Business Trip – Night 01

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I travel a fair amount for my work, one hotel after another can get boring so often I spend my evenings at a nice restaurant, then one or two drinks at the hotel bar, if there is one. If not I try to find a nice cozy pub near my hotel, much better in walking distance than if I have to drive.

After that it is usually back to the room, and fire up my computer for a bit of web surfing, and . . .

More often than not I will do the “and”. But what, might you ask is that, well I enjoy the kinds of fantasies that have floated around my head for years, or more accurately for a couple of decades. Of course, fantasies lived alone are fun, and who knows them better than me, but some times I wish for someone else to share with. Someone who would have fantasies similar to mine.

This is the story of such a wonderful week, when my employer had sent me to the Orlando area for a large software conference. I spent all of the first night exploring the huge hotel (which will remain nameless in this story).

The first night.

I had a rental car, but was not in the mood to drive, it had been a long day of flights, airports, transfers, you know the lot. This was a very large hotel, so I decided to eat at the “grill” just off the lobby. A couple of beers, a very nice burger and a salad. I even found that there was a small “convenience store” in the hotel, so I purchased a six pack of beer and retired to my room a little after 7:30 pm.

Up in my room I got my computer going first, entered the code which the hotel desk had given me at check in for access to their network. One of the nicest things that hotels have done in the last few years is to provide highspeed unlimited internet access to guests. (Guests hell!?! We are paying customers! But I diverge).

I started my jpg downloader program (unsponsored shameless plug for a program named SBNEWS) first, it can bring down tons of jpg files in short order, and I never tire of looking at some of them, although there is way way too much spam, and I know I will delete over ninety-five percent of what was downloaded after less than one second to review each picture. But I suspect many guys do the same.

Now I’m alone in my room, the computer is downloading, I can see the pictures of scantily clad, and fully nude, and often provocatively sexy women, flash across the screen. I pop the first of the six pack that I bought. A couple big swigs is all it takes to put a major dent in can number one, oh well, that is not unusual.

I’m soon out of my clothes. Being alone in the room there is no reason in the world not to be naked. Which is the most comfortable way to “dress”. Besides, by being naked, I don’t have to unzip or re-zip when I have to go pee. I can touch myself anytime I want. I can . . . .

Well, of course I can! And I will, the purpose is to relax and allow my mind to wander into my sexual fantasies, to loose myself in the pictures on the screen and my day dreams. I grab a bath towel and place it over the seat of the chair at the little table where I have my computer. My feet stretch out to the next chair. I start scanning some of the jpgs that have downloaded. One hand on keyboard, ready to lightly tape the delete key if I dont like a picture. The other hand lightly playing with my still soft cock, although it has grown a little since i started looking at the pictures.

Another few glugs of beer and can number one is history. I grab can number two and start it. Fire up the web cam. I hope I can find someone to chat with and cam with tonight. I think of myself as straight, so my first choice in cam partners is a woman. But I realize that most cammers are other guys, who just like me, want to chat, and jack off. So if I can’t find a female partner to chat with and play with, I will see if there are any other guys around who may want to play on line with me.

Its much more about the mind games with myself and the other, its much more about the time spent stroking my cock, than about if the person on the other end of the computer has a pussy or a cock. I enjoy cybersex with both, and anyway with another guy you can really see when he cums. Most women don’t squirt so you can’t see their climaxes. I enjoy seeing other guys shoot cum. I enjoy wondering what they will do with that hand full of cum.

When I find a guy to jack off with on line, I always wonder what he will do with his cum. Some guys just jack onto their hands or bellies, and then just leave it there. Some rub it in like skin lotion. Others get a towel or a few kleenexes and try to wipe up. Others, not many but a few will lick their hands clean. I really enjoy watching those guys, the ones who eat their own cum. I also like the ones that just leave it sitting in big drops on their belly or legs.

What will I do with my cum tonight? I don’t know yet, I do all of the above depending on my mood on any given bahis firmaları day.

All these thoughts float in my head as I work my way thru the second brewski and try to find a chat room that feels good this evening. The jpg pictures are still downloading at a pretty respectable speed, I can see the small window of my own cam, my “broadcast”. Right now its a face shot, I will probably switch to a cock shot later.

Wish I had bought a bag of potato chips to go with this beer. I remind myself to buy chips as well as beer tomorrow evening if nothing else pops up on the schedule and I spend another night the same as tonight.

Finally someone to chat with. I get tired of the “hi”s and conversations that go no where. I enjoy chatting as much as just jacking off. Love to find out what fantasy the other person is having, what turns them on. As expected tonight I have found another guy to visit with. We chat about the typical small stuff. He too is in a hotel room, surfing the web looking for porn, and looking to chat. It kills time and beats the hell of of TV.

His chat name is “DING”, seems funny to me, but then again my chat name of “Fizzy” is not highly descriptive either.

My cam is still a face shot, although it includes neck and a little bit of chest, so he can see that I have no shirt, he looks to be dressed about the same, or at least no shirt. I don’t know how little else he has on yet. But I see that he too, is drinking beer. Always a good sign, when you chat with someone who is relaxing in a similar way.

Speaking of beer, I have now finished number two can, and just opened number three. And don’t ya know, I think the brew at dinner and now the two here in the room are starting to catch up with me. Only the slightest bit in my head, which still feels pretty screwed on straight, but my bladder is saying its time to go.

I type “BRB-GGP” in chat and get up heading for the bathroom.

I haven’t mentioned it yet in here, but you may have guessed from the references to beer, but I enjoy “watersports”. No I’m not a swimmer, don’t water ski, don’t dive, or any of those other things. No, the watersports I enjoy are all related to pee.

So into the bathroom, but not to stand by the toilet. I step into the tub, put my hands down to hold my cock, ready to aim it, but what the hell, in the tub why aim. There is an expansive area, no aiming should be needed, and yet aim I do. Straight up! My pee gushes upward, like a small fountain. The slightly yellow water goes almost a foot high before gravity gets the better of it, and it falls back onto my cock and hands. It is warm wet wonderful. I love the feel of this nice ‘body temperature’ liquid as it falls back on me. I wave my cock around a bit, watching the water go in different directions. Soon enough the pressure has gone down, and I stop the flow. Im wet from my waste down, not soaked completely but wet. Ahh well, that was fun, but I know I will do it again in a little while. Back to the computer.

You notice that I didn’t dry off, why bother. There is a towel on the chair, and I like the feeling of wet.

I notice that my chat partner’s chair is empty when I get back and look at his cam. Ahh yes, his response to my “BRB-GGP” was “me2”. I wonder if he has any fantasies about watersports like I do. Or is he just here to jack off. . . I will have to discuss this in chat.

I see him walking back to his bed, he must have his lap top pc on the nightstand, and he lays on the bed on his side, typing with one hand. I see he too is nekkid. mmmmm, he looks good.

Fizzy: WB!

Ding: Thnx. Always feels good to do that.

Fizzy:Yeah – for sure. Specially after a couple beers.

Ding: right more pressure, makes it go farther 🙂

Mmmm I think, “go farther” either he was standing back from the toilet, or he wasn’t aiming there, maybe . . .

Fizzy:yupper – or makes it go higher

Ding:that too

Fizzy: Other than chatting with me, do you have any thing interesting on your pc screen

Ding:I’m downloading a couple of movies from a news group, and have one that is playing now.

Fizzy:Sometimes movies are great. I also enjoy jpg type pictures.

Ding:I have a pretty big collection of those.

I adjust the cam a little bit on my pc, down off my face aiming it so that my whole chest shows, as does my cock and upper thighs.

Ding: Nice view

Fizzy:Thanks, hope you don’t mind seeing this.

Ding:No, it looks good.

Then his cam goes black. “Oh shit” I think, I guess I pissed him off. But a few seconds later his cam is back, and this time it is focused on his cock. A bit more closely than my cam is focused on me. It looks like your standard garden variety cock, but I notice that he is not “cut”, like I am. He is fairly limp, but after having just peed, and being away from pc for a few minutes that doesn’t kaçak iddaa surprise me at all.

We chat for a few more minutes and each of us, between typing is gently playing with our cocks. The conversation goes all over the place, a bit about the movies he is downloading. Then on to some of our likes and dislikes in jpg pictures. Our likes are quite similar, although certainly not the same.

We both seem to like pictures that are more armature in style. I like more mature women than he does for jacking off to. I also tend to find that pictures of women with small breasts is a big turn on. He says he loves seeing large breasts. Well no surprise here, I’ve always known that more guys like big tits than little ones. We trade a couple pictures back and forth through our chat session, looks like we both really have good collections.

Our cams are still basically just focused on our cocks, and we are both still making the evening last longer by not stroking real hard. Ive finished beer number three, and am about half way thru beer number four when again I type “BRB-GGP”.

Ding:Hold it a bit longer 🙂

Fizzy:I thought you were watching my cam, I’ve been holding it, and stroking it for the last hour.

Ding:Smartass! I meant hold your pee in just a bit longer.

Fizzy:I know, but I couldn’t resist saying that.


Fizzy:and I can’t hold it too much longer, or I will start to “dribble” it out

Ding: mmmm, that could be a good thing too

Fizzy:I suppose.

Ding:I’ve had almost a full six pack since i started chatting this evening

Fizzy:You’re one or two ahead of me then

Ding: I gotta go realy bad too

Fizzy:What are you gonna do about that

Ding:See if I can hold it a bit longer

Fizzy:and . . .

Ding:It feels so good when I have to go so bad that I just can not hold it but am trying

I decide to hold out a little longer, besides as he said, its fun to stroke cock when you really gotta pee. The intensity of the feeling in my cock head. . . I just know I’m gonna pee or cum soon, or both.

Keeping his cam, and his cock in view in one window, I start flipping through pictures of a lovely blond lady whose pictures have helped me cum many times. The pics all start out BRP….jpg, she’s got small firm tits, lovely shoulder length blond hair, glasses, a small patch of pussy hair nicely trimmed. This is obviously a lady who works out and takes good care of herself. You can almost see that her arm muscles are a bit firm, maybe she does just enough weight training to keep herself really trim. And such a cute smile. I watch her as the pictures flip past me, my one hand controlling the pc and how fast the pictures change.

My other hand is stroking my cock. I’m getting harder and harder now, I don’t think I will be able to resist jacking off all the way this time. Looking at Ding’s cam, I can see that the speed of his stroking has increased too.

Fizzy:looks like your gettin serious about stroking


Fizzy:me too – been looking at pics long enough

Ding:pics and having a good JO buddy to chat with

Fizzy:and trade pics with

Ding:mmmm your cock looks good, almost ready to shoot

Fizzy:soon – how ’bout you

Ding:soon here too – I wanna see your cum

Fizzy:likewise . . . question?

Ding:?? what

Fizzy:what will you do with the cum when it happens

Ding: Do with?

Fizzy:do you wipe up with kleenex, just leave it sit on cock & fingers, lick fingers, rub it into tummy

Ding:Ahhh – Ok – depends, sometimes I do all of those

Fizzy:I’d like to see it a while after you cum, don’t just wipe it off

Ding: Ok – what about you

Fizzy:I’m alone in room, no one to “catch” me jackin off – I will shoot cum and just leave it all nite – might even lick fingers

Ding:occasionally I cum into a glass, shot glass, or even in my beer, and then drink it

Fizzy:mmmm that sounds great – if you do that I’d love to see it

Im really stroking harder now, between looking at my pics of BRP’s small firm breasts, and watching Ding stroke his hard cock, I am very close to cumming. And having to pee like a fucking race horse doesn’t slow me down, it just makes my cock ache to shoot cum.

I stroke with two fingers and my thumb, just holding the tips of my fingers on the underside of my cock, my thumb on top. Up and down my fingers pull the skin of my cock. I squeeze harder as my hand is down at the base of my cock. I can see Ding’s fist wrapped completely around his cock, going up and down faster and faster. I can tell he is close, I’m sure he can see that I am close.

Ohhhh gawwwwd I’m so close, I am gonna cum any second now! Damn I need to pee!

Holding my cock harder and stroking even faster I can see the head getting a bit more red a bit more purple, kaçak bahis and it is swelling. I feel as if I’m going to start squirting. Am I going to pee first? I want so much to cum, I have so much to let loose a stream of pee, the pressure in my cockhead is building.

I stroke, my eyes continue to flip back and forth. I see Ding pounding his hand up and down his cock, I look at my pictures of the lovely smile, the lovely small tits, the sweet pussy of the BRP pictures.

Suddenly I see that Ding is squirting great gobs of cum onto his tummy. I see bunches of cum on his fingers. I see two or three big squirts of his cum on his hands.

That does it for me, seeing his cum, and seeing the pictures on my PC. My fingers stroke just a few more times and then I feel the head of my cock let go. I feel the cum spurt out, I don’t squirt great gobs like Ding did, not even like I used to, just small bits of cum, it coats my fingers, it soaks my cock skin. it dribbles down my cock, I feel it so warm and wet on my cock.

The pressure of wanting to cum resides, but the pressure of needing to pee is even stronger. It feels like once my cum has happened, my pee needs to flow even more.

Ding types “ahhhhhnnnn”

I can’t type yet, my cock is still spasuming, I feel the need to pee even stronger than before, I don’t think I can stand it, I don’t think I can even stand to walk to the bathroom. I’m still holding my cock, its almost as if by holding tight I am holding the pee in.

Then it happens! I loose control and my pee squirts up my chest, I feel it land on my nipples, I feel it up my chest, its on my neck, it’s pouring down my chest, its squirting from my cock head. I can aim it a bit, but I can’t stop it. I’m leaning back in my chair, my chair covered in towels. I lift my cock just a little bit, and the stream hits me square in the face. My mouth is open and I feel the warm, but only slightly salty pee in my mouth. My stream slows, it dribbles on my tummy.

I close my mouth, I swallow, one or two full gulps of pee. Warm, soft flavor, it tastes more like warm water, not bitter, not salty, just lovely warm water.

I am completely spent!

Ding has been typing, I focus my eyes on the comments he made as he watched me cum and then pee.

Ding:mmmmm – nice cum

Ding:are you?? WOW!

Ding: Damn man – that is wild – very very sexy

Ding: You really did have to go. That is so very very exciting

I wipe my hands a bit on my legs and then put them to the keys to type.

Fizzy:Wow! That was amazing, I haven’t felt a cum like that in ages.

Ding:you really let go.

Fizzy:I didn’t expect to loose control that much

Ding:It was wild to watch

Fizzy:I bet 🙂

Ding:Very exciting – I’m gonna have to go pee soon too

Fizzy:No doubt, you were a head of me

Ding: Maybe, but I guess I didn’t realize how much you did need to

Fizzy:Neither did I, I’ve never lost control like that before, but . .

Ding: yeah

Fizzy:It felt GREAT! I’m soaking wet, and will have clean the room a bit, but it was worth it.

Ding:I bet, I’ve done a little pee play, but that was so awesome.

Fizzy: Id love to watch you

Ding: Would ya?


Ding:OK – Brb

Fizzy:waiting . . .

Ding slipped out of his chair and off cam for a minute. . . . I thought of how exciting it had been to watch him strok his cock. I loved the way he came all over himself and just let his cum drip off, no wiping up, that was the best way to jack off.

Then suddenly he was back on cam again, he had one of those small, what maybe 8 or 10 ounce, glasses from his bathroom, it was empty. He stood by the chair holding it… Then after a little bit he put it down by his cock, and slowly I could see it start to fill with very light golden liquid. It didn’t take him too long to fill it, almost overflowing. He was getting me all hot again, I started to rub my drying cum onto my cock.

He raised his glass, almost looked as if he were toasting me. And then the real surprise, he lifted the glass to his lips, tilted back and chugged the whole glass full of pee down his throat.

The glass went to his cock again and he refilled it, another big glass full and down the hatch again. Wow – what a pee drinker – there was no question in my mind that he liked what he was doing.

The third time to his cock for a refill but it looked like he was just down to a very small dribble.

Fizzy:Ding my man that was utterly fantastic!

Ding:Glad you liked – I sure did.

Fizzy: But I hate to say this – that beer is catching up with my brain as well as my bladder. I think its time to crash for the night.

Ding:I was thinkin similar.

Fizzy:OK – it was great sharing with you, would love to do this again if your online the next couple days.

Ding:Me too, take care.

Fizzy: Likewise I’m sure.

And with that I clicked to end the chat and web cams. One more trip to the bathroom to get rid of a little bit more beer and I soon fell into my bed and was sleeping.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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