All in the Family Ch. 02

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Jamie finished class early which was good because he had, had a hard time concentrating all day. This morning’s scene of Mary and William ran through his head till a steady erection and sweaty hands were all he had to show for it. Leaving the campus he’d squealed tires, hurrying and speaking to no one.

He came through the door quietly but had decided to rush to Mary’s room as soon as possible to figure out what was going on. Jamie noticed that the house was eerily silent even though both William’s and Mary’s cars were in the driveway, giving Jamie the impression that both were home. When he’d cracked the door to Mary’s room he knew he’d been right.

William and Mary lay asleep on the bed; William rested his head on Mary’s chest as her arms wrapped around him. Jamie stood in the doorway watching, feeling his dick twitch as he looked on at the naked couple.

“I wore him out,” Mary whispered, startling Jamie. She laughed, “I just kept asking for more.”

William stirred, “Hmm?”

“Nothing Daddy, just talking to Jamie.”

“Hmm,” William replied lazily, going back to sleep.

Mary giggled again, “See I told you so.”

Jamie had stepped inside the room now, leaning up against the door, “Are you aware of how awkward this is? How awkward it’s going to be for Dad? What will we tell people Mary? Did any of this come to mind when you seduced him? What were you trying to do anyhow, poker oyna replace Mom?”

Mary became serious as she quietly slid off the bed, trying not to wake her father; she left her room, taking Jamie by the arm to follow her to his room. When they closed the door behind her she instructed Jamie to sit on his bed while she stood in front of him still completely naked.

“Look, I’m not trying to replace Mom, that’s the very last thing I’d want to do.”

“Sister or not, I can’t concentrate on what you’re saying if you’re naked,” Jamie pulled a t-shirt off the bed and threw it at her. “Here, put this on.”

Mary sat down on the bed after putting on the large shirt, and then she continued, “Okay, as I was saying. I love Daddy but it wasn’t until last weekend that I realized how much and in a different way. It’s much like the way my friend Rachel, from my English class, loves her father and her whole family in fact. They all fuck each other and whoever they bring home, I had a great time there that weekend and plan on going again.”

Jamie listened carefully, unable to concentrate on Mary’s words but rather moved his thoughts to her body.

“Mary, you’re making me extremely horny,” Jamie stated, stroking his dick through his jeans. “I hate to say it but I think you need to fuck me.”

Mary stood right in front of him again and took off the t-shirt, looking down with a raised eyebrow canlı poker oyna and smirk on her face she replied, “Really? You want to fuck your sister?” Mary taunted and teased him by unbuttoning his shirt and straddling his lap. She put and finger between her legs, fingering the inside of her pussy while the other hand played with her hardening nipple.

“Oh God, oh fuck,” Jamie blurted, his dick twitched in response to Mary’s show.

She leaned in close to his ear, whispering,” Fuck me Jamie. Put your fat fucking dick inside me and fuck my brains out.” She paused a moment before smiling devilishly. “Spank me because I’ve been bad.”

Barely able to control himself he whispered,” I’ll do you one better sis, lay down.”

With a grin, Mary obliged, placing herself in the middle of the bed. Jamie reached over beside the bed into his nightstand drawer and pulled out a pair of hand cuffs and keys. Once again, a smile broke out across her face as Jamie clasped them to her wrists, looping them in between the bars of his headboard. Jamie then stood up in order to quickly undress, getting back on the bed he straddled himself on top of Mary until his dick could easily slip into her mouth.

“Suck it baby, suck it hard.”

Jamie pointed his dick in her mouth, which she gladly received, bobbing her head in her own rhythm. Jamie leaned back, pushing his dick further into her mouth while he reached internet casino back to fondle the folds of her pussy. Jamie’s breathing became faster as Mary moaned around his dick in response to his fondling.

“Oh Mary baby, I’ve got to fuck you, I can’t handle it any longer.”

Jamie slowly slid his dick out of Mary’s mouth, who continued to suck it until the head completely escaped her lips. Jamie spread her legs after moving in between them, he slipped inside her, filling her, both moaning in unison. Slowly his pace started off slow to enjoy the sensation while he pumped and hovered over her he leaned down, kissing her intently, grabbing a handful of hair he yanked her head back towards the pillow while he feasted and suckled on her neck, shoulder, and chest.

Suddenly he broke his harsh affections to change positions. Leaning back while continuing his pace he put both of her legs on either one of his shoulders, his pace quickened into a frantic rhythm.

Mary moaned loudly as she neared her final climax. Jamie’s breath became ragged with his exhausting rhythm, he brought his hand to Mary’s bottom briefly massaging before smacking it once, then again until it blended with the same pace as his pumping motion.

“Ahh, ah, ah!” Mary moaned loudly as her orgasm overcame her body. Her hands fumbled to grab the rails of the headboard while her body rose and bucked, her toes curled. With a grunt Jamie released his seed inside her, stopping his movement entirely he collapsed on top of her.

“Holy shit, that was good,” Jamie heaved out after catching his breath.

“Mmm, yes it was, damn good.”

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