Dinner Party Mystery Ch. 03

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Author’s Note

At the end of the previous chapter we met up with a mysterious woman who had Mistress Natasha kneeling in front of her. Read on as the mystery unfolds.


Chapter 3: The Dragon Lady


“You know that’s borderline racist, right?” I frowned. “At the very least, it’s stereotyping. Dragon Lady is not a kind way to refer to someone of Asian heritage. You wouldn’t want somebody calling you an anchor baby would you?”

“Look, I’m sorry,” Juliet said, “but if you took one look at her, you’d probably come up with the same name. That is one scary ass looking devil woman.”

“And she was in Mistress’s office? With Mistress naked?”

“Not naked, Miss Charlotte,” she said, “but definitely topless. I had my face in those luscious boobies just this morning, I’m sure I qualified to—”

“And the crop?”

“Yeah, that was the strange part. Miss Natasha was kneeling. She had her hands clasped behind her back just like you taught me. And she was definitely giving it her all, with her ass out and her tits out. Not that Miss Natasha needs any help in either department, but she—”

“She was doing all this willingly?”

“It sure looked that way. The dragon… sorry, the lady with the crop was asking her questions. I couldn’t hear just what she was saying, but they must have been easy questions, because Miss Natasha was just nodding or occasionally shaking her head.”

“The question is, dear Juliet, what are we going to do about it. I think this calls for a little sleuthing by a pair of world-famous detectives.”

Juliet smiled. We both reached for our thrift store suits and headed for the upstairs.

“You know the best part, Miss Charlotte?” Juliet said. “I think I have an emergency mustache kit somewhere that we can use to complete the look.”

I raised an eyebrow. “What’s an emergency mustache kit?”

“It’s a gag gift, really. Basically, stick on fake mustaches in different styles. Gets passed around my mom’s side of the family for holidays and birthdays. Somehow I ended up with it last. I just never thought I’d actually be glad I had it.”

“Your family has some strange traditions.”

We were partway up the stairs when Mistress stuck her head out of her office. Just her head. The rest of her was hidden behind the door frame. “Girls, would you mind taking Bella for a walk? I haven’t had a chance and I don’t want her getting underfoot while the caterers are working.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Yes, Miss Natasha.”

The office door closed softly while Juliet and I looked at each other and shrugged. We laid our suits out on the guest bed and turned back toward the stairs.

“Dragon Lady?” I whispered. Now she has me doing it.

Juliet nodded.

* * *

It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be at the park, and Bella was loving every minute of the attention she got from us and from some passers by. Juliet had the good sense to bring along some tennis balls to throw and Bella was more than happy to find them. We weren’t allowed to quit until Bella said so by depositing the slobbery balls at the foot of the picnic bench and turning her attention, first to her water bowl, and then to a patch of shade under the table.

“Do you think she was still in there?” I asked Juliet.

“The dra— The lady? Probably.” Juliet cocked her head. “And how come you get to say it and I can’t?”

I shrugged.

“I bet Miss Natasha was still topless,” Juliet speculated, “or maybe naked. Why else would she only stick her head out the door when she told us to get lost.”

“She didn’t tell us to get lost.” I reached down to scratch Bella behind the ears and she let out a satisfied sigh. “Having a dog is a lot of work. Even an older girl like Bella needs to get out and run. Otherwise, she’ll go crazy, being cooped up inside all day. That’s why Mistress sent us out.”

“I know, but she sure seemed like she was in a hurry to get rid of us.”

“Maybe Bella already had a run in with the caterers,” I suggested.

Now it was Juliet’s turn to scratch Bella behind the ears. “You wouldn’t do that, would you? You’re a good girl. Yes, you are.”

Bella proceeded to roll over and exposed her stomach. I looked at Juliet. “You started it,” I said.

Juliet got down on all fours and crawled halfway under the picnic table before she could reach in enough to rub Bella’s tummy. Bella let out a long sigh that whistled a little as it came through her nose.

“She’s got you trained,” I said.

Juliet poker oyna stuck her tongue out at me and continued her rubbing, much to Bella’s delight.

“You know,” Juliet said, “that’s kind of what it looked like.”


“Like the dra— Like the lady was training Miss Natasha. Like that time when I asked you to train me so I could give myself to Miss Natasha like you do…”

Juliet stopped rubbing Bella and sort of froze for a moment. She came back around with a shiver. I could only imagine the events she was replaying in her mind. It probably involved nakedness and a crop, except it was Juliet who was kneeling.

“Do you think she likes it?” Juliet offered. “Miss Natasha that is.”

“It doesn’t exactly mesh with her personality.”

“Hmm.” Juliet shrugged and went back to keeping Bella in doggie heaven.

“We really need to investigate this as soon as we get back,” I said.


* * *

Saying that we were going to start our investigation right away and actually doing it are two different things. And in our case, they were very much not the same things. And the blame for the distraction can be summed up with two words: Visranti Chowdhury. Specifically, Vishranti Chowdhury, the wonderful smells she had created in our kitchen, with the help of her three assistants—Esme, Lenore, and Zaheera—all three as lovely and exotic as their names suggested, and all three clad only in kitchen aprons.

Each of the three young women extended a hand a gave a little curtsy, but never quite brought herself to meet my gaze.

“You remember your culinary training, don’t you Charlotte?” Miss Chowdhury was giving each of her assistants a little pat on the bottom, while they each blushed so adorably. “These beautiful young ladies are just finishing their courses. Tonight is their final exam you might say.”

I glanced at Juliet, who was staring open-mouthed at the trio of assistants.

Vishranti Chowdhury wrapped an arm around Juliet and pulled her in tightly, crushing her face right between those massive breasts of hers. I heard a little moan from Juliet, but it didn’t sound like the bad kind to me.

“See what you’re missing out on Miss Juliet? You really should take one of my classes.” The rolling of the R was very pronounced.

Juliet’s head was nodding, but I couldn’t tell if it was by her doing or it it was the constrained flesh of Miss Chowdhury’s ample bosom, jiggling as she threw her head back and let out a mighty laugh that forced Juliet’s face to move with it.

Juliet was no help, all she did was sigh and let her eyes roll back.

“It smells wonderful, Miss Chowdhury.”

“Thank you, dear.”

I felt an arm around my waist and soon my view was constrained to Miss Chowdhury’s bosom as well. I let out a sigh too.

“Miss Chowdhury,” I finally managed to say, “have you seen Mistress… I mean, Miss Natasha?”

I felt the arm around me relax and I could breathe normally again. But as quickly as that happened, I definitely felt a hand patting my ass on the way down. Esme, Lenore, and Zaheera each snuck a glance in my direction to cast me an understanding look.

“Right over there,” came the sing-song response from Miss Chowdhury, as she pointed.

Juliet and I turned, and there was Mistress. She was wearing a slinky, backless red dress that I had never seen before. She didn’t seem to be wearing anything else. There were no panty lines and she certainly wasn’t wearing a bra. But the strangest thing to me was that she wasn’t wearing shoes either. A severe looking woman, whose heritage I guessed was from farther south along the Asian continent than my own, was standing behind and to the left in a black, single-breasted suit with no blouse.

I wanted to ask Mistress what the hell was going on. But before I had the chance to even open my mouth, the woman in the suit, Juliet’s Dragon Lady, had whisked Mistress away to another room of the house. Our house isn’t that big, but somehow they managed to escape, perhaps to the back patio.

But I never got to the back patio, because Lenore was standing in front of me, flanked by Esme and Zaheera.

“Miss Charlotte?” she asked. “What’s it like? Living with your mistress? Is she kind?”

“Does she discipline you often?” Esme piped up to say.

“We’re graduating soon,” Zaheera said. “We just want to know.”

I glanced over at Miss Chowdhury, who stood with her arms folded, raising one eyebrow. If I didn’t know better, I’d think she’d sent her trio of girls over as a distraction. canlı poker oyna

“Come on,” I said, and motioned for the girls to follow me into the living room.

* * *

Seeing that it was couch time, Bella invited herself up and laid her chin on Esme’s lap, much to both of their delights. Juliet and I snuggled up together on the love seat.

“What’s it like?” Lenore repeated her earlier question. Zaheera and Esme leaned in.

“Wonderful,” Juliet purred, and laid her head to rest on my shoulder.

“Sometimes it’s work,” I said. “Like when your mistress is very busy, she’ll need your help to get things done. My mistress doesn’t cook beyond heat and serve, so part of my responsibility is to make sure she eats healthy.”

“Does she punish you?”

Juliet burst out with a snort of a laugh. “For cooking? Why would she do that? No, she’s always lavishing the praise.”

“For other things. If you make mistakes. Does she put you over her knee?”

“What’s got you worried, Lenore?”

“I’m afraid I’ll have a sore bottom all the time. If I make mistakes.”

“Who doesn’t like a sore bottom?” Juliet burst in. I elbowed her in the ribs this time.

I got up and moved to sit between Lenore and Zaheera. Bella was not in the mood to move from Esme’s petting, so I didn’t even try. I took Lenore’s hand in mine.

“My mistress is the most wonderful person in the world and I love her very much.” I showed her the band on my finger. “We’re actually married. Did you know that?”

The girls’ eyes were drawn to my finger. Zaheera was the first to shift her gaze and lay a finger on my collar.

“This isn’t a necklace, is it?” Zaheera said.


“She owns you?” Lenore wanted to know.

“No. It’s a symbol like the ring.”

“And she doesn’t spank you?”

“Oh, she spanks me alright, but I like it. It gets me hot. Sometimes, I’ll do things just to get Mistress to spank me. I once withheld a coffee cake recipe for three days while Mistress tried every form of torment to get it out of me.”

“Didn’t it hurt?”

“A little. But, I was so sexually charged that the little bit of pain was just added sensation. It’s hard to explain.” I thought back to come up with a common experience. “Did you get spanked in your interview?”

All of the girls nodded.

“Did you like it?” I looked at the girls, whose faces said they were unsure.

“Let me rephrase that,” I said. “You were nervous, wondering what you had gotten yourself into as you lay across that desk with your pants around your ankles.”

That got me a couple nods. Lenore was still on the fence.

“And when the strap came down to pinken your skin, did your body betray you by making your pussy wet? Make you crave another kiss of leather, even though your brain was screaming, ‘leave and don’t ever come back’?”

All three girls were nodding now. They had felt it, just as I had, that moment of confusion when the brain says, ‘Good girls don’t do this,’ and the body says ‘Hey, this is nice, I want some more.’

“Your Mistress will understand your needs,” I said. “There might be some rough patches in the beginning, but very soon you’ll be in tune with each other and you’ll wonder how you ever lived before.”

All three girls were nodding. Juliet had slid off the cushion to sit on the floor at my feet. She wrapped her arms around my legs and had her head resting on my knee.

“Did you girls know there’s a course for the dominants too?” I said. This got me some confused looks. “It’s not just you learning how to take care of your mistresses, there’s a class for your mistress to learn how to take care of you.”

From the corner of my eye, I spotted my mistress again, in her unmistakable red dress and still with no shoes on. The stern Asian devil woman in the black suit was behind her and to the right. She was clutching Mistress’s arm and whispering in her ear. Mistress shivered a little.

I was just about to get up and find out what was going on, when Miss Chowdhury burst in and announced, in her delightfully cheerful voice, that the girls were needed for appetizer preparations. “And you two ladies should be getting changed. Chop, chop.”

By the time I moved my eyes from Miss Chowdhury and her trio of assistants, back to where Mistress and the mystery lady were standing, they were gone again. But I did catch up to them when the doorbell rang.

I stepped forward, intending to answer the door, but Mistress was already there. And right beside her again was the lady internet casino in the black suit, which even after admonishing Juliet, I was beginning to think of as the Dragon Lady, myself. I tried and quickly failed at glaring her down as she stood there with my mistress in her clutches.

The door was opened to a pair of women, each a bit older than me and both sexy as hell. One woman was holding a pie. I’d never seen her before. The other woman was Karin—Karin the H.R. lady—the woman whose job it was to bend young girls like Esme, Lenore, Zaheera, and me, over her desk and torment them with a leather strap to see if their pussies got wet.

My pussy got wet almost as soon as I saw her wink at me.

“Welcome,” Mistress was saying as she took the pie in her hands. “Desi, Karin, please come in. We’re just about to start the appetizers.”

Desi. I filed that away for later. The woman who brought the pie, and whose ass is so nicely filling out her designer jeans is Desi.

Karin made her way over to where I was standing and reached to shake my hand. “You’ve done well for yourself,” she said.

And when I accepted her handshake, I found a surprise waiting for me. Folded over and concealed in her palm was a black leather strap, about an inch wide and maybe twelve in length if my guess was correct. It may not have been the same one she used on me when I was bent over her desk so many years ago, but if not, it was an exact replica.

“I’m hoping we might have an occasion to use this as the evening wears on,” Karin leaned in to whisper in my ear.

And what did I do? I stood there and I took that strap in my hand, and I thought back to the day of my interview when I was the same age and just as nervous as Lenore. I thought about my naked body pressed onto the cold, clingy polished wood top of Karin’s desk while she went to work on me. And as I stood there thinking about this, my pussy got wet.

“Thank you, ma’am.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Shouldn’t you be getting dressed for the party?” Karin had her hand on my back and was leading me away from the front door—away from Mistress and the Dragon Lady.

I trudged up the stairs to find Juliet already dressed and grinning like a fool as she revealed the emergency mustache kit she had in her pocket. “Help me stick one on,” she said.

“We’ve got to do something about the dragon lady,” I said. “She’s really starting to piss me off.”

“Why, Miss Charlotte, do I detect a bit of hostility?”

“She’s been keeping Mistress by her side since she got here. And what’s with Mistress and no shoes?”

“She looks sexy as hell! Barefoot in that open back red dress.” Juliet began pawing at her crotch to illustrate. “She looks like she’s somebody’s fuck toy.”

“You’re not helping me feel better about this.”

“Sorry,” Juliet said. “But, I will help you in your investigation.” She thrust the emergency mustache kit in my direction, “Once I get my mustache on.”

* * *

I managed to sample many wonderful appetizers, but it seemed I was always two steps behind Mistress and her captor. That’s how I was thinking of the dragon lady now, because wherever Mistress went, her captor was at her side.

“I almost didn’t recognize you, Miss Charlotte.” It was Lenore, doing a little curtsy while holding a platter of samosa in my direction. She was completely bare—not a stitch on the girl—as were Esme and Zaheera. All of them were having difficulty meeting anyone’s eyes, even my own, but many eyes were crawling over them.

I even took a moment to admire Lenore’s tight, youthful body, with her perky breasts, little bump of a tummy, and smoothly shaved mound. I wanted her in my mouth more than I wanted the appetizer she offered. But that was the point. This was part of her training. A course not just about serving, but serving up heaping helping of demure sex appeal with it. And, from what I could tell, Esme, Lenore and Zheera were all A+ students.

As I sunk my teeth into the corner of the triangular Indian pastry and nearly swooned. Miss Chowdhury’s samosas were the best I’d ever had. The second bite wasn’t nearly as good though. It had nothing to do with the food and everything to do with the image of Mistress and the dragon lady I caught in the corner of my eye. Yes, I was firmly entrenched in Juliet’s camp now and her christening of the devil woman. Because, Dragon Lady was feeding my mistress bits of samosa while she held her tight with a hand on her ass.

I set my plate on a side table and clenched my hands into fists.



The stage is set and the players have assembled, as old acquaintances arrive to ratchet up the intrigue. Be sure to catch the next installment in Chapter 4: An Indecent Proposal.

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