That time I lost my virginity

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For the avoidance of doubt, the following is a true story that describes the occasion when I lost my anal virginity – I was well into my twenties and the young masseuse I guess was about 20 or 21 years old.

I was chatting online to someone the other day sharing experiences of losing our virginities. It was obvious, after a little while though, that we were talking about two different things. He was describing the first time he fucked someone whereas I, as a gay bottom, was describing the first time I had anal sex!

In describing my experiences, I skipped the very first time it happened to me as it was not a nice experience and not something that I initiated or at the time wanted. That happened in my teenage years and is something I have always tried to forget about, but unfortunately still comes back to the front of my mind from time to time.

I have never used the term rape but actually it probably was. Yes, I was curious and allowed it to happen, but it was not with someone I wanted it to happen with. It was more an experiment than any act of lovemaking.

My second experience came a few years later in life and was much more enjoyable and sensual. When someone asks me when I lost my virginity it is always this one that I relate — blocking the other one to the back of my mind.

It happened in Hanoi in Vietnam while I was there on business. I had some time off one afternoon and had gone for a sightseeing wander around the old French Quarter. I got hopelessly lost and spent way more time walking than I had planned. I then came across a spa offering massages — there are dozens in the centre of Hanoi but this sone took my fancy as it seemed to offer massages by male masseurs. I did not have a lot of cash on me, but I walked in and asked to see a menu of what was on offer. I reckoned that I could just about afford something and still have enough for a small tip.

I was sat down in front of a small reception desk in what was a tiny room and offered a glass of water. The room was air-conditioned which was welcome given the heat outside and the fact that I had been walking for some time.

I chose my massage — a one-hour Asian massage to cost 1m dong! It was to include a shower both before and after the massage. I was told not to pay the masseur but to pay at reception on the way out. I was told to leave my shoes in reception and then taken, by the male receptionist, up a set of spiral stairs that were hidden behind a curtain that I hadn’t seen before. About halfway up there was a landing with what seemed like a large mirror in front of me. I was instructed to choose my masseur. I looked confusingly as a light switch was flicked and there in front of me were around a dozen fit male youths – some sitting around on benches playing cards with others standing chatting. I guessed they couldn’t see me. They were all dressed in the same tiny shorts and white t-shirts all holding a sign with their names. I was again pushed to choose my masseur.

Never having experienced something like this I wasn’t güvenilir bahis in a great hurry to make my choice much to the frustration of the receptionist. Again, he pushed me in poor English to make my choice. I do recall executing some rationale for my eventual choice rather than just randomly. I was keen for a good strong massage and many of the guys looked quite small, so I ended up choosing the tallest and most masculine looking guy — Binh.

Binh was then ushered out of the goldfish bowl and I was introduced to him. At that point, the receptionist gave me a bit of paper that had the massage and cost on it and Binh escorted me up the next set of stairs to a lovely room kitted out with what was very like a four-poster bed but with the mattress on the ground. The room smelt nice with incense burning and had nice soft lighting and background music — although you could still hear the street noise and honking horns from outside.

Binh’s English was not great, but he managed to explain that I should undress, placing my clothes in a chest of drawers at the back of the room. I was able to lock the drawer and keep the key on a loop around my wrist. He pointed to a towel that I should use and then he said we would go for a shower. He said that he would go off and get the shower ready while I undressed.

I stripped off — not that I was wearing too much in this heat anyway and then tried to wrap the tiny towel around my waist. It fitted, but only if I held the two ends together myself!

After what seemed like an age but was probably only a couple of minutes, Binh returned and asked me to follow him to the shower. It turned out to be just a loose shower head with a hose in a what I would have called a toiler! There was a WC and a tiny wash hand basin and then just enough room for the two of us to stand. It turned out that Binh washing me was all part of the service.

Initially, he kept his t-shirt and shorts and on and proceeded to wash me all over with the lukewarm water and soap. I absolutely loved this experience and still have many happy memories of that shower. He started with my head washing my hair and worked his way very thoroughly down my whole body. I remember trying desperately not to get a hard-on and initially whilst my cock did thicken it never became fully erect.

Through this Binh did try some conversation asking where I came from, what did I do why was I in Hanoi, etc, but he had difficulty understanding me and gave up after a just a few questions. When he had worked his way down my chest and back and he spent ages washing my cock being very thorough behind the foreskin and underneath the head and with my frenum. I wasn’t sure if this was because circumcision was popular in Vietnam or not — I never really found out. Of course, at this point, it was difficult for me not to get erect and he commented on my size — as they usually do in Asia. He wasn’t masturbating my cock, but he did spend a long time washing and re-washing it before moving on to my backside. It was at this point türkçe bahis I should have perhaps realized what might come later as he thoroughly washed my ass slipping a finger up my anus a couple of times on the way past.


He then carried on washing the rest of my legs taking great care and long time over my feet and toes. The water was switched off and I thought that was the shower over but then Binh told me to wait there as he left and came back with a jug of milk. At this time he took off his t-shirt and hung it up on the back of the door. I would have loved to have touched his smooth muscular body at this point but wasn’t sure of the protocols so didn’t.

He then proceeded to pour small amounts of milk over me and start to rub that in. If this sounds heavenly it was not that great as unfortunately there was a slightly sour smell coming from the milk. Inevitable I guess in the heat of Hanoi.

Again, he washed me thoroughly all over taking quite a bit of time over my cock again. After that, he rinsed it off with the warm water from the showerhead and then proceeded to pat me down with a towel — not the one I had brought. When we were finished, he took me back to the massage room. I always remember seeing other men — customers and masseurs – in the corridor as I walked back holding on to the ends of my tiny towel.

In the massage room, Binh had me lay down fully naked on the mattress on the floor. He said to relax as would tidy up the bathroom and be back shortly. I recall being super relaxed and may have nodded off to sleep briefly. I was conscious of Binh’s return when he kneeled down on the mattress to start the massage. The oil he drizzled over my back was warm and soon I was in heaven as he stroked, kneaded and pinched me all over. At times, his pressure was quite strong — but then that was what I was looking for — and I can honestly say that is still one of the best massages I have ever had. (The best was with a young boy in Mandalay but that’s a story for another day!)

As Binh got down to my ankles and feet he finished the back side of the massage and asked me to turn over. Up to this point, the massage had all been very professional — nothing sexual or suggested at all. He then proceeds to give me a very respectable oil massage from head to toe avoiding any touch to my cock which by now was fully erect. All the while I was wondering if I would be offered a “happy ending”. I had completely lost track of time although I was sure with the lengthy shower and the time taken for the massage so far, we would be well over the hour.

What happened next took me by surprise. Instead of offering me the expected wank, he said, “do you want to fuck?”!

I instantly said no but I could see from his face that wasn’t the answer he wanted. He then got up from the mattress and I could see an outline of his erect cock trying to burst out those tiny shorts. I think he must have seen looking because again he asked if I wanted to fuck. I asked if he had condoms, which he did and then güvenilir bahis siteleri I replied “yes”. At that, he went to get the condoms from somewhere else in the room and stripped off his shorts to reveal his small erect cock and shock of black pubic hair — the rest of his body was hairless and very muscular.

He bent down to start to put the condom and me — I was still lying on my back on the mattress — but I had other ideas. “you fuck me?” I said. He said okay and then went to get another condom — never sure why but he applied both to his cock, double protection?

He then took both my ankles, raising my legs to the ceiling and getting me to grab my ankles. He then took the massage oil (I think) and used that to lube up my ass, being very thorough with eventually three fingers working their way around my insides. He then knelt down and slowly started to insert his condom covered cock into my waiting asshole.

I remember that feeling well comparing the ecstasy to the pain from the last time. He then started to thrust away — I’m still fully erect but with both hands on my ankles. He got faster and faster until all you could hear was the slap of skin on skin filling the room. He seemed to go like that for ages but in reality, it was probably only a couple of minutes. My frustration spilled over and I started to wank my own hard cock. I was in heaven and didn’t want it to end but unfortunately, we both came within a few seconds of each other — me spraying several days of pent up cum over my chest and face. He pulled out immediately and I remember him examining the condoms carefully as he pulled them off and put them in the bin.

He then came back to me still naked and started to wipe me down removing the cum and sweat with paper towels. I took the opportunity to have stroke at his smooth skin, especially his tiny ass — I hadn’t before – as he cleaned me. He then put on his shorts and another t-shirt and took me back the toilet for a shower — by myself this time.

I cleaned and dried myself and went back to the room where Binh had already cleaned and set up the room for the next customer.

Unfortunately, though this is where things went a little sour. He highlighted on the slip of paper the receptionist had given him the place where I was to insert the amount of my tip. He gave me a pen to write my amount in. I hadn’t planned for that afternoon so did not have much cash on me. I thought (back then) that maybe 10-20% would be enough — remembering the massage had cost 1 million dong. I had enough for that, but I made the mistake of asking Binh how much he wanted. He took the slip from me turned it over and wrote 1,000,000! Today, and after that experience I would have gladly given him that — but I just did not have that. I showed him all that I had in my pockets (I think from memory it was around 1.4m) and told him he could have it all. He wasn’t happy with that — but what else could I do. I wrote the number down, said “C?m on b?n” and went back downstairs, paid, put on my shoes and left before anything else was said…

I had a fantastic time. Totally unexpected and whilst I always think back on this time as the time I lost my virginity, sometimes I wish I could go back and make it up to Binh.

Happy memories

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