Brainy Teen Ch. 08

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Madelynn was utterly repulsed at the thought of having Maria go down on her and wanted to delay the inevitable. “What do you want me to do exactly?”

“You’ll play the role of the dominatrix again and order my assistants to remove the restraints. Then you’ll tease Maria, have her crawl to you while you degrade her verbally and physically, and lastly she’ll eat your pussy while you’re sitting on the purple couch back there.”

“B-but I don’t know what to do or say!”

“Aren’t you one of the smarter girls in school? You should know how to improvise.”

“But, I’ve never acted like that before. Can’t you give me a script like before?”

“No, but don’t worry I’ll assist you through the Bluetooth device.”

Because Madelynn wasn’t used to this and didn’t really like BDSM to begin with, she wanted to keep her mental involvement in these perverse activities as minimal as possible. Having a script to memorize off of would be much easier. She didn’t like the fact that Elena was forcing her to be more involved.

“Go now, we don’t have all night.” The Goth girl nudged Madelynn forward, patting her ass for further encouragement.

Having no choice, but to continue playing the dominatrix role, the teen girl walked towards the bound Maria. She walked toward her in confident steps or at least as confident as she could make herself look. Elena spoke regularly to her over the wireless earphone, giving her instructions and corrections.

By now, Madelynn was standing directly in front of Maria, holding a menacing black whip with her hand. The cameras positioned around her were already rolling and it took a lot of effort for Madelynn to not scream, call Elena a crazy bitch, and run away from this madness. She tried her best to smirk at the bound woman in front of her.

“Maria, your punishments for tonight are done. I will now grant you the privilege to sexually service me.” Madelynn felt like puking after saying those last few words. Maria replied through the gag, but Madelynn couldn’t make out what she was saying.

“Now call them in,” said Elena to the teen girl through the wireless earphone.

With an authoritative voice and loud voice, Madelynn called the assistants into the room. “Patricia and Emily, unbind this bitch.”

“Yes, Mistress,” said two voices behind her in unison.

The two women dressed black PVC mini-dresses and ankle-length laced boots walked in front of Madelynn and began untying the restraints on Maria. Once she was freed from the restraints, she kneeled on the floor languidly and then began sobbing quietly.

“The worthless slave is crying. Whip that bitch and tell her to stop.”

This felt so wrong to Madelynn. She wanted to resist the order, but couldn’t. Her emotions were in turmoil and it took a lot of effort for her not to show it.

“Stop crying, bitch!!” yelled Madelynn as she whipped Maria.

“Whip her again. Don’t soften the blows or else you will be punished!”

Maria instinctively put her hands up to fend the blows, but stopped when she heard Madelynn’s voice.

“Keep your hands down and accept the whipping!!!”

Madelynn herself felt like she was going to cry as she whipped Maria into submission. Even though she was being forced to do this, she felt like her personal ethics and morals were in jeopardy.

“Now stop the whipping. Tell her to crawl to you.”

“Come to me, Maria,” said Madelynn with a gentle voice.

Maria tried getting up, but Madelynn whipped her. “Did I say you could walk? Crawl to me like a dog!”

Because she was blindfolded, Maria could crawl to Madelynn based on the direction of Madelynn’s voice. The teen girl gradually walked backwards in the direction of the purple couch behind her.

“Come to me. Follow my voice.”

Strange feelings began to wash over Madelynn. She was beginning feel excited for some reason. What she was doing no longer seemed to bother her. In addition, her pussy was also feeling wet. She was also subconsciously looking forward to having her pussy licked by Maria, against the wishes of her conscious mind. “What’s happening to me?” wondered Madelynn as she continued the slow backward steps that were taking her closer to the purple couch.

Once Madelynn got close enough to the couch, she followed Elena’s instructions to take off her PVC top and leather skirt. Now clad only in transparent purple PVC bra, panties, and leather boots, Madelynn sat down and awaited Maria’s arrival. Once Maria bridged the remaining distance, the teen girl ordered her to lick her boots, but not before removing the panty gag first. Madelynn herself was a bit shocked to find out the gag was actually a pair of white panties when she removed it.

“Lick my boot, slave,” said Madelynn as she stuck out her right boot.

After feeling and finding Madelynn’s boot with her hands, Maria reluctantly began licking the tip of Madelynn’s right boot and slowly progressed from there all the way up to her knee, leaving a glistening trail of canlı bahis şirketleri saliva in the process. Once Maria’s tongue touched the skin on Madelynn’s thigh, then teen girl couldn’t help but produce a slight shudder.

“Kiss all the way up.”

Maria complied with the order. Madelynn continued emitting gasps of pleasure. It was almost like what Elena had done to her on that night. Even though she didn’t desire those feelings, there was no denying that they felt wonderful, so wonderful that it felt almost unnatural. She wasn’t supposed to feel like this. Despite being flooded with feelings of pleasure, Madelynn’s hazy mind tried to think. “It must be… it must have something to do with…”

She didn’t finish that thought for it was interrupted when Maria kissed Madelynn’s pussy through her transparent PVC panties. The teen girl hadn’t given her the order to do that. Somehow Maria knew what to do as she continued licking and kissing Madelynn’s panties, feeling the bumps of the black flowery designs with her tongue. The woman who was older than Madelynn then moved her shaky hands around Madelynn’s thighs and cupped her ass cheeks. A loud gasp escaped from Madelynn’s lips.

Elena spoke through the Bluetooth earphone again, “Pull aside your panties and let Maria lick you to a well-deserved orgasm.”

Not thinking twice about the consequences of following the order, the horny teen girl clenched the front part of the transparent purple panties with her fingers and pulled it aside, revealing her hairless mound to Maria. A suppressed grimace appeared on Maria’s face. Despite being blindfolded, she knew what was happening. Even though she had some training sessions on muff-diving with Elena, Maria was still hesitant to go down on the unknown girl in front of her.

“Looks like she’s still unsure of her orientation. Give her some encouragement. Push her face on to your pussy.”

Without thinking and because of her pent-up sexual frustration from all the teasing, Madelynn grabbed on to some of Maria’s hair with one hand and pushed her face so that it came in contact with her pussy. The resulting touch of Maria’s lips on her pussy made her shudder and her body tingled all over at the onset of sexual excitement.

“Lick me! Eat me!” blurted Madelynn. She then had a brief moment of self-questioning. Why had she said those words without thinking? But, those feelings of doubt were drowned out when Maria began working her tongue into the folds of her wet pussy, giving her immense pleasure.

“Uh… Uhhh… Uhhhh… Uhh… Uhhhh!”

Madelynn was lost in pleasure. Her aroused nipples became hardened nubs that strained against the inside of her purple PVC bra. Soft moans and gasps of excitement came repeatedly from between her parted magenta-painted lips. The sexual strain on her breasts was unbearable. The teen girl was unable to resist releasing one hand from Maria’s head and rising up to squeeze and manipulate her own breasts to relieve some sexual tension. By now, Maria’s oral ministration on her pussy had picked up speed and the tempo of her vivacious moans followed suit. Soon Madelynn gave a cry of release. Her thighs automatically clamped on to Maria’s head to squeeze every drop of pleasure from the orgasm as her body shuddered.

The filming ended and Elena clapped her hands. “Good job, Madelynn. That was an excellent performance.” She then turned towards her assistants. “Girls, escort Maria back to the changing room. She’s free to go.”

“As you command, Mistress.”

Once the powerful orgasm subsided, sense had come back to Madelynn. She thought about what she had just done and its ramifications. Feeling the weight of results of what she perceived as unethical and immoral activities, she pressed her hands to her face and sobbed. Her control of her own emotions was wavering. Elena walked up to Madelynn and sat on the couch right next to the distraught teen girl. She placed an arm around Madelynn’s shoulders in an act of false sympathy.

“There there, don’t cry. You’re a big girl now and big girls don’t cry.”

For a moment, Madelynn almost felt that the Goth girl had genuine concern for her but was immediately brought back to reality when she felt her hand caressing her shoulder in a sexual manner. Elena pulled Madelynn closer to her body as she continued touching her intimately. Knowing better than to resist, Madelynn went along with it. As Elena felt up the curves of Madelynn’s body, she spoke some intimate words that made the teen girl shudder.

“You’re my cute girlfriend, and I would hate to see your tears ruin the beauty of your face.”

Madelynn saw a brief flash of an unfriendly expression on Elena’s face. It was so brief that Madelynn thought she had imagined it, but she knew she didn’t. That was a warning to her to stop crying. With a lot of effort, she forced herself to stop.

“Good girl,” said Elena as she handed her a box of tissues.

“Thanks.” Madelynn pulled out a piece of tissue from the box and canlı kaçak iddaa wiped her face.

“Now put on a smile on your face.” Elena’s words were cheerful. “Sad faces are ugly faces.” The Goth girl emphasized the word “ugly” with a brief, but harsh glare, which was scary enough to make Madelynn immediately comply.

Madelynn tried her best to maintain the fake, plastic smile as Elena caressed her cheek. As the teen girl had expected, Elena moved her face forward to kiss her. Even though Madelynn relented to the incoming kiss, she hated herself for acting that way and feeling those unwanted emotions associated with being intimate with a female.


Elena’s kiss was forceful and passionate at the same time. In a different time, place, and with a boyfriend, Madelynn would’ve enjoyed this fully, but in this situation she disliked it despite being sexually aroused. At the same time, Madelynn felt that her new sexual feelings were somehow taking control of her. They seemed to be suppressing her rationality, for moments into the kiss, Madelynn responded back in the kiss, caressing Elena’s vigorous tongue with her own in an unbalanced tongue duel. Eventually they were short of breath, and Elena had to break the kiss. A glistening thread of saliva hanged between their lips when they separated from the kiss.

“Watching you play the wicked dominatrix role and punishing Maria has made me all hot and horny,” voiced Elena in a sultry and seductive tone.

The teen girl’s eyes widened a bit in shock. Is Elena going to expect her to go down on her just like Maria had done to her? Even though that thought had aroused her, the prospect of doing that was still too shocking for her to contemplate. She wasn’t like that and didn’t want to swing that way.

“I see that you’re disturbed,” said Elena as she pulled out a battery-powered metallic blue dildo with transparent parts from a obsidian-colored box. “Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to lick my pussy in the days ahead. But, now I want you to use this on me.”

Madelynn looked fearfully at the dildo as if it was a deadly serpent waiting to strike at her.

“I’m sure you’ve seen one of these before or at least heard about it. Maybe you even have one of these in your home, hidden away from the watchful eyes of your parents. You pleasure yourself with it at night while thinking about that guy you like.”

Her face reddened at the accusation. Madelynn did own a dildo, but it wasn’t as high quality as the one Elena was holding in front of her face.

“This isn’t just an ordinary dildo.” Elena pressed it’s on switch. “It vibrates and gyrates at the same time.”

Madelynn watched with mixed feelings of disgust, fascination, and even some arousal at the dildo that moved as if it was some living creature.

“Here, hold it while I strip.” Elena shut off the switch before handing the dildo over to Madelynn.

The teen girl’s eyes focused unconsciously on Elena’s body as she began taking off her clothes enticingly. Despite her efforts against ogling the sexy feminine curves, Madelynn’s eyes keep wandering up and down at the beautiful body before her even as she questioned herself again. Once Elena had stripped herself completely, Madelynn noticed that her erect nipples were painted glossy purple, which was same as the color on her lips and nails.

“Enjoying the view?”

That question snapped Madelynn out of her daze, and Madelynn was shocked to find herself focusing on Elena’s body in such a lewd manner. Elena ran her hands on her own briefly before lowering herself on the couch. She parted her thighs in Madelynn’s direction and raised her left knee upwards, revealing her shaved pussy to Madelynn in all its glory.

“Now pleasure me with the dildo.”

It was one thing to pleasure herself with a dildo and another matter entirely to pleasure another woman with it. Madelynn took several moments to steel herself in preparation for the act. She took a deep breath before lowering the vibrating tip of the sexual device on to the wet folds of Elena’s sex, causing her to emit a silent gasp.

“You forgot to turn the switch on.”

With shaky fingers, Madelynn turned the switch on, and the dildo buzzed to life. Having used a motorized dildo on herself many times before, the teen girl had a general idea on what to do.

“Uhhh… Deeper… Deeper!” cried Elena as the dildo vibrated on her engorged clit.

Not wanting to accidentally hurt Elena and feel her possible wrath, Madelynn gingerly pushed the dildo until it was almost to the hilt. The skin right above her love hole undulated under the vigorous gyrating action of the dildo. Despite telling herself that she was disgusted at this, Madelynn couldn’t help but watch and listen in fascination of how Elena reacted to being pleasured by her. Inwardly she was both glad and disappointed that Elena hadn’t ordered her to do more than just pleasuring her with the dildo. She was unable to rationalize her strange canlı kaçak bahis ambivalence.

“Madelynn… Ohhh… Yesssss… Ooooohhhh!!”

The Goth girl came loud and hard, causing her body to tremble. It was the first time Madelynn saw another female orgasm in person besides herself. She felt grossed out to have another woman’s juices flowing on her hands, and she instinctively released her fingers from the slick dildo.

“Your work is not done,” said Elena as she grasped on Madelynn’s hand that was holding the dildo.

“What do you mean?”

“I want you to clean the dildo with your mouth.”

Madelynn grimaced as she held the dildo up to her face. Having no choice, she engulfed the dildo with her mouth and cleaned the female juices off of it. The taste of another woman’s juices wasn’t as bad as she thought. It was similar in taste to her own. Once she was done, she handed it back to Elena.

“No, the dildo is now yours. Consider it as a gift for your efforts.” Elena placed the dildo back in the black box and handed it Madelynn, who reluctantly accepted it.

“I want you to think about me as you pleasure yourself privately with it.”

The teen girl was utterly grossed out at what Elena was suggesting.

“Don’t think about just me, think about the other girls too… maybe even Sarah or even Wendy.”

“No, no! I can’t think about my best friend like that!”

“She won’t know. You may deny those feelings now, but you won’t be able to resist when the time comes.”

“What do you mean?! I would never think of my friend like that!”

“I’ll give you some pictures to get you started.”

Elena handed Madelynn a folder containing large, laminated photographs of herself, an unknown girl, Sarah, and also Wendy. Madelynn was shocked again that Elena was providing to her with these masturbatory aids.

“Also, I want you to start dressing sexier and start putting on makeup.”

Like before, Elena gave her a bag. “Here are some new clothes and makeup. You don’t have to do it all at once, but I want to see some progression. Don’t fall back. I’ll punish you if you do. It would also serve you well to do some research on BDSM.”

The session was over, and Elena escorted Madelynn back to her car. While Elena was driving her back home, Madelynn stared languidly out the car window at the drab, abandoned buildings that passed by her view and thought about what Elena had said.

“Why does this have to happen to me?” That statement repeated over and over again in Madelynn’s mind. Stressed by the new problem that had suddenly entered her life recently, she was starting to feel apathetic at everything around her. “No, I must be strong. I can’t let them control me so easily. I can’t let them win!” A crow perched on the branch of a tree near a stop sign at an intersection cawed as if acknowledging Madelynn’s thought.

Next day around noon, Wendy was late to the girl’s locker room after P.E. was over because she had been busy helping her teacher put away the class materials. Most of her female classmates who had already finished dressing walked passed her. Expecting nothing out of the ordinary, Wendy continued walking to her locker. After passing by several rows of lockers, she was in for a surprise when she saw Lauren and her friend Cynthia in a tight embrace and kissing each other. They were in nothing but their underwear. At one point, Lauren even had one of her hands within Cynthia’s panties. Wendy was shocked at the girls’ brazen act, but she was even more shocked to find herself tingling down there. Her hands were about to touch her own pussy, but she managed to control herself in time. Seeing that Lauren was about to turn her head in her direction, Wendy quickly walked out of their sight. After Wendy was gone from view, Lauren and Cynthia smiled.

Sarah told Wendy to come out of the school grounds with her during lunch period. She had some gifts for her.

“Sarah, what are you giving me? Is it some new makeup? Clothes? Toys?” asked Wendy.

Her rich friend kept shaking her head. “It’s none of that. I’ll show you. Hop in the car.”

They drove to the downtown area and parked near a trendy electronics store. Once they got into the store through the glass doors, going pass a throng of people waiting in line, Sarah revealed the nature of the gifts.

“You’re going to get an iPod and an iPhone!”

“But Sarah, I already have a MP3 player and a cell phone!”

“Those are cheap stuff. You need something that’s top of line and classy. An iPod and an iPhone would suit you well.”

A store clerk noticed them walking in and quickly rushed to assist them. “Welcome back, Ms. Powers! How may I help today?” Some people waiting in the line grumbled.

“Is the package that I’ve ordered ready?”

“Yes, of course! We’ve configured them exactly according to your specifications.”

Wendy and Sarah followed the clerk to the counter and he began the process of setting up the iPhone for Wendy. The process was over fairly quickly. “It’s pleasure doing business with you, Ms. Powers. Have a great afternoon!”

“You too, Dan,” replied Sarah with a smile.

Once they got back into the car, Wendy asked, “Sarah, how can I ever thank you for these gifts?”

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