Adam’s Family Ch. 05

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Author’s Notes:

This story is © Copyright LesLumens. Should this story be found anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, it is posted without my permission.

This tale is a follow-up to my four part story “Adam’s Aunt.” I recommend reading it first, but you can certainly just start right here, as this tale is meant to stand alone. As with that tale, this one is built more on lust than love, which is the norm in my other taboo tales. I’ll come back to those romantical type tales eventually, but I’m fighting writer’s block right now, and I needed to write some smut to try to break up that logjam.

This is a seven part story, and all seven were submitted on the same day, so they should come out one a day.


Adam heard the car pull up in the drive, and knew what it portended. He managed to hide his smile as his mother noticed the sound and walked over toward the window.

“Oh — well, it’s Christine. I wonder…” She trailed off and dropped the feather duster she held. A second later, she hurried toward the door and fumbled to open it.

Adam faintly heard Becky’s voice greeting his mother as he stepped into the doorway she’d just vacated. Now he did smile as his mother squealed in delight and hurried across the lawn.

“Surprise,” Christine laughed as her sister tightly hugged Becky and Dan against her.

“We missed you too, Aunt Marie,” Becky said, hugging her aunt back and tearing up.

Wiping tears out of her eyes, Marie turned to her sister and accused, “You knew about this.” Hearing Adam’s chuckle, she looked over her shoulder and scowled. “You too? You rotten boy!” The joy in her voice easily overshadowed anything resembling harshness in her words.

“The neighbors are starting to stare,” Christine politely offered.

“Into the house with you,” Marie said, tugging along her niece and nephew.

Adam stepped out of the way to let them in, and waited until his aunt reached the door as well.

Christine looked at him and the corners of her mouth turned up into a crooked grin. She traced a fingertip under his eye and said, “Are you getting all misty-eyed?”

“No,” Adam haughtily declared, knowing he wasn’t fooling anyone.

“Come on, you softie,” Christine laughed, and tugged him inside.

**** Dan and Becky spent much of the day on the phone, talking to relatives and friends as their aunt Marie called one after another. Several planned to make the trip to see them in person, which assured that the siblings would be very busy for the next two days. Finally, Marie’s insistence placed Dan on the couch in Adam’s room, while Becky and Christine shared Angie’s bed.

With only a common bathroom separating the sexes, the urge to cross that boundary was hard for all four to ignore.

“These walls aren’t exactly thick,” Christine whispered to her nightgown-clad niece and her two nephews wearing tented boxers. “I think we’d better be careful, and not push our luck. It’s only a couple of days.”

“But it’s so mean to leave them like this,” Becky said with a coy whisper, stroking her finger up her brother’s erection.

Christine grinned and shook in a silent chuckle. “Lock the bedroom doors. One at a time, so there’s plenty of warning and someone to answer if anyone knocks,” she instructed.

“You’d better hurry up and lock the doors, then,” Becky said as she jerked down the front of her brother’s boxers and sank to her knees.

Adam and Christine hurried to lock the doors, and then returned to find Dan leaned back against the sink, already stifling gasps as his sister sucked him almost urgently, her flaming red locks whipping against his legs with every bob of her head.

Christine’s sex tingled as she watched, and she saw Adam adjust his throbbing cock as he did the same. Becky’s saliva glimmered in the glow of the nightlight on Dan’s shaft and her chin. Christine couldn’t help but press her fingers between her legs to dull the ache there.

Dan’s grip on the sink counter behind him tightened, his pleasure plainly written on his face. His muscles bulged as he tensed, his hips twitching toward her hot mouth. Christine knew he must be on the edge, and Becky must have sensed it as well. She cupped the orbs below her chin in her hand and gingerly squeezed them while her mouth engulfed and released him at a furious pace.

Only the faintest croak of a groan from deep in Dan’s throat betrayed his ecstasy as he came. Becky’s eyes widened as his cream burst into her mouth. She slowed down, tenderly sucking on just an inch or so of his pulsing manhood, swallowing his cum as he slumped and let his chin fall against his chest.

Becky gave his twitching organ a final kiss when she let it slip from her lips, and then stood. She turned toward Christine and swirled her tongue through the treat she’d saved to share with her aunt. A few seconds later, their tongues slipped over each other in a hungry kiss, flavored with the taste of Dan’s cum.

When their lips poker oyna parted, Christine turned toward Adam and twitched her eyebrows, immediately stepping into the bathroom. Adam crossed the opposite threshold at the same time. Dan managed to push away from the sink and make his way to Adam’s room. Christine could just hear the squeaking of the couch springs when Dan plopped down on it, as she knelt in front of Adam.

Christine wetted down her nephew’s cock with broad strokes of her tongue along its entire length. Before she even completed the second teasing lap, a drop of pre-cum welled up from the flared tip. Christine gathered it up with the tip of her tongue, looking up into Adam’s eyes and smiling. He put one hand on the sink counter for balance, and the other on the back of his aunt’s head.

Taking his cockhead between her lips, Christine stroked the flared tip in her mouth, letting the rim pop free with every short bob of her head. She heard her nephew taking in a deep breath, felt him tense up, and grinned around him as the hand on the back of her head curled. It was all the encouragement she needed to take him deep on the next stroke.

Adam twined his fingers in his aunt’s dark tresses as she engulfed him. Excited by the potential danger of sucking off her nephew with unknowing family members only a few feet away spurred Christine to take him as deep and fast as possible, without the sounds of her slurping mouth echoing throughout the room.

Her lips stretched wide by his thick organ, Christine sucked eagerly for her reward. She stroked her hand over the root of his cock, keeping his twitching hips from forcing it into her throat as she sucked him. As his pleasure mounted, she decided that her mouth wasn’t where she wanted his cream. When she knew he was close to an eruption, she let him slip from her lips.

Adam resisted, a slightly confused and anxious look on his face. His expression changed a moment later as his aunt bunched up her nightgown while she stood. Christine turned and bent over the sink, gathering up the cloth at her waist and dropping her panties to her knees. Adam needed no more instruction than that to push into her moist canal.

Christine put a restraining hand between them, in order to prevent their bodies from smacking together as Adam took her. She looked back over her shoulder and sexily mouthed, Do it. Come for me.

Already on the brink from her oral ministrations, it took Adam only a few shortened thrusts into her clinging pussy to fulfill her silent command. His head tilted back in a silent scream as he spurted his seed inside her. Christine moved her hand, letting her nephew settle fully into her depths. She rhythmically squeezed her walls tight around him, milking his pulsing cock until he jerked it free with a choked off gasp.

Clenching her intimate muscles to keep his cum inside her, Christine spun and dropped to her knees again. Adam twitched as she sucked him clean, finally pushing her away with insistent pressure.

Christine smiled up at him and stood. “Night night,” she whispered in his ear, and then turned toward Becky. The redhead had her hand under her nightgown and down her panties, and licked her lips as Christine waddled toward her, her panties still around her ankles.

As soon as her aunt reached her, Becky closed the bathroom door with a wicked grin. Christine stepped out of her panties and hurried to the bed, feeling Adam’s cum threatening to escape. She bunched up her nightgown at the edge of the bed, and felt Becky squeeze her bottom as soon as the cloth cleared it.

Christine reclined on the bed, and her niece pushed the already bunched nightgown higher. Becky engulfed her aunt’s right nipple between her lips, but only for a few seconds. She immediately kissed her way back to the brunette’s sex, and slipped her tongue in deep.

Christine fought to keep her moan of delight under control, Becky’s tongue swirling against her walls to gather up Adam’s cream. With a lap that tickled her aunt’s clit, Becky rose up on her hands and showed the pool of mingled juices on her tongue. When the redhead crawled up to share her treat, Christine slipped her fingers between Becky’s legs as they kissed. She could feel dampness on the cloth of her niece’s panties, and far more when she wiggled her finger beneath.

When their lips parted, Becky pulled her aunt’s hand to her lips and sucked her own juices from it. She then slipped back between Christine’s legs.

The brunette pinched her stiff nipples between her fingers as her niece devoured her cream-filled pussy. A few seconds later, she released one of the aching buds to pull a pillow over her mouth. Already excited, she was finding it hard to hold back her sounds of pleasure in the face of Becky’s assault.

Becky wriggled her tongue over her aunt’s pink folds, darting down to lap up every dollop of cream that welled up from Christine’s depths. The rocking of the brunette’s hips increased by the moment, as did the muffled moans emerging canlı poker oyna from beneath the pillow. Becky’s fingers slid between her own legs to tame the heat there demanding attention.

Christine trembled as the hot pressure built inside her, swelling toward orgasm. She bit into the pillow, breathing hard as her niece’s tongue drove her toward a climax that she wasn’t sure the feather-stuffed muffle over her mouth could contain. Her body tensed, and she was there.

Becky sucked her aunt’s clit hard as the brunette’s thighs clamped down on her ears. Even as she kept Christine coming, she edged toward climax on her own flashing fingers. As soon as her aunt’s legs relaxed, Becky levered up on one arm and sat back so she could reach her needy sex with both hands.

When Christine recovered enough to move the pillow, she saw her niece with two fingers buried inside her and two on her other hand rapidly circling her clit. Christine summoned up the energy to move, waves of ecstasy still rolling through her. She located the jelly dong in her purse, and sat up to wet it in her mouth.

Seeing the toy, Becky’s mouth opened in a silent gasp. She scooted forward on the bed far enough to lie back, and her aunt moved between her legs with the jiggling cock. Before slipping the dildo into her niece’s wet heat, Christine passed the redhead a pillow. A muted groan from beneath the pillow accompanied the peach-colored phallus vanishing between Becky’s nether lips.

Christine licked her lips as she rapidly stroked the toy cock into her niece’s curl-adorned sex. Becky rubbed her clit even faster, bucked her hips up toward the toy, and pinched her nipples as she drew nearer to release. A stream of the redhead’s juices trickling downward gave Christine something to do with her other hand. She slipped her finger down to tease her niece’s puckered ass, drawing a stifled yelp from the redhead. A few strokes of the dildo later, Christine felt Becky’s intimate muscles clamp down on the jelly cock.

Becky twitched and tried to contain her sounds of release, her fingers still haltingly rubbing her bud. Christine continued to stroke the toy slowly in and out of her niece’s clinging pussy, noticing that Becky’s toes were curled and she had her fingers tightly fisted into the pillow over her mouth.

Once Becky’s muscles relaxed, Christine withdrew the toy, setting off another wave of climax in the redhead. Becky caressed her quivering folds and moaned into the pillow while Christine sucked her toy clean. Eventually, Becky pulled the pillow away from her face to smile at her aunt, and let out an almost inaudible moan.

Not long after, both women drifted off to sleep, snuggled up next to each other in their shared afterglow.


The sun slowly set over the back yard as the last of the guests took their leave. Dan and Becky had barely found a moment alone — let alone together — in the preceding two days.

“I understand if you don’t want to talk about what happened, and I respect that. I still think you do need to make a couple of phone calls, though. I know I’d want to hear from my children, no matter what.”

Though she secretly agreed with her older sister, Christine didn’t want to push the issue. She knew how uncomfortable the redheaded siblings were, and knowing the underlying issue that has separated them added weight to that.

“I do want to talk to Dad.”

Marie sat straight up with a glint in her eye and a wide smile on her face. “I’ll go get the phone.” She barely finished speaking before hurrying into the house.

Christine quietly asked, “Are you sure?”

Becky nodded. “Things will never be the same, but I want to talk to him and let him know that I don’t blame him for anything, and that I still love him.”

“I’ll be right here, if you need me,” Christine offered, reaching out to take her niece’s hand.

“Me too,” Dan said with a nervous smile.

“What about you?” Becky asked.

Dan grimaced. “I don’t know. I want to talk to her, but I’m afraid it might make things worse. You know how Mom is.”

Seeing her sister passing in front of a window on her way to the back door, Christine quickly said, “All you can do is try.”

“I’ll think about it,” Dan answered.

“Here you go,” Marie said as she stepped out of the house.

“Want me to actually make the call?” Dan asked.

Becky hesitated for a second, and then nodded her head with anxiety plainly evident in her expression.

Dan dialed the number and then poised his finger over the talk button. “Ready?”

Once again, Becky nodded. Her brother hit the button, and then waited for his father to answer. “Hey, Dad. I didn’t get you out of bed, did I? Good. Well, there’s someone here who wants to talk to you.”

Dan held out the phone to his sister, and she took it in her trembling right hand. After a final, deep breath, she said, “Hi, Dad.”

For several seconds, Christine and the rest of her family sat in uncomfortable silence. internet casino Then Becky broke out into a smile — and tears. “I missed you too, Dad.”

Christine breathed a sigh of relief as her niece launched into conversation with the father she’d not spoken to in years. She looked over at Dan to see him smiling at his sister with his eyes misting as well.

He noticed the glance and turned toward her. Christine raised her eyebrows in a silent question, and Dan nodded in response. “I’ll kick myself forever if I don’t.”

Christine pulled out her cell and brought up her sister’s number, which she hadn’t called in quite some time. “Your turn. Are you ready?”

“Maybe I should wait until Becky can make the call.”

“I’ll do it. You’re only going to get more nervous if you wait.”

Dan took a deep breath and nodded, so Christine hit the send button. When her sister answered, she said, “Hello, Emily, it’s Christine. There’s someone here who’d like to talk to you.”

Christine’s brow furrowed as her sister’s tone almost immediately turned defensive. “Is that Becky? What is she doing there?”

“Yes, it’s Becky,” Christine answered.

Moments later, Becky let out a loud laugh about something and exclaimed, “Dad!”

“Who is she talking to?” Emily asked, anger now mixing with the already growing defensiveness.

Christine avoided the question and said, “Dan wants to talk to you, Sis.”

On the other end of the phone, Christine heard a series of inarticulate gasps and half-spoken words. Before she could try to interrupt her sputtering sister, Marie held out her hand for the phone with a determined expression on her face. Christine handed it over.

Marie pursed her lips and brought the phone to her ear. “Emily, it’s Marie.” After a short pause and a sigh, she continued, “Now listen here. I don’t know what’s going on, but I know you’re being ridiculous. If you want to sit up on your religious high horse and preach down at me, you’d better get yourself right first. If I remember right, forgiveness is a pretty big part of the message, Emily.”

After another short pause, Marie cut her sister off again, her voice growing louder. “Just stop it. Your son wants to talk to you. Whatever happened, it’s time to make amends. Stewing on what he did wrong, or what you did wrong, or what society did wrong, or whatever excuse you have isn’t helping anything.”

Becky had paused to look at her brother and aunt with concern. Christine gestured for her niece to walk a little farther away and mouthed, Just talk to your Dad. When she looked back at her sister, Marie’s expression had softened.

“Emily, whatever happened, I know it’s hard. God won’t place any burden on you that you can’t bear, though. You need to talk to Dan. Dan needs to talk to you. Say a quick prayer, ask for strength and guidance, and then just talk to him.” Marie closed her eyes, and then opened them a few seconds later with an emphatic, “Amen. Now, here he is.”

Dan nervously took the phone when his aunt handed it to him, but her smile reassured him. “Hi, Mom,” he said once he brought the phone to his ear, and then relief flooded through his features, mirroring his sister a few minutes earlier.

Her eyes a little misty, Marie gathered up everyone else to lead them back into the house, allowing the siblings some privacy.


“There is such a thing as too much of a good thing,” Becky said with a laugh as she tossed her purse on the bed in the hotel.

Though overjoyed to spend time with friends and family that neither sibling had seen in years, Christine could tell that Becky and Dan were feeling a little overwhelmed after the emotional phone calls. She’d convinced her sister that they needed to sleep in and relax, providing the excuse to get a hotel room. Marie had also agreed to Adam making the trip to visit Angie, providing two cocks for the four women.

With a sly grin, Christine said, “That all depends on what the good thing is.”

“Mmm hmm,” Becky responded, and then laughed. She caught up her brother in her arms and kissed him hungrily. Once their lips parted, she sensually whispered, “I need that cock. I went without for too long, and I’m spoiled now that I’ve had it again. If I get any wetter, I’m going to be swimming.”

Christine shivered, though the temperature of the room had as much to do with the reaction as Becky’s words. Becky noticed her aunt rubbing at her goose bump covered arms and nodded in agreement. Christine asked, “Why do they always have to have the air set on cryogenics?”

“Open the balcony doors for a few minutes,” Dan suggested.

“Somebody’s liable to get an earful, because I’m not about to wait,” Becky said, squeezing her brother’s cock through his jeans.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Christine said with a chuckle as she walked toward the balcony doors.

Becky twitched her eyebrows, arching her back as Dan squeezed one of her breasts. “I love working guys up, it makes me hot.”

Christine opened the sliding glass door, and the sound of loud voices flooded into the room. Looking out through the part in the curtains, she said, “You’ll get your chance if we leave the door open.”

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