Dyked in Prison Pt. 01

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Hello readers!

Yes, I realize it has been a while since I’ve posted. I just haven’t written anything I think that was suitable for LE. Maybe I’ll change my mind about something else, but this story I quite liked. I like to write romantic stuff but this will be a bit different (and shorter). I hope you enjoy it anyway.



This was a bad idea, thought Cami as she drove her boyfriend Seth to another robbery. It may have been, but this was just another poor choice when she had made tons of them over the years. Her childhood was not great, but it could have been managed if she hadn’t fallen in with people like Seth. He wasn’t the first criminal she dated but he was definitely the one with the most offenses.

Cami saw Seth running out of the electronics store with everything he’d managed to grab.

“Go, quick! The cops are already coming.” he yelled at her, getting in on the other side.

“Alright!” She stepped on the gas to accommodate his request. Getting on the road, she could already hear the cop cars behind them. Seth fired his gun back at them.

Eventually, more cars came back the other way and Cami was trapped. She had to stop the car.

“Step out of the car, please.” Cami did and put her hands behind her. She tried not to poker oyna look at Seth.

When she was with Seth, Cami had been helping him with a lot of his illegal endeavors. She hadn’t quite realized how many until she found out how many till a judge read them all out. She was sentenced to 30 months in women’s prison.

Cami wasn’t sure what to expect. She was driven to the prison far out into the desert. There were some female guards, but the staff was mostly male. She was forced to strip and shower in front of them, which she felt self-conscious about. Cami was oddly relieved when a female worker felt around in her pussy.

The first day was the hardest, indeed, but this was Cami’s first time in prison and she would feel uneasy for days to some. She could feel an air of depression permeating the interior. Cami tried not to let that bother her. She was a bad, tough girl, and she would be able to keep that up in prison.

On the other hand, Cami had some feelings that she tried to ignore. She found the showers to be her favorite place. She also thought about the other women a lot. Her dreams were only about prison now. Some of her dreams and thoughts were sexual in nature. And again, she even liked the lady guards, perhaps even more than the male ones. Cami didn’t really talk canlı poker oyna to anyone. Most of Seth’s friends were male and she didn’t talk to anyone at first. Some of the others seemed like friends, under the circumstances.

But she wasn’t a lesbian, anyway. She had never done anything with a girl, at least not while under the influence of anything. But still though, she was getting somewhat bored.

One day, she was in the prison library, looking at books. A blonde, stringy haired woman came up next to her.

“Hey, baby. You’re new right?” she said with a slight lisp.

“Don’t call me baby, please.” Cami said, taking a book out.

“I’m Sandy. I got five years for being a scam artist. Oh, I was the Da Vinci of scams but someone told on me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry that happened to you.”

“Let me guess. You were a sweet girl who fell in with a bad guy. But in here you’re a bad girl, who could can take her own.”

Cami sighed. “Do you want something, or…”

“Perhaps.” Sandy said, coming closer. “How have you been getting along with the others?”


“Had any ‘fun’ in prison?” she asked.

“I don’t think prison is fun.”

“Oh, it can be. If you meet the right people.” At that point, Sandy kissed Cami right on the lips. Cami internet casino kissed back.

“On second thought, perhaps I can have some fun here.” Cami said, taking herself out of the kiss.

Sandy laughed. “Yeah, great.”

She pulled down Cami’s pants and her panties. and started kissing her thighs. Cami backed up against the bookshelf. Sandy then started kissing her lady parts, her lips making contact with Cami’s unshaved pussy lips. Sandy’s pink tongue came out, at first going a little bit outside, but then coming in for the pleasure. Cami certainly felt pleasure, her boyfriend never did this for her. Seth just wanted her to stick things up her vagina that weren’t toys.

Sandy, on the other hand had now moved on sticking fingers in Cami’s spread pussy. It turned out Cami had a lot of pleasure spots that Sandy was happy to have fun with. With each one, Cami closed her eyes and moaned. Sandy smiled. She was getting a lot of special enjoyment out of this too. She started jamming multiple fingers in to maximize the fun. As she did so, they heard someone behind them.

“Your time is up. Back to your cells.” The guard came in, not saying anything about the sex. It probably was commonplace, then. The inmates quickly calmed down and left.

When the lights went out Cami reached her hands down her pants and played with her pussy. For the first time in a while, she felt happiness. Perhaps prison wouldn’t be so bad after all. Her mind then went to what would happen when she was released…

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