50s Family: And Mommy Too

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Summary: Mom and daughter explore each other in the tent.

This is the second chapter to this story. In part 1, 50s Family: A Sister’s Virginity, virgin church daughter Eve sees her brother get a blow job at the drive-in and becomes in awe of her brother’s big cock. After going shopping with her brother’s girlfriend she has her first sexual encounter… as she discovers the joys of lesbian sex. Then, on a family road trip, beginning at a different drive-in and continuing in the woods, just brother and sister this time, Eve sucks her first cock… her brother’s… and he also takes her virginity. The chapter ends back at the family campsite with Eve’s Mom discovering sperm in Eve’s hair, then Eve hearing Mom masturbating in the tent….

Thanks to: Tex Beethoven, Robert, thor­_pf and Wayne for editing.

50s Family: And Mommy Too

I woke up and replayed last night in my head.

I’d sucked my brother’s cock.

I’d swallowed his jizz.

He’d licked my pussy.

He’d bent me over the car and took my cherry.

I’d had multiple orgasms.

I took a second load all over my face.

I took a third load on my face, keeping my sore eye shut this time.

I was caught with spunk in my hair by my mother.

She scooped up the sperm and… OMG… ate it.

She walked away.

I heard her masturbating in the tent a few minutes later.

I think she moaned my name.

These memories had my no longer virgin pussy on fire.

I was just moving my hand to deal with my burning lust when Mom called from outside my tent, “Breakfast is ready, Eve.”

Reluctantly, I pulled my hand out from between my legs, having barely touched myself, and headed out… unsure what to say to Mom on this morning after.

Yet, we had breakfast as usual, before dad announced that he and Adam were going fishing for a bit before we got back on the road.

As soon as they left, Mom said the words all kids dread hearing, “We need to talk, Eve.”

My eyes went wide at Mom’s simple sentence. I usually heard those words from my father, and they always were followed by a lecture or scolding.

I was petrified of what she was going to say as she gently took my hand and led me into her tent.

When we arrived in the tent, which took only a few excruciating, nerve-wracking seconds, but felt like I was being led to the execution chamber, she finally spoke. “Eve, I’m not angry.”

“Y-y-you’re not?” I asked with a huge sigh of relief, even though her reassurance suddenly made sense. While Dad was all fire and brimstone, loud and disapproving, constantly discovering new sins to condemn me for, Mom was the polar opposite.

Never in my life had I heard my Mom yell at anybody or lose her patience. She was the living, breathing Job, the most fatalistic and patient person in the Bible.

“Oh honey, you’re eighteen,” she said, turning to look at me and taking both my hands in hers. “It’s only natural that you’d want to explore and discover the pleasures God created between a man and a woman.”

Not knowing where this was going, I was still bewildered by her words as she continued, “But darling, I do have some questions.”

“You do?” I asked, complete sentences suddenly a challenge for me.

“Yes. First, how long have you and your brother been fucking?” she asked, my mouth dropping open, not at the question, which I’d kinda guessed was coming, but at hearing my mother use a swear word for the first time ever.

I stammered, “L-l-last n-night was the first time.”

“I figured it might be,” she said, seeming very calm and composed. “Did Adam take your virginity last night?”

“Yes, Mother,” I admitted, somehow beginning to feel comfortable with this strange conversation. I figured most mothers would be jumping up and down in outrage by this point, but ever since we’d begun talking outside the tents last night, she’d showed no signs of judging me.

“He does have a huge cock,” Mom said with a slight smile.

“Mother!” I gasped, shocked by my sweet, reserved, often timid mother saying something so bluntly.

“What?” Mom asked with a playful smile, “I’ve seen him masturbating more than once… he doesn’t know I have… plus those tight jeans he wears can’t possibly conceal a sword that big.”

“Well, he did impale me with that big sword twice,” I admitted.

“I haven’t been impaled in over ten years,” Mom admitted.

“No!” I gasped, “but you’re married!”

“After you and Adam were born we tried for another few years for one more child, but your father eventually gave up on conception and then shortly afterward on sex,” Mom revealed, looking so sad. “If it isn’t done for procreation, sex is a sin, you know,” letting on by her ironic tone, for the very first time in my life, that she thought something Dad said was stupid.

“He at least licks your pussy?” I asked, before realizing I’d said ‘pussy’ instead of ‘vagina’.

“God, no,” she laughed, with a hint of spite, before adding, “Jesus, izmir escort bayan I just used the Lord’s name in vain. Damn, that was twice! Three times!”

Wanting to be supportive, I offered, “I did quite a lot of name-vaining myself last night.”

“While your brother was fucking you,” she smiled wickedly, obviously savouring the dirty word.

“Especially when he had me bent over the car and was slamming my cunt from behind with his massive cock,” I added, suddenly feeling completely comfortable talking so frankly with my mother and trying to shock her back. After eighteen years of such a strict, Puritanical upbringing, I was amazed to discover I felt I could tell her anything, until I realised that all the brimstone stuff had always come from Dad, and the worst Mom had ever done was not to contradict him whenever he got to ranting and raving. Whenever I’d felt too bad, she’d always sneak me off someplace for a long cuddle until I stopped crying.

“He didn’t sodomize you, did he?” Mom asked.

“No,” I shook my head.

“Good, because that’s more a third date type of thing,” Mom joked.

“Mother!” I gasped, truly enjoying this delicious side of Mom!

“What? I was young once, near the end of the depression and the start of the war, and back then we had to make our own fun,” she said.

“Which was anal sex?” I questioned.

“Well I did some of that of course before I married your father, but what I did a lot of was licking pussy,” Mom answered, seeming to enjoy the shock value and the facial expressions I was likely showing her.

“Mother! You were a lesbian?” I questioned.

“No but your Aunt Gladys and I found lots of imaginative ways to kill the time in the small room we shared, including anal. We didn’t have cocks of course, but we always found things to use when we wanted to,” Mom revealed, continuing to bombard me with shocking, but wonderful revelations.

“My head is blown,” I said, completely overwhelmed by what I was hearing.

“I’ve been living in silence and denial for years,” Mom explained. “I mean I was pretty wild when I was your age, but once I got married, well, I settled down because that’s what married women are supposed to do.”

“You love Dad, right?” I asked, noticing a strange look of sadness in her eyes.

“God, yes,” she nodded. “Don’t mistake this conversation and honest revealing for anything other than a sudden reawakening of a long dormant sexual life.”

“I don’t understand why Daddy doesn’t fuck you,” I bluntly said, enjoying being able to swear in front of my mother… swearing just as new as fucking for me… and I saw them as being connected.

“I don’t either,” she sighed. “I know he loves me, like he loves you and Adam, but he doesn’t know how to show it.”

“Which is strange considering the Bible is full of evidence of love,” I pointed out.

“I’m not sure, because he refuses to talk about it at all, but it could be his memories of the war. No doubt he uses the Bible as a fear tactic against the parishioners, especially you teenagers, to protect you from the corruption of American values he sees as a threat,” Mom explained.

“He sure doesn’t promote the positive messages in the Bible,” I nodded, as I moved and gave Mom a hug.

“I think he’s lost, like so much of today’s society and unfortunately I’ve allowed myself to get lost too,” she said, sounding as sad and lost as a teenager: like me a week ago! She added, “Realizing you must have just had sex with your brother reawakened a side of me long dormant, as well as my memories of my own incestuous past. Especially when I realized I’d just tasted my son’s seed!”

“Mom that is so hot,” I said, breaking the hug and looking her in the eyes.

“Oh, Eve, that was so long ago,” she said.

I stared into her eyes and complimented, “And you’re still very pretty, probably beautiful if you actually wore make-up or dressed a little more risqué.”

“And give your dad a coronary?” Mom joked.

“If we stand together and confront him Mom, what is he going to do?” I asked, before joking, “Condemn us to hell?”

She laughed, “Maybe.”

I then looked into her eyes and complimented her, “You really are beautiful.”

“I’m old,” she sighed, my father having convinced her she was no longer beautiful.

Annoyed, I continued, “Mother, you’re not old, you’re beautiful; and I’d love to do things with you like what you and auntie did.”

“Oh, daughter, you’re just saying that,” she said, still so brainwashed by Dad that she couldn’t see the forest for the trees.”

“No really Mom, I want to make you feel good,” I said, implying the obvious, and yet saying it in a safe way.

She seemed to catch on to my intent as she asked, questioningly, “Well surely you wouldn’t be willing to do….”

I answered the question before she finished asking it by pressing my lips against hers.

I wanted her to know she was beautiful.

I wanted her to know she was wanted.

I wanted her to feel the lesbian pleasure I’d recently discovered izmir escort from the expert tongue of Tiffany.

I also wanted to be the one to give her the orgasm that she’d been denied for far too many years.

At first, she didn’t respond.

I was about to stop kissing her, thinking maybe I’d misread the signs and made our mother-daughter relationship awkward.

But then, thank God, she returned the kiss.

It was tentative at first.


But then the kiss became like the burst of flavour when you take that first bite of a fresh piece of gum. Our kisses became delicious and lustful and urgent.

We kissed with reckless passion for a couple of minutes before Mom broke away and stammered, her eyes suddenly big, “W-w-we can’t be doing this, incest is a sin.”

“I don’t recall any actual scripture that calls what two women can do together a sin, Mommy,” I said, kissing her again. I then added, “Actually, Jesus said, ‘by your fruits shall ye be known’. If you’re anything like Tiffany, I’ll bet you have some delicious fruit in your vagina… no, in your cunt!”

“Are you quoting scripture to have sex with your mother?” Mom asked, a sly smile crossing her face.

Deciding to use the somehow sexier term, I nodded, as I kissed her again, “Yes, Mommy.” As I moved to her neck and splattered her with more kisses, she moaned.

A rush of excitement coursed through me and my pussy leaked slightly… and I was still sans any sort of underwear.

“Mommy, I want to suck on your gorgeous tits,” I whispered into her ear, before I gently tugged on her earlobe with my teeth.

“Oh, Jesus, Eve,” she moaned, as I lifted her shirt over her head.

“Yes, Mommy, this morning I’m your saviour,” I whispered, enjoying the religious aspects, and tossed her shirt aside.

“This is wrong,” she trembled, as I moved my hands around to unclasp her bra… although I noticed her protest was only through words and not actions as she didn’t move away from me or try to stop me from undressing her.

“Why would the Lord make something that feels so right to be wrong, Mommy?” I asked, as I took off her bra and tossed it aside. “God gave you a really nice pair of tits, Mommy,” I added, staying on the offensive as I bent down, cupped both her breasts as I took her left nipple (which was hard as a diamond) into my mouth.

“Oh, Jesus, Eve, that does feel so nice,” she moaned, as I swirled my tongue around her nipple… wanting to make this an intimate encounter unlike my seduction of my brother yesterday where I wanted to be fucked. Knowing Dad and Adam were fishing and we had all the time in the world made this a lot more relaxing as the pace could go at whatever level we wanted it to.

“It’s been a long time since I sucked on these,” I purred, tugging on her nipple… again enjoying the naughty incest taboo.

“You’re so bad,” she trembled, my touch seeming to have the impact I had hoped it would.

I moved to the other nipple and replicated the dedicated attention it deserved… always a big fan of balance.

She didn’t talk, she just moaned softly.

Wordlessly, after a couple of minutes, I lowered myself to the ground (Mom was still standing) and pulled down Mom’s shorts.

“Eve, no,” she protested weakly, but again didn’t move away… it was just words.

I noticed there was a wet spot in her panties, as I moved my finger to trace her pussy lips, “Is this wetness because of me, Mommy?”

“Oh, Eve,” Mom moaned with a tremble.

“So wet,” I announced, as I moved my hands to her hips and tugged her panties down, seeing a very hairy pussy.

“Eve, I, um, this is wrong,” she struggled to say.

I ignored her weak protests as I leaned forward and licked her pussy, which was a little more difficult with all the hair, but the scent was incredibly strong and enticing.

“Oh Jesus,” she moaned loudly, as my tongue made contact with her drenched pussy.

“You taste so good, Mommy,” I complimented. “I was right about your delicious fruits.”

“I can’t… believe you… are doing… this,” she struggled to say more than two words in a row as I parted her pussy lips and licked… that sentence taking her almost a minute to say.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked, as I flicked her clit and had no intention of actually stopping regardless of her answer.

“Noooooooo,” she moaned loudly, as I put brief pressure on her clit.

And for a couple of minutes there was no talking… just her moans and my licks.

I took my time as I explored Mom’s pussy.

I teased her.

I listened to her moans, which I found so sexy.

I felt her hands go into my hair.

I smiled as she gently guided my head deeper between her legs.

I took the wordless instruction as I began licking faster, painting her pussy up and down with wide lick strokes.

“Oh honey, faster,” Mommy begged, her increased heavy breathing implying her orgasm was close.

I obliged, lapping hungrily, while shaking my head slightly from side to side.

“Yes, escort izmir baby… oh God… Mommy is so close,” she whimpered.

Wanting to make her scream, I moved to her clit and sucked it between my lips.

“Holy fuck, yes!” Mom screamed the instant I sucked on her clit, pressing my face directly on her cunt, and her orgasm flowed immediately.

I eagerly lapped up her juices the best I could in the tight spot, enjoying Mom’s nectar.

She let go of my head and I took a breath and licked her some more, savouring Mommy’s taste.

Mom pulled me up and kissed me… tender and sweet… her tongue parting my lips.

I slipped my tongue back into her mouth.

The kiss lasted a few minutes.

When she broke the kiss, she gasped, “I can’t believe I let you do that.”

As I pulled down the panama bottoms I’d put on last night I said, “Mommy, we’re just getting started.”

She smiled, “Are you implying you want your Mommy to lick your cunt?”

“Mommy, language,” I mockingly scolded.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she laughed, as she glanced down to see my lack of underwear, and my recently shaved pussy. “Oh, my!”

“Tiffany shaved me,” I explained.

“How would one even do that?” she asked, staring at my wet, girlish-looking pussy.

“Patiently,” I shrugged, as I lay down on her sleeping bag.

“I imagine so,” she laughed. “I’ve never even seen a bald cunt before.”

“So you’ve never licked a bald cunt either,” I smiled up at her, my expression reminding her how beautiful I thought she was as I spread my legs wide.

“I can’t say I have,” Mom smiled, as she lowered herself onto the sleeping bag and between my legs.

“Well, Mommy, come closer and change that answer,” I offered wickedly… the idea of Mom licking me being completely hot.

Mom moved directly to my pussy and said, “Your pussy is already wet, Eve.”

“Eating you really turned me on,” I admitted.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Mom said, looking up into my eyes from between my legs.

“You’re not doing it yet,” I pointed out.

“You’re such a bad girl,” she smiled.

“Now be a good bad Mommy and lick your daughter’s wet, needy cunt,” I demanded in a sexy way.

She shook her head before burying her face between my legs, “This is crazy.”

I moaned on contact as her tongue parted my pussy lips.

After a minute or so, she said, “I’d forgotten how sweet a pussy tastes.”

“You didn’t forget the technique though,” I responded, “You’re really good!” her tongue feeling amazing as she explored my entire nether region.

She didn’t respond, instead I felt her tongue go lower as she used both hands to lift my ass up. Then, to my surprise, she licked my ass.

Yes, I mean she licked my asshole.

It felt so weird.

So dirty.

So fucking hot.

I moaned, enjoying the nasty act, “Yes, lick my asshole, Mommy.”

“You like Mommy eating your asshole?” she asked, as her tongue swirled around my rosebud like a tiny tornado.

“I’ve never had that done before,” I admitted, “but it feels really fucking good.”

Her tongue probed around for a little bit longer before she moved back up and surprised me by saying, “Don’t move.”

“Where are you going?” I whined, my body completely on fire and ready to combust.

“Just don’t move,” she ordered, for the first time in the encounter sounding more like a mother and less like the one being seduced.

“Yes, Mommy,” I quickly obeyed, wanting her to know I would obey her without hesitation… being told what to do was a great turn on, as was being called names.

Mom left the tent and I lay there curious, but a little perturbed. Where could she possibly be going in the heat of the moment?

She returned a minute later and ordered, “Close your eyes.”

“Yes, Mommy,” I responded and did exactly as she told me… my annoyance shifting to excitement with whatever Mom had in store for me.

I felt her move back between my legs and resume licking my fevered pussy. I was confused where she’d gone, but that confusion faded as her tongue resumed working its magic.

“Oh yes, Mommy, your tongue feels so good on my cunt,” I moaned, wanting her to know how much I was enjoying this.

As my moans increased, my orgasm building, I suddenly felt something poking at my asshole. I opened my eyes to look down as I felt something cold slide inside my asshole just as Mom took my swollen clit in her mouth.

I couldn’t see what she’d inserted in my ass but it was thin. I screamed! Being sodomized by a foreign object while simultaneously having my clit pleasured became the final straw, as I grabbed Mom’s head and held it against my trembling twat, “Mommmmmmmmmmmmmy, I’m coming!”

The gush of come that flooded out of me likely alerted her without my declaration, as intense pleasure coursed through me. The anal stimulation triggering my orgasm… the feeling of having something in my ass stung a bit, but that was dampened by the intense pleasure on my clit.

Mom eagerly licked my juices as my orgasm seemed to tingle everywhere from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

When I was finally spent, Mom climbed up, leaving whatever was in my ass inside me, and kissed me.

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