A Passionate Encounter

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I press my lips against yours gently before sliding my tongue into your hot mouth. Our tongues play and tease each other as I caress your breasts feeling your nipples begin stiffen. I remove your top and move down to your beautiful tits licking around each nipple then sucking them between my lips… sucking hard on one nipple and pinching and twisting the other. Squeezing your lovely breasts as I smile at you and then begin to slide your pants off. I toss your clothes aside and lay you back on the edge of the bed. Kneeling between your legs I kiss your inner thighs… one then the other… moving slowly toward your sweet pussy. I kiss all around your soft mound before slipping my tongue between your wet pussy lips.

I find your already swollen clit and lick up and down slowly. My fingers spread your pussy lips as I circle your clit with the tip of my tongue. My lips nibble on your aching clit before I suck it between them and flick my tongue back and forth. As I suck and lick your clit I slip one finger inside your tight pussy. Moving it in and out slowly while I suck your clit hard and my tongue darts around wildly. A second finger probes your poker oyna wet pussy searching for that special spot to send you over the edge. I wrap my arms around your thighs and pull you tight against my mouth sucking and licking furiously. As you cum my lips continue to massage your clit. You moan loudly which encourages me to continue. I look up at you and smile as I whisper “I want you to cum again baby”. My fingers still probing, my lips and tongue still working on your sensitive clit.

You try to pull away but I hold tight and continue to lick and suck you until you cum again. Your moans and whimpers are music to my ears letting me know that I have pleasured you well. I kiss all around you soaking wet pussy as you begin to calm and relax.

After one last lick, I slowly move up your body pausing at your lovely breasts caressing them and sucking each nipple into my mouth. I gaze into your sexy eyes and kiss you passionately. I nibble on your neck then kiss you deeply again as my throbbing cock is poised to enter your soaking wet pussy. Your ample breasts press against my chest. You spread your legs inviting me to take you but canlı poker oyna I pull back just a little. I kiss you again and again. My lips lightly brush against yours. You lips part slightly and invite my tongue in. My tongue circles yours. We both begin to moan as our passion builds.

I raise myself and kneel between your legs. I spread your legs and press my cock against the tight opening of you glistening hole. I pause and grab my throbbing cock with my hand and rub it up, down and around your sensitive clit. I look at your beautiful face and you smile back at me knowing what will happen next. I lean forward and kiss you once more as my hard shaft moves across your wetness. I pull my hips back and slowly slide the pulsing head inside you. I have to press firmly just to get the head inside. The pleasure of your pussy lips surrounding my cock head is unbelievable.

I slowly push deeper as we kiss again. I moan softly as my shaft is wrapped in the incredible ecstasy of your tight pussy. I begin to pump in and out slowly as I look at you and tell you “I love your pussy baby”. I start moaning louder because I’ve never felt anything internet casino so wonderful. I pick up the pace as my thrusts go deeper and faster. Your muscles tighten around my shaft as your excitement builds. You begin to moan too which drives me wild. I pump in and out harder arching my back to drive my throbbing cock as deep as I can. I stand and pull you to the edge of the bed. I lift your legs high and drive my dick back inside you. I start to pound your tight pussy with abandon. I look into your eyes. I see the pleasure you feel and you begin to moan loudly. Your gasps and moan tell me you’re getting close so I fuck your pussy faster and deeper.

I feel my orgasm approaching as I wonder at the beautiful sight of you writhing in pleasure. You shout “I’m gonna cum baby!” and I plunge my cock all the way in. You gasp and moan as you beg “Cum with me, please cum with me”. I can’t hold back any longer. As I thrust furiously, my cock explodes inside your warm wet pussy. I scream and moan as I empty my balls deep inside you. I keep pumping as your pussy muscles massage the cum out of me. I slow to a stop but keep my cock inside you while I lean down and kiss you again. Nibbling on your lips then the base of your neck. I slowly withdraw my cock and am shocked at how tight a grip you have on me. I lay beside you and we kiss and caress one another until we fall asleep in a sex induced haze.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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