Awakening Ch. 11: The Playroom

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The drive from the mall to Emma’s was magnificent. The traffic was light, the temperature perfect and my body was buzzing with a delicious sexual tingle that thankfully just wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t shake the wonderful thoughts of my delightful escapade with my new BFF Sarah, and who’d want to. I was still amazed at myself. There’s no way I would have done any of that stuff before spending this past weekend with Emma. I couldn’t get over how easy it had been with Sarah. She clearly wanted it, but I wanted it too. I wanted to push her and I had fun doing it. I was still very confused that it was so easy for me to be dominant with Sarah because I’d always been a submissive with Emma, and I loved both roles. I loved being dominant with Sarah, but everything was totally different with Emma. The whole switch thing really was confusing to me. Hopefully Emma would be able to explain it to me sometime.

As I pulled into her driveway I was struck by how different I’d become in just two short, but very enlightening days. Emma had accomplished a lot with me. She let me discover who I am, and I did it without any fear of being wrong or feeling bad. That eye opening experience is something most people will never have the good fortune to have. Embracing my inner slut was like the huge red cherry on top of a delicious gooey sundae for me. Not only did I know who I was, but I understood why I loved and accepted being a collared sex whore. Most people couldn’t, or wouldn’t admit something like that to themselves, but, for me, admitting it was a huge rush and an intense release. A smile spread across my face as I let that last thought sink in.

I’d sat in the car far too long and needed to head inside. I took the silk pouch out of my purse and as I opened it I brought the bag to my nose and took a deep breath. The smell of the leather inside was intoxicating. It evoked nasty, naughty memories as I buckled it and fastened the lock in place. What a wonderful little click the lock made. I smoothed my blouse leaving the top two buttons undone making sure plenty of cleavage was showing. I slid out of the car feeling very happy with myself and I strolled up to the front door and let myself into the house. I headed to the kitchen where I thought Emma would likely be.

My heels clicked softly on the hardwood making the distinctive noises that brought back the memories of all the naughty things I’d already done in this house. I was turned on and I was lost in my wonderful memories as I stepped into the kitchen. I turned the corner and froze in my footsteps; holy fuck! Emma was standing there looking just as stunning, just as erotic, and just as exotic as any of the pictures I’d seen on her computer. I could just as easily have been looking at the centerfold of Penthouse or Playboy. Everything about her screamed, “Come fuck me.”

Emma was leaning provocative against the edge of the counter holding a glass of wine in one hand and fingering her pussy with the other. My god, she was beyond stunning. What little she was wearing created an unbelievably x-rated image. A simple black leather waist cincher was laced tightly around her tummy creating an outrageous hour glass shape. The shiny leather nipped her waist making it look tiny and her big, fat, creamy ski-slope shaped tits looked absolutely gigantic. Her pussy looked delicious as she slowly ran her finger up and down the glistening pink slit between her flaired swollen lips. I couldn’t control my eyes and they flitted uncontrollably from her tits, to her pussy, back to her smiling face. I was utterly speechless and couldn’t get enough of her unbelievable body. My eyes wouldn’t stop moving from spot to spot and my breathing was labored and my pulse was pounding through the roof. I was astonished that she looked so sexy, and so slutty yet she looked so feminine and I wanted her so much.

Fuck, she’d done it again. She’d used her magical powers to completely confound me and the impish smile that appeared on her face told me she was very pleased with herself. Apparently she was reading my mind and the mischievous smile that had been on her face since I walked in the room spread wide across her face making her beautiful eyes crinkle slightly, “See anything you like dearie?”

I swallowed hard trying to make the lump in my throat go away. I couldn’t speak. My breathing was totally out of control and I was shaking a bit just looking at her. I cleared my throat again, working the saliva down and began hoarsely and slowly, “Fuck yes Emma! Jesus, you are the most beautiful, the most desirable, the.” I fumbled looking for the words I needed and I finally continued, “Kinkiest, hottest slutiest lady I’ve ever known. It is my total pleasure to gaze upon you and enjoy your wonderful beauty. I hope I am worthy to be with you and to serve you for your pleasure.”

I continued to stare wide eyed at her, drinking in the unbelievable creature standing in front of me. She defined pure, total erotica. Her red hair poker oyna was done up in a fancy pony tail that sprouted out the top of her head, cascading toward her back. Beautiful tasseled earrings of fine silver filigree hung delicately from her ears. They just grazed her bare shoulders when she moved. I’d never seen boots as sexy as the ones she had on. The heels were at least five inches tall and the black and white snake skin material fit her like a glove molding to her long shapely legs like a second skin. One ankle was casually crossed over the other creating a provocative valley where her boots pressed against one another. It led perfectly to Emma’s very inviting, very smooth, very wet pussy slit; what a delicious x-rated look. Her eyes were dark and smoky and half closed as she continued to gaze back at me and smile conspiratorially. Jesus, she was just off the hook fucking gorgeous and sexy as fuck and I was going to have the pleasure of doing her bidding soon.

Finally she crooked her finger beckoning me to her. I’d only been away from her for a day, but I couldn’t wait to touch her. I walked slowly swaying my hips softly trying to be as sexy as I could in my work clothes. When I got close enough she put her arm around me and pulled me to her. Our kiss was heavenly. Our tongues danced playfully around each other. She tasted so good. She finally pulled back and between little baby kisses she whispered huskily, “I’ve laid some things out for you in the bedroom. Go put them on dearie. I’ll wait for you in the living room.”

I kissed her softly and looked into her eyes, “You are unbelievable Emma. Words are impossible. Every time I’m with you, things go to places that I can’t even begin to imagine. It’s like being on one thrill ride after another, and if I’m worthy, I hope the thrills never stop.” I kissed her quickly and headed out of the kitchen making sure I swayed my ass as seductively as I could as I left. I walked down the hallway unbuttoning my blouse letting it slide off my shoulders as I walked in the bedroom. I flipped the light switch on and could never have predicted what awaited me on the bed; boots just like Emma’s, a waist cincher just like Emma’s and earrings just like Emma’s. I couldn’t believe my eyes. How fucking cool was that?

I couldn’t wait to get into my new stuff and I was naked in no time. I positioned the cincher around my waist with the laces in the front so I could get it as tight as possible. Once it was laced I turned it around and pulled it up just under my tits so they hung over the soft leather. The feel of the tight leather was such a turn on and the look was fucking pornographic. I watched myself in the mirror as I played with each nipple and they stiffened quickly into hard nubs. What a slutty, sexy look. Emma was simply amazing. I continued staring at myself as I switched my earrings for the silver tasseled ones. They were perfect; so dainty and feminine, yet very sexy and slutty.

It was time for the boots. I sat on the bed and slipped my foot into the soft leather. The snake skin was sexy and erotic and the five inch heels fit perfect. I stood and pulled the zipper that started inside my ankle. The snake skin molded to my calf hugging it softly and erotically. I slowly worked the zipper up my leg until it ended almost at the vee between my legs. I hurried into the second one. The boots were like magic. I looked into the mirror and I was brunette version of Emma…sexy and slutty.

I redid my makeup adding some darker eye shadow like Emma was wearing and I pushed my hair into a pile on my head with some scrunches I found. Now I really looked like Emma. I looked into the mirror again. Damn, I loved what I was looking at. I looked hot. The high spike heels made me stand very erect and made my ass cheeks tighten into two firm globes. My big titties hung lewdly in provocative arcs and my hard nipples pointed at the ceiling. Damn, what a hot bitch I was. I slid my hand to my pussy and I pushed my fingers inside. I closed my eyes while I pleasured myself toying with the silky pearl at the top of my slit. Damn, what a feeling. I stretched my pussy lips, pulling and rubbing them so that they were shiny with my ever present pussy juice. I marveled as I watched myself in the mirror as I spread my pussy lips wide open like a very pink butterfly. I thought it was a nice touch. I was ready for whatever might lie ahead and headed for the living room. On the way I detoured to the kitchen for a glass of wine. There was a note on the bottle. Pour yourself a glass and join us in the lower level.

Hmmmm, what the fuck did Emma have up her sleeve now? And lower level, what was that all about? I filled my glass headed out of the kitchen. I really liked the sound of my heels clicking on the hardwood as I looked for a door going downstairs. It was crazy how such a little thing like a sound could become so meaningful. As I took each step I swayed my body gently getting used to my new boots and my newly adopted canlı poker oyna gait. I felt wonderful; like a high class call girl ready to meet her date for the evening. Damn, wouldn’t mom be proud? I giggled to myself. Well, I didn’t know about mom, but I was in seventh heaven. It didn’t take long for me to find the right door. There was a sticky note that read, “Down here.”

I opened the door and started down the stairs. The tassel earrings dangled nicely against my neck and kind of tickled. The lighting was dim but enough for me to make my way down the stairs in my new high heel boots. At the bottom of the stairs I turned down a small hallway and headed in the direction of the music. I’m not sure if there is anything in the world that could have prepared me for what awaited me around the corner.

I tuned into the room and stopped dead. My mouth was hanging open and my eyes bulging wide open. Not ten feet from me, a big black dude with a hood covering his head was lying on his stomach across an ottoman. Derek was kneeling in front of him with his cock stuffed in the guy’s mouth. That was crazy enough, but Emma had a strap-on dildo buried in the guy’s ass. I leaned against the door frame steadying myself. Watching the bizarre threesome in front of me made me light headed and I took several gulps of my wine to fortify myself. My nipples had already responded. They were swollen and rock hard and I slid a finger onto my clit and rubbed softly. Derek smiled and waved at me like you do when you see an old friend in the grocery; fucking crazy!

The room was unbelievable. My heart beat faster as I took the place in. A thin red neon tube ran along the walls near the ceiling. It bathed the room in a warm red glow and gave everyone a nice warm velvet glow. Mirrors covered the walls and ceiling, and at one end of the room was a rack sort of thing filled with all kinds of restraints, dildos, and other sexual toys and tools; holy…fucking…shit. Welcome to Emma’s play room. I guess Ii should have figured she’d have one somewhere. I mean why wouldn’t she?

The action going on in front of me was quite unbelievable, but then I remembered this was Emma. She smiled and beckoning me to her. I sauntered toward Emma making sure I swayed my hips softly showing off my pussy. Since my pussy was right at her eye level I wanted to impress her. As I passed the guy lying on the ottoman I gave him a good once over and he looked like he was in pretty good shape, with nice arm muscles and a really defined back. Even though the lights were low, I could see he had a very nice sized cock that hung attractively between his parted legs. His cock looked firm, sort of semi-hard. I wondered how soon it would be before I’d get the opportunity to sample it. I hoped it would be soon, I was really looking forward to sucking his cock. I smiled as I realized how right Lenore was. I had become a card carrying slut who just loved sucking cock. I smiled even bigger. His cock had a big head and looked yummy.

Emma pursed her lips for a kiss and without delay I knelt and fed her my tongue. I balanced my wine as I slid my arm around her and caressed her back and neck. Damn, there is nothing in the world like feeling Emma’s silky tongue slide into your mouth. Everything about kissing Emma is so addictive. Her mouth is soft and pliant, yet so demanding. I get lost every time my mouth touches hers. I could feel her body sway as she continued to fuck the guy in the hood as we kissed. The notion that she was fucking some dude while we kissed was crazy fucking nuts and my heart beat even faster. I could feel my pussy begin to leak down my thigh. Finally Emma broke our kiss and smiled warmly at me, “You look absolutely beautiful my little slut. You being here is so perfect and I think it’s time for your training to continue.”

God only knows what Emma had in mind, but I’d already made my mind up that she could do whatever she wanted with me. I belonged to her and that was exhilarating. Just hearing her words filled me with excitement. I hadn’t moved from her side and just watched as she pumped the dildo in and out of the black dude’s ass. Emma’s face was intent as she held his hips and pumped hard into him. His ass grabbed at the dildo every time she pulled it back. Jesus, I bet that’s the way my asshole looked when Derek was fucking me the other night…what a nasty sight. I thought about Derek’s cock in my ass and I glanced his way to check him out. Derek was slowly skull fucking hood guy. His cock was covered in saliva and by what I could see the guy in the hood was doing a damn good job sucking Derek’s abundant dick; much better than I’d done.

Emma was holding onto the dude’s hips tightly, “He likes having his ass fucked and he loves sucking dick. He’s a fun play toy. Check his cock for me and see if he’s hard.”

Fuck, how kinky is that? I reached under the guy and grabbed his dick and jacked it a few times. I turned back to Emma and reported like I was telling her internet casino the temperature, “He s stiff, but not rock hard.”

She had that look on her face, “Get down there and suck his dick. I want you to get him hard as steel so I can ride the kinky little bitch.”

I didn’t blink an eye. I put my wine glass on a table nearby and got down on the floor and slid my head under his body. It was perfect. I took about four inches of his thick meat in my mouth and I got a really nice surprise. Hood boy’s thick cock wasn’t circumcised. Mmmm, he was the second uncut cock I had the pleasure of sucking since my training had started, and he was going to be my first black cock; damn! Wow he had a lot more foreskin than Victor and I took my time experimenting, sliding and pulling his foreskin. Damn, what a fun, fun toy. I pulled it all the way back and licked at his pee hole; his cock twitched nicely. Fuck, this was the third complete stranger’s cock I was sucking in as many days. Wow, how my life had changed. I loved the new me. Sucking cock was quickly becoming my number one new hobby.

His cock felt good in my mouth and I ran my tongue all over his dick as I played with his big balls. He was bigger than I thought I liked the shape of his head. I pulled the skin down from around his bulbous head and tickled the underside of his cock with my tongue. His dick began to swell significantly as it filled with blood. I could tell by the way he was trying to hunch my face that he liked the way I was sucking his cock. As I played with his growing cock and his slippery foreskin I thought how every cock was the same, but oh so different. Playing with this one was fun and exciting and I pulled the foreskin up over the head and then slide my tongue up under it and caressed the end of his dick. He liked that little trick just as much as Victor did and hood boy’s cock really started twitching…oh what fun. His rod was throbbing and as rigid as I thought he was going to get so I gave Emma the news. She told me to keep sucking. She’d be ready for him in a minute. She pulled out of his ass and stepped away. Then I heard her yell at hood guy to get in the middle of the mattress on the floor.

Hood guy scrambled to the mattress and lie on his back with his big cock pointing skyward. He was a solid eight inches and thick, but not super fat like Victor. Derek moved to the couch and sat down to watch. Emma told me to go entertain Derek while she got herself fucked. It sounded like a good idea to me so I got up and joined Derek. Damn, what a gorgeous man he is. He welcomed me with open arms and our mouths found each other immediately. I let my tongue play over his lips as I gazed into his eyes and enjoyed his mouth. He was good but nowhere near as good as Emma. His fingers went to work immediately on my very damp pussy.

Emma wasted no time in straddling hood guy’s body and squatted over him. Then she spread her shiny meaty lips and lowered herself until the tip of his stiff cock made contact with her pussy. A very contented look came over Emma’s face as she slowly impaled herself on her fuck toy. She looked at me and mouthed, “Thank You.” She leaned forward resting her hands on his muscled chest for leverage, and then started riding him like Brahma bull. The black guy moaned loudly and grabbed her hips to keep her firmly ensconced on his dick. Watching his dick appear and disappear was really something to watch. Emma’s eyes closed as she bounced up and down fucking herself on his big dong. Her massive titties bounced in every direction like big jelly filled balloons. Fucking awesome!

Derek continued to work my pussy and his fingers were deep inside my gooey tunnel. His talented fingers made my pussy drip and his gorgeous dick looked ready, pointed skyward like a steel girder. Mmmm, Derek had fucking on his mind too and it took very little persuasion to get me onto his lap reverse cowgirl style. He put his cock to my opening and I lowered myself onto him. This time his cock slid in all the way to his balls with no problem at all. I had that wonderfully full feeling again and I rocked softly working his tool even deeper into my very lubricated slit. I bent forward slightly so he had a better angle to fuck me even deeper.

Jesus, his dick felt magnificent as it spread my cunt. Wow, what a difference a few days made. Actually, reflecting on it, it was Victor that really made the difference. His massive cock really stretched my pussy. In any event, I realized again how much I loved that wonderful full feeling. Mmmm, Derek filling me felt so fucking good. I savored the wonderful sensations as he maneuvered his cock slowly around in my pussy. I was pretty much in heaven and my eyes sort of glazed over, and finally closed.

Other than the music the only sounds in the room were heavy breathing, grunting and sloshy pussy noises. The room smelled of musky, nasty sex and was so wonderful. I was lost in the moment when Emma suddenly barked huskily between gulps of air, “Derek, I want you…to shoot your load in Amy…fuck her hard…and fast… and then I…want her to sit…on Monte’s face…I want our…little cum bucket to…eat your hot cum…out of Amy’s sweet pussy.”

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