An Anniversary to Remember

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Opening the bathroom door I stepped out into my bedroom and, immediately turning slightly to the side, pushed my hip up, my chest out and whispered seductively;

“Hey big brother you like what you see?”

I was wearing a denim mini skirt that was so short that, in addition to showing off the full length of my long well shaped deeply tanned legs, just angling my hip up all but showed the curve of my well rounded ass cheek. Not only that but if I were to bend over completely, I would be giving anyone behind me one hell of a show, as all that was underneath, was the lacy blue thong that I had bought last week just for tonight, that left my ass cheeks bare. Of course, those legs may only be noticed, if my brother happened to start at the bottom because I am sure that as soon as he got a look at my small but very perky tits pushing their way out of the flimsy white tank top he would lose all desire to look anywhere else. Well that’s what I was hoping anyways. Right now however, the only audience I had was the mirror over my bureau that I was posing in front of. With a sigh I bent over, putting my hands on my thighs, and squeezing my arms together, forced my titties out further and while pushing my full soft lips into a pout I whispered;

“Oh please big brother? Oh you know you want to!”

Laughing nervously I stopped posing and walking over to the bureau sat down and, after checking to make sure that my long raven black hair was still holding the curl I put into it after the shower, I picked up my eye shadow and began lightly applying it. Well trying to that is, as twice I had to stop and give myself a minute for my hands to stop shaking, I was so nervous. Tonight was the night. After thinking about it, dreaming about it, and of course masturbating to it for months now I was finally going to do it. Tonight was the night I was going to give myself away and have sex for the first time. I suppose every girl was nervous their first time but in my defense I think I might be just a little bit more so because of the fact that the man I was going to give myself to was my brother Paul.

I shook my head realizing how bad that sounded, as if I were in a Jerry Springer episode but, fact of the matter was that ever since I was 14, mom had been telling me that my first one should be someone special, someone I truly loved and who did I love more than my brother Paul? The answer of course was no one. Being fraternal twins born only hours apart Paul and I shared that exceptional closeness that most twins did. That extreme sense of “oneness” where at times one of us would be thinking exactly what the other was and, even when there were times that we weren’t together, we could somehow “feel” if the other was okay or not. There was no bigger example of that then the day six years ago to this very date that I had almost drowned.

Paul and I were twelve and were at summer camp. The two of us had been swimming with some other kids but we, like many twins, tended to want to keep to ourselves and many times preferred our own company to that of others. It was this behavior that had prompted mom and dad to send us to camp in the first place; so that we would socialize with other kids our age. Honestly had they really been thinking, they would have sent us to separate camps because where one of us was the other was always soon to appear.

Well Paul and I had decided that we’d had enough socializing and wandered off into the woods on our own. We found a nice little deserted patch of rocks along the river bank and, after swimming for awhile, laid out on the rocks to catch some sun. After a while we put our clothes back on over our bathing suits and Paul, thinking it would be fun to try to build a fire, went into the woods to find some sticks that he thought would work. The last thing he had said before he wandered off was to stay out of the water because there was no one else around.

After he had left I went and sat by the water, sticking just my toes in ,and playing with the new bracelet mom had given me for my birthday last month. I must not have put the clasp on right as, while I was spinning it around my wrist, it fell off. I went to catch it before it landed in the mud but accidently slapped it further into the water. Afraid of losing it, I immediately ran into the water and, moving too quickly, stepped on a rock and slipping fell under the water where I smashed my head on another rock. I cried out in pain and, sucking in a mouthful of water, began choking and panicking. I could feel the current pulling me away and was already gagging. I tried to suck my breath in and inhaled more water. I was scared and could already feel my head pounding and my lungs burning. I tried to get out of the water but my feet wouldn’t touch bottom. I was getting dizzy and my arms and legs were beginning to feel heavy and useless. At that moment I knew I was going to die and my last thought just before I blacked out was of my brother Paul and how he would be alone.

The next thing I knew, I was on the bank on my back, and Paul’s mouth poker oyna was over mine and he was blowing down my throat. I started coughing and choking and Paul immediately rolled me over and, pulling me up on my knees, began pounding hard on my back with his hand. I coughed up a ton of water and after a few minutes of gasping for breath in between coughing I was okay.

I sat there crying with my brother holding me, stroking my wet hair, and telling me it would be okay. After awhile I regained my senses a bit and said how lucky I was that he had come back in time. Paul had looked at me and said he wasn’t done but, suddenly his chest felt tight and he became really nervous, he didn’t know why, but he thought of me. Paul said he all but ran back and that’s when he saw me floating face down in the water. I have to say to this day when I think about it I am always amazed at how calm Paul was; being able, at the age of twelve, to not only get me out of the water but administer CPR. Most adults couldn’t have reacted as well; then again Paul had always been the much more mature and serious of the two of us.

Paul and I decided not to tell mom and dad because, besides being shaken up, I was okay and we didn’t want to get them upset. We also did enjoy the camp and didn’t want them not to send us again. That had happened on July 9th and every year since then I would always show my appreciation for my brother’s heroics with a gift. Paul would always say I didn’t have to give him anything but I also knew that he enjoyed it and, whether he would admit it or not, did look for something from me. I knew it wasn’t about the gift itself which usually wasn’t anything really special, last year it was speakers for his car stereo, but the tradition of it, and the fact that it was our special day.

Well today was the ninth and usually I gave Paul his gift first thing in the morning. It was now approaching eight at night and, although he hadn’t said anything over dinner, I knew Paul was expecting something. I of course said nothing, not even the “Happy anniversary big brother” I would whisper in his ear that was always accompanied with a big hug and kiss on the cheek. No, so far today had been just another day. Paul had left for work early and I had done a 12-6 at the restaurant I waitressed at. We had gotten home about the same time, ate supper after which, I had told him I was going to shower and, seeing neither of us had plans, why not order some movies on demand? I could make some popcorn and we could chill on the couch. Paul had shrugged and said okay and I couldn’t help but smile to myself at the look of disappointment on his face that I hadn’t acknowledged the day.

Well hopefully disappointment wouldn’t be the look on his face an hour or so from now because I certainly had not forgotten about our special day and this year this girl was going to give her wonderful brother the best gift ever; me, all of me, my body, as well as my heart.

I’m not really sure exactly when I had started seeing Paul as more than my brother as we had always been so close to begin with. I think the first real glimpse I’d had of it was a weird feeling of jealousy when Paul had started dating a girl named Shelia a couple of years ago. I didn’t know why it bothered me but it did. I just remember thinking that she would never understand him or treat him as well as I could. Even as those thoughts would pass through my mind I wondered what the hell they meant, after all, I was his sister not his girlfriend. Paul and I told each other everything and a few months after he had started seeing Sheila he told me that they had had sex for the first time at her house and I once again felt that crazy feeling of jealousy. I had gone to bed that night with the image of my brother’s well muscled body on top of Sheila, pumping her slowly, his mouth fastened to her tits, while she moaned and told him she loved him. I had ended up in tears that night and couldn’t understand why.

I had been way too happy when, a few months after that, they had broken up. That was a year ago and since then Paul had gone out with, and also slept with, a cheerleader named Cindy. That had lasted only a couple of months and as far as I know Paul hadn’t even had a date since then. I found myself strangely excited that he hadn’t been with anyone since and, as my feelings for him grew stronger and stronger, I felt myself getting more nervous every time he mentioned a girl or I saw one flirting with him. What had really given me some hope that I might have a shot is that when I had asked Paul what had happened with Cindy he had shrugged and said that it had been the same as Shelia. Paul said he just didn’t feel comfortable, as if it wasn’t really right, he said he figured it meant that the right one was out there somewhere he just hadn’t met her yet.

On my end it seemed as if I had felt that way right from the start, as far back as my first date at age fifteen I always compared every boy to my brother. Not just looks, although my brother was a great looking guy, hell he looked like me so canlı poker oyna how could he not be, but how sweet and caring he was. My brother played high school football and was pretty good, but unlike most of the arrogant jocks Paul was sweet, down to earth, and pretty shy. My mother worried about him and always said that my brother was the type of guy that nice girls should get but the bad girls ended up with. When I had asked what she meant Mom said that Paul was the kind of sweet heart who could end up being taken advantage of and she hoped he found a girl that would appreciate him.

Well I knew one girl who would love to appreciate him and in every way! Not that I was even really sure what every way meant just yet but I was certainly willing to do anything my brother would ask of me. Obviously, unlike Paul, I had yet to have sex. Not that I didn’t get offers. At 5’9″ and 125lbs my body was long and tight with a nice firm ass and beautiful legs built up from years of dance classes. My tits weren’t the biggest, but fit well on the rest of my slender form. I had long black hair, smooth even features, and my hazel eyes always got compliments on the way they changed colors in the light. I also had a pair of very soft full lips, the kind that were made to pout, and kiss and:

“Suck cock” I whispered then giggled.

The giggle was that of a little girl, and even though tonight I was going to become a woman, I still knew that Paul could never resist it, so little girl cute it was. Well as cute as I could be with my ass all but hanging out anyway. Of course going back to what I had just whispered, it’s not like I had ever sucked on one, but I had watched a lot of dirty movies on the internet, and it looked easy and kind of fun. To date the farthest I had gone was a few months ago with Tom, the last guy I had tried to date before giving in completely, and admitting to myself I wanted my brother. We had gone out to a movie with another couple and Tom had smuggled a bottle of southern comfort out of his house. We had poured it into a soda cup in the theater and passed it around all through the movie.

We were all light weights and by the time we had left the theater we all had a buzz. The other girl’s parents were away for the weekend and we went back to her house. I am sure if I hadn’t had been drinking I wouldn’t have gone home, but I had known Tom for awhile, and he was a decent guy so I went along. As soon as we got there the other couple vanished into her bedroom leaving me and Tom on the couch. Tom slid up close to me and, putting his arms around me, we started kissing. I didn’t mind, I enjoyed kissing, plus Tom was pretty hot and the booze had me feeling damn good so after a few minutes we were going at it pretty hot and heavy.

I was wearing a black mini skirt and, as we kissed, Tom’s hand that had started at my knee, had made it up so far up my thigh that I could feel the edge of his hand rubbing against the thin material of my panties. I had begun breathing heavier and had removed my lips from Tom’s; as I did his lips found my neck and began sucking on it. His other hand had found my nipple through the thin material of my shirt and lace bra and he was squeezing it lightly. I heard a high pitched whimpering and realized it was coming from me as Tom’s fingers slid into the crotch of my panties and rubbed along my wet pussy. I moaned again feeling my hips thrust against his hand as if they had a mind of their own, and then gasped, as his finger slid inside of my very wet pussy. I winced as it hurt a little but a minute later his thumb found my clit and I started moaning and moving my hips into his finger.

At the same time that my hips seemed to be moving without my permission, my hand dropped to Tom’s lap, and I felt his hard cock through his jeans. He moaned and bringing my other hand down I unzipped them and reaching in began to rub his cock. Tom began to make a whimpering sound much like mine as I wrapped my hand around his shaft and started stroking it. Tom was moaning and moving his hips into my hand the same way I was into his finger. I felt a tightness in my stomach and as Tom pushed his finger in even deeper I let my head roll back and released an embarrassingly loud moan as I came for the first time from someone else’s fingers.

As soon as I had finished moaning, Tom had gently pushed me back into the corner of the couch and standing pushed his jeans and underwear down. He then got on his knees between my legs and reaching up, grabbed my panties, and after sliding them off, knelt down between my legs. Tom began to slowly lower himself, and as he did, I reached down grabbing his hard cock again and started stroking it. Tom groaned and I could feel him trembling as he was getting closer to pushing his cock down between my legs. I had every intention of letting him at that point; my heart was pounding and I was flush from both the orgasm and the alcohol. I found myself sliding further down onto the couch and opening my legs a little more. Tom didn’t have anything on, but mom had put me on internet casino the pill a couple of years ago, so I had nothing to worry about, all I had to do was lie back, and close my eyes and….

I was suddenly confronted with a vision of my brother Paul. Not just any vision, but one of him in Tom’s place, leaning over me his, muscular arms alongside my body, he was naked and lowering himself down on top of me. Paul was looking me in the eye with those beautiful hazel eyes that were identical to my own. His face was bending to meet mine, his lips parting, and as he closed in he whispered;

“I love you Dawn.”

My eyes popped open and I put my hand on Tom’s chest. Tom looked down at me and gave me a little smile and said;

“Come on Dawn I … I love you.”

We had been going together a few months and, a minute ago I might have believed him, or it might have meant something but, after hearing my brother say it, even in my mind, it just didn’t seem right. I kept my hand on Tom’s chest and whispered;

“I can’t.”

Tom started to say something but then moaned as I had never let go of his cock and now started rapidly pumping it with my fist. Tom groaned again and I feeling his cock twitch in my hand I felt something hot and sticky spraying my thigh. I kept pumping and Tom had kept cumming until, with a little whimper, he rolled over onto his side panting. I quickly sat up and after using my panties to wipe the cum off my thigh and then balling them up and shoving them in my purse told him I wanted to go home. We didn’t really say anything on the way and a couple of weeks later I broke up with him. I felt bad; Tom was a nice guy but as Paul had said it just didn’t seem right. However that night had erased any doubt for me who would be right.

That had been back in March and now that I had come to terms with my feelings I had spent the last few months trying to figure out how to make it happen. My parents were almost always home and it’s not like I had an excuse to try to get a hotel room and get Paul in there with me. I certainly didn’t want my first time, and our first time together, to be in car somewhere so I just waited and hoped something would come up before some cute girl made a move on him. That something had come up last month, when over dinner, mom and dad announced that they were going away on a second honeymoon on July third and wouldn’t be back until Monday the twelfth.

As soon as they had said it my heart began to pound and I was struck by the thought that that was week of our anniversary! On that note, I wanted to smack myself, for not thinking of that before. How absolutely perfect it would be for me to profess my love for my brother on that very special day. During the next month I had tried to figure out the best way to go about seducing my brother and was pretty much coming up dry. Between the fact I didn’t have a lot to go by and, that I still sometimes caught myself thinking about how wrong it sounded, I was at a loss for what to do. The one saving grace I had was that the ninth was Friday so I had all week to figure it out. Of course there was a part of me that didn’t want to wait that long, figuring if I could get Paul to want me, we would have all week long to play, but in the end the thought of giving Paul the best gift ever was just too much to resist.

As I had lied in bed that night, my fingers still wet from masturbating yet again to the thought of my brother fucking me, I was struck by the thought that waiting until the end of the week could be a good thing. Rather than just taking Paul completely by surprise I could use the week to try to set the tone, get him thinking more and more about me. As it was there was quite a few times lately that I had sworn Paul was looking at me. Usually I chalked that up to wishful thinking but there were a couple of occasions where Paul and I had been talking when I had thought he was checking me out and, as I thought about it while staring at him, I swear I could “feel” him thinking the same thing. That had given me more confidence that this could work because usually, when I had that feeling that we were thinking the same thing, it was almost always right. Those moments, coupled with the fact it had been quite awhile since Paul had shown any interest in another girl, had my hopes up and I spent the next few days planning some things to make the week “interesting”

Monday had pretty much been a lost day; Paul had to work all day and I had an early afternoon to close shift so we didn’t see each other at all. Tuesday however had been a different story. I had the day off and an hour before Paul got home from his landscaping job I took a shower and put on just a pair of panties and a night shirt. When Paul had come home he had been completely exhausted and had hopped in right into the shower. I was waiting in the parlor when he came out wearing just a pair of shorts and I swear I could feel my pussy begin to drip. My brother looked amazing; of course being my twin Paul had same thick black hair, beautiful hazel eyes, and smooth features as me. Four years of football had built my brother’s once scrawny build into over two hundred pounds of solid muscle spread out over his six foot one frame, and the landscaping had given him a hell of a tan.

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