Change of Plans

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Change of Plans

I was getting out of the car with my book, ready to sit on a bar stool and drink. I had been trying to decide where to go while watching a delightfully chubby man juggle a bag of Burger King goodies and a large soda. I would use that image later tonight. I decided on the steak house. They looked a little run down on the outside, but the bar was excellent, the food was surprisingly modern, and I have always met interesting people there. I opened my door and turned to pull my jacket from the passenger seat when I heard a bag hit the ground and the sound of liquid spilling from a cup. I turned to see the chubby man bending over to scoop what he could from his ruined dinner. I found myself enjoying watching his body, but the distress he was in seemed unbearable. I told myself I would not get involved under any circumstance…until his pants tore down the middle. I could see his belly spilling out from the top of his waist band as he bent lower to pick up the bag. Through the tear in his pants I could see pink skin; he was not wearing underwear. I grabbed my jacket and walked over to him.

“Here let me help you,” I said in a calm voice. He looked up at me, his face red and his hot breath hitting my cheeks with every pant.

“Thank you,” he said breathlessly. We picked up the remnants of his dinner and put it back into the broken bag. He took it all from me and said, “Thanks,” with a shy tone as he hurried back to his car.

“Wait,” I said with more demand than intended. He turned to me with sweaty hair. His pants were dirty from frantically picking up the food and his belly was hanging out underneath his untucked shirt.

“You’re not going to go home and eat that, are you?” I asked. He looked down at the ripped back and then back up at me with panic in his eyes.

“Let me get you some dinner that isn’t covered in mud.” He avoided my eyes and looked toward his car.

“I-I have to get home.” he said nervously.

“Come on,” I said with my best smile. “This is the best steak house in the area. At least share an appetizer with me; they have the best jalapeno poppers.” His face changed and I could FEEL myself going into predator mode. I told myself to stop after dinner.

“I do really like jalapeno poppers,” he said with a shy glance at me. I smiled again, taking the broken bag, and throwing it in the trash while holding the door open to the steakhouse.

When the waitress saw me, she started to move toward the bar with one menu. “Table for two tonight Christine,” I said smiling at her. She smiled and led me and the chubby man to a booth. We sat on either side of the table and I watched him get situated. I think he remembered his pants were ripped when he sat down and had become self-conscious.

“Can I get you something to drink?” Christine said smiling at me. “Rum and Coke for me,” I said sitting back and crossing my legs.

“Uh,” the chubby guy said picking up his menu. “Just a mountain dew please.” Christine disappeared and the chubby guy settled in finally. “It’s what I dropped out there,” he said with an embarrassed smile. I nodded and leaned closer to him.

“I’m Jay,” I said holding out my hand. “A-Arthur,” he said taking it. “Nice to meet you Arthur,” I said sitting back again. I ordered some jalapeno poppers once our drinks came and then asked some mundane questions about him. He was an IT guy for a small company and had been headed home to do some work before the incident in the parking lot.

“Well I hope I’m not taking you away from your work,” I said innocently as the poppers were set down at the table. He scoffed and shook his head.

“Nah, I can get back to it eventually.” He took a steaming popper and bit into it. I got slightly hard at the thought of him not even caring whether it was too hot; he seemed very hungry. I grabbed one and put it on the plate in front of me.

“What do you think?” I asked. His eyes bulged and he nodded his head as he wiped his face with his napkin.

“Really good,” he said with his mouth full. Again, I felt my crotch tighten a little. He was hesitant to take another one, so I took a bite of mine and breathed in, authentically enjoying the taste of it. He smiled and took another like a child happily pulling from the cookie jar.

We talked about his job and how he had really wanted to be a graphic designer but had never gone to school for it. I asked a good amount of questions and made him laugh a couple times as he continued to eat the poppers. By the time my drink was finished, he had eaten the seven jalapeno poppers while mine still had just one bite taken out of it. After he swallowed his current bite, I looked at him and ushered to the last one on my plate.

“You want poker oyna mine?” I said as genuinely as I could. “It’s a little too spicy for me, my stomach will be very upset if I have anymore.”

“Oh, sure,” he said without hesitation. I pushed the plate over to him. He picked up the last of the appetizer and popped it into his mouth. I grabbed my glass and drank the last remnant of watered-down coke.

“I’m thinking of having another drink. You want to just eat dinner here?” He smiled and I asked Christine for another Rum and Coke and a menu.

An hour later, Arthur had eaten a rib-eye with mashed potatoes and mac and cheese with a bowl of soup before his entree. I had ordered some coconut shrimp that I picked at as Arthur talked about moving away from his family and trying to live on his own. He had had big plans before coming here and then…

“I’ve become the guy that drops burger king on a Tuesday night.” I chuckled and swirled my drink.

“Being out on a Tuesday night is the best way to meet people in my opinion,” I said clinking my drink into his. He blushed slightly and finished that last bite of mashed potatoes.

“Man, I’m full,” he said sighing with happiness.

“What do you think about dessert?” I asked finishing my third drink. He looked at my plate of unfinished coconut shrimp.

“You didn’t finish your dinner.” I nodded and grimaced.

“Didn’t really care for it. I had not gotten these before and now I know why. Feel like I need something sweet to offset this weird after taste.” He smirked.

“I’ll have dessert with you if you actually eat some of it. You haven’t eaten anything all night,” he said picking up the menu. I waved at Christine and Arthur ordered a banana split with fudge and whip cream. She gave me a look as she took the order down.

Christine brought the dessert to the table and placed two spoons on the bowl. It was larger than I had pictured, but Arthur stared at it with pure happiness in his eyes. So much for being full. I reached for the unbalanced spoons and grabbed mine while ‘accidentally’ bumping his onto the floor. I gave him an apologetic look and then smiled.

“We’ll get you another one, but I want you to have the first bite.” I scooped some ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate onto the spoon and held it out to him. He hesitated for a moment and then ate off the spoon. The hesitation melted as he chewed the ice cream before swallowing greedily. I took a bite of banana and ice cream, showing the delightful taste on my face. He smiled and I picked another bite for him to try. He happily took the spoon into his mouth and chewed the soft banana, letting a small moan escape. Now I was completely hard and knew I would not be able to stop.

“Let me come over there,” I said getting up and moving to his side of the booth. He happily scooted over so I could sit next to him. I glanced at his belly and saw a slight bulge in his pants. He was enjoying himself very much.

“My arm was getting tired reaching from over there,” I whispered as I fed him another bite of ice cream. He seemed to melt as he chewed on the soft sweetness. I took another bite for myself and then gave him a bigger bite of banana and fudge. He took it as happily as before, letting the fudge run out of the corner of his mouth. I took the napkin and cleaned his face. He blushed as another spoonful came to his mouth. I saw Christine holding another spoon out of the corner of my eye.

“We’re fine,” I whispered smiling at her. Then I went back to feeding Arthur as he had finished the last bite, I had given him.

I could tell Arthur was dazed in a food coma by the time he had finished his dessert. All but three bites had gone into him and he looked like he was in pain.

“Oh, I should get home,” he said as he flopped onto my shoulder. I brushed his hair from his face and chuckled.

“I don’t think you should drive with how sleepy you look.” He looked up at me with a confused face.

“I can drive you home and you can come get your car later,” I said, our faces dangerously close to one another. He considered this as he looked out the window.

“Or, you could stay at my place and we could come get your car together,” I offered. “My place is just a few blocks from here.”

I paid the bill and got Arthur up out of the seat. He had completely forgotten about the rip in his pants as we headed out the door. I had turned my car on in the restaurant, so it was warm when I opened the passenger door. He waddled over as I gave him my hand and helped him lower into the car. His belly sat in his lap, a little more taunt than it had been when it was hanging over his waistline. He sighed and unhooked his pants as I closed the door. canlı poker oyna I could feel the surge of sexual energy as my cock pushed against my zipper.

I drove to my place and helped him walk inside. He had fallen asleep once I started driving. I turned on the lights in the house and led him over to the couch. He held my arm as he slowly sunk into the cushions.

“Will you drink some water for me?” I asked handing him a glass. He drank it down and then winced.

“Ok, now I have never been so full,” he said chuckling.

“Well, let’s relieve a little of that pressure,” I said reaching for this zipper. He leaned back and let me unzip his pants, exposing his slightly hard cock. He did not seem to remember or care that he was not wearing any underwear.

“Can we take off your pants? I can clean and mend them so you can wear them tomorrow.” Arthur started laughing.

“I ripped them in the parking lot today!” he said, remembering the beginning of the night. I laughed with him and nodded.

“Alright,” he said with a groan as he lifted his massive body up a little for me to take his pants off. I pulled them down his legs and past his shoes. Now he was half naked with a full belly on my couch. I tried to control myself as my cock became painfully hard. I took off his shoes and socks and set them over by the door.

“Oh man,” he said rubbing the underside of his belly. “I’m gonna explode.” I took a deep breath before I exploded in my pants.

“God, I’m gross,” he said looking down at his body. I swooped onto the couch, letting my thighs rest on his leg.

“No, you’re not,” I said starting to rub his shoulder. He closed his eyes and moaned at my touch.

“You are big and beautiful,” I said into his neck, letting him feel my hot breath. Then I moved one arm behind his head and the other down his body, massaging his belly and feeling the soft flesh between my fingers. He moaned and smiled as I worked his flesh in my hands. I started to gently kiss his neck and roll his earlobe with my tongue. He shivered and then let his head fall back on my arm. I massaged his scalp with one hand and his belly with the other. Then I wrapped my fingers through his hair and made him face me so I could make out with him. His mouth welcomed my tongue and I started playing with the underside of his belly. His long cock brushed against the back of my hand as he got harder. I let go of his hair and stopped kissing him, moving my body to the floor. I moved my hands over his body, stopping and rubbing his skin every time he winced. Then I moved my head down to his cock and sucked on him. He let out a moan and tried to spread his legs further. His breath quickened and when I moved one of my hands to play with his balls, he breathed in sharply, putting his hand on my arm. I took his whole cock down my throat once and then stopped.

“I need you to lay down a little,” I said taking off my shirt. He reached for my chest and then tried to re-position himself to lay on the couch. I helped him move and then brushed my hands across his cheeks. He smiled and kissed my hand, then stroked his fingers down my bare chest and to my pants. I smiled at him and undid my belt. He tried to sit up to help me but couldn’t find the leverage. I got my pants off and then stood over him, making him suck on my freed cock. He grabbed my ass with his chubby fingers and took me into his mouth, slobbering all over me like he was eating another banana split. I lowered onto his chest and stroked his cock as he sucked on me. He rocked his hips as my hand moved up and down on him. I could feel myself getting close, so I pulled away from him and kissed his forehead. Then I pulled the couch cushion away and spread his legs. I touched his soft inner thighs and traced my fingers around his cock. Then I fondled his balls, and squeezed his huge ass, making him breath in sharply again. He rocked his hips and put a hand on his belly.

“Play with yourself,” I ordered while still fondling him. He immediately brought a hand to his dick, pulling on it greedily. “Slowly,” I whispered as I took his other hand and rubbed his belly with it. He stayed that way, moaning softly as he squished his fat flesh between his fingers.

I moved my palm down his balls and in between his cheeks, moving in rhythm with his pumping. He moaned loudly, jerking on his cock faster. I slowed his hand down and then continued my search between his cheeks until my fingers found the fleshy circle I was looking for. I rubbed the outside and pushed gently on the entrance.

“I don’t think I can…” he said sitting up slightly.

“Shh,” I said pushing him back down. “Focus on making that dick of yours feel good. I’ll go slow.” His muscles internet casino relaxed and he continued jerking himself off.

“Rub your belly to make it feel better,” I said as I played with his balls again. He rubbed his body with his other hand, and I could tell he had started to enjoy the sensation. I ran my fingers between his cheeks until I found his asshole again. I massaged the entrance tenderly and then stroked it until my finger started to go in. He tensed and started breathing heavily again.

“Shh, its ok,” I said rubbing the inside of his legs. He grabbed my hand and breathed, letting his muscles relax.

“Is this something you want?” I said coming up and rubbing his belly again. He hesitated and then his dick got harder.

“Yes,” he said with a deep breath.

“I’ve just…never done this before.”

“Trust me,” I said kissing his inner thigh and licking the head of his cock.

“I’m going to take care of you. Now I want to see you playing with yourself.” He moved his hand from my arm to his cock and started moving up and down again.

“Slowly,” I said again chuckling. Then my finger made its way through his cheeks and found his anus. I moved my finger slowly through the warm cavity and then pumped slowly with him. He whined a little and started jerking himself faster. I matched his speed until he started breathing quickly. Then I stopped.

“Does this feel good?” I asked quietly.

“Oh yes,” he moaned, continuing to tug on his long cock.

“You think you can handle a little more?” I said easing my finger out. “Because I really want to be inside you.”

He looked up at me and pondered. Then he looked down at my cock and nodded. “I want you in me.”

I washed my hands and came back to him lazily tracing his fingers on his belly and flopping his dick back and forth. I bent down and kissed him deeply, squeezing his soft flesh between my fingers. He moaned into the kiss. Then I helped him sit up a little more and got under him so he could sit down on me. I used my strength to help hold him up as he settled onto me. He winced a few times, but eventually put all his weight onto my crotch. His ass was so tight and warm I could’t help but moan and when his full weight fell onto my lap, my body quivered. I kissed him all over and massaged his body until he felt relaxed and started moving back and forth on my cock.

“Just breath, your so sexy, you feel sooo good,” I repeated as I stroked his full belly while trying not to cum on the spot. I started gyrating into him and letting his body fall back onto the couch. He swayed with me, falling into a rhythm while helping my hands massage his body.

“Oh man,” he said as he moved with me.

“Play with yourself,” I breathed, trying to stay inside him and not cum before he did. “I want you to cum when you feel like it, but it has to be on your sexy belly.”

He moved his hands up and down his cock and I matched his intensity. His eyes were closed as he pumped himself faster and faster. Soon I could not match his speed, but it felt so good that neither one of us cared. “Phew, I’m so full. Uhh, please do not stop fucking my ass. Ohh, Jay, I’m gonna explode!” he yelled as he pumped his cock onto his fat. “Cum for me big boy,” I said. I could feel his juices run down my thigh as he came onto his stomach. I rubbed the sticky mess into his fat belly as he moaned loudly through my pumping. His ass clenched down on me and I could not hold out anymore. “Ahh good boy!” I yelled as I came in his ass. He continued to play with himself, his mind passed the point of orgasm.

I stopped fucking him and we breathed with each other for a while.

“I’m afraid for it to come out,” he said trying to hold himself up.

“We’ll take it slow just like everything else,” I said patting his stomach. I pulled out of him slowly while massaging his legs and holding his hand. He groaned a little, but when I fell out of him, he let out a sigh of relief.

“Wow,” he said tiredly. I snickered and kissed his nose.

“Come on,” I said holding a handout to him.

“Bedtime.” He looked up at me as I wiped my chest off with a towel.

“I can go home I’ll just walk back to my car…” I glided over and put a finger on his lips.

“My bed is sooo comfortable and you deserve to sleep in it with me tonight.” He smiled and kissed my finger. Then we started working on getting him off the couch.

“I’m still so full,” he said as he finally got on his feet. I helped him waddle up the stairs and then lowered him onto my bed. He was surprised by the size of it.

“When I have guests, I like to make sure they’re comfortable,” I said winking at him as we laid down together. He let out a calm sigh and smiled. I pulled the covers over him and rubbed his stomach a little more. He sighed again and folded his hands over his chest.

We curled up together with his head on my chest. I rubbed his full stomach until he started snoring softly.

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