A Beltane Story

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Bailey Brooke

I watched Darlene in silence as she sat alone at her table, slowly sipping her tea and staring out of the window at the cold, drizzly Saturday afternoon. There were only a few customers in the pub, so she decided to take a few moments for herself. She knew I was watching her – I always watch her – I can’t help it, she’s so beautiful. Her exquisite blond hair, falling in a loose braid down her back, her blouse unbuttoned to reveal more than a hint of creamy breast, the round of her hips encased in her favourite jeans, her legs crossed at the knee, allowing her naked foot to dangle and sway in abandon more or less in time to the music from the CD player. She turned to me and smiled a genuine smile. My heart leapt. I’m so in love.

“Give us a pint here, Love,” came a familiar voice from the other end of the bar. Liam and a couple of his football chums snuck in the back door. They had won their match and were ready for some well deserved beers. “I don’t blame you for staring at her like that,” smiled Sean. “There’s times I’ve caught myself staring at either of you that way. Beauty is such a wondrous thing to behold.” I had to stifle a giggle because Sean looked a complete mess, having just finished two hours of hard football playing in the rain. I kissed his cheek as I handed him his pint. He then joined his mates from the football team all huddled around the corner table near the darts board.

Most of the regulars know about Darlene and me, so we don’t exactly hide our relationship. We also don’t go about molesting each other while we’re working, either, much to the disappointment of some.

“Sean is cute, isn’t he?” she whispered in my ear from behind with a kiss. My nipples hardened as her lips touched my ear. “I bet he could last long enough for both of us.” Her hand ran lightly down my back, sending the shivers to the rest of my body.

Sean is about 5’10”, 190 muscular pounds, with shoulder length, dark brown hair, bright, sky blue eyes and a constant two day stubble. He’s very sweet and barely 21. Liam introduced Sean to me a couple of months ago just after Sean joined Liam’s football team. Admittedly, I’ve had a thought or two involving his cock and my mouth. Darlene has confessed a few similar thoughts of her own concerning Sean.

I turned to face Darlene. “Only if he can cum enough to cover your entire body so I can lick it all off.” I gave her behind a quick slap. Darlene’s blue eyes flashed and I could see her nipples hardening through her blouse. She just enjoyed a nice visual. “That’s one thing I do miss about having a man sometimes,” I shared with my lover. “I admit, I really love to suck cock.”

The afternoon took it’s course, the rain had let up, and the evening staff ambled in. The football boys had lost 3 or 4 in number, but a few were ready for another round. Darlene served up their fresh pints with a flirt or two in Sean’s direction. Maura took care of the recent customers at the bar, so I started pouring myself and Darlene a pint. güvenilir bahis Darlene returned from the football table with a grin big enough to cut the top of her head off. She grabbed her glass and took a big swallow. “We need to go home and shower,” she smiled at me. “We’ve got a date.”

At home, in the shower, Darlene was soaping up my back. She reached around and lovingly held my breasts and kissed my neck. I stirred and moaned. There is something in the way she does that, no matter how many times she does that, I just melt. “If I told you I wanted to have sex with you and a man, what would you say?” she asked in my ear. I grinned. I knew she had been a little horny for cock for a while now, too.

“You know I can never deny you a thing.” I purred and held her hands at my tits and pushed my hips back into her just a little. Darlene responded by lightly pinching my nipples, getting a little squeal from me. “If we have a date this evening, my Love, then we shouldn’t play with each other just yet,” I giggled and stepped out of our shower. “I wouldn’t want to wear you out before the festivities begin, now would I?”

“I just can’t get the picture of your tits being splattered with spunk out of my head,” she smiled as she turned the shower off and stepped out. “And I want to suck all that spunk right off ’em as your nipples get so hard.” Darlene pinched my left nipple, getting yet another squeal from me.

Darlene and I are more into sex with each other, but, with us both being bi, it’s nice to suck cock and swallow some spunk every once in a while.

Sean arrived a little after 7:00, all freshly showered and grinning so much his face must’ve hurt. I think we scared him, what with Darlene answering the door nude. She loves to do that. “I was hoping,” stammered Sean at the door, “but I never guessed this…”

“Give us a few minutes there, Sean,” Darlene smiled. “We’ll be ready to go just as soon as we’re dressed.”

I thought the poor boy was going to ruin his shorts. I know he was hoping this would be a “stay in” type of date. Darlene and I got dressed. Well, if you call tossing on a pair of skin tight jeans and a t-shirt with nothing underneath getting dressed. Sean’s eyes lit back up as we both descended the stairs. He hugged and kissed each of us on the cheek. I noticed Darlene give the buldge in his pants a little squeeze. From the smile on her face, there was something worth smiling about waiting in Sean’s trousers.

We all piled into our car with Darlene driving and drove off out of town. Sean was a bit fidgety in the rear seat, but I turned to face him as we all talked. As we talked, I noticed a big smile appear on Sean’s face. “Are we going where I think we’re going?” he beamed. I looked to see Darlene grinning from ear to ear and her nipples looked as if they were going to shred her t-shirt.

“We’ll be there in about ten minutes,” chimed Darlene. She turned to look at me and her eyes flashed her devilish look that told me what we were türkçe bahis in for. Her nipples were begging me to suck them. I felt my pussy get instantly wet. Darlene shifted gears and softly stroked my thigh from my knee to my pussy and back again. I leaned over and caressed her breast, whispering in her ear “I want you.” I almost forgot about Sean in the back seat. When I looked back at him, his eyes were wide open in amazement as he watched me fondling her.

“I can’t help it,” I smiled at him. “She just turns me on so much!”

“You needn’t stop on my account, Love,” he quivered. “That is, if you don’t mind me having a wank while I watch.”

“Both of you keep your clothes on – for now,” giggled Darlene.

When we reached our destination – a small stone circle on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere – we all piled out of the car. There were a few other cars parked there already, though there wasn’t anybody immediately visible near the circle. “Looks like some others have beaten us here,” smiled Darlene. “They must be off looking for something to build a fire. We do need a fire, y’know.” With that, she walked around to the boot of the car, opened it, and produced a couple of arms full of wood. “And we will have a fire.” She instructed Sean to carry some wood to the centre of the ring while she and I got some of the smaller pieces for kindling.

With the fire burning nicely, three other couples and another woman emerged from the surrounding darkness. We all greeted each other with smiles and hugs, though I can’t say that I’ve ever met any of them before. Some one had brought a CD player and some music and we all started dancing around the fire inside the circle. Some one else had brought some very nice wine and the bottles were being passed around, drank from and continued to be passed. Darlene and I greeted each other from opposite lines of the circle and stopped for a kiss. I had to. I’d wanted her all day and these people seemed not to mind two women kissing. As a matter of fact, they cheered us on. I looked around and other couples were kissing, too. It looked like one woman was actually trying to climb Sean.

Darlene stepped back from me, removed her t-shirt and tossed it in the fire! Several other women were topless and/or nude. I reached down and pulled my t-shirt up over my head – but I didn’t let it anywhere near the fire. I kissed Darlene again as I slipped my jeans off. It was the kiss of a woman in need of sex.

“I need you,” I whispered in Darlene’s ear. “I need to suck your pussy ’till you scream my name and you explode and my face is soaked with your juice.” My nipples and clit were hard as granite, my thighs were already soaking from the flow of my juices and I was horribly fumbling without any success with the buttons on her jeans. Yes, I was beyond horny. I bent down with my arse in the air behind me to get my face closer to Darlene’s crotch. It was then that I felt some one roughly grab my arse from behind. I held on firmly to Darlene’s güvenilir bahis siteleri hips.

A tongue started licking my pussy lips and I came. When my clit was surrounded by soft, warm lips, I screamed and came again, digging my nails into Darlene’s hips. She was lucky I wasn’t able to manage the buttons on her jeans. Darlene was fondling my tits and hard nipples and then the sucking on my clit suddenly stopped. I felt the two hands back on my arse and I knew where this was leading.

“Yes!” I screamed “Fuck me! Oh, yes!” and my pussy was entered by an unknown cock from behind. I climbed up Darlene a bit to get a nipple into my mouth. This cock felt so fucking good inside me. Darlene managed to step out of her jeans and lead my hand to her dripping pussy. I entered her with two fingers and started pumping away. She had one arm around my shoulders, holding my sucking mouth to her tit, her other hand was holding my tit, gently squeezing her enjoyment. All the while I’m being fucked from behind! I closed my eyes, let my body take over and lost myself in the beauty of the moment.

A few more grunts from the man behind me and I knew he was getting very close to shooting his load. I needed to make a decision fast. As good as this fucking was, I was very hungry for some spunk. Another stroke and I was very close to orgasm. Him cumming inside my pussy would put me over the edge. Him cumming in my mouth would certainly send me there! Another stroke of his cock came with a growl. I released Darlene’s sweet nipple and dripping pussy to spin around and land on my knees right in front of the man. His cock, glistening with my wetness in the firelight, was hard as steel and pointing directly at my face. I cupped his balls and hungrily took his cock in my mouth. It didn’t take much of my sucking and bobbing before his spunk was shooting like the dam had burst.

I swallowed the first shot, it tasted so wonderfully good. But I purposely backed off and pulled his shooting cock out of my mouth and directed his spew towards my chest and nipples. Darlene had moved in closer and was kissing the man while fingering herself. Still stroking his shooting cock in my hand and still aimed at my tits, I moved my cum covered mouth to Darlene’s swollen clit and sucked hard and fast. She ground her soaking wet pussy to my face and shuddered and quivered as I licked and sucked her clit. The man gave one last burst of cum with a grunt and collapsed on the ground. I plunged my hand between my legs and found my screaming clit just in time for Darlene to explode in orgasm. A few strokes from my finger and I was cumming, too. Darlene and I both fell in a heap next to the man. It was only then did I recognize him as Sean.

Looking up, everyone else there was engaged in some form of sex. Darlene reached over and kissed me, rubbing Sean’s cum into my skin and tasting their juices on my mouth. “Thank you, my Love, I needed that,” I whispered in her ear. Darlene giggled and whispered back “We’re nowhere near done yet, Love.”

Sean fucked Darlene once and me once again before the night was through, with each of us helping out in one way or another, all ending with Sean cumming all over our tits, just like we wanted.

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