Brotherly Lust

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‘Where do all my socks keep disappearing to?’ Katie yelled from her bedroom. ‘I swear the washing machine eats them or something.’

In his own room Nick glanced over to his bed, as Katie continued to yell and throw things around searching for her missing socks. She’d never find them hidden under his mattress, of that he was certain. For months he’d been taking them from her laundry while she was at college and secreting them away for his own personal use. He briefly considered fetching one out for some pre-work relief, but changed his mind as Katie stormed past his open door.

‘I bet your stuff doesn’t go missing,’ she pouted, before yelling downstairs again. ‘Found any, mum?’

‘None down here,’ their mum shouted back. ‘Anyway, I haven’t got time to look. I’m off to work. Bye both!’

Nick heard the front door slam, and Katie made a drawn-out groan. She stomped up to his room and stood in his doorway pouting.

‘What am I gonna do? I can’t go out like this, can I?’ She indicated with her hands, and Nick’s gaze slowly moved downward. Under her skirt, she was wearing one knee-high sock in vibrant green and black stripes, while her other foot was bare. Nick’s eyes widened as he noticed her black-painted nails. He swallowed, before tearing his gaze away.

‘You could… wear flip-flops?’ he suggested a little hopefully. The idea of seeing his sister in summer footwear gave him a little thrill.

‘In this weather? Yeah, sure,’ she sighed. Outside the sky was a dull grey and rain was lashing down, as it had done all week.

‘I dunno, then. Plastic bags?’ he laughed. Katie gave him a look, and headed back to her room. Moments later he could hear her trashing her room again and grumbling. Nick sat back in his chair, and let out a long relieved sigh. She hadn’t noticed his erection, despite the fact that he was only wearing his boxers. It was a close one, and no mistake. In future, he’d have to make sure his door was closed.

Noticing the time, he hurriedly dressed and headed to work, calling ‘Bye, Katie,’ over his shoulder as he rushed out.

Time in work passed slowly, and while Nick considered texting Katie to ask whether she’d found any socks, he was sure it was better not to let his mind wander back onto her legs and feet. By three, though, Nick was feeling a familiar urge and decided to clock out of work early. A half hour later, with the rain still pouring down, he let himself back through the front door and stood in the hallway dripping water onto the carpet.

‘Anyone home?’ he called, knowing full well that Katie and his mum would be still at work and college respectively. Silence was the only reply, and Nick smiled. He could already feel a thrill of excitement running through his body, and shedding his coat on the floor he practically ran up the stairs to his room. He could practically already feel the fabric of Katie’s socks on his skin; smell her sweet foot scent. His mind raced as he burst into his room, and suddenly he stopped.

Katie was in his room. On his bed. Dressed the same as she had been that morning, one bare foot and all. Her mascara, however, was smeared around her eyes. And around her, scattered on his bed and on the floor, were more than a dozen socks.

She looked up at him and appeared to be struggling with something for a moment, before her eyes filled with tears. ‘You fucking sicko,’ she muttered quietly, before stifling a sob and repeating herself louder. ‘You. Fucking. Sicko.’ Her lip trembled, and Nick could feel his legs begin to shake. All he could do was stare at her, his mind racing as to what to say. He opened his mouth, but before he could form any words she spoke again.

‘Sit down, Nick. Sit down,’ she sniffed. ‘I think we need to talk.’

Nick nodded, and with trembling limbs he headed to his desk and slumped on the chair.

‘What is… this?’ Katie asked him, waving her hand around to indicate the socks he’d stolen. She looked up at him, staring with tear-filled eyes directly into his.

‘Katie… I…’

‘No. No. You listen to me, Nick,’ she said, her voice low and calm as she continued to stare. ‘I came in here to see if you’d accidentally put any of my socks in with yours, and as I was looking I noticed one hanging out from under your mattress. So I lifted it up, and found all of these.’

Nick’s heart raced, not even willing to speak.

‘Oh, and look what else,’ she snarled, lifting some magazines from the bed and throwing them on the floor. He stared blankly at them as they fell at his feet. Leg Show. Foot Parade. Toes n’ Soles. Nick bit his lip.

‘Tell me what all of this is, Nick. The truth,’ she pursed her lips.

Nick looked down at the magazines again, and took a deep breath. His pulse raced and he could feel his whole body trembling, unsure of what to expect. He’d never told anyone about any of this side of him.

He licked his dry lips with an equally dry tongue, and looked at her.

‘Katie, I have… well, it’s called a foot fetish,’ he paused, but she said nothing. ‘I poker oyna get turned on by feet. I got these magazines and, well, y’know. And then one day I found one of your socks in my clean washing, and I just thought… well, you can guess.’

‘Tell me, Nick,’ she said quietly.

‘Well, I wanked into it, Kate,’ he said, his face burning red. ‘I wanked into your sock.’

She stood up and looked down at him, and then smacked him across the face. He gasped with shock, but Kate had already started to shout.

‘You wanked into my sock? That’s disgusting! That’s… Jesus, that’s so perverted!’

‘I know, Katie. I know,’ he said, his voice wavering with shock and his throat tight as he held back tears himself. The words began to pour out of him. ‘I’m so sorry but once I’d started I couldn’t stop it and then I started taking more socks and I just… I couldn’t help myself, Katie.’

She sat back down on the bed, hugging her arms around herself. ‘Freak,’ she muttered. Nick looked down, and Katie drew her legs up. ‘Don’t you dare look at my feet, Nick,’ she said.

Nick couldn’t speak. He didn’t know what was going to happen next. Would she tell their mum? Would she tell the police? They sat in silence together for what seemed like an age, before she got up in silence and walked out, slamming the door behind her.

* * * * * *

Days passed, and other than being civil with each other, Katie and Nick didn’t communicate at all. Nick’s collection of her socks had been discarded by him that day, and she’d bought new ones that she kept a close eye on. Their mother, if she had noticed the awkwardness, didn’t mention it to either of them. Then a week later, as Nick was getting dressed for work and their mum left the house, he heard a tentative knock on his bedroom door.

‘Nick, can I come in?’ It was practically a whisper.


She came in already dressed for college in her typically ‘alternative’ style – knee-high striped socks, hefty boots, t-shirt and skirt. He smiled weakly at her and sat in his chair as she stood awkwardly in the doorway.

‘We need to talk again, Nick,’ she said quietly.

Nick immediately started. ‘I haven’t taken any of your things, Katie. Not since…’

‘I know,’ she interrupted. ‘I keep a count of them all now. My socks, I mean.’ She let out a small nervous laugh.

Nick grimaced. ‘So what did you want to talk about?’

She hovered in the doorway, as if deciding whether to stay or go. Then she stepped in and sat down on the bed opposite Nick.

‘What you did was really disgusting, you know,’ she said.

‘Yeah yeah, I know. Look, you can go if you’ve just come in here to call me names.’

‘No, no. It’s not that.’ She fidgeted a little. ‘It is disgusting, yeah, but the thing is I keep thinking about it.’

‘I’m sorry, Kate. I didn’t want to like, scar you for life or anything. Really I didn’t.’

‘No, I don’t mean that,’ she sighed, appearing a little frustrated. ‘I feel like I can’t say what I mean, but well, what I mean is that I keep thinking about it, Nick. You know, while I…’

Nick looked at her with eyebrows raised questioningly.

‘While I masturbate, Nick. God, you’re so fucking clueless,’ she snapped, suddenly angry.


She looked down at the floor. ‘Look, at first I was really disgusted and angry and upset with you. But then a couple of days later I was playing with myself, you know, and for some reason I started to think about what you’d done. And I came really hard as I thought about it, and since then I’ve done it every night.’

Nick looked at her with disbelief, unsure of what to say.

‘So what I’m saying is I guess we’re even,’ she muttered, and looked up at him.

‘I guess so,’ Nick said slowly, his mind suddenly racing. She masturbated thinking about his sock fun! She got horny thinking about his dick in her dirty socks! He bit his lip, and she just sat on his bed swinging her legs and looking at the floor.

‘So,’ he ventured. ‘What should we do about this?’

She stood up and looked down at him. ‘Obviously we shouldn’t do anything,’ she said bluntly, and walked out of the room closing the door behind her. Nick let out a long breath and relaxed into his chair, when his attention was caught by something. Laying on the bed, where Katie had been sat, was a neon pink and black striped sock.

* * * * * *

That evening, after a long day of work, Nick sat in the lounge idly flicking through TV channels. His mum was rushing about getting ready for a night out with her friends, and no sooner had the door been knocked than she’d hurried out with a shouted ‘Bye, you two. Be back late tonight!’

Every channel was somehow simultaneously boring and enthralling, and he barely registered as Katie thumped down beside him.

‘Anything good on?’ she asked.

‘Nothing,’ he replied, continuing to click.

‘Hey, Nick,’ she started, talking in an innocent voice. ‘A funny thing happened today. I lost one of my favourite new socks. Have canlı poker oyna you seen it?’

Nick stopped clicking, and after a few moments swallowed and ventured a reply. ‘Oh, yeah. I had to put it through the wash for you.’ He risked a sidelong look at her. ‘There was something sticky all inside it.’

‘Oh really? I wonder what that was,’ she said in a more teasing voice.

‘Hmm, your guess is as good as mine,’ Nick said.

‘Well, my guess,’ she said, leaning in close to him and whispering into his ear. ‘My guess is that my sock was full of cum.’

Nick turned to her. ‘Really? Well, who’d do a thing like that?’

‘Oh, some weirdo with a foot fetish, I think,’ she replied giving him a wide but nervous smile.

‘Know anyone like that, Katie?’

‘Oh, no-one at all.’ She held up a long striped sock in front of him and then laid it down on the sofa between them. ‘But I bet if I leave this here I’ll draw him out.’

Nick looked down at the tempting sock, and then back up at her. He bit his lip and laid his hand on the sock, then whispered to Katie. ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’

In reply, Katie kicked off her hefty boots and lifted her sock-clad feet up onto the coffee table in front of them. With a sudden burst of excitement, Nick grasped the sock from the sofa and lifted it to his nose, then inhaled deeply. He let out a low moan of pleasure.

Katie gave a small gasp. ‘Oh my god! You’re the one who filled my stinky sock with cum!’ She giggled and then leaned in close to him, wrapping her arm around him. ‘D’you wanna fill this one up too?’

Nick gasped at her suggestion. ‘Mm, I really do,’ he breathed. ‘You want to watch?’

Katie nodded slowly. He continued to look at her as he unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans and, shifting a little, pulled them down enough for the bulge in his shorts to be visible.

‘Have you seen one before?’ he asked, not sure if he wanted to know about his sister’s sex life.

‘Oh, one or two,’ she laughed. ‘But I’ve never seen one in a sock!’

Nick grinned. ‘Well, I never thought I’d show anyone.’

Katie smiled and then her eyes travelled down to his crotch. ‘Show me,’ she purred.

Nick held the sock in his right hand as, with his left, he teasingly pulled his boxers down over his bulge finally letting his erection spring free. He paused, and Katie repeated the same words but slowly, insistently. ‘Show me.’

He opened the mouth of the sock with both hands and slowly eased it down over his twitching cock until it was bunched around the base and the sensitive head was in the toe of the sock. As the fabric touched he gasped, and then with his right hand he began to rub up and down his length. Next to him, Katie watched the show with wide eyes. ‘Mm, that’s so pervy,’ she breathed.

‘You like it?’ Nick asked. Katie nodded in response. Then Nick mimicked her words. ‘Show me.’

She took her arm from around him and leaned back on the sofa, her eyes still on his sock-covered member. She lifted the front of her skirt and revealed a pair of black panties that already showed a small dark wet patch. She licked her lips as she slid her fingers down and began to gently rub through the moist fabric. She let out a little moan.

Watching her touching herself, Nick gripped his cock tighter, and started to jerk himself faster and faster. ‘You like watching me, Katie?’ he gasped between breaths.

She nodded, and reached her fingers under the fabric of her panties. As she touched her swollen clit she gasped. In turn, her gasp of pleasure made Nick wank faster and faster, the toe of the sock pulling tight over the head of his cock and getting damp with precum, panting now as he pumped.

‘You like to touch your clit while you watch your big brother wank?’ Nick moaned. Katie let out a small pleasured cry and looked up at him, her face flushed and her mouth slightly open. ‘You want to see me fill up your sock?’ he asked, louder and between ragged breaths.

‘Yes!’ she squealed as she pushed a finger into her pussy. ‘Spunk in my sock!’

At her words he tensed his body up and with a loud moan pulled the sock tight down as he began to squirt into it, filling it up with burst after burst of his sticky seed. He arched his hips as the shudders of his orgasm ran through him, and beside him Katie began to shake with her own. She furiously rubbed at her clit until it became almost painfully sensitive and then let out groan as her legs quivered. Nick took deep breaths and let his head fall back onto the cushions as Katie’s trembling subsided and she leaned her head on his shoulder. She inhaled slowly and then let out a long sigh.

Still holding the cum-filled sock on his shrinking cock, Nick smiled. ‘Oops, looks like I filled this sock up too.’

She let out a small, exhausted laugh. ‘Mm, you’re right. How disgusting!’

* * * * * *

After the events of that night, things returned to normal. Nick and Katie were back on speaking terms, and though she didn’t mention their masturbation session internet casino sometimes he caught a glance from her that showed that she was thinking about it. However, weeks passed with nothing but the memory of it to sustain him. It seemed to Nick that their adventure had been a strictly one-time deal.

Then, five weeks after that momentous evening, Nick and Katie’s mum announced that she was going away for a week’s holiday ‘with the girls’, starting the following day. After a frenzy of packing and searching for a misplaced passport, Katie and Nick found themselves alone together for a full week.

Nick was in his room, catching up with some work emails, when Katie barged in and crashed down onto his bed.

‘What do you like to do with feet?’ she asked.

‘Hello to you too,’ Nick grunted.

‘No, tell me,’ she insisted. Nick sighed and swivelled on his chair to face her.

‘Why do you want to know?’

‘I’m just curious.’

‘Why don’t you look up foot fetishes online, then?’

She laughed. ‘I already did. But there’s so many things, I just wanted to know what you like.’

He pursed his lips, knowing full well that he should return to his work, but a familiar tingle creeping over him nonetheless. Without waiting for him to answer, she continued to talk.

‘I’ll ask you, and just tell me if it’s something you like, yeah?’

He nodded in assent and settled back in his chair.

‘Okay so, do you like to see dirty feet? Like, covered in mud and stuff?’

‘Ew, no. I’m strictly a clean feet guy.’

‘You like to suck on toes, Nick?’ she asked with a grin.

‘I’d love to try it,’ he responded.

‘You haven’t tried it before? Not with any of your girlfriends?’

‘I’ve never even told them I like feet,’ he said awkwardly.

Katie paused and looked thoughtful for a second. ‘Why not?’

‘I dunno. I guess I’ve always worried that they’ll think it’s gross or something.’

‘Yeah, I get you,’ Katie nodded. ‘But does that mean I’m the only person who knows?’

Nick smiled wanly and nodded.

‘Wow. That’s kind of weird, isn’t it.’

Again, Nick merely nodded, feeling a kind of sadness that he’d never been completely honest with his past girlfriends.

‘You want to suck my toes?’ Katie asked matter-of-factly. Nick jolted out of his melancholy but couldn’t find the words to respond.

‘Seriously,’ she grinned at him.

‘I…’ he started, but faltered. She sat up and moved to the edge of the bed facing him.

‘Listen. It sucks that you’ve got this secret and I’m the only one who knows it,’ she said. ‘But if I’m going to be the only one who knows you like feet, I don’t want to stop at only knowing a bit of the secret. I want to know everything.’

Nick merely nodded, his mind racing with equal parts lust and disbelief. Katie leaned in closer to him.

‘And I mean eeeeverything.’

Nick smiled, his nervousness fading. ‘Okay. Okay, fine. I’ll tell you everything.’

‘Good,’ she said as she leaned back on the bed. ‘So let’s start again. Do you want to suck my toes, Nick?’

‘Yes,’ he said eagerly, his nerves gone and replaced with nothing but desire. ‘Fuck yes, I want your toes in my mouth!’

Katie laughed and smirked at him. ‘Hmm. Say please!’


‘No, ask me properly,’ she chided in a mock patronising voice.

‘Please let me suck your toes, Katie!’ he practically pleaded with her, his dick growing steadily harder within the tight confines of his jeans.

‘That’s better,’ she giggled, watching his reaction as she slowly slid her hands down her legs to her chunky gothic boots. ‘So I guess I should take these off, huh?’

He nodded and couldn’t help but lick his lips in anticipation.

‘Ooh, so excited!’ she purred in a teasing voice. ‘I wonder if I can make you cum in your shorts just with my toes.’

‘I’d rather cum on your feet,’ he blurted out before he could help himself. Katie stopped undoing her boots and looked up at him with an expression of pretend shock on her face.

‘You’d rather do what? That’s disgusting!’ she announced. ‘You want to get your gross sticky sperm all over my feet? Ugh, my brother’s a total pervert!’

He let out a moan and started fumbling with the zipper of his jeans, eager to get his dick out, when she reached over and slapped his hand.

‘Nuh-uh. Don’t get your cock out. I told you, I wanna see if I can make you cum in your shorts.’ She laughed a little cruelly before lifting her legs up and kicking her gothic boots off, revealing her dainty sock-clad feet. As he watched, she wiggled her toes inside the socks. His cock throbbed.

‘You know, I painted my nails especially for you,’ she said. ‘I know you like to see black polish on my pale feet.’ She hooked her thumbs under the hem of her right sock and slowly eased it down, revealing her leg inch by inch until she reached her ankle. She lifted up her leg, her foot hovering mere inches from his face. ‘You want these toes?’

‘More than anything!’

She bit her lip and eased the sock off of her foot, and Nick caught only a momentary glimpse of pale soft skin and black nail polish before her toes pressed against his lips, and he parted them to take her toes into his mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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