Best Friends To Lovers Ch. 01

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In the back of Kelly’s mind, she had known she was attracted to girls. Now eighteen, she wanted her best friend Grace to be her lover. It had taken one bad one night with a friend’s brother for her to discover she wasn’t into men. She’d pictured the face girl friend of hers to just to get off. It was enlightening to her but not always the easy road to follow.

In the present, Kelly and Grace had been friends for almost a month but Grace still didn’t know about Kelly’s secret; that she wanted her for more than just a friend. Grace sat in the computer chair in Kelly’s room on her laptop, while Kelly was lying on the bed pretending to read the latest Cosmo magazine; she was actually reading a Playboy.

They’d been outside all day, until it began to rain and the humidity had taken over. They came inside into the air conditioning. Grace was checking her email and Facebook to see if anybody had left any messages. She looked over at Kelly with curiosity then decided to walk over to check out what held the other woman’s interest.

It was no secret that Grace was out of the closet, she wasn’t hiding who she was but hadn’t dated anyone recently because she also liked Kelly. They had both been playing the same game without realizing it.

“I like last month’s playmate better, her breasts were firmer, and nipples looked like they’d could take a good sucking,” Grace said with no pretense about seeing the magazine.

Kelly eyes shot up, “I can, um, I was reading the article,” she said before registering what Grace said, “Wait, you’re, lesbian, you never said nothing, you don’t even act it,” Kelly added.

Grace smiled before she moved the magazine to sit down on the bed near Kelly, “Yeah well neither do you, up till about minute ago I thought you were straight,” she looked around the walls of Kelly’s room. She had noticed the music posters, her favorite NASCAR driver, cheerleaders of Dallas Cowboys, even though there were football players included but obvious now it was the girls that held her attention. The other side of the wall had concert posters and then a bulletin board that went all the way around the other three walls as though it had been made just for the room. Every thing that Kelly was into was represented on her wall, except illegal bahis the pictures that were hidden in her floor board so nobody who came in her room would see.

“My family knows, and a few friends at school, but high school’s over now,” Kelly rambled, ” well there is one person, but she doesn’t know I like her,” Kelly finally said looking at Grace.

Grace looked back at Kelly catching that smile on her friends face, “Have you ever been with woman?” she asked.

“I have been into few strip clubs to the back rooms using fake id, I have seen strip tease and had lap dances,” Kelly said little nervous noticing that she was wetter than she had been from reading the Playboy.

Grace shook her head, “That’s not what I mean, I mean, have you ever had another woman’s hands against you’re body?” she asked looking at her friend as she got up going to the bedroom door turning the lock so nobody would come into the room.

Kelly could barely get out the word no; she didn’t know why her heart was moving pumping so fast but she’d been having dreams being with Grace lately. Ever since the other woman had moved to town to be exact, then again maybe before that, but now the woman in her dreams was the one in front her.

Grace had been girls that didn’t know what they were doing, and some women who’d been around the block. She’d been out since she was fifteen, and luckily her parents had supported her as well. Her Step mom had offered to stay in New York, but her father’s job had moved him to their present town. They all agreed it’d be hard but they’d move as family. She was glad of that now, because the last month, she’d found Kelly who she really liked.

“If you haven’t been with a woman and that’s your desire then let me show you how its done,” Grace said in voice that made butterflies in Kelly’s stomach. It turned her on; she’d only thought about it and dreamed of what be like to have Grace’s lips on her.

Kelly sat with her back against the headboard on her pillows in the middle the bed, when Grace had locked door she’d sat up. Grace got on the bed sitting beside her. “You know what you want, and I’m going give to you, you ever been kissed?” she asked

Kelly knew what she meant and nodded, “One the clubs, when she gave illegal bahis siteleri me lap dance, she said I was hot, and kissed me before I left.”

Grace moved her head till her lips were inch from Kelly’s, “I can do better,” she said putting her hand on her friend’s face before kissed her. It was slow and soft, she responded after couple seconds.

Kelly pulled away trying to catch her breath it after it had gone on a few minutes, first slow to hungry, wanting more. Grace rested her forehead against Kelly’s, panting as well. Grace stood up to take off her shirt leaving her black lace bra to show that went with the matching panties underneath. She left her short on because she wasn’t sure how far things would go. There was no need to push Kelly for something she wasn’t ready for.

She had wanted this for long time, looking at the pictures online, watching the stash of girl on girl that her dad had hidden always blaming her brother if he noticed it was gone. The playboy magazines and even the calendar which was behind her door, yet none of it was working any more, which was why she’d gone to the strip clubs. Live and in person she’d thought would be better. However now, she was about to see and hopefully feel what was like to be with another woman.

Grace got back on bed, “Take your shirt and bra off Kelly,” she coaxed licking her own lips when Kelly’s shirt came off revealing her pebbled nipples at attention, “You’re naughty girl, you aren’t wearing a bra, I knew when you came back from the bathroom it was gone,” she said.

Kelly moaned her body was on fire and ached to be touched, “Please,” she said looking over at her friend, she wanted more than just a view, she was ready to be touched not by her own hands or the few toys she had used to experiment.

“Patience, we have till dinner, and then all night,” Grace added her voice was calmer and softer, not like when they talked to each other in front of others or just hanging out like earlier. This was different and Kelly could tell that she was safe.

Grace kissed Kelly moving her lips from hers to her neck while her hand moved over Kelly’s firm breasts. She pinched her nipple making her moan while her lips moved from her neck to her throat licking and placing kisses canlı bahis siteleri over it. Her hand moved across her toned stomach. She let her nails rake across Kelly’s right breast as her lips found the right one.

Grace got up on her knees as she heard the whimper of being let go from Kelly. She smiled looking at her friend’s face with her eyes closed she bit down on her lip as her hands holding the sheet beside her. Grace pushed her legs open so she could straddle Kelly before she bent over taking the left nipple into her mouth sucking it between her teeth as her tongue gave it a good licking.

Kelly let out loud moan, she could feel herself moisten again while she moved her hand up so they were at Grace’s side.

“Oh, please,” Kelly said arching up again trying to create more friction against her clit; it was begging to be touched. She played with it nightly bringing herself to climax over and over picturing the women from the mags.

Grace moved to her other breast sucking the nipple into her mouth as she pinched the nipple she’d just finished with. When her teeth bit down pulling at Kelly’s nipple she watched her friend’s mouth fall open, it wouldn’t be long for she was going over.

She had to smile to know that she was the first woman Kelly had really been with, she would show her what it felt like. Would give her lots of pleasure, and maybe one day induce her to the pleasure and pain side at same time. A nice spanking was something she enjoyed, or even a whip on her bare ass, one of her weaknesses.

Kelly arched up pleading for release it had been over half hour, and Grace was still teasing her sucking only long enough till she was close then stopped what she was doing. Grace smiled before she pushed both of Kelly’s breasts together she sucked and licked them all over biting down till she knew there would be marks there for Kelly to see in the mirror maybe even see when she was fondling herself at night.

“I want to cum please,” Kelly let out in gasp of moan before she did just what she was begging for. Pulling both her nipples making her cry out before sucking on one as she watched the orgasm over take Kelly. Grace smiled at her handy work; she knew how to please a woman that was for sure. She sucked the other nipple into her mouth hearing Kelly whimper lying on the bed. Her hair was on her face sweat was on her body, and she was panting. “I can suck those tits, just think what I can do that clit,” she said making Kelly’s eyes widen.

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