90% True Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 — Lion’s Den

– – –

Author’s notes: I would like to point out, since I use a first and last name in this story for a character, that all of the names have been changed. Please understand that while I use a first and last name for a person in this story, it is neither her real first nor last name.

In addition, everyone involved in any sexual situation in this story is at least 18 years or older, just to make that clear. Thanks.

– – –

I got kind of lucky over the next few days. My wife, Ann, got very busy with work and our sex life took a hit. Yes I count that as lucky because she was wearing me out. So I got a few days of rest to recoup my batteries, but I should have known it wouldn’t last long. I was laying in bed reading my e-reader when she came out of the shower and gave me ‘the eyes’ as she curled up into bed. I nodded at the TV, which had a porn in the attached DVD player and asked her, “Want me to start the movie?” My wife liked watching dirty movies as we slowly got into foreplay, and even during sex.

She shook her head and said, “You know what I want.”

I smiled, “Yes, but I can fuck you with the movie on or off.”

She slapped my shoulder and said, “No, not that. Well, yes, that too. But I mean I want more of the story!”

I sighed. I had known this was coming. I tried to dodge the bullet and said, “I don’t remember where I left off baby, let’s just watch a movie.”

She glared at me, “You and Jen and nina just had sex in the Red Roof Inn while you were waiting for Rich to get there. nina was going to give Jen her ass for the first time and Jen was going to do a threesome with him and her while you filmed it.” She pointed a finger at me and said, “You were getting in the shower annnnndddd……. Go!”

I dragged a hand across my face. She was relentless, that was for sure. I wasn’t going to avoid this so I may as well just give in. “Ok, fine I give up. So the three of us went and showered and just did a little touching and playing, no sex, they took out the butt plugs. Then we got out and the two girls spent like half an hour doing their makeup and hair. They went really trashy, they wanted to be really slutty looking for Rich. We were expecting him to get there around 6, so right around then, Jen and I gave nina a tag team oral sex session with plenty of analingus, then we slid the black butt plug back into her to surprise Rich. Rich showed up a little late…”

“Wait wait wait,” Ann stopped me, “Why are you rushing through the story? You usually tell it much sexier than this.”

I looked at my wife and said, “Honestly baby, this part of the story, it’s a bit boring to me. I’m going to skip ahead some.” My wife looked displeased with this, and I shrugged and said, “We can skip the story and just watch a porn and have sex if you’d prefer.”

Ann shook her head, “No no it’s your story, go ahead tell it however you want.”

“So,” I continued. “Rich showed up with a pizza, the camcorder, and a dirty movie. We hooked the camcorder up to the TV and watched the porn while we ate and chatted. Obviously the conversation was about sex for the most part, and Rich could barely wait, firing down two slices of cheese pizza quicker than it took me to eat half a slice.”

“After we ate, the girls went into the bathroom to freshen up. Rich ducked outside for a smoke. Even though I told him he didn’t have too, he said he wanted too for some cold air to calm down. I got the camcorder ready to film that night’s action, and made sure that the Rich and nina (and one scene with me) sex tape was ready to go. Rich came back in and made himself comfortable on the bed. Then when the girls came out they did this sexy strip tease while he sat on the bed. They stripped him down too. Lots of kissing and touching as the three of them started getting into it. I stayed perfectly quiet while I filmed, this was Rich’s show.”

“They started out by blowing him at the same time, and he came in Nina’s mouth. Then it took him awhile to get hard again. So while he was recovering, the two of them went down on each other. I could tell from the look in Jen’s eyes that she wasn’t doing this for the show, she was really into it. Then when Rich was ready again, he lay back and Nina rode his cock while Jen rode his face. Then they switched. But Rich couldn’t cum, and it was a good hour of them trying different positions. Finally Nina announced that she wanted Rich to fuck her ass for the first time. So she lay on the edge of the bed and pulled her knees up to her chest. Rich lubed up and slowly began fucking her virgin ass. Jen lay on the bed next to nina kissing her and touching her. Finally Nina relaxed enough for Rich to start to work a good pace. When Jen started playing with Nina’s pussy that was all she could take. Nina came hard, and that made Rich cum, blowing inside her ass for the first time ever.

“After that it was another round of showers then we just hung out for a while. We watched the footage of what I’d just shot, and then all four of us had some more sex, with our respective girls. But it was 11pm before we knew it and I had to get everyone home. Jen tried to suck me off in the güvenilir bahis car on the ride home, but I was too focused on driving to really enjoy it.”

Ann added in, “Plus you’re not really that into oral sex.”

I nodded my head and continued, “But when I dropped Nina off at her house, she said she wasn’t getting out of the car till I did. So she blew me for like 20 minutes before giving up. Then we jumped into the back of my SUV, folded down the back seats, and had a quicky before she went into her house. We were lucky no one came down her street while we were doing it, I can’t imagine how much trouble we would have been in, even though it was almost one in the morning.”

Ann pinched my side and complained, “You know, I’m hearing a lot of sexyness, but you’re just blowing past it all, you’re not going into any details, it’s frustrating!”

I bent over and planted a kiss on my wife’s forehead as she squirmed against me. “Calm down baby, I’m getting to it. But I should warn you, this story isn’t so great. It’s the fallout from Rich’s party at the motel and the fact that my first sexual relationship had somehow turned into a three way polyamorous relationship. What happened in the story I’m about to tell you were the seeds for the end of my first love. I did love Jen but we were both young and it was destined to end. So I wanted to set the stage for why this all started to go down hill.”

I sighed, “Things seemed to be going well, but my friend at school began to drive a wedge between me and Jen. I made a mistake, and that mistake was my friend Lions.

– – –

“So,” I said into the phone with a frown on my face, “I’m not going to see you at all this weekend?”

Jen’s voice was quiet for a few moments before she answered, “I mean, if you want to come up and stay at my parents house, maybe? But the town closes down the youth center for a weekend every January to clean and disinfect everything. It’s going to take us all weekend working and cleaning non stop to get all the mats, toys, games, etc cleaned. I’m going to be working till near midnight easily all weekend long.”

I sighed, I knew that I had to work at my part time job on Saturday morning and afternoon myself, but thought that maybe Jen, nina, and I could get together that evening. I wasn’t sure where we’d hang out, as all of our parents would be at our respective houses, but I really wanted to try to get another threesome party going. While I rented out a two room apartment in my parent’s attic, it wasn’t soundproofed exactly. I know the girls would have felt constrained if we had gone to my house. I’d thought about a motel, but I couldn’t really afford it.

None of that mattered now anyways since Jen was going to be busy working all weekend. “You and Nina could always get together,” Jen said to me over the phone, her voice a little softer.

“I dunno,” I said, “I really wanted to see you baby.” It was now friday, the twelfth of January, 1996. I felt weird though because even though in the last two weeks I’d had a lot of sex, I had realized that none of it had actually just been me and my girlfriend. I missed laying in bed with her sexy body, wrapping my hands in her thick chocolate brown hair, licking her dark red, almost brown tinted nipples. I missed, really, fucking my girlfriend when it was just she and I. I wasn’t complaining about the fact that my wonderfully perverted girlfriend had introduced us into a girl girl threesome, but I was young and stupid and impatient. I wanted to see my girlfriend.

“I know, I know, but I can’t.” She answered, “Call Nina, see if she’s doing anything this weekend. She’s sad that Rich left. She could use the distraction.”

Jen and I talked for a while more, but the conversation only got more frustrating and I promised to call Nina. Afterwards, I did but Nina wasn’t in the mood to be on the phone. She sounded depressed that her fiancee Rich had left for deployment for six months or more. We made plans to drive up to Fort Niagara in Canada and have a picnic saturday afternoon once I got out of work.

The weekend slid by with not much eventfulness. Nina and I had a decent picnic, but she spent almost the whole time talking about how she already missed Rich. But one thing I found interesting is she said that apparently she thought that Jen was a real sex addict. The two of them had been sneaking away during school hours to have sex in the bathroom, locker room, backstage at the school auditorium, or anywhere they could get twenty minutes in private all week long. I couldn’t help but think that Jen wasn’t that concerned about not seeing me this weekend because she’d been 69ing with Nina all week long.

I didn’t resent the fact that Rich got to fuck my girlfriend a few days ago. Hell he’d practically begged me to service his fiancee while he was gone. But a tiny annoying thought began to work it’s way into my brain. Jen was having a lot of girl on girl sex with Nina, and I was getting the advantage of two women. But, and this was starting to pester me, Jen was getting a lot more then I was. She’d gotten to fuck two new people, Nina and Rich. I only got Nina. In addition she also got to have sex with Nina a lot more often türkçe bahis than me. Yes she was risking getting caught by having her trysts at school, but I usually only was free to see either of the girls on the weekends.

Nina and I found a secluded place to park on a seasonal highway that evening, flipped down the back seats of my SUV, and had some great sex. I usually kept a blanket in my car for safety, but since Jen and I had begun having sex, I upped that number to three blankets and two pillows in a garbage bag to stay clean. With two blankets under you and one over you, the back of my SUV turned into a relatively comfortable fuck pad on wheels.

I dropped Nina off late saturday evening and went home sexually relieved, but still mulling over the fact that out of the three of us, I was getting the least, by far.

The next week seemed to drag by. My horny slutty friend at school, Lions, was merciless in teasing me. She made me give her details about my new threesome relationship and her flirting got even more blatant. I had no doubt that she wanted to fuck me, and I’ll be honest that I didn’t start thinking about it. It would even things out wouldn’t it? So when she invited me to a party at her house saturday night, I considered it.

“Lions,” I told the short pretty blonde, “Look, if things were different, I’d be all about it, but you know I love Jen. I really don’t want to cheat on her.”

Lions put on a look of shock, I saw through it, and said, “No, Peter, really, I’m having a party. You should come. Bring Jen, heck, bring Jen and Nina. There’s going to be a bunch of people there, I swear.”

I shrugged, “Ok, I guess so then.” I didn’t have any plans for that coming saturday, I knew Jen wouldn’t be working too late on saturday, and if Jen was there, Lions would probably cut back on her flirting.”

She looked overjoyed and over the next few days it was all the horny blonde eighteen year old ever talked about. But then as Friday hit, I found myself supremely disappointed again. I called Jen when I got home from school and she let me know some bad news. “I don’t think I’m going to see you this weekend.”

“What?” I practically yelled into the phone. “Come on, you couldn’t get together last weekend and now you can’t this one either?”

She practically whined at me, “I’m sorry baby, my uncle is visiting this weekend. I got kicked out of my bedroom so he could sleep on a bed instead of a couch. I’m staying up in the upstairs den on the couch, and my parents said they expect me to stay here and be social. They said you can come over and visit, but there’s no way they will let you spend the night.”

I sighed, her parents were kind of religious, and that they let me spend the night from time to time, but I always had to sleep on the couch in the upstairs den or in their living room while Jen slept in her own bedroom. They figured that if we were in separate rooms there couldn’t be any hanky panky. That of course was an idea that we put to shame as Jen would wait till both her parents were snoring, then sneak up to the couch where I was sleeping. But she was now telling me that I couldn’t spend the night, that there was no chance of getting some quality alone time with her.

It had been over a week and a half since we’d even seen each other, and at this point each of us was fucking Nina far more than each other. I missed her tight athletic body, with her heavy natural D cup tits bouncing in my face. I missed the look on her face when she came, or how she’d beg me afterwards to fuck her ass, usually bringing about a second orgasm almost immediately. I missed fucking my girlfriend.

I said goodbye and hung up. Dialing up Nina next I asked her if she wanted to go to a party with me on saturday. I wasn’t prepared for her answer, “I can’t, I’m spending the weekend at Jen’s house, won’t you be coming over?”

“Uh,” I said flabbergasted, “She invited me, but I promised this friend that I’d go to this party.”

“Awwww,” Nina whined, “Jen said she bought a strapon, I thought I was going to get a chance to get both of you to fuck me finally.”

“Um…” I stumbled, “Maybe I’ll swing by after the party then. I gotta go Nina, have fun without me.”

I hung up the phone and I felt my neck getting hot. Jen bought a strap on dildo? She was having Nina over to spend the night? Thoughts whirled through my head crazily. Was Jen making the leap from bisexual to full lesbian? Would she rather just fuck Nina and not deal with me?

I grit my teeth and was very angry, when suddenly the image of Lions came into my head. The petite blonde with the continually mussed up hair. Her slight frame with perky B cup breasts. Her thin frame with cute tight ass, which she seemed to always be brushing up against me. Those blue grey eyes and that cute upturned nose and lips that seemed to be always shiny with her lip gloss as if asking to be kissed. I started to wonder what her pussy looked like. Did she shave, did she trim? Did she have big labia or small? I wondered if she liked having her asshole licked.

I realized with a start what I was thinking exactly. I was thinking I’d cheat on Jen with Lions. Lions wasn’t her name, it güvenilir bahis siteleri was just what I called her. Her name was Keri, and her last name sounded a lot like the word ‘lion’ so that was what I usually called her. It was because there was another friend of ours at school named Carrie, and in addition I also knew two of Jen’s friends with similar names; Carrie and and Carrie-lee. So, her nickname was Lions and that’s what I thought of her as.

Could I cheat on Jen with Lions? Would it be cheating? Well, yes it would. But wasn’t Jen cheating on me now? She was lying about this weekend so that she and nina could have a little fuckathon without me? I knew that her parents wouldn’t have a problem with another girl sleeping in her bedroom. She bought a strapon? I was angry and confused and decided the only thing for it was just to play things by ear.

Saturday at work was no help as my co workers taunted me mercilessly when I told them my story. I think they were all jealous that I’d had a threesome, and none of them had despite being older than me. I worked part time at a computer repair shop. We did a lot of technical stuff and built computers, ran training classes, that kind of thing. So my co workers weren’t exactly the smoothest of guys. In fact the only decent one among them was already married. But they gave me no end of crap all day, and lesbian porn began popping up all over the office and on every monitor that had power in the back of the shop.

I tried calling Jen at one point in the day and her mother answered the phone. She said that Jen and her friend went out somewhere. I grit my teeth, neither of them had a car, and if her mom didn’t know where they went, that meant that someone else came and picked them up. I decided to risk my already bad mood and asked, “Tell uncle Larry that I’m sorry I didn’t stop by this weekend, but I’m busy with work.”

Her mother sounded confused, “Uh, ok, I will the next time I see him… but why do you want me to tell uncle Larry that?”

I managed to spit out, “Oh, my mistake, I thought your brother was visiting this weekend, I must have been confused. Tell Jen I called please? Thanks.”

I hung up the phone in a rage, there was no doubt about it, Jen had totally lied to me. She wanted to have a little one on one fuck weekend with Nina apparently and didn’t want me to intrude. Fine.

That afternoon I used my fake ID to buy some wine coolers and some beer, and made my way to Lion’s house for her party. There were no cars out front, but I could hear the sounds of a TV going at full volume as soon as I shut off my engine. I came up and rang the doorbell and waited as the sounds of some TV show blared through the glass windows.

Lions stuck her head out a window near the front door and she waved, “Come to the side door Pete.” She said with a grin before pulling her head back in and shutting the door. I carried the paper bag with wine coolers and beer around to the side door and waited. A minute later she opened the door, dressed in her usual push up bra, polo shirt, and jeans. She pulled me in and asked, “No girlfriends tonight Pete?”

I grit my teeth and just shook my head no. When I found my voice I managed to say, “Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be seeing them much anymore.”

She feigned sadness and sympathy for me, but I saw through it. She was excited. She began pulling me down the stairs to a furnished basement as she explained to me. “My Nana is in the living room upstairs. She’s totally deaf and can’t hear a fucking thing, that’s why she watches the TV so loud. My parents are gone for the weekend and she’s here watching me. Though to be honest, I think I’m watching her. Anyways, people are already down in the basement, lets go.”

She pulled me literally, down the stairs to the furnished basement. There I saw a kind of pathetic sight. Three juniors from our high school and one other senior sat around a large folding table. On the table were laid out everyone’s Magic: The Gathering cards as they were playing a round of the oh so geeky game. I looked around the table, Yanish the indian kid, Tim the scrawny junior with self esteem issues, Greg the computer nerd, and Leah who was a very cute and extremely buxotic junior, but could only be described as a total art dork. To top it all off, the TV in the corner was playing Monty Python’s Holy Grail. I groaned inwardly, this wasn’t a party, it was a dorkfest.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I liked all of the kids here. Yanish was one of the funnier people I knew, likewise he always laughed at everyone elses jokes no matter how bad they were. Tim was possibly one of the smartest guys I knew, and his quiet unassuming attitude made you feel like you were the most important person in the world when he was around you. Greg was a whiz with computers, and while he talked too much, he never said anything mean about anyone unless they were a bully. As for Leah… well… if she were a year older and I didn’t know Jen, I might have been into her. She was cute, not pretty, but cute. She had some extra weight on her, but that translated to huge boobs. If she didn’t hide her face behind huge ugly glasses, and always pull her hair back in a librarian style bun, then maybe other kids would have noticed her physical beauty. Of course she was also kind of religious, and her parents would have never let her date someone of a different religion than her, so she was pretty much out anyways.

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