Tina, Debbie and Jim

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Debbie lit a cigarette and exhaled.

“-Jim, why don’t you just fuck off?”

She looked at Tina and gently shook her head. “Just ignore him honey. He likes trying to embarrass people.”

Jim grinned at the two of them. ‘Honey’, he liked that.

They had a nice, cosy set up. Debbie and Tina, Tina and Debbie.

“What about the big, pink dildo?” he asked Tina. “-Has she done you with that one yet?”

He knew she was nineteen, ten years younger than he and Debbie. Sweet meat. She blushed and looked uncomfortable. She had shoulder length dark hair that she seemed to like touching. She was playing with the ends of it and looked a little unsure of what was going on.

Jim’s glance took in her tits. She had a nice pair, a pretty face. He didn’t think she was a lesbian anymore than Debbie.

“-Nipple clamps?” he suggested.

He thought her blush deepened but she had spirit and held his gaze.

“Jim, just quit it,” Debbie said, but she smiled at the same time and he saw a familiar, warm sparkle in her eyes.

Talking dirty had always amused and aroused her. She couldn’t seem to help herself. Even if they’d had a fight he could eventually talk her around by talking dirty.

It was a nice place they had, their own apartment, soft lights and pastel colours. Very warm and feminine.

Jim was enjoying himself. Debbie was a case. She never really seemed to know what she wanted. Today she wanted this, with Tina, tomorrow or next week it might be something else.

She stood by the counter, thoughtfully chewing her bottom lip and watching, as he helped himself to one of her cigarettes. Her black hair was damp from the shower and her pink, towel robe came to mid thigh. She smelled clean and fresh and that tell tale sparkle was still in her eyes.

“Menthol?” he said, looking at the cigarette before he lit it.

She didn’t say anything and they looked at each other.

“-I think I’ll take a shower,” Tina said. She sounded put out.

Jim looked at her ass as she flounced by. She was wearing jeans. A lot of faded denim was drawn tight between her round ass cheeks.

“Have you paddled her yet?”

He said it loud enough for Tina to hear but she didn’t look back.

Debbie smiled playfully. “-Maybe. What makes you think I’d tell you anyway?”

“Do you play like school teacher and student, or mother and naughty daughter?”

“Gym coach and cheerleader,” Debbie said. “And we use a tennis racquet. Paddles are old fashioned.”

They smiled at each other. Jim could almost sense the blood starting to flow a little faster in her veins.

“You look good, by the way,” he said. “If I forgot to mention it. Tina’s hot too.”

Debbie nodded but said nothing. Jim leaned closer as she put out her cigarette and she paused stubbing it out as he eased open the top of her robe to peer inside. She didn’t stop him. She wasn’t wearing a bra and he took a long admiring look at her breasts.

“Your nipples are hard,” he said, when he took his hand away.

“It must be colder in here than I thought,” she answered without looking at him.

“-Hey,” he said. When she turned her head he leaned in close and kissed her.

It didn’t last but it was promising. It wasn’t passionate but he sensed it might have developed that way if Debbie hadn’t decided she needed to swear at him.

“-You’re a bastard,” she told him quietly. “You know that?”

She wasn’t angry. He guessed she said it because his being there complicated things. She’d thought she had it all figured out. A new life, sexy new girlfriend. New horizons to explore.

She tightened her robe and walked to the couch and he looked at her ass and wondered if she was wearing panties.

“I can leave if you want,” he offered as she sat down and looked at him.

She didn’t answer and in the silence he heard the shower running and faintly Tina singing.

“-She sounds happy,” he said and Debbie nodded.

“Content?” he asked.

“Me or her?”

“Both of you. I was just wondering.”

“We have our moments of contentment,” Debbie said.

She lifted her damp hair and let it down again and her robe rose a couple of inches. Jim looked at the dark vee of shade between her legs.

“I bet you do,” he said.

“It’s not just about sex,” she said, then smiling she opened her legs. “-White ones, in case you were wondering.”

He grinned as she crossed her legs and adjusted her robe.

“-It’s not just about sex?” he repeated.

She didn’t answer immediately but when she did he knew she hadn’t changed.

“Okay, it’s not all about sex.. but sex is a big part of it.”

“Is she good?”

“Don’t be offended,” she lowered her voice, “-but I’ve never cum so much in my life…”

Jim put his cigarette out. He wasn’t offended. This was getting interesting. He knew Debbie would be turned on by talking about it. Sometimes when they were together he used to drive her nuts talking about sex while they were riding a train or in another public place.

“So what do you really do?”

She shook her head as she güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri thought about it with a far away look in her eyes. “Everything… just anything.”

Her face was flushed now and he could see the sparkle in her eyes from across the warmly lit room.

“Sixty-nine? It was always one of your favourites.”

“Do you want pictures?” She laughed softly but she wasn’t being a bitch about it.

“Shit no,” Jim said. “I want to watch.”

She looked at him without saying anything, a long, thoughtful look that made his heart beat a little harder because he knew that she was thinking about it.

“Is that why you came over here?”

“It crossed my mind,” he admitted.

He heard a door open somewhere in back.

“Why did you offer to leave just now?”

Jim shrugged as he heard Tina behind him. He’d said it in case he was wrong about the two of them and it was more than a phase Debbie was going through. He couldn’t tell her now Tina was back and he didn’t answer. He figured Debbie would know why he’d said it.

“What’s up guys?” Tina said.

Jim saw Debbie look at her first then she stepped past him barefoot and wearing a pale blue T-shirt that barely covered her ass.

She said, “-So are we all going to bed or are you planning to sit here talking about it all night?”

She turned and looked at them. Her wet hair had made damp patches on her T-Shirt. Jim could see she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Debbie was smiling and looking at him. Tina was looking at him as well but her expression didn’t go with the singing he’d just heard from the shower. Her face was shining and clean but she looked pissed off and hostile or hurt and trying not to show it. He couldn’t decide which.

“-It’s why you’re here, isn’t it?” she said when neither of them spoke. She took off her T-shirt in one, quick decisive motion and her breasts shook as she threw it aside.

She stared at Jim with youth and arrogance and possibly a challenge in her unblinking gaze. She was wearing small, lace panties, a tiny white triangle of material that barely covered her mound. Her body was as good as Jim had ever seen.

He was aware of Debbie on the couch watching what was going on but he didn’t look at her.

“-Take those off as well,” he told Tina and held her gaze. It felt as if they were playing a game.

She hesitated only briefly and then she was sliding them down and he was looking at her shaved pussy as she nimbly stepped out of them.

She straightened and shook back her hair. It made her breasts sway again.

She blushed and offered him her panties. “Do you want them?”

“What, like a souvenir?” he asked.

She shrugged, “-Whatever..”

He smiled at her answer and put out his hand. Behind her Debbie was smiling as well. Tina slapped her panties into his waiting hand and turned away. She looked as good from the back as she did from the front and he turned to watch her leave the room.

“-I don’t think she likes me,” he said, turning back to Debbie and grinning.

“I’m not sure if I do, right now,” she said.

“-But you’re wet all the same.”

She stood up and opened her robe and let it fall. Her breasts were smaller than Tina’s, her stomach was tighter, her legs thinner. She took her panties down without a word. She was shaved as well, it was a new look for her, but he didn’t say anything.

“Do you want to smell them?” She dangled her panties before him.

Her nipples stood proud of her small, firm breasts. He could see the red lines where her panties had been.

“I’ll wait until I taste you for myself,” he told her.

Jim pulled off his T-shirt as he followed Debbie to the bedroom. Tina was waiting on the double bed, lying in the middle with her legs open, like an offering. Her breasts barely sagged at all. Her smooth skin seemed to glow in the warm light from the bedside lamp as Debbie closed the door.

Jim looked at Tina’s pussy as he opened his jeans. It was perfect and plump and waiting. When he glanced at her face she still looked angry. Debbie was just climbing onto the bed and Jim was taking down his jeans when Tina suddenly moved.

She ignored Debbie and boosted herself to the bottom of the bed in a sudden rush of movement. Jim was treated to another look at her pussy and swaying breasts as she came towards him. Her eyes flashed as she glared up at him and then she was on her knees. She jerked his boxers down and looked at his cock and then she threw back her hair and took him in her mouth.

Jim gasped as he felt her warm mouth engulf him. She went at it hungrily with enthusiasm as if she had something to prove. She took him all the way in until she started to gag and then she moved her head back and he could feel her lips against his cock. She held him one handed and seemed intent on making him cum as soon as possible. Her cheeks drew in and she began to slide her lips up and down his head as her tongue danced and swirled around it.

Debbie was kneeling on the bed and watching and Tina began to moan as she worked her mouth frantically on güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his cock. Jim saw Debbie reach down to rub herself and he seized a damp handful of Tina’s hair as he climaxed.

She took it all, didn’t let up at all until he’d finished spurting into her mouth, and she’d swallowed it. Long strands of saliva stretched from her lips to his shining cock when she finally backed off.

There was a wild, triumphant light in her eyes and she was breathing fast as she looked up at him and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She looked half crazy kneeling there.

Jim glanced at Debbie as she lay down across the bed. She smiled and briefly raised her eyebrows. He moved his hand to touch Tina’s face but she jerked away and shot him an unhappy, hostile glance before turning to the bed. He was treated to the back view as she climbed on the bed and slowly crawled towards Debbie. A beautiful view of her pussy and ass cheeks.

Debbie settled back on the bed as he watched them. Tina leaned down to kiss her and her hair fell forward and covered their faces and Jim pushed his boxers down and used them to wipe his cock.

He saw Debbie put her hand on Tina’s shoulder. They broke the kiss and looked at each other. Tina was smiling now. She brushed her hair out of the way and settled down beside Debbie. She trailed the back of her hand over her small breasts and down towards her stomach as Debbie obligingly opened her legs. They began to kiss again and Jim went around the bed and leaned over Debbie’s prone figure, supporting himself so he could he could kiss her thighs.

His cock had never really softened and now he felt it thickening again.

Debbie moaned and raised her hips as he kissed closer to her mound but Tina whipped her head around and glared at him. He ignored her and went down on his knees beside the bed as Debbie opened her legs still wider. He fixed his gaze on her pussy as he kissed his way along her pale inner thigh. Tina’s hand moved there but Debbie took her wrist and gently pulled it away.

He saw her reach for Tina and pull her down and they began to kiss. Now he lightly brushed his chin over Debbie’s pussy. He kissed her there and blew gently where he’d kissed. He raised his head and saw she had hold of a handful of bedcovers. Her knuckles stood out under the skin as he leaned down and slowly slipped the tip of his tongue between her pussy lips.

Debbie’s hips began to move as he probed deeper and moved his tongue up and down over her clit. She always went off like a rocket in the past and she did then, bucking furiously, so that he had to hold her down with his hands on her hips as she writhed beneath him. He forced his tongue against her clit and her hips pumped as he kept working at her. She was thrashing around and moaning and he began to lick her gaping slit from top to bottom, faster and faster, matching the uncontrolled thrusting of her hips.

She came loud and hard but he stayed where he was, flicking his tongue repeatedly against her clit. When he looked up he saw Tina eagerly suckling one breast and roughly caressing the other. As he watched he saw her lift her head with Debbie’s nipple trapped firmly between her teeth. He reached for Tina’s ass and caressed it briefly before she pointedly moved her bottom half out of reach without even looking at him.

He was fully erect again then and now he manhandled Debbie closer to the edge of the bed, ignoring the flash of anger in Tina’s eyes.

“You bastard,” Debbie gasped, then stiffened as he guided his cock inside her and pushed.

Her hair was in her eyes as she threw her head from side to side. He lifted her legs and they fell open over his forearms as his cock slipped wetly and smoothly all the way inside her.

Tina had moved away and now she was looking at him. Her hair had fallen across her face. She looked beautiful and naked and jealous. Jim kept looking at her as he began to fuck Debbie. He wished they’d worked it so she was getting something too but it was too late now.

He thrust powerfully into Debbie. When he looked down he could see his glistening cock sliding smoothly in and out. It made him thrust harder and faster.

Debbie’s small breasts shook every time their bodies came together.

A feeling of power surged through Jim with every thrust and he felt himself start to cum. He stared at Debbie’s breasts, concentrating on her erect nipples, trying to hold back as long as he could. They were both breathing fast and slick with perspiration. He glanced at Tina, saw the untidy hair that had fallen over her eyes then looked at her breasts and her long, distended nipples and he climaxed explosively. He gritted his teeth and keep thrusting as long as he could but his movements became uncoordinated. The rhythm was suddenly gone and he shuddered and gasped as his cock spasmed.

Debbie raised her head and looked at him. She was breathing hard and her face was flushed. She smiled wearily then closed her eyes and let her head fall back. Her arms lay stretched out to her sides as Jim pulled out of her.

He güvenilir bahis şirketleri put his hand over her pussy but she moaned and laughed weakly and pushed it away. She drew up her legs and turned on her side and lay facing Tina.

Jim leaned on the edge of the mattress and took a couple of deep, steadying breaths. He felt wasted but good and he looked at Debbie’s ass and the inviting view her pussy presented from that angle.

“-Uhh, God,” Debbie sighed.

She lifted her head and he saw her look at Tina. She’d moved away to the other side of the bed and now she sat with her knees drawn up and hugging her legs. She looked sexy, like a model posing for a photograph. The hostile look was gone and now she seemed thoughtful as she and Debbie looked at each other.

When he caught Tina’s eyes she smiled gently but she looked preoccupied and he felt bad for her.

Debbie rolled onto her back and passed her hands over her face. Her knees were raised.

“God, I needed that,” she sighed, then reached for Tina and stroked her arm and gestured for her to come closer.

Tina didn’t move. Her chin rested on her arm as she looked down at Debbie. She glanced at Jim when he stood up.

There didn’t seem to be any bad feeling now. He thought perhaps she realised now how it was with Debbie, how she liked the excitement of new experiences, but that you couldn’t take it for granted that anything was permanent.

“Come down here,” Debbie whispered.

Tina smiled gently. She shot a quick glance at Jim and then she unfolded herself and lay on her side next to Debbie.

“I’m sorry,” Debbie told her softly. She brushed Tina’s hair back from her face then moved closer and gently kissed her on the lips.

They both smiled then Tina kissed Debbie and then they teased each other. Both of them put out their tongues and they darted and flicked them at each other before they kissed again more deeply. It was one of the sexiest things Jim had ever seen.

“It was nice while it lasted,” Tina whispered when they broke apart. Her face was flushed now, her eyes bright and warm.

Jim watched as Debbie turned away from Tina and reached for the drawer of the bedside cabinet behind her. She drew out a long vibrant purple dildo shaped like a cock.

“-We don’t use the pink one anymore,” she said to Jim without looking at him.

She lay down again holding the dildo between them. Debbie kissed the thick sculptured head and after a moment’s hesitation Tina did the same.

Neither of them spoke but Tina moved. She turned onto her stomach and Debbie placed the length of the dildo between her shapely ass cheeks. He saw her guide the head down between Tina’s open legs and gently work it there as the younger woman moaned softly and moved her pussy against it. Tina’s eyes were closed but her face was turned to the side and Jim saw the sexy way her mouth opened and closed.

They both moved again, this time Debbie knelt on the bed as Tina raised her ass in the air. The head of the dildo glistened wetly with her juices as Debbie threw back her hair before beginning to slide the dildo slowly into Tina’s pussy. Jim saw how Tina’s ass began to twitch as it went deeper.

It was a thick dildo. It was half way inside when Debbie looked up at Jim. He saw how turned on she was, her mouth was open and she was breathing fast.

“Your turn,” she told him and Jim reached for the dildo as she lay back on the bed.

Tina’s face was pressed into the pillows as he turned the dildo slowly, first to one side and then the other. Her hips jerked as he eased it inside her another thick two inches.

He was getting hard again and his stiffening cock bumped against his thigh as he knelt on the bed behind Tina.

Debbie began to masturbate. She held her pussy lips open with two fingers of one hand while she frantically rubbed her clit with the other.

Jim placed a finger tip on Tina’s clean, inviting ass hole as he slowly and deliberately began to fuck her with the dildo. She had all eight inches of it inside her as he slowly drew it out glistening with her juices then eased it back in again. Her hips bucked as it slipped back inside then he leaned down and played the tip of his tongue over her ass hole.

Debbie moaned and thrashed on the bed, repeatedly lifting her hips as she brought herself off.

The smell of pussy and hot, aroused bodies seemed to fill the air. The bed was moving and Tina was moaning almost continuously now as he thrust the dildo ever faster deep into her pussy.

His cock ached, thrusting stiffly into the air, as Jim slipped the tip of his tongue into Tina’s asshole. Her felt her rise up underneath him. The muscles in her ass contracted and her whole body stiffened then shuddered.

She began to fall away from him and he withdrew the dildo and dropped it so that he could go with her. He reached for her ass as he went down on the bed beside her. He pulled her close and they began to kiss urgently. Their hands moved everywhere, eagerly, feverishly caressing each other.

He felt Debbie behind him, her hot body pressed against his, her leg draped over him. He saw her hand between Tina’s legs and everything seemed to merge into an aroused overheated dream sequence of hot tangled bodies and urgent caresses. It degenerated into a marathon of kissing and caressing, of tangled arms and legs as they did all they wanted to each other.

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