend Nikki. No way you’re getting out of this one.”

I can tell you’re conflicted. You think you’re being tested. This isn’t just role play, is it?

“Are you mad at me baby? Did I do a bad thing? Why don’t you punish me? Come on baby, teach me some manners. Slap me with that cock. Show me how you’re going to beat up this tight little twat.”

I start walking towards the bed.

“Does Nikki let you fuck all her holes? Every time you try she waves you off. Saying it’s too nasty. Nikki doesn’t like nasty. Kristal is nasty. Kristal loves to ass fuck. Don’t you want to fuck this ass?”

I sit down on the edge of the bed. I lean back and prop myself up on my elbows and give you a look at the full package. My red hair looks freshly-fucked from the facial tousling you gave me when you blew your first load.

I look at you with my green bedroom eyes and blow you a kiss. I look like the girl next door, if the girl next door was a fuck doll. I’m walking the line between innocent ingenue and wanton whore. The wanton whore side is winning. You want to fuck me.

My 34DD tits are straining against the white knit body stocking. My nipples poke out through the holes of the knitted patterns. You just want to pop out my tits and set them free.

This body is built for sin. You can’t take your eyes off the thigh high boots and the open crotch of the body suit. I raise my legs, heels pointed up to the ceiling. I do the splits with each leg going to opposite sides of the bed. I’m spread eagle, wide open, with full access to my cunt and asshole.

“Don’t you love crotchless body suits? It means it’s not just for show. It means you’re going to fuck in the body suit. Come on. Come claim your prize. It’s your birthday and I’m dressed to fuck.”

You lunge so quickly at me, you’d already be inside my pussy had I not extended my leg and caught you in the chest. The heel of my thigh high boot is pushing into your pecs and keeping you at bay.

You’re like an animal who hasn’t eaten and you’ve been let off your chain.

“Get on your knees and start earning this cunt.”

You weren’t exactly waiting for an invitation. You bury your face between my legs. You don’t need any help. You’ve been trained well. Lick the full length of my cunt. Split the length of my pussy lips with your tongue. Lick up and tease the clit.

“Oh baby, that’s so good. Don’t stop. Uhh… Suck that clit. Be gentle it’s so sensitive.”

You squeeze my outer pussy lips with your steady hands and further expose the clit.

“Yes. Baby. Wiggle that pussy. Uh, squeeze above my hood. Uh. Uhn. Watch my clit twitch. Work your fingers into my pussy baby. Both fingers.”

You push your fingers in and push down against the floor of my pussy.

“Don’t lick the clit baby, suck it. Suck it. Suck it slow baby. Slow. Kiss that cunt.”

Now you’re using both hands, outside my pussy, pushing in and rubbing my lips against each other.

“I’m so wet baby, please put your mouth back on this pussy. You’re going to…Uhn. You’re going to make me cum. You’re going to make me squirt. Don’t stop. Don’t…”

You kiss the insides of my thighs and then return two fingers into my sloppy wet cunt. There’s great pressure under my cervix. And you return your mouth to my pussy.

“Uhh. Oh. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I love it. I love it. Ahgg. Yes.”

You’ve slipped a single finger in my ass and it’s like a bolt of lightning has coursed through my insides.

“Not yet. Not yet baby. This ass is for later. I promise. You own this fuck hole.”

You place your face back into my crotch and I’m grinding against your mouth. You’re trying to find the exact rhythm that unlocks that orgasm.

“Taste me baby. I’ve been marinating all day. Kiss it. Taste it. I’ve been dying for this all day. I’m so sticky.”

I pull your head deeper into my crotch. As you concentrate on my clit, I realize the teasing is over. I arch my back. My legs wrap around your head as you’re exploring my hips with your hands. I start to whimper and then I’m gushing. Gushing. I’m having my first orgasm.

“Don’t stop baby. Oh fuck. Fuck. I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

It’s the fastest I’ve ever reached orgasm. You’re going to do it to me again when you put illegal bahis siteleri your lips on my pussy and suck on the clit. But, right now I need cock.

“It’s time. I need it it in me. I need that long, hard cock. Put it in me baby. Kristal needs some cock. Fuck me… Fuck your girlfriends’s slutty twin sister”

I can see your cock is throbbing. But you’re resisting and continue to eat me.

“There’s no extra credit for the additional time spent entertaining my cunt, cowboy. Now cum fuck this slut like you paid for it. Yeah, push my legs back and fuck me like a whore on cowboy payday.”

Your mind snaps and you’re into me deep. My thigh high boots on full display, stretched out and pointing towards the ceiling. For the second time tonight you’re using one of my holes as a playground. I’m like one of those spring-loaded horseys. You ride me hard. You ride me deep. I love your cock.

“Please baby. Use me. Use me baby. I’m such a slut. I’m such a whore. That’s all I’m good for…fuck me.”

You grab my ankles and push my legs back, almost pinning me to the bed. Thank god for yoga. I moan as your cock goes deeper, lubricated by my cum and cunt juices. You fuck me like you’ve never fucked Nikki. For almost five minutes I’m your slutty rag doll, at the mercy of your cock.

“Fuck, baby fuck. I’m cumming!”

You pull out and my squirting continues. I’m drenching your cock, your groin, the bed and everything else.

You lean forward. You kiss me hard and now you’re straddling my chest. You make me open my mouth and you fill it until I gag. You pull out. Then you repeat the process, this time grabbing my hair and using the improvised ponytail as a handle. You’re fucking my throat. You’ve never been like this with me before.

Each thrust robs me of my lipstick. When it’s completely gone, you stop. When our eyes meet I know what is coming. You move back off me and start slapping my cunt with your rock hard cock. The skin over your mushroom head is taut and slick with precum.

I flip over and start stretching for the lube on the night stand. I have the bottle in my grasp. You grab me by my ankles and drag me back to the edge of the bed. You push my head down and lift my ass up. You open the bottle of lube and discard the pump.

You pour it over your cock and begin to stroke. Slow deliberate strokes. We never break eye contact as you slather your cock with lube.

You pour some on me and it runs into the crack of my ass. You’re not being stingy with the lube. It’s a slick mess. The body stocking is a loss. The bedspread is drenched. Housekeeping is going to be pissed.

My ass has been ready all day because of the butt-plug I popped out before I came up from the bar.

I let out a sigh as you insert your first inch into my waiting ass. I push back against it and let it enter me.

Only an inch every minute. Every time you try and go faster I clench my ass. It’s torture for you as my sphincter clamps down on your cock. After the first inch is in, I slide your cock out and begin again, this time letting two inches in. You know what I’m doing and you know this is going to be the most satisfying load of your current life.

“You’ve been waiting so long for this baby. Don’t cum yet. Just watch as my ass wraps around your cock. If you even start to cum in the next five minutes, I’m cutting you off. No more fucking for you.”

I’m back up on all fours and looking back at you with the nastiest of smiles. I lick my lips and pout. You’re in the perfect position to grab my hips and pull me onto your remaining inches and fuck me doggy style. I make you wait.

“Trust me, baby, it’ll be worth the wait. Only four more inches. Don’t move.”

You’re edging, just on the cusp of summing. I’m back in control.

“Is this what you had in mind for your birthday? Ditch your girlfriend and fuck her slut of a twin sister instead? Was sliding that cock into a willing asshole on your to do list? You’re just waiting for this ass to swallow your cock so you can slam me. Pull it out and…”

You forget about the rules and you sink you cock inside my ass, displacing all that lube. I relax my ass muscles and you fill me to the hilt.

“Oh yes. Fuck it baby. This ass is yours, claim it. Claim it. Give me that cock. Pound that ass. I love to feel it slip in and out of my ass. Don’t stop. Don’t stop you fucker. Oh god, keep going. You’re going to make me cum.”

You can’t help yourself. As I tell you the only thing better than getting ass fucked is the feeling of cum flooding me, you have a deserved orgasm. It has been a long hard week and all canlı bahis siteleri that edging culminates in a nonstop flow of white. Streaks of your cum are dripping out of me with every thrust. I’m back on my knees, ass up in the air, head down on the bed. You’re pumping in and out of me as I milk your balls.

When you eventually pull out, your cock sprays one last arc of cum that drips down my back. I’m such a whore. I’m you’re cum covered whore.

You love fucking me, Kristal, your girlfriend’s slutty twin sister. Don’t you? Even if it was role play.

BTW. We’re not going to make our dinner reservations.


Even though it was Max’s birthday, I enjoyed this too. Usually I’m the submissive one and I love being dominated. I like it rough and hard but, not all the time. I loved this turnaround. Being able to order Max around was satisfying. The dirty talk and promise of anal sex just makes him so malleable. I’m going to have to do this more often as the power surge is too intoxicating.

For all you perverts at home just a few notes about our language. All the dirty talk needs to be discussed before hand, long before you and your girl start role playing or using it. Otherwise when you use the words “cunt”, “whore” and “slut” – it will be taken the wrong way.

The sex talk and the everyday talk can never overlap. You can’t call someone a “cunt” during an argument, then expect it to be received as a term of endearment during sex — rough or otherwise. It just rings hollow.

What’s the answer to the question: How do you get your own fuck-toy to give up the chocolate starfish? First you have to be open and talk to your girl. At first it’ll be uncomfortable or even awkward.

If she’s not into it, drop the subject and revisit it again in a few months. Pestering her about it will only annoy her and decrease your chances of ever getting to experience that most taboo of orifices.

Explain “why” you want to try anal sex and “how” it makes you feel – your girlfriend, partner or wife will understand the attraction. Of course if she’s already into it, you won’t have this problem.

Women have a “thing” about how they taste or smell “down there” when you’re performing cunnilingus on us. We have similar issues about our asshole. We need to understand that this is something you want to do. Also keep in mind just what you’re asking of your girl. Some women have a hard enough time taking it in the vagina. It’s not immediately great taking it in a new hole.

Think about it, would you want something the size of your dick shoved up your ass? Max doesn’t have this problem as his cock is laughably small when he’s not hard. It’s literally the size of an acorn. Anal sex with him is always easy. He’s a grower not a show-er and he’s more than comfortable with that. Believe me, the man knows how to compensate. Between the toys, the hands and the almost six inches he does have, Max has learned a long time ago how to please a woman. Size isn’t everything unless that is what gets you off.

After you are both comfortable talking about it, you need to ease into the actual act. Get her in the mood. When you’re going down on her, you can experiment with comfort levels. Start a little ass play after she’s already stimulated. Start with stimulating her ass with just a single finger or tongue. If she says “Stop” you have to stop. Trying to rush the process will make it painful and ensure you’ll never get a chance to experience her glorious ass.

On successive couplings you can try small toys, dildos and butt plugs. Get her used to having something inside her ass. It may take weeks or months but, work your way up to “just the tip” of your penis before slipping in the entire enchilada.

Once you’re on your way to Nirvana, try to be present in the act and only enter and exit when she’s relaxed. Doing either while she’s tensed will make it painful for the both of you. The same bundle of nerves in the anus that signal pleasure also signal pain. So don’t lose control and go to work on that ass like it’ll never break. Unlike the vagina, the ass is much more fragile.

Use lube. Lots and lots of lube. The ass doesn’t create its own lubricant. Try a silicone lube vs. a water-based lube to ensure you don’t have to apply it so often. Lube everything up. Your cock, her ass, inside her asshole etc.

You determine how your girlfriend experiences anal sex. Maybe she turns into an anal slut, like me. Maybe she hates it. It’s all up to you and how you introduce her to the experience. Last, it’s always up to your partner. If she’s not into it maybe she only gives you access on special occasions or as a reward. Remember it’s her body not yours. An alternative to full anal insertion may be riding the crack of her ass. This may be as close to anal sex as you get but, it’s better than the alternative — no access at all.

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