Computer Repairs Go Hardcore

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My computer was having some problems, and being no whiz kid, I called in the repair team. I needed some new software and hardware installing, and it was easier to get it done with one visit. So I found myself waiting around one hot sunny afternoon for the team to arrive. I was alone in the house. My wife was out for the day with some friends looking round some country gardens. They wouldn’t be back until the evening, so I had all day to sort these things out.

While I was waiting for them I thought I’d surf the internet for a bit of porn. I found a website showing a couple of hot babes being screwed by some lucky stud. My cock began to stiffen beneath my shorts. Strangely enough, these days the sight of some of the male porn stars with their hard bodies and thick erect cocks excited me as much as did that of the women with their sexy curves and beautiful pussies. I was just starting to get a little carried away rubbing myself through my shorts, when the doorbell rang. Adjusting myself, I leapt to my feet and went to answer.

I opened the door to two young guys, maybe in their mid-twenties. It was what I had suspected I suppose. One was black, maybe 6’2″ and strong looking, the other was white, and shorter but still with a tough build. I was able to stand up for myself though, at 6’1″ and slim, with thick red hair. Both of the men were dressed in shorts and t-shirts what with the nice weather.

“I’m Mark, this is Jason,” said the black guy, gesturing to his friend.

“Paul,” I replied. “Come on in, I could really do with some help here.”

“I can see that,” said Mark, glancing downwards. Was he looking at my crotch? I couldn’t tell. The thought of it excited me, and I felt my semi-hard cock stirring.

Mark and Jason came in and set to work on sorting out my computer station. They took about an hour, installing the software, plugging in new hardware, checking it all, getting it up and running. Meanwhile I busied myself around the house, fixing them drinks. One time I could see them both bending over the computer plugging some things in under my workstation and I caught a glimpse of the top of Mark and Jason’s ass cracks, peaking over the edge of their shorts. Something stirred in me and I wondered whether they offered any other services. It had been a while since I had had sex, and new desires were building within me. I’d had a few fantasies about men, but my wife knew about that. I hadn’t yet done anything about it. And I was getting a particular vibe from these guys. We had been exchanging suggestive glances while they’d been working.

The two men stood up from their work.

“Right we’ve done what’s needed,” said Mark, the black guy. He shot me a grin. “But due to the nature of the work, we have a few extra charges.” With that his hand went to his groin and he rubbed himself a little through his shorts. I could see that there was already a bulge there.

He reached across and put his hand on my own crotch, feeling gently.

“Paul, it looks to me like you want to have some fun.” He moved closer and put his hand on my waist and then up inside my shirt stroking my chest and stomach. Then he reached down to my shorts, unbuttoned and unzipped them and pushed them and my underwear down my legs to reveal my throbbing 7 incher. With one hand he began to poker oyna stroke me.

“You like to play with men too it seems,” said Mark lustily.

I moaned. “Unngh. That feels good.” It felt too good. I wanted more.

While Mark rubbed my tool, Jason moved to grab me from behind and suddenly he was pushing me to the floor, as Mark let go of my dick. Mark stripped off his shirt to reveal his muscular torso, then lowered his shorts to reveal his own manmeat, 8 inches of thick black cock. His pubic hair was shaven apart from a small tuft just above his groin.

“You ever sucked a man’s cock before?” I shook my head, slightly nervously. At the same time, a part of me was curious. What did it taste like? What did it feel like to suck a cock? I had wondered these things before. I realised that I was about to find out. Mark moved towards me with his thick prick.

“Just open wide and suck me good, like you like to be sucked,” said Mark softly.

Jason guided me forward until my head was level with Mark’s cock. I opened my mouth and the next thing I felt was Mark guiding his shaft past my lips. I closed my mouth over his cockhead and felt its warmth, and its softness. Mark groaned. I ran my tongue around the head, licking and slurping, before he pushed more of his manmeat into me. I gagged a little but relaxed my jaw and throat. He pushed in further. It didn’t taste too bad, in fact it was slightly sweet and his precum was flowing onto my tongue as he pulled out again. I had enjoyed the taste and wanted more. Licking down the side of the shaft I took one of his balls into my mouth and sucked it. Then I turned my attention to the other. Mark moaned and groaned in appreciation. Then he grabbed my head and, guiding his shaft between my lips once more, began to fuck my mouth slowly.

“Ohhh, ahhhh, yeaaah, that’s it, you’re good, that’s so good, suck me.”

All the while this was going on, my ass had been exposed to Jason behind me. He had been holding me firmly while Mark had been feeding me his thick cock. Now Jason began to fondle my ass, running his fingers gently over my tight hole. I squirmed at these new sensations. I had always enjoyed playing with my asshole, and now another man was doing it. It felt good. I wriggled my ass to show Jason I was enjoying his touch. Suddenly he pushed a slimy finger inside my butt, held it there for a little while, then pulled it out again. It was a little uncomfortable, and I felt relieved when he removed it. Then he pushed two fingers in. As he held them inside me, I got used to the sensation. To be frank, I was a little too busy to pay it much attention, with my mouth full of Mark’s cock. He was sliding in and out of me faster now, and groaning a little louder. The next thing I felt was something slightly soft and warm and thick, pushing against my asshole. I realised it was Jason’s cock. I stopped sucking on Mark. Would Jason fit? I had always secretly wondered what a real cock would feel like up me, sliding in and out of my hole, and I was about to discover, and quickly. Jason had already loosened me up, and I felt the head of his manmeat push in first, stretching me a little. He continued pushing, holding onto my hips as he did so. The head went past my sphincter, then the shaft. I hadn’t seen Jason’s cock so I didn’t know how big he was, canlı poker oyna but he felt ok. Suddenly he stopped sliding in, and his groin rested against my ass. He was all the way in. I groaned in slight discomfort, but at the same time I was amazed at how full he made me feel, and how warm inside my ass it was. Jason began to pull out again. A moment later, he was sliding in once more. This time it felt better. He started to fuck me in a slow rhythm. His cock was sliding past my prostate and beginning to send wonderful feelings all through me.

“Ohhhh, don’t stop,” I cried out.

I had forgotten about Mark’s cock, but even as I was beginning to enjoy my ass-fucking, he guided my head once more towards his prick. He seemed harder than ever, and I realised it wouldn’t be long before he came. He started to fuck my mouth once again, more urgently than before, thrusting his hips back and forth.

Suddenly Mark’s cock stiffened up even further, and then he cried out, as his hot milky load came shooting into my mouth, hitting my tongue and the back of my throat.

“Ohh yessss, aaaaaghh, take my load down,” he yelled out. I didn’t know what to do, but he pulled my head towards him, so my lips were clamped over his shaft. I had no choice but to swallow. It tasted slightly salty, but I was too horny not to enjoy gulping down his juices.

Jason continued his anal onslaught, and he too was moaning out loud.

“Unngh, unnngh, unngh, yeaaah.”

As Mark slipped his softening cock from my mouth, I felt Jason stiffen behind me. He cried out as he came in me, spraying hot liquid spunk deep inside my rectum. I felt the warmth fill my behind as he continued fucking me, his hot tool throbbing and jerking as he did so. Then he pulled out of me. I moaned all the while, my loosened up asshole suddenly feeling empty, and craving more sensation.

Mark and Jason swapped positions. I felt Mark’s tongue on my ass, as he began to lick Jason’s dribbling cum from my fuckhole, cleaning me up. He worked his tongue around the rim, then dipped inside me, tasting his friend’s love juices. I was loving this new experience and groaned as he went to work, continuing to tongue fuck my sticky asshole.

I hadn’t seen Jason naked before, and he was well-toned; despite having just shot his load up my ass, his cock was already beginning to harden again. He too had shaved pubes, and his cock glistened with the remnants of his slippery cum. It looked too good to waste, so I dove forward and took it in my mouth, sucking on the mushroom-shaped head. It tasted slightly salty, and I eagerly took him deeper, sliding my lips down the shaft. Jason moaned out loud, as I felt his cock stiffen and thicken between my lips.

“Mmmm, yeaaah, suck me, man.”

The next thing I could feel was Mark’s cock pushing against my asshole. He had obviously recovered. I relaxed my backside to ease his entrance, and he slid in quickly, and began to fuck me rapidly.

“That’s it Paul, take my cock in your ass, take all of it deep inside you.”

His words were turning me on further, and I pushed my hips back towards him, wanting him to go deeper. He had no problem taking me all the way with his 8 inches of fucktool, and his member pulsed along the length of my canal as he thrust as hard as he could. Here I was, internet casino being fucked at both ends for the second time that day, and loving the feeling.

“Mmmm, take me,” I thought to myself, for I couldn’t speak with my mouth full of Jason’s cock. I knew the two of them would last longer the second time, and I wanted to savour every moment.

In and out. Out and in. The sound of the three of us, moaning and groaning, and the squelch of two thick sticks of manmeat, sliding back and forth inside my mouth and ass, filled the room. We continued like this for a while, working hard at our pleasures, taking our fill of each other. Suddenly Mark cried out.

“I can’t hold back, I’m gonna cum in you.”

“Mmmm, yesss,” I moaned at him. With that his meaty prick stiffened inside me, and then he was shooting his second load of the day deep into me, filling me up once more with his warm love juices. I sucked harder on Jason’s prick, willing him to cum as well. Soon after, I was rewarded with his own second load pumping and spraying down my throat. I swallowed it all down once more, revelling in the taste.

We all slowed down, and Mark and Jason pulled out of me.

“You haven’t cum yet,” said Mark. “You can fuck my ass if you want too. I know you’ll love it.”

Mark knelt down on the floor and I positioned myself behind him.

“Get me ready with your fingers,” he said.

I obliged. I spat on two fingers and slipped them slowly up his tight shaven hole. It felt so warm in there. I held them inside him for a few moments, as he got used to the extra fullness. Then I pulled them out and placed my now aching prick at the entrance to his anus. I teased him a little, rubbing the head around the rim, pushing slightly without actually going inside him. But in truth, neither of us could hold out for long.

“Ohhhh, put it in me, put your cock in me,” cried Mark. “I need a good fucking.”

I placed my cockhead to his asshole, and pushed inside for the first time. Mark moaned as first the head, then the rest of my shaft inched its way in, until I was balls deep. Then I withdrew slowly, and pushed in once again.

“That’s it, now fuck me good,” he moaned.

I thrust in and out, slowly at first, but it felt so good inside his tight fuckhole that I started to fuck him more rapidly within a few strokes. I groaned at Mark as I fucked him.

“Ohhhh, it feels so good, you’re so tight and hot.”

“Fuck me man,” cried out Mark.

As we continued to hump each other, Jason crawled underneath our union and began to lick my cock and balls. It only added to the pleasure. I thrust harder and deeper. Mark’s ass was so deliciously warm and snug. I wondered for a moment why I had never tried this before. I knew I would be doing it again soon. Then I felt a familiar tightening in my groin, my balls tingling, and I yelled out as I started to cum, spurt after spurt of my spunk spraying into Mark.

“Yeaah, cum in my asshole, feels so fucking nice,” groaned Mark, with his eyes closed in ecstasy.

Jason continued to lick me as I pumped the last of my load deep inside my new lover. And then I was spent, and slid out and collapsed on the floor next to Mark. Jason rolled out from under us, and we all continued to gently stroke each other as we recovered from our efforts.

“My wife comes home this evening,” I said after some while.

“That gives us a little more time,” said Mark, smiling at me.

I moaned in anticipation.

“Mmmmm. Take me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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