A Glorious Mistake

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I can feel my pussy growing warmer and wetter in anticipation of tonight. I smell my own scent, heavy and thick with my juices. I shift in my chair uncomfortably and try to think of something else. I just happened to be sitting across from my brother at a nice restaurant.

“The fish sounds good, what do you think?” He looks up from his menu. I was shocked into reality and choke slightly on the water I was trying to swallow. I cross my legs tighter and vow not to think about how hot my pussy has become.

“Yeah, the salmon sounds good,” I agree.

I promise myself that if I make it through this dinner without being a total pervert, I’d buy myself a nice, expensive vibrator.

It worked. I found myself not thinking of my pussy again until I was unlocking the door to my apartment. I stopped what I was doing for a second and shut my eyes tight, imaging for a split second his hands on me. His strong hands stroking my skin, gently descending for my aching pussy.

The sound of my ringing phone jolts me out of my fantasy. I quickly open the door and dash to the phone. It wasn’t quick enough, and when I pick up the receiver the line is empty. I wait for what seems like forever before dialing my voice mail.

“It’s me,” the sound of his voice makes me smile. “I thought you’d be home by now, I guess not. Anyway, I’ll be around to pick you at 10. See you then, bye.”

I glanced at my watch and a mini wave of panic strikes me as I realize it’s already 9:15. I have a desire to make everything güvenilir bahis perfect for tonight and forty-five minutes will hardly be enough. I silently curse my brother for ordering dessert and eating so slowly.

Abandoning my heels in the kitchen and rushing to the bathroom, I manage to slink out of my black cocktail dress. My stockings and panties prove to be more difficult as I try to strip myself as fast as I can.

I forget to turn the water on before I hop in the shower, and don’t even realize this until the cold water jolts me before warming up. I quickly set up my game plan for a quick, efficient shower. Hair first. Body second. Conditioner, then face.

Fifteen minutes later, I am drying my hair and standing naked in front of the large bathroom mirror. I remark to myself how full my breasts look and give my nipples a light squeeze. This feels surprising good, and I find my hands grazing lightly over my breasts.

Realizing how wet my pussy still is, I abandon drying my hair and decide to go into my bedroom. Lying at once on the bed, my hands are drawn to the wetness I have been holding in for hours.

Lightly and slowly I put an index finger inside myself, then two. I am soaking wet and that only makes me more aroused. I begin playing with my clit with the other hand. Softly at first, then gradually with more and more. A hunger starts to build in me and I know I have to cum.

I realize I am moaning loudly. I blush, and stop, then decide I liked listening to myself türkçe bahis moan. I let go, and moans overtake me as I stroke my clit and finger-fuck my soaking hole as hard as I can.

Shuddering, I feel my orgasm coming closer and closer. I imagine his hands on me again, his fingers inside of me instead of my own. His hot mouth on my pussy, licking and sucking my clit while his fingers fuck me. I imagined his thick cock slipping in and out of my wet pussy.

I become so immersed in this fantasy I don’t even hear the front door open. I don’t hear the footsteps, or the knock on the bedroom door. I do, however, hear my bedroom door open, and a flash of panic strikes me.

I move with lightening speed to cover myself up, trying to play it off as if I had been sleeping. I blush a deep red and suppress an embarrassed girly giggle.

“What were you doing?” he says in a taunting tone. I groan.

“Ah come on, don’t be that way….” he sits on the bed next to me. I try to mumble an apology but the words aren’t there.

“It’s not everyday I walk in on my girlfriend masturbating,” he says with a devilish smirk on his face.

He kisses me. Softly, romantically at first. Then harder, with more force, and a hunger that only makes my pussy even more wet. I moan as we kiss while my hands grope blindly for him.

He hurries to remove his shirt as I’m hurrying to undo his zipper. He moans as I release his now rock-hard cock and my eyes twinkle with anticipation. I watch as he throws his pants güvenilir bahis siteleri to the other side of the room as he’s giving me a look that can only mean “I am going to fuck you so hard”.

His hands find my legs, and spreading them gently, I moan. He kisses my neck as he spreads my pussy lips and sticks his middle finger into my soaking vagina. I surprise him by bucking on his stagnant finger, and he laughs a little and starts to thrust in and out.

“You are so wet. My god, I am going to fuck you so hard.” My pussy convulses at his suggestion and he bites his lip with concentration and thrusts harder. I moan a little louder now, and sense my orgasm not far off. He must sense this too, because all of a sudden he stops.

“Baby, don’t stop,” I beg, as he shakes his head.

“Cum on my cock…” he whispers into my ear.

Before I know it he sticks his cock inside of me and starts thrusting hard and fast, almost violently. I shut my eyes tight and focus on his thrusts. My hand reaches down to stroke a nipple, then my clit. I rub my clit along with his thrusts, each time feeling more and more ready to explode.

He reaches for my mouth with his and we kiss passionately and messily. I moan and I find myself whispering for him to fuck me harder. He does, and it isn’t long before I know I’m going to cum.

He senses this, and starts thrusting deeper. My face contorts with pleasure as I feel my orgasm racking my body, making me shudder. He doesn’t stop fucking me as I moan loudly and my pussy convulses in tight, wet squeezes around his cock. Seconds later, he moans and shoots his cum deep inside of me.

Collapsing on top of me, he says: “Damn. That was great, baby.”

All I can think of to say is “thank you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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