Cindy And Gail In The Hot Tub

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Cindy has been working regular and there had been not more rough sessions since her beating. She has seen John on occasion and they have talked but John has not sampled Cindy’s merchandise, not that she has not offered and John for sure likes what she has. John is just a little protective and well he looks at Cindy like someone needing a friend and protector and not just another man fucking her. She has plenty of men it seems as she is working almost every night. John keeps taps on the coming and goings of several of the tenants.

Cindy had just talked to John about Gail so she invited her to stop after work. Both women were prostitutes.

Gail was a year older and had been having sex since she was 14 and working it for the last couple of years.

Cindy was at home when Gail showed up.

“Hi, hey this is a nice place way out here and the pool and stuff.”

“Ya, I lucked out finding this place and hey the guy that runs it is okay, well actually a little more that okay.

“hahahaha, so you got a thing for the guy”

“no but he is really nice, I mean he helped me out when I got beat up that other time and he is nice and he has not hit on me either”

“What is he gay or just too old” They had walked into Cindy’s apartment and made some drinks and sat down on the sofa together.

“No he is not gay, not from what I hear in the laundry room”

“The laundry room” “ya I wanted to do a couple of things I had not sent out and well let me tell you I will be doing my own laundry from now on, the talk that goes on there is well everything you want to know about anyone in the complex and this place is full of hot men and women.”

“hey maybe I should get a place here” “mmmmmmm maybe, but John does not allow clients here, he’s a little funny about that, besides there are several families here with kids, little kids. Oh and some bigger kids too” Cindy chuckles and giggles and touches Gail on the shoulder and the hand slides down her bare arm.

Now Gail has just finished a job, trick, John or what ever they call it. Both girls had thousands of dollars cash in their purses. They were still dressed for work. Cindy had on tight fitting black leather miniskirts with black thigh high nylons red panties a red lace bra and a silver metallic blouse that buttoned down the front with the buttons open to below the bra. She was a sight to make any man stand to attention. Gail was wearing a dress that was a dark emerald green almost floor length with a slit up one side to the mid hip. There were small clasps that kept the dress from opening wide at the hip and down a little. The front was open to the naval and the back was open to the but crack. Sitting on the sofa her leg to the hip was exposed. She was wearing black panties and black panty hose and a black bra.

Gail liked the touch of Cindy’s hand and it was a turn on for her, but was Cindy open to sex with a woman.

Cindy felt a funny sensation as her hand moved up and down Gail’s arm and without thinking her hand moved to the bare leg and traced the edge of the dress up and down her thigh. Gail smiled and the electric shock traveled through her body right down to her pussy which started to get wet. She had cleaned up some at the hotel after the session with the client so this wetness was not from him. Cindy was turning her on, but would she be able to turn Cindy on as well.

“hey let’s get out of the working clothes and get comfy”

“Okay but you want to get real comfy why don’t we sneak down and use the sauna and hot tub, it’s closed after 10 but we can sneak in”

“Oh neat but I don’t have a suit”

“silly if we are sneaking in after hours there will be nobody there so why do we need a suit” Cindy all of a sudden liked the idea of seeing Gail naked, those long legs and she has such beautiful skin with that olive glow. Mmmmmmmmmmm Cindy was getting wet, and she cleaned up at the hotel. Man I’m getting wet hehehe I wonder what Gail is thinking.

The apartment complex units were arranged around a courtyard where the indoor pool, sauna and hot tub along with the recreation room were located. All was accessible without going outside as all the units were connected one way or another.

Cindy and Gail had put on really big tee shirts and had robs and towels. When they got to the pool area Cindy took out her key and opened the door. Unknown to anyone there was an alarm connected to the doors of the pool and a light and buzzer went off in John’s unit.

“What the shit, what time is it, oh crap 3 am, I am going to kill someone” John was not happy?

He went into his office or whatever it was, hit the coffee maker, and sat down at his computer. There were 3 separate monitors. John had the complex wired for surveillance and alarms some time ago. He could access all the public areas with video (TV) and sound and the pool was wired to alarm him if the doors were opened after 10 or before 6. Actually the insurance had required the pool wiring and John just went a little further.

Well let’s see what poker oyna we have here. The cameras were the kind that did not need a lot of light. He got a cup of coffee and sat down as he look the two women came into view.

“Now what the hell, Cindy? What are you doing and who the hell is that with you?”

As he watched the women walked over to the sauna and Cindy turned the dial and then.

WOW that is a nice show. Both women had taken off the robes and lifted off the tees and they were naked.

Oh man what a show. John had not see Cindy naked, he had see a lot but not totally naked and it had been awhile. He sort of forgot how beautiful she was. Nice body woman and those tits so cute and pert. John had the start of an erection. He then remembered he could record and put a disk in the computer and hit the keys and sat back. Hey getting up at 3 is not so bad, chuckles, and rubs crotch.

Cindy was staring at Gail and admiring her skin, she had seen the beautiful olive color and had envied it “Oh my you have such nice skin do you tan” Gail chuckled “no a gift from my mother, she is from Southern Italy and it is natural” Cindy reached out and touched Gail’s arm and then let her finger move over and across the top of her breasts and down to a nipple and touched it lightly. “did you inherit these as well” chuckling.

“Well I guess so, why do you like them” Cindy pulled her hand back realizing what she had done “I think they are beautiful, so hard and brown and big and well really nice. Hey let’s get in the sauna.”

John had been watching the exchange between the two and had a big hard on and then they had going into the sauna and there was not camera there. “Shit, just when it was getting good, I hope they come out soon”. He thought that maybe he should go down there. Oh man what should I do, I go down there and well I would end up , oh shit can’t do that. John did not get up he just took matters into his own hands.

In the sauna Cindy had laid down on the bench and Gail had laid down on the step above her on her belly.

Gail looked down at Cindy lying on her back and admired her cute little tits and the bright pink nipples. “You know you have the cutest nipples” with that she reached out and touched Cindy’s nipple and it instantly hardened, regardless of the heat. She grasped the nipple between thumb and forefinger and gave a little squeeze.

“Easy there, mmmmmmm that feel nice, so you like my nipples do you, seems some of the guys think my tits are to small what do you think” Gail’s touch had aroused some strange feeling in Cindy, strange but mmmmmmm very nice. I wonder what it would be like to have sex with Gail. MMMMMMMM I wonder what it’s like to kiss a woman. Oh man this is getting crazy.

Drinking alcohol and using a sauna can lead to some interesting things. Both Gail and Cindy had lowered inhibitions and so things just moved along.

“I think your tits are just fine” her hand cupped the tit softly and then squeezed “yes very nice tits I like them” squeezing more and then reaching for the other one and in doing so had gotten very close to Cindy. She then looked into Cindy’s eyes and noticed her looking back with a desire in them.

Cindy’s arm reached up on its own and touched Gail’s arm and slid up it to the shoulder and then down the side where Gail’s breast was hanging over the edge of the bench and she cupped Gail’s breast and then pinched her nipple. “your tits are so much bigger and you have such nice dark nipples they are so sexy” she squeezed them again and cupped and squeezed the breast harder.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh that feels so good I like it when YOU play with my tits, a woman’s touch is so nice”

Cindy was getting excited and hot and wet and “Oh why is that” Gail thought oh man she doesn’t have a clue this is going to be fun, “Cause women know what women like better than men and they have more, oh you’ll see” and with that Gail bent closer and kissed Cindy on the lips.

As the lips touched Cindy realized she wanted Gail and wanted to learn and experience everything possible. The kiss deepened and the tongues started to work, the mouths were biting at each other and their breaths were becoming fast and heavy. The air in the sauna was hot, very hot and breathing was difficult.

They were standing and kissing with bodies entwined touching. Cindy could feel Gail’s larger breasts crushing against her smaller breasts and the hard nipples rubbing against her. There was a wetness and a sensation between her legs that needed attention.

Gail’s hands were running all over Cindy’s body, down her back and then she caressed the ass cheeks and grabbed hold and squeezed them hard and pulls Cindy in tight and pushed her leg against Cindy’s mound and she could feel Cindy rub her pubic bone up and down her leg. Cindy loved the touch of Gail’s hand and her own had mimicked their movement. She was squeezing and pulling Gail’s ass tight to her as she humped her leg.

Cindy thought “ahhhhhhhhhh yes” and moaned.

Gail kisses moved from Cindy’s canlı poker oyna lips to should and down tongue and kisses to the hard nipples and the she bit each nipple and pulled and sucked hard.

Cindy loved the feel and the sensation sent electric shocks through her, her pussy ached to be touched. Gail kissing and licking moved down to the belly where she tongued the belly piercing and sucked it. Then she moved down and kissed each side of Cindy’s fuzz and then bit and sucked the mound while her hands squeezed and stroked the butt cheeks.

Cindy was getting very hot, oh yes yes suck it oh lick my pussy now now suck and tongue it ohhhhhhhhh find my clit please. Finger me finger my pussy now please.

Cindy was getting close but Gail only teased with kisses on the inside of the thigh and little bites and licks. She only touched the pussy lips lightly and let her tongue slide up and down the slit and then back and back.

Gail’s tongue got close to Cindy’s ass and Cindy just wiggled and started to buck her hips, she grabbed Gails head and pulled it to her pussy.

“Oh Gail please eat my pussy now please yes oh yes now” Gail did dive into Cindy’s pussy with eagerness only unbridled passion can produce.

Cindy moaned and then let out a little scream as Gail’s tongue and finger probed her pussy, parting the lips and first one finger wiggling and her tongue sucking and licking the clit she pushed a second finger in and pushed hard and the after wiggling both finger she slipped in a third. This was stretching Cindy’s pussy hard and she loved it, “oh yes harder push deeper” Cindy hands were in Gail’s hair and pulling her to her pussy hard as her hips bucked.

Gail hand wiggled and probed the three fingers deep, the thumb was working the lips and the other two fingers were probing the tight bud of Cindy’s ass. As the little finger entered the ass Cindy bucked hard and Gail slipped the fingers deeper and then tried to put the thumb into her pussy. The thumb goes in a little and Cindy convulsed and screamed out and bucked. The sensation of that much in her pussy and the finger in her ass sent shock waves through her body and she pull Gail’s hair and arched her back. The butt cheeks tightened and were rock hard, her nipples tingled and she wanted mooooooooooooooooooore.

The orgasm was the greatest and very different. She was humping Gail’s face and moaning for awhile and the stopped and sat down on the bench. She smiled and Gail and pulled her to her. They sat for several minutes quiet and hugging each other. Cindy whispered to Gail “oh that was so good, I never thought it would be like that”

“I thought you might like it, and there is more to learn”

“it’s too hot in here lets use the hot tub” “Okay” ” But first we have to take a little shower (chuckles) it’s the pool rules” Gail laughs “and what are the rules about naked women” The alcohol had got to Cindy and there were no limits now “rule one is naked women have to be washed by naked women”

“oh so you’re going to give me a bath” “well I get to soap you up and down” giggles.

The girls leave the sauna and go the shower next to the hot tub. It is a big shower just for rinsing off before using the hot tub. John wanted to keep the tub clean and did not want people to just jump in.

John is watching now in earnest.

The girls go to the shower and Cindy takes the soap and starts to lather up Gail. Starting at the shoulder and then down the back and then from ankles up to hips. She spends extra time lathering up Gail breasts and nipples and lots of rubbing on the belly. MMMMMMMM that is so nice. She then lathers Gail’s pussy which is shaved clean and smooth. She lets her finger slip on either side of the lips and her middle finger slides between and just barely parts the lips and as her hand moves up the middle finger tip brushes very lightly

Gail’s clit, which is large and getting larger. Cindy realizes what she has touched and feels an instant tingle and contraction in her own pussy. Oh my god you got a nice clit and such a pussy such lips oh I want to. Cindy was kissing Gail now with passion that she did not know could be between two women.

Gail reacted to the touch of the clit by grabbing Cindy and pulling her in and kissing her hard and deep. She grasped on of Cindy’s breasts and cupped and stroked the breast and then pinched the nipple. Her hand went down and across Cindy’s belly and she felt the small strip of fuzz that lead to Cindy’s eager pussy. Her hand slid over the mound and down the finger parting the little tight lips and she did not wait she pushed her middle finger into Cindy hard.

Cindy opened her eyes wide as Gail’s finger went into her Oh it feel so good more deeper harder. Cindy sank down on Gail’s hand trying to get the finger deeper. Oh yes more more ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Cindy was loosing control.

Gail pulled her hand back and broke the kiss “hey let get in the hot tup”

“Okay” Cindy did not want to stop and almost ran to the hot tub. The tub has a seat and internet casino steps and is 5 feet deep in part and less at the steps.

As soon as they were in the tub they started to kiss and touch. They had gotten to a jet and the bubbles only added to the excitement.

Gail was experienced and her hands got Cindy so excited she had two orgasms without much effort. Now it was Gail’s turn and she directed Cindy’s hand how to caress her breast and nipple, how to caress her butt and then how to probe her ass. Cindy liked learning and the touching was great. Cindy found out how good it felt to have an experienced finger in her ass and she had one of her orgasm with Gail eating her pussy and two fingers in her ass, wiggling and exciting her to orgasm.

“now put two fingers of one hand in my ass and then with the other put three fingers in my pussy” “oh yes yes now wiggle the fingers in my ass , ahhhhhhhh like that good and now pussy the other up my pussy, ahhhhh higher deeper yesssssssssssss there there that’s the spot push rub rub” Gail had reached down herself and was rubbing her own clit and pinching her nipple with the other hand. Cindy was kissing sucking licking Gail’s belly hips and all she could reach. Gail was sitting on the edge of the tub and Cindy was in the tub on her knees on the bench. “ohhhhhhhhhhh harder more fast faster ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes yes yes yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” Gail was bucking up and down grabbing Cindy’ head and pulling it and her hair and pulling. Cindy’s finger were deep in the pussy and up the ass and working franticly. Gail let out a moan and scream and had an orgasm that was very strong. Gail is a squirter when she has a really good orgasm and I guess this was a really good one she squirted with a strength unknown.

Gail released a stream that arched up and over Cindy and splashed in the tub. “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes ohhhhhhh Cindy yes” she moaned and squirted hard.

Cindy could not believe what was happening but she loved it the feelings running through her body and especially her pussy. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes I want more .

John could not believe his eyes, holy shit she squirts, oh man is that something, god dam right in the tub oh man I’ll have to drain the whole thing now. Hell so what it was worth the show. John is looking at all the monitor and then he sees it. There is someone looking in the windows of the pool room. Oh shit someone else can see the hot tub. He cannot make out who it is but there is someone. This is going to be a problem now.

Gail slowly stopped her hips bucking up and squirting.

Cindy was in awe, “I never saw or heard of anyone doing that”

“Oh not everyone does it but I do when I have a really good orgasm and dear you did me good” She smiled and thought, we are going to get really close and this is going to be fun. I have to move in there. She reached down and pulled Cindy up and hugged her tenderly and caressed her body.

Cindy loved the touch of Gail and the tender stroking of her naked body felt so good, just nice touching.

They got up and went back to the shower where they rinsed off dried and dressed. Back at Cindy’s room they had a glass of wine and crashed on Cindy’s king-size bed.

I was 4 in the afternoon and John figured the girls had had enough sleep and he knew they both were still there as the cars were there.

Cindy heard the buzzer and then the knocking, “okay okay I hear you, not so loud” Cindy had had a couple to many drinks.

She put on a robe as she and Gail had slept nude last night, she thought. Oh last night was the wildest craziest most wonderful night she had had in a long time. Sex with Gail was awesome. She got a electric tingle through her body just thinking about last night and her pussy got wet. MMMMMMMMMMMMM “Okay geez I am coming” oh maybe I am cuming, she chuckles.

Cindy opened the door to John stander there with a rather stern look on his face. “hi John come on in, I was just going to make coffee want some”

“Sure I always take coffee, you look like you could use a gallon” It had been a very long night for Cindy and she had not combed her hair or put on any makeup.

“Oh thanks so much so I don’t look appealing to you this morning?”

“Well you look a lot more appealing last night in the hot tub”

Cindy stopped dead in her tracks and turned and she actually blushed. “Oh no you saw us in the hot tub?”

“I sure did and that was quite a show you two put on”

“Oh man am I in trouble or what, are you going to evict me, I am sorry I promise it won’t happen again we just had a few to many drinks and …”

“Easy woman, I never said anything about eviction and hey I enjoyed the show, boy did I”

Cindy had finished the coffee and came over to John and plopped down in his lap.

“So you liked the show you voyeur you?” and with that she wiggled her butt into John’s crotch put both hands holding his face and kissed him sweetly. “you naughty boy you and way did you only watch, you could have joined us”

John did not want to let on there were cameras on the place ” I was doing a late night check of the place and saw you from the window of the pool and the show was so good I did not want to interrupt things”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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