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Anal Fucking

The day was over and what’s more, it was Friday! Hallelujah, thought Wendy happily as she left work and made for the subway. She had no plans for the weekend but was just glad that the work week was over.

Wendy was 21, with striking platinum blonde hair in a straight cut to her shoulders, tall and slim with long legs and medium sized breasts that bounced as she walked, attracting admiring glances from both men and women. She wore a short sleeved light yellow three-button polo shirt, khaki mini skirt and medium heel, pale yellow pumps

The station wasn’t far and within minutes she was standing on the platform waiting for the train that would take her home to her little apartment, just a half hour away, and whatever the weekend had to offer.

A whoosh of pressurized air blasted onto the platform and the train suddenly appeared from the darkness of the tunnel, stopping with a screech of brakes. A door whistled open in front of her, she quickly entered and surprise, surprise, there was actually a seat, next to a very pretty girl, seemingly in her early twenties, who was beckoning to her and, when she sat down, greeted her. How amazing, this just didn’t happen in the big city!

“Hello yourself” replied Wendy, “sure is nice to get a seat and even nicer to get a greeting! I’m Wendy, and I’m pleased to meet you.”

“You’re welcome, Wendy, it’s nice to meet you too.” smiled her neighbor, “The city’s grumpy enough as it is, don’t you think? I’m Jenni. Jennifer really, but Jenni to my friends.”

They chatted as if they’d known each other all their lives, to find out that they lived within a block of each other so, as they had no other plans, decided to drop into their local pub for a drink before going home.

They reached their stop, took the escalator to the street and walked to the pub, where they found a quiet booth in the back corner. Jenni, it turned out, was 22, as tall and slim as Wendy with shoulder length black, wavy hair. She wore a short, deep v, light blue dress which had a pleated skirt that was belted to show off to good effect full, shapely breasts and a wonderfully round bottom.

Wendy sat while Jenni walked over to get the first round and studied her as she walked, the sway of her bottom, the swish of her short skirt over full hips and was amazed to find that she was attracted to her. She had been attracted to certain women for as long as she could remember, liked the feeling but didn’t understand it, and had never done anything about it. Jenni, however, had something that made her squirm on her seat in growing excitement and when she walked back, drinks in hand, Wendy’s eyes were immediately drawn to the bounce of her full breasts.

“There” said Jenni as she slid onto the seat opposite Wendy and passed her her drink. She had noticed Wendy’s study of her breasts, and it made her feel good. As they sipped at their drinks they chatted, about their their lives, their families, their jobs, shopping, a passion they had in common and, inevitably, boys and sex. Both began to feel totally comfortable and at home with each other.

“So” quizzed Jenni, when they had covered most subjects “do you have any pet likes or dislikes?”

“I like most things,” answered Wendy, “but I do have three major dislikes; onions, slobbery dogs and my nipples!”

“Onions and slobbery dogs I can understand, but your nipples?” Jenni laughed. “What on earth do you mean?”

“They’re big, long, and it takes nothing at all for them to get hard and pointy. It’s very embarrassing. I’ve tried putting paper in my bra cups but it doesn’t do any good!”

“I see what you mean.” grinned Jenni, looking pointedly at Wendy’s chest.

“Oh you beast.” spluttered Wendy as she flushed and lifted her hands to cover her breasts and offending nipples.

“Oh honey, I was only teasing.” replied Jenni as she reached over, took Wendy’s hands and gently pulled them from her breasts. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You have beautiful breasts and simply gorgeous nipples. You must be a B cup? I’m a C and my nipples stick out as well. See? But it doesn’t bother me any more. Please don’t mind if I stare.” With a big grin she added “In fact, I’d just love to reach out and touch them.”

At that point Jenni stopped, and still holding Wendy’s hands said, very quietly “Wendy, I have a couple of confessions to make. First, today wasn’t the first time I’d seen you on the train. I’ve seen you, off and on, for weeks, admired you from afar so to speak, but was too shy to say anything. Second, I’m lesbian. I don’t just prefer women, I only like women, sexually that is. I thought I’d better tell you now because I’m very attracted to you and have been from the first time I saw you. Now you know, you’ll probably want to get up and run and if you do I’ll totally understand. But I’ll be terribly disappointed.”

Wendy was silent for a bit, obviously thinking hard about how to respond, then said “I’ve been attracted to women for as long as I can remember, poker oyna but I’ve never done anything about it, never seriously thought about the possibility, don’t even know any lesbians other than you. But I’m really attracted to you so no, I don’t want to run, I really want to get to know you, Jenni, whatever’s involved.”

With a sigh of relief Jenni tightened her grip on Wendy’s hands. “I’m so very, very glad. I would hate to lose you so soon after I’d met you. So, where do we go from here?”

“Why don’t we just see what happens.” replied Wendy. “I think another drink is called for to seal the deal, but this time it’s my shout.”

She got up and walked to the bar while Jenni watched Wendy as Wendy had done to her, enjoying the back view of her new friend immensely, the way the cheeks of her bottom shimmied as she walked.

Wendy was soon back with the drinks but this time sat next to Jenni, moving close so that their bodies touched.

Jenni raised her drink and offered a toast “To a new friendship! Thank you for staying. Wendy, I can’t tell you how glad I am.”

By now their eyes were tearing and they moved even closer, Jenni’s arm going around Wendy’s shoulders, holding her tight. Wendy buried her face in Jenni’s sweet smelling hair, threw an arm round her slim body, her hand coming to rest partly on a full breast, and found herself bursting with happiness. This was so strange, but so right.

The girls slowly pulled apart. Jenni grinned up and asked “Were you looking down the front of my dress?”

Wendy’s face immediately turned bright red and she didn’t know how to answer. Jenni was immediately contrite, “Oh honey, I was only playing with you. Please don’t be upset with me.”

“I’m not upset, Jenni, I flushed because I was looking down your dress, Not only that, I liked the view and would love to see more.”

“Oh you devil, you!” gasped a very relieved Jenni. “Let’s finish our drinks and get out of here. Why don’t we go to my place and I’ll make some supper, then we’ll see what the rest of the evening has to offer. I might even let you look down my dress again, if I’m still wearing it, that is!”

‘Her place’ was literally around the corner so they finished their drinks and, arm in arm, made their way there. Once in the apartment Jenni turned to Wendy and, taking her head in her hands gave her a kiss on the lips, tracing them with the tip of her tongue. Wendy felt an electric shock go through her and parted her lips, her tongue darting out to meet Jenni’s.

“That’s enough of that” groaned Jenni. “I want to rip your clothes off and make love to you right here and right now, but we really should have some food first.”

“Oh no, now you’ve given me a taste I’m not going to let some silly food stand in the way of something I seem to have waited my whole life for. I’ve come this far and have no intention of stopping. I want you too and simply can’t wait.” At this, Jenni reached out, took Wendy’s hand and led her to the bedroom and her pillow covered king size bed.

Facing each other at the side of the bed, Jenni reached out and slowly, with trembling fingers, undid the buttons of Wendy’s polo shirt, lifting it over her head to reveal two lovely breasts encased in a white, lacy, pushup bra.

Wendy stepped out of her shoes and reached round behind herself to unzip her skirt, to be stopped by Jenni who stepped close to her and whispered in her ear “No, honey, that’s for me to do. The pleasure of undressing you is all mine. You’ll have your turn in a minute.”

As she said this she reached around, unzipped the skirt and pulled it to the floor. Underneath, Wendy wore a very sexy white, lace, Brazilian panty with a little silk bow in the front that stopped Jenni’s breath.

“Oh hun, how sexy is that!” she said as she reached forward to softly ran her fingernails over the big wet patch beneath the bow where the tight material formed a prominent camel toe and was amazed to find, thrusting from under its hood, a very noticeable and unusually large clitoris.

Her fingers stopped in surprise, then continued to stroke the lips of Wendy’s now wet cunt and her amazing, protruding clit.

She leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips, thrusting her tongue into Wendy’s mouth where it met and entwined with Wendy’s welcoming tongue.

“Quick, my turn” moaned Wendy as she disengaged from the embrace. “Turn round so I can unzip your dress. Quickly! Please! I want to see your body.”

Jenni did so and when the zipper had finished its travel leaned forward and shrugged the dress off her shoulders. Turning, she stood there in a pale blue, lace bra that cradled two full, creamy breasts with a deep valley between them, and a lace thong, also pale blue.

They stood there for a moment, drinking in each other’s beauty. As if by telepathy, each reached behind the other and unfastened their bras, which fell to the floor.

“Touch me” said Jenni, “stroke my tits, please, pleeeeeease!” sighing canlı poker oyna as Wendy softly touched the smooth skin of her beautiful, thrusting breasts, the first, other than her own, she had ever touched. She decided that she liked it and her fingertips traced their way to two hard, dark brown nipples which she rolled between thumbs and forefingers.

How she was enjoying this and was enjoying even more the sensations that were flooding through her body as Jenni teased her pointed, pink nipples and puffy areolas to distraction. The sensations increased exponentially as Jenni bent over, took a nipple into her mouth and licked and sucked, driving Wendy wild with excitement. She knew that she was leaking copious creamy juices so reached down and, while Jenni was still sucking her tit, pulled down her soaking panties so that they fell at her feet, to reveal a smoothly shaved mound and deep cleft between swollen, wet lips, her clit noticeable as it protruded from the top of the cleft . Reaching forward she pulled off Jenni’s equally wet panties, uncovering a thatch of trimmed, black curls, pearled with juice, surrounding and covering wet, slick and swollen labia.

The girls fell onto the bed, collapsing into each other’s arms, kissing, caressing, hands wandering, smoothing, rubbing, fingers finding deep wet holes, thrusting thighs into each other’s crotch against swollen, waiting clits, moving, rocking, climaxes building until both came simultaneously, holding each other tight, screaming at the joy of it.

They collapsed, side by side, panting hard, each with a hand on the other’s body, so close, so tender.

“Now,” panted Jenni, “wasn’t that fun?”

“Oh my,” whispered Wendy in total exhaustion but with a big grin on her face “so that’s what I’ve been missing all these years! Shit!”

“Oh honey, we’ve hardly even begun. I hope you weren’t in any hurry. Now, I’ve just got to have a closer look at that clit of yours. I have never, I mean never, met one that big. I could feel it against my leg the whole time we were fucking. I just have to see it.”

With that she moved down until she was lying between Wendy’s legs, looking at the beautiful, swollen, spread lips and their inner petals and at the top, the enormous clitoris, like a little penis, which had to be at least two centimeters long. Jenni looked at it in wonder, blew on it softly a few times, feeling Wendy quiver under her then simply couldn’t resist and leaned forward to suck it into her mouth, caressing the head with her tongue.

Wendy almost leaped into the air. She knew her clit was larger than normal, she had stroked it herself often enough with great pleasure, but the sensations streaming from it now exceeded anything she had ever experienced and she was already reaching yet another enormous climax which came upon her suddenly, resulting in a copious squirt of cum into Jenni’s face, causing her to back off quickly, coughing and spluttering.

Clambering back up alongside Wendy, Jenni grinned at her from a cum-splattered face and said “Gee thanks, honey, I really needed that!” At which both collapsed in a fit of giggles.

“That’ll teach you” whispered Wendy, still giggling, “not that you’re not welcome, any time at all, but you must accept the consequences.”

“I’m warned, but I’ll be back!” whispered Jenni. Reaching down between Wendy’s legs and clasping her wet vulva she asked “Do you have a pet name for this?”

“What do you mean?”

“I call mine Cunt. Hope it doesn’t offend you, honey. If you hate it I won’t use it. But does yours have a name?”

Wendy blushed, but answered “Never thought about it. No, I don’t have a pet name for it, I just think of it as my pussy, I suppose. No, Cunt doesn’t offend me, makes it sound exciting, somehow. I think Cunt is a lovely name and that’s what I’ll call mine from now on, too.”

“You really are a sweety. I sure got lucky when you got on that train today.”

They embraced, then lay there for a while, looking lovingly and in wonder at each other, hardly believing their luck, gently caressing each other’s bodies, Jenni in the pleasure and joy of a new and exciting lover, Wendy for the first time ever. They reveled in the sensations they were creating and experiencing, feelings growing from fingertips stroking breasts, nipples, stomachs, thighs, vulvas. Their lips touched, tongues tracing lips, breathing into each other’s mouths, closing, sucking, softly, gently.

Wendy’s arms closed around Jenni, pulled her body against hers, felt her hard nipples against her soft breasts, clit thrust against clit. Her hand closed on the roundness and softness of Jenni’s beautiful, creamy cheeks, stroking, caressing, fingers slipping into the crack, wet and slippery from their lovemaking, finding the little rosebud of her hole, slipping a fingertip inside, which made Jenni draw in her breath and clench her cheeks, gripping Wendy’s hand firmly in place.

“Oh my God” she breathed into Wendy’s mouth “and you say internet casino you’ve never done this before?”

“Never with another woman” whispered Wendy “but I love to masturbate, do it all the time. I’ve tried most things and loved most of them, so I figured why wouldn’t you.” and slipped her finger a little deeper, her thumb sliding between Jenni’s slippery legs, through the wetness of her cleft, until it found the hard little button of her clit.

Jenni could do nothing, just lay in Wendy’s arms, shaking, quivering, feeling another orgasm building in the pit of her stomach, moaning, groaning, keening until her orgasm broke over her like a wave and she screamed out loud, bucking violently, screaming again and again until her passion began to subside and she flopped, boneless, into Wendy’s arms.

“Oh FUCK” she panted “you are totally fucking incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that before. I think I’m going to lock you away and keep you all to myself!”

“No need for that, my love” replied Wendy “I’m finding out things about myself that I never knew and I’m so glad I’m finding them out with you. I felt like this when you first beckoned me over on the train and that feeling has been growing ever since. You look good, you feel good, so very, very good!”

They kissed again, very softly, very gently, lips barely touching, with growing love and appreciation for each other; each felt as if her heart would break with love and happiness. This went beyond sex and both knew it.

“I think we should get some food” said Wendy, “I need to get some strength back and I bet you do too. What would you like to do?”

“I’ve got some beef stew I was going to have for supper. most of a baguette and a bottle of red wine. Should be plenty for two. How does that sound? Otherwise we’ll have to go out and I really have no intention of getting dressed. So that’s your choice, eat here or go out with a naked woman!”

“Sounds good to me,” laughed Wendy, “I don’t want to go out either and I have every intention of keeping you naked and not sharing you with anyone else. I’ve got a lot of time to make up for!”

When they stopped laughing they climbed off the bed and Jenni led the way to the kitchen. Neither girl bothered to put any clothes on so the whole meal was accompanied by kisses, little nips, tweaks, soft touches, caresses, and by the time they had finished eating they were once again in a heightened state of sexual arousal and hurried back to the big, soft bed, each leaving a big wet patch on the kitchen chair she had been sitting on.

They snuggled up in each other’s arms, warm, close, breast to breast, nipple to hardening nipple, lip to lip, feeling so happy, enjoying the sensations, the feelings, enjoying each other.

“So, my new and dear friend,” grinned Wendy in a while into Jenni’s ear, after supper had settled a little, “what are all these other things you were going to show me? I can’t possibly imagine and I’m dying to find out!”

Saying nothing, Jenni supported her head on her hand, reached out and with the tip of one finger drew little circles around one of Wendy’s nipples, watched it grow and harden to the length of her little fingertip and the pink, puffy areola pucker.

Leaning forward, Jenni kissed the nipple, caressed it with her tongue, sucked it into her mouth, tonguing it, circling it with her tongue until Wendy was breathing heavily; kissed the white skin of the firm breast before sliding her lips down the curve of her breast and her stomach, hesitating at the belly button to probe it with her tongue then continuing to the smooth, shaved skin of Wendy’s mound, to the prominent, slick, cleft between her cunt lips with its impressive, protruding clit.

Then she moved, on hands and knees, until she lay between Wendy’s thighs, looking at the beautiful petal lips of of her open cunt, pearled with drops of cum and lapped them up, slipping and sliding her tongue into the hole, back up between the soft, pink folds, slowly back to the hole, slipping in as far as it would go, back up between the soft folds until it reached the long, fat clitoris, thrusting out from beneath the hood of skin that was doing a very poor job of protecting it. Once again she sucked it into her mouth, stroking the hard shaft with her tongue, circling it, faster and faster, feeling Wendy buck and grind and whimper under her. Reaching up under Wendy’s upraised knees, her hands found her breasts and nipples, kneading them as Wendy moaned and quivered until with one enormous scream she came explosively, again spraying Jenni’s still busy face with cum. Again and again she came, shuddering to one final twitch.

“Jesus, so those were ‘the other things’ you were talking about” she panted into Jenni’s cum-splattered face.

“Not even the half of it, lover. Wendy, please tell me you don’t have anything planned for this weekend. Please spend it with me so we can get to know each other better? Stay with me tonight? Please? Pretty please?”

“Nothing planned and if I did have I’d cancel it,” panted Wendy. “and of course I’ll stay with you. I know we’ve only just met but I feel as though I’ve known you forever and want to spend as much time with you as I can.”

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