Ah, Oops! Pt. 08

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Alexis Ren

It had been a long day, and Mark couldn’t wait to finish work, close down his laptop and chill out. Thank goodness he worked from home and didn’t have to worry about the daily commute.

After shutting everything down, he was heading for the garden and a dip in the pool. He didn’t even need to worry about a costume since he had lately been walking around the house nude quite a lot. It certainly saved time when he wanted some pussy and one or both of his buxom, blond stepdaughters was around. They just loved his huge cock and seemed insatiable.

Mark stripped off beside the pool and plunged in. The cool water was a wonderful feeling after the heat of the afternoon sun, and Mark started to swim a few lengths.

He got into a rhythm and pretty soon he was zoned out and focusing on his swim, oblivious to everything else around him.

After about 30 mins of this, he paused at the end of the pool and, on standing up in the water to his waist he got a shock at the sound of girlish laughter. Looking around towards the sun loungers beside the pool, he was surprised to see his stepdaughter Millie laying back on a lounger, her gorgeous figure just about encased in a skimpy white bikini. Mark feasted his eyes for a moment before his attention switched as he realised Millie had company. Her bestie Hannah was laying on another lounger, also dressed in a skimpy bikini. Mark had never really paid much attention to Hannah before. She was pretty enough, with shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and a cute girl next door type appearance. He had certainly never noticed her body before but couldn’t help noticing it now. And what a body it was! She was quite long legged, a nice slim waist and a pretty decent sized pair of breasts. Not as big as Millie who was truly stacked, but a very decent pair all the same.

The girls were wearing sunglasses so he couldn’t see their eyes but, given their faces were looking in his direction and they were laughing and giggling, he suspected that they had caught him perving over their luscious bodies.

“Hi Dad!” said Millie, “Enjoying yourself?”

Mark grinned and nodded at them.

“How about fetching us a cool drink from the fridge Dad?” asked Millie.

Mark was happy to oblige and was about to climb out of the pool until he remembered his lack of clothing.

“Well I would” he said, “But I don’t actually have a costume on, and I’m not sure Hannah would appreciate that?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, she’s seen her own Dad naked before, so I’m sure she will be just fine.”

Mark turned to look at Hannah, who simply smiled. Mark wondered about the circumstances where this young hottie had seen her father poker oyna naked, but then he climbed from the pool and strolled to the kitchen. He had his back to the girls all the way there, so they couldn’t see his big swinging dick, although lately Millie had become very familiar with it, from lots of different angles.

As he was pouring some lemonade into a pitcher and setting out some glasses, Millie came into the kitchen.

“Just popping upstairs for a moment, I’ll be back for my drink in a couple of minutes.”

As she skipped from the room, Mark paused for a moment.

Sure, he had had his back to the girls on the way from the pool, but now on his way back it would be a full frontal, with his big cock front and centre.

This was risky- would Hannah be shocked or offended? Would she end up telling her parents?

This was a big decision time!

Fuck it! Mark picked up the tray with the drinks, stepped out the door and started to walk towards the pool.

Hannah turned her head towards him as he approached. He still couldn’t see her eyes behind her sunglasses, but he was pretty certain that she was staring hard at his monster cock as he strolled towards her, his dick swinging gently as he paced. He could feel himself getting harder as the thought of showing off his cock to another young girl started to turn him on.

Hannah continued to look at him as he approached and stood beside her lounger. By now his cock was half erect and jutting out from his body, pointing proudly towards her face.

“Here up you are,” said Mark, “I bet you are ready for this aren’t you?”

“Mmmm.” replied Hannah, “Looks good”.

Mark smiled as he stood before Hannah, his tray of drinks held just above waist height and his thick dick jutting proudly below.

Hannah sat up, causing a strain on her bikini which Mark was quick to notice, and she leaned up and stretched her hand towards Mark’s cock. Just as she was about to touch him, she stretched a little more and reached past his cock, took a glass from the tray and thanked him. She had teased him beautifully and Mark appreciated her style.

Still standing before her, he leant over and placed the tray of drinks down on a small poolside table. Curious, he decided to question Hannah and try to push some more limits.

” I hope you’re not offended by my lack of a costume are you Hannah? Millie seemed sure you would be comfortable enough?”

Hannah smiled, “Oh no, that’s not a problem. I’m a great believer in being comfortable with yourself”

“Hannah mentioned that you would be ok. In fact, didn’t she say you had seen your Dad naked before as well?”

Again Hannah smiled canlı poker oyna and looked up towards Mark’s face, at least it looked that way with the sunglasses shading her eyes.

“Yes, I’ve seen a fair bit of him recently” she said.

Intrigued, Mark raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, I seem to have bumped into him a couple of times lately as he has been going in or out of the bathroom. Pure coincidence of course, but the last few times his towel has accidentally loosened and fallen from his waist. “

“Oops!” said Mark, ” How awkward for you both!” He was grinning though as he remembered an almost identical repeat of his own experiences of late. The dirty old man wants to fuck his daughter and he’s giving her a show of his goods, to seduce her.

Deliberately using the word, Mark said “Luckily you don’t mind looking at your Dads cock then?”

“No, I quite like it actually, though it’s not quite as big as yours Mr Peters”.

Mark allowed his hand to drop to his cock, he grasped it round the base and waved it from side to side.

” What? You mean this little thing?”

Hannah laughed, “it’s certainly not little Mr Peters! It’s huge!”

She was openly looking towards his cock now, as Mark gently stroked himself in front of her face.

“Well, you can hardly see it properly with those sunglasses on! Why not take them off and you can make a proper comparison?”

“Ok” she said, and removed her glasses.

Mark watched her gaze as she fixed upon his now very hard cock. He began to masturbate slowly as she watched.

“Still think it’s bigger than your Dads?” he asked.

“Definitely!” she replied, “although I’ve never seen him quite as hard as you are, and he hasn’t actually played with himself in front of me!”

“Not yet,” said Mark, “but he will want to! Would you like that?”

Hannah looked up into Mark’s eyes and smiled, ” Why Mr Peters! What kind of girl do you think I am?”

Mark grinned down at her, “Well why don’t we find out?” He said, stepping closer to the teenage babe. He gripped his cock firmly and leant forwards, to rub the head of his cock gently against her cheek. She didn’t flinch as he placed his other hand on her head and guided her head towards his cock.

“And I don’t think you need to call me Mr Peters now Hannah. Not when you’ve seen me naked and sucked my cock”

” But I haven’t sucked your cock” she argued.

“Not yet” said Mark, as he guided his cock to her mouth. ” But you want to don’t you?”

Hannah never replied, but to be fair it would have been tricky as her mouth was now open and Mark was slipping the first inch of cock between her lips.

He internet casino groaned as his cock sank deeper into her willing mouth.

“Ah, that’s a good girl Hannah. How about I teach you how to please a man, and then you can go home and give your a Daddy a treat next time his towel drops?”

Hannah stared up into his eyes and nodded. She looked beautiful with his dick halfway down her throat.

Mark wondered how long he had before Millie came back and looked towards the house. Much to his surprise, and satisfaction, Hannah was standing at the kitchen door, phone in hand and happily filming the action. She gave him a cheerful smile and a thumbs up as he proceeded to fuck her friends face.

Mark was having a great time as he fiddled with the ties for Hannahs bikini top. Carefully he undid the knots and allowed the top to drop away and exposed her breasts. They were big and bouncy, with large nipples which Mark looked forward to sucking and playing with.

He was beginning to realise the power his huge cock had over women, and he knew he would be having a lot more fun with Hannah. And with Millie, and Jenny. Oh, and Mia as well! She was another treat in store!

“You gonna suck your Daddy’s cock Hannah? You going to make your Daddy cum? Are you? You going to let him fuck you Hannah?” grunted Mark as he began to feel his own moment approach.

“Maybe I should come over later and show him what a good little cocksucker you are, and then we can take turns fucking you?”

Hannah lifted her hand to his cock just to remove it briefly from her mouth as she gasped, ” God yes! Please! I want to fuck my Daddy!” she cried as Mark began to come. Thick strings of cum coated her face, hair and chest as Mark spurted time after time and Millie filmed the performance.

Drained by the power of his orgasm, Mark collapsed down into the vacant lounger beside Hannah. He watched as she began to lick her fingers, and wipe globules of cum from her face and chest. ” Mmm, yummy!” she said as she cleaned herself, then looking Mark in the eye she said,” Thank you Mr Peters, but I think I better be going now. My Daddy will be home from work shortly, and he likes to take a shower to freshen up when he comes home.”

She leapt up out of the lounger, picked up her bikini top and skipped back towards the house to change and head home. Passing the still filming Millie, she paused, blew a kiss into the camera and carried on her way.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Mr Peters,” she called, “or should I say Mark?”

Mark sat back grinning and called out, ” Definitely, I’ll see you tomorrow and you can tell me all about your evening! “

“Ah, good times” he said to himself as Millie stopped filming and walked towards him. Her big tits bounced in her bikini as a determined look appeared on her face.

“Ah yes, good times indeed!” said Mark, reaching up to meet her, ” Good times indeed.”

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