The Lesson in the Sauna Ch. 02

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Willow stood up and ran her hand over the woman’s naked body. She looked so inviting, lying there with her legs spread wide open, her moist pussy inviting her tongue but she wanted more from this encounter than to pleasure this beauty before her. She inserted a couple of fingers into the woman’s cunt, enjoying the feel as the muscles clamped around them and slowly Willow started to tease the woman’s sex, pushing them in and out until her fingers were almost drenched in juice. Willow got down on her knees and kissed the woman on her lips as she came to a decision.

“I’m not going to eat you pussy out,” Willow said, “I want you to undress me in front of the man.”

“It is your lesson. Feel free. I almost came just then when your fingers were inside me.”

Willow kissed her even more forcefully and thrust tweaked the woman’s nipples. When she broke the kiss, she forced her fingers inside the woman’s throat, letting her taste the juice from her own sex.

“You’re going to take off my clothes. And then you’re going to make me cum with your fingers.” commanded Willow.

Willow stood and pulled the woman up from the bench, admiring the naked body before her. The woman’s nipples were rock hard and inviting. Willow turned around, letting her back face the woman. She felt lips kiss the side of her neck and hands move across her smooth stomach, which she found erotic in a way she had never felt before.

Willow felt the clip of her bra being undone and smiled as the woman slowly removed it from her body and her hands grabbed Willow’s breasts and squeezed. Willow gasped with delight as she felt kadıköy escort the warm hands tease her nipples into tight buds. The hands felt deliciously hot against her tits as the woman kissed Willow on the neck again. Willow could feel her panties sticking to her body with juice. She grabbed the woman’s hand and guided it down over her stomach and into her g-string. The effect was electric as the fingers of the woman began to graze Willow’s cunt.

“Ohh yes, baby, just there. I’m going to cum any minute.” gasped Willow, “please, take off my panties.”

The woman did as she was told and tore off the g-string, soaked with a mixture of Willow’s sweat and cum.

Willow sat down on the bench as the woman kissed down her naked body, first her lips, then down onto her heaving breasts, flicked the tight red nipples with tongue, cupping them gently with her hands, and then down her stomach before reaching Willow’s sex.

By this time both there bodies were shaking but Willow was almost ready to climax. The woman didn’t put her fingers into Willow’s pussy. Instead, she got down on her knees and pleasured Willow with her tongue. Willow could feel it burrowing away into her very being as the woman lapped up her cunt juice.

“I’m going to cum baby, any minute now I’m going to cum!” she gasped.

Willow couldn’t bare it. She had never felt the joy of a woman’s tongue before, flicking her erect clitoris. Her pubic hairs were so damp as she held her partner’s head deep into her sex, the woman giving her as much sordid pleasure as any man had. She tried to hold the orgasm off kartal escort as long as possible until there was nothing else she could do and she came in a long stream into the woman’s mouth, gasping out loud as her pussy accepted every loving suck from the woman. Her whole being shook as she thrust her body up, giving everything she had to this woman who she had only just met. The woman pulled her head away and forced her slender fingers into Willow’s hot sex right up to the knuckle. Willow screamed with pleasure as she came all over again, her pussy muscles clamping around the digits.

“Oh God, that feels so good!” Willow gasped.

When there was no more juice for the woman to lap, they collapsed, naked into each other’s arms. The woman drew her fingers over Willow’s naked body and kissed her on the lips, tenderly. Willow could taste the pleasurable juices she had just erupted. She’d tasted them before but not like this.

“Did you enjoy the first part of your lesson?” enquired the woman.

“Oh yes.”

“So did your partner.”

Willow had forgotten all about him. She turned her head and saw that the man was standing before both of them, as naked as they were. His manhood stood proud and thick and erect.

“You both look so hot lying there.” He said.

“Then come and join us.” said Willow. “You look so hot I want to fuck you here and now!” Willow closed her eyes as she remembered what the man’s cock felt like as it slammed into her. The woman bent her head down and gently flicked her tongue across Willow’s erect tit. Willow loved the feel of anyone nuzzling kurtköy escort her breasts and she felt erotically happy.

The man walked over and knelt down on the floor next to the woman’s discarded robe. He reached into one of the pockets and pulled out a vibrator. Willow, her eyes still shut, gasped with surprise when the man slammed it deep into her pussy and she came again, harder and more violent than she had ever climaxed before. She spread her legs wider to allow the man a clearer way into her sex. Her back arched as the vibrator struck home, pushing Willow’s breasts towards the woman who tweaked and pinched them some more. Willow loved the mixture of pleasure and pain, gasping and screaming and the climax tore through her body again and again. The vibrator was pulled out of her pussy one final time and before Willow could come down, the man got between her legs and slammed his shaft into her cunt smoothly and easily. Willow wrapped her smooth legs around the man, pulling him closer, pushing her sex into the air to give him full access to her body while the woman continued to suck on her nipples. The woman then pushed the vibrator into her crack. Willow had never been fucked like this before and she was loving every minute of it. Willow loved the feel of the man burrowing into her pussy, pleasuring her sex, making her cum. She wanted to cum harder and faster than she had ever cum before.

“Ohhh, yes, YES, YESSSSSSS,” screamed Willow as she climaxed. The man held on as long as possible and then shot his warm load of cum deep inside her. The woman pulled the vibrator out as Willow released the last of her orgasmic screams. She collapsed onto the bench, exhausted but delighted.

The man and the woman left Willow for a moment, but then the woman whispered in her ear.

“That’s enough learning for you today. You got an A+.”

Willow smiled and kissed her.

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