A Mother’s Self Discovery

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Olivia, a very attractive blond, was almost forty, and had inherited her mother’s shape – very busty with a plump ass. She was a voluptuous size 12. Her husband died from a heart attack two years ago, when Marco was ready to enter the real world. Finding herself without a man in her life, she of course delegated more responsibility to Marco. Sometimes she asked Marco to sleep with her in her bed, not attributing anything sexual to her request, but it was nice to have her son with her at night, especially someone she could hug for comfort. She didn’t pay much attention to Marco’s stiffy, it was part of his maturing. She got used to it, even though the stiffy got bigger as time went on. When the stiffy got as big as a large banana she told Marco he should sleep by himself. Besides, his truncheon wedged in her backside made it difficult for her to sleep. She was naïve about life, she didn’t smoke or drink; her worst vice was spending too much time at church, praying to plaster saints.

Olivia tried to keep calm when she heard the bed upstairs banging against the wall. Cindy seemed to be yelling at Marco, something incoherently. She kept straight faced as Marco, and Cindy, their neighbor’s daughter, later walked downstairs and came into the kitchen.

“Hi, Mrs. Russo,” Cindy said brightly. Actually Cindy was the same age as Marco, both having enrolled in a photography class at the university. They were both nineteen, meaning she was a lot more mature when it came to relationships. They were presumably discussing darkroom film processing but apparently transitioned into the modeling industry. And during their discussion about dress size, Cindy had volunteered to remove her blue print dress to check the label on her dress. Marco showed his appreciation by plugging her with his thick cock, resulting in the bed banging against the wall.

“Hello, Cindy.” Olivia prayed that Cindy wouldn’t get pregnant.

“Hi, Mom,” Marco said. “All finished shopping?”

She nodded. “Yes. With prices so high, it doesn’t take long to max out your credit card. It must be tough for newly married couples. Rents are so high. ”

Olivia and her son, Marco, lived in Silicon Valley, California. Cindy excused herself and said goodbye. Marco walked her to the door and kissed her. Olivia regretted her transparent remark immediately. It wasn’t like her to make dumb comments, and she wondered if she were just jealous of her son’s affections. Many mothers were, she knew, and it was easy for a widow to become too possessive with her only son.

Marco possessed all the stamina and libido any Italian male might have at his age. A good looking guy, he was relatively naïve when it came to women; not really understanding what made females tick, except at a superficial level. His father used to say women were impossible to figure out. When a woman gets horny, a woman will never say ‘I am horny’. She will fidget, be irritable, maybe burn your toast. Women have a communication system known only to women. If you asked a woman who’s pissed at you ‘what’s wrong’ she will usually reply ‘nothing’. And she will be pissed if you don’t fuck her regularly.

With his nineteen year old mind, Marco thought feeling a woman up was the way to capture a woman’s heart. He felt you could, without invitation or permission, just grab a woman’s breast and squeeze.

He’d only been dating Cindy, you could call it steady, and they had sex a few times. Not with any imagination, just the usual missionary sex. What his mother heard was Cindy’s yelling for more, and she wanted it hard. But usually Marco didn’t last long in the saddle. Cindy was sexually precocious and made every effort to teach Marco what a woman wants.

Marco’s cock was driving him crazy. He needed an outlet besides masturbation, or licking Cindy’s pussy. You could call it a creative outlet. If he could find a way to subjugate his sex drive, he could function productively. Otherwise he’d end up beating his meat until it was raw.

After considering a few alternatives, from selling Bibles door-to-door, or learning JavaScript, Marco’s decision was to become a portrait photographer. This would pacify his raging hormones, and allow him to have a good excuse to utilize his mother. Maybe as a model, not as a darkroom assistant.

More to the point, he wanted to shoot nudes. Fleshy female nudes. His mother was going to be his first subject, yet she didn’t know it yet. He was in love with her ample boobs, and that was his inspiration.

Marco had to caution himself not to blatantly stare at his mother’s huge tits. He didn’t want to telegraph his intentions. She’d paraded around the house in her bra and cotton panties so many times, blissfully unaware he worshipped her big boobs. He had masturbated to Olivia in his mind, imagining her in her bedroom fingering herself, but he hadn’t literally watched her do it. .

Recently he’d bought a film camera, a used Rolleiflex, and he was assembling a darkroom. Even though so much poker oyna photography was digital these days, he loved B&W photography. It gave you much more control over your prints. The great photographers from Alfred Stieglitz to Ansel Adams shot B&W, and their work was displayed in museums. They did shoot nudes, but the photos were aesthetic, not beaver shots intended for girlie magazines.

Marco thought of himself as a modern day Rubens. He liked his women fleshy, voluptuous, and pliable. Owning a Rollei made him feel like a photographer, which should have inspired him to shoot with some creativity.

We need to understand his photography actually changed him from an industrious young man into an insatiable pervert, and that is the foundation for this story. Maybe it was because of his lack of maturity. Maybe he was reverting back to his childhood when he was breast fed by his mother. Staring at his mother’s chest, the tautness of her blouse over her very large breasts was mouth watering. When Marco thought she wasn’t looking, he memorized the contours of her heavy tits, his focus switching from one creamy, thrusting melon to the other. He fantasized about nuzzling and kissing them.

Olivia felt her face flush as she left the table and served dessert. She pretended to be concerned only with what she was doing, but she’d noticed Marco staring at her stiffening nipples. As she put a slice of apple pie in front of him, she noticed there was a lump in the front of his pants. She was surprised that her own son had become excited by her body, and she wished that she hadn’t unbuttoned the front of her blouse because of the heat in the kitchen. Sons were not supposed to be aroused by their mothers, otherwise the situation could be very uncomfortable.

What she didn’t know was, Marco intended to do figure studies of her, hopefully with (or without) her cooperation. His leering at her was beginning to get her aroused. She knew he was planning something but didn’t know exactly what or when.

Oh, God! It had been so long since she’d been fucked. A woman in heat doesn’t function well, unless she wants to spend her time vacuuming. Even then, when she’s alone she utilized the vacuum hose to get herself off. If she had to list all the ways she had experienced orgasms she’d need to do it alphabetically.

Olivia was aware the fleshy upper curves of her eye-popping breasts were showing. And, she rationalized, his looking at her tits didn’t hurt anyone. In fact, it was nice to know that she was still capable of attracting a young man’s eye. But if she let on she knew he was looking, he would be terribly embarrassed, and things wouldn’t be the same between them again.

On this particular day, after watching the 11 o’clock news, he went to his bedroom and undressed. He had a devious plan which would allow his mother to get sucked into his salacious photo scheme. His intent was to turn his naïve mother into a lust-driven slut. How much he loved his mother was proportional to her cup size.

This particular night, he planted porno magazines under his bedding so Olivia would find them. Tomorrow she’d find the magazines, but tonight he’d planned to jerk off where she’d be sure to see him. She hadn’t seen his cock in years – not fully aroused, that is. She’d seen him in his briefs with a limp dick.

He left his door slightly open and stretched out on his bed. His feet faced the door. When he heard his mother’s footsteps, Marco fisted his already lubed prick and began slowly stroking it. It was about 8-inches long and it was big enough to get her attention from a distance.

“Ahh, uhhhhh . . . ” he groaned but not too loudly. He didn’t want to sound too phony.

Olivia was in the darkened hall when she heard her son moaning. She saw the strip of light from his partially open door. When she heard him moan again, she felt there was something odd about the sound. For some reason, instead of knocking and asking if he was all right, she quietly crept up and peered through the opening.

Marco was fisting his huge weapon. She suppressed a gasp. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing, and didn’t know what she should do. Leaving never occurred to her. Why should Marco have to masturbate? Had she been wrong about what he and Cindy had been doing upstairs? And how did his cock ever get that big?

The more Olivia watched, the more excited she became. Women love to watch a guy beat off. She’d been without a man so long, she’d almost forgotten what a hard cock pumping into her hole felt like. Her mind running away from her, she imagined what an effort it would be to cram that massive tool into her almost mint condition cunt. Driven beyond control by her own needs, Olivia parted her legs and squeezed her fat pussy through her dress. She was leaking already, something that usually happened gradually, not spontaneously. Generally she needed some finger play to get herself lubricated.

As she watched Marco’s hand sliding his foreskin up and down canlı poker oyna his throbbing cock, she bunched her dress up about her waist and stepped out of her white cotton panties. Squatting slightly, she reached back between legs to her cunt. Pleasure waves surged through her as she rolled her sticky cunt flaps and fingered her oversized love button. She undid the rest of her blouse and ran her other hand over the upper curves of her tits exposed above the top of her white bra.

Being careful about making any noise that would alert Marco, she unhooked her bra and leaned forward a bit. It broke loose and her heavy tits rolled forward, their large, dark nipples already hard and swollen.

While staring at her son’s huge cock, she cupped one creamy tit and shoved the nipple up to her mouth. Her lips opened and she clamped onto it. She ran her tongue over the goose-pimpled aureole as she diddled herself and watched her son jerking off as if he were in seventh heaven. Rooted to the spot, she watched him for what seemed a long time; but he was stroking slowly, and wanted to really turn his mother on.

“Oh, Marco,” she mumbled into her fat tit, but then she suddenly heard him grunt and saw his creamy sperm describe an arc a good two feet into the air. The white bullets splattered onto his belly and chest, spreading into pearly puddles. She licked her dry lips as she vaguely remembered the taste of her husband’s cum.

Frightened by her loss of control, she pulled her fingers from her cunt before she could orgasm. Her nipple slipped from her moistened lips, and her tit bounced heavily on her chest. “Oh, Marco, Marco …” she groaned. Her knees were weak and she felt like crawling over to her son, hugging him lovingly as a mother. What would she say to him? I just watched you jerk off? But fingering her pussy in the hallway made her feel dirty. It wasn’t like she was doing it in bed.

Choking back a sob, she pulled up her panties and practically ran into her room. She knew she’d spend a sleepless night in her queen size bed, fingering her clit until it was so stiff it would explode. She saw herself now as a common Jezebel. She felt her submerged slut nature had resurfaced, after years of being dormant. She became aware of the perspiration across her breasts and belly; she could feel her labia swelling and lubrication leaking out. Her nipples had grown longer, and her ass pucker was itching. How could watching her son masturbate have such an effect on her?

Back in his room, Marco wiped off the last few drops of cum from his prick. It had been more exciting than he’d realized, jacking off while his mother watched him. He felt confident that, if nothing else, he’d succeeded in making her stop thinking of him as a little boy. Not with the weapon he was sporting. He looked at the gooey slime on his chest and belly. Christ, he was amazed at the size of his load. His balls ached too. But he still felt he needed more. He knew if his mother called him, he’d be ready to service her as soon as he walked into her room.

He rested a while, then got up and was just about to put on his pajama bottoms when he heard a strange noise from his mother’s room. He slipped quietly into the hall and listened. Yes, a rapid rhythmic sound, as if his mom was jilling off!

Quickly, he went to her door and peered through the keyhole. After all, he thought, fair’s fair. But her room was so dark, all he could see was the vague outline of her raised knees and some movement at the top of her thighs. He knew this was the pumping of her fingers.

Watching him had really turned her on. But how could he redirect the focus of her lust from masturbation to fucking him? He grinned suddenly and backed a few steps away from her door.

“Mom? Mom!” he called.

There was silence for a few moments, then a meek “Yes?” from behind her door.

“Did you hear any funny noises just a minute ago?” he asked.

“No,” Olivia answered, feeling her face burning with embarrassment. “Maybe … maybe it was the wind …”

Marco said goodnight and walked back to his room. That ought to leave her frustrated for the night. She’d be afraid to jerk off now, worried that he might hear her. She’d be even hornier tomorrow morning when she found his porno magazines. And Marco intended to select those magazines very carefully.

The next day, Marco was up and out of the house early, and Olivia heaved a sigh of relief. She could hardly look at him in the face after last night. Imagine! Peeping at her own son! She needed to put a tighter rein on her lust, at least be more circumspect.

Her mind was a thousand miles away when she strolled into Marco’s room to make his bed. Something rustled under the mattress when she tucked in the sheets. She slipped her hand under the mattress, and pulled out a handful of pulp magazines.

It took her only a second to realize what it was she was holding. The girlie magazines were totally disgusting; she almost dropped them on the internet casino bed. She turned her head and looked guiltily at the door. Then she remembered that Marco had gone out. She looked more intently at the magazines and was amazed at the amount of detail in each color photo.

Somehow, it had never occurred to her that Marco might own a cache of pornographic material, but now that she’d found it, she figured that maybe it was normal for a boy his age. The cover of the first magazine caught her eye. It was titled “Pussy Lickers,” and its cover left nothing to the imagination. She turned the page and saw gooey, hairy cunts speared by long, pink tongues. She kept turning the pages. Shaved cunts, hairy cunts, fat cunts, young cunts – all getting tongued, or stuffed. They were glistening from saliva, or maybe baby oil to make them appear more salacious. She felt her own cunt reacting, getting wet.

“Oh, my God!” she exclaimed, and sat heavily on the bed.

She couldn’t believe what she was looking at! Marco, her own son, a … a sex maniac? She continued to read, her lips unconsciously mouthing the words she was reading. Soon, she was reading aloud: “Mom’s pussy probably looks like this one. Bet it’s a lot prettier! Her hair’s more blonde. I’ll bet she has a bigger cunt. Wonder what it tastes like?

“These tits are almost as big as Mom’s, but hers are a lot rounder. Wish a guy could keep sucking his mother’s tits when he’s grown up!

“This is the prettiest asshole in the book, but Mom’s probably has a nicer one! Blondes don’t usually have much hair, so maybe Mom’s is really hairless! Wonder what it’d be like licking her butt? I know she’s real clean. If she’d let me do it, I know she’d like it.”

Olivia stopped reading and closed her eyes. She just couldn’t stand to read any more. Her own son, sitting across the table from her every day, talking with her about school, or movies, and all the time harboring such filthy thoughts! Even wondering about kissing her asshole. Her husband had never ever done that.

Not wanting to, but unable to help herself, Olivia looked at the covers of the other magazines. She had to know if Marco’s perversions ended with incest, or if there was something worse.

There was. There were magazines dealing with sodomy, birching, and tribadism. Marco’s face swam before Olivia’s watering eyes. She shivered and pressed the mound of her cunt with the heel of her palm, mashing her clit. Her other hand clutched the end of one bulbous tit. To think that he was obsessed with shoving that mammoth cock in her every hole!

Possessed, she stripped off her skirt and blouse and unfastened her bra. Her tits tumbled out and wobbled heavily on her chest. She saw herself in the mirror over the dresser and tried to imagine that she was Marco photographing her naked body. She studied her large tits, noting their heavy thrust. Her large nipples pointed up and slightly to one side, and her soft belly was firm and nicely curved. There still wasn’t much fat around her wide hips. She checked out her golden pubic forest, spread thickly almost to her navel.

Rolling her hips forward to accent the thrust of her pussy mound, she saw that the curls at the bottom were damp and shiny. She was dripping again! Slowly, she turned, studying her slender body from every angle. Her ass was generous, but not too large for the rest of her. And, in profile, her massive tits were as firm and uplifting as any tits that size could be.

She was beginning to understand her son’s unnatural interest in her body. Maybe it wasn’t unnatural. She massaged both her tits in front of the mirror, then licked them in turn and sucked their fat tips into her mouth. She’d had nipple orgasms only last month. Her cunt was really dripping now, and she was pleased at how much bigger her clit had grown.

When the sensations became too strong, she slipped her fingers down to her leaking hole. Her gaze fell upon the magazines on the bed reflected in the mirror. She turned her head and squat-waddled over to them, never missing a stroke on her juicy gash. Slowly, she leafed through them until she found the one describing her asshole. She looked at it, and the longer she looked, the more attractive that asshole became.

Of course, she had to know if hers really was prettier, as Marco had assured himself it was. Shifting her ass toward the mirror, she used both hands to spread her full, white cheeks as she leaned forward. Her asshole appeared, glistening under its coating of cunt juice, and winked obscenely as she looked in the mirror over her shoulder.

Slowly, she used her finger to stretch her cheeks apart. She shuddered as its tip touched the tight, sensitive ring of her anus. She sent the fingers of her other hand back to her pussy.

Ahhhhh … she felt the start of a tremendous orgasm building in her cunt. Her finger tip had slipped about an inch into her rectum. Her other hand was diddling her stiff clit. She opened her mouth and began breathing heavily. Groaning, she pushed her slippery finger further up her ass. She’d never felt so invaded back there, although she knew her finger wasn’t really that big. And surely bigger things had passed out of her asshole.

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