Eucalyptus Club The Ladyboy Party

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Our Day Started Well It’s Ending Was Not As We Expected.

The Eucalyptus Club The Ladyboy Party.

An Invite To A Party Is Exciting Because You Don’t Know How It will End.

A Eucalyptus Club is an exclusive spa private club wholly owned and funded by its member’s from their offshore accounts where the usual rules governing clubs will not apply. It is disguised to the outside world as many things but is unique in that it is a discerning sex club for the elite and extremely wealthy. Who’s Members and their Guests are selected by invitation only.

Their specialty is tailored party theme nights to meet their member’s preferences. Discretion and secrecy being of paramount importance, their staff is selectively recruited locally from Colleges and Universities scouted out and vetted by a number of local talent spotters. Any employees selected after an inaugural work experience period are by invitation only.

This story is a continuation of The Eucalyptus Club.

My name is Alan my friends name is Steve we had been invited to a ladyboy’s party. Si had been requested by Tim to assist me and Steve to get ready as Ladyboy’s Alana and Steff for the night, to accompany Giuseppe and Ken to an exclusive business ladyboy themed evening at a local very discreet Eucalyptus Club. This was just over a half hour drive out of town.

First we went to the Farmhouse Film Studios to have our makeup professionally applied and dressed. Our appearance to Tim and Si was very important to them as it could attract new business for their new film studios and other business interests as talent scouts and brokers.

As it was to be a black tie affair I was to be dressed in a short flaring from the waist one piece dress with my shoulders covered and arms exposed with elbow length black gloves on, matching high heeled shoes and clutch bag. No knee length stocking with bows this time as Si had spray tanned my whole body, I also had a shoulder length jet black hair pieces on. I was now Giuseppe’s Alana again.

Steve also had a short black dress that had a tight waist flaring out in three layers, his shoulders and arms were exposed, no straps to hold it up, either breasts or in his case body clips in lieu of faith holding it up. He also had had his body spray tanned all over and again wore very high heeled matching shoes and what looked like a very expensive shoulder bag with a gold chain. All set off by a long blond hair piece like his sister Sheila hair, his long toned legs setting it all off, he was now Ken’s Steff for the night again.

Ken and Giuseppe arrived at the studios in a stretched limo with a driver that they had hired for the night, you know the type with the big armchair seats in the back facing each other. We went out to meet them in their Italian cut silk suits and bow ties. Getting into the limo without knicker flashing would have been difficult but as Ken and Giuseppe had got out to meet us was not an issue.

Off we went, we were travelling backwards facing Ken and Giuseppe, Ken had organised Champaign for us which we drank as we travelled through the countryside with the sea on one side below us. Ken and Giuseppe were silent but intently watching us, I thought it was the Champaign then realised we were flashing them, our short skirts were not long enough to guard our modesty as we sat facing them. Must admit I liked being ogled at, I think Steff did too, we moved our positioning in unison, shortly afterwards they started to talk to us about what was going to happen tonight, at the party.

As the limo drove up the tree lined driveway and crossed a humped carriage bridge a large house appeared from behind the trees. It was incredibly impressive as we slowly pulled up at the Club’s stone arched porched entrance, this was where Shelia and Anjou were working tonight. A doorman in highland dress opened the car door for us, being careful as we stepped out not to flash, and walked arm in arm with Giuseppe and Ken into the Grand Reception Hall. What we saw was overwhelming it was going to be a lively and diverse night followed by a bed and breakfast weekend with Giuseppe and Ken, neither had work for the next few days.

The Grand Hall was set out as a drinks reception area, as arranged with Ken and Giuseppe we went to where the other companions gathered and the principles retired to an anti-room where they would talk business. Shelia and Anjou picking us out from the crowd came over with drinks for us, this time they were dressed in more sober hostess’s outfits, assuring us they would get changed into more lively outfits as the night progressed. Their polite greeting talk was not about did we have a good journey but asking if they could borrow our outfits for a party next week. Steff said see Si, answer was, no problem, we will have to moved off and serve other companions.

Ken had explained tonight was about making new business, financing and supplier contacts, closing deals and entertaining the principles, poker oyna in some cases with inducements. Apologising in advance that we may be neglected to a degree, but they would make it up to us over the next few days. I don’t know how many principals and companions there were but I would think about two hundred or so. As I looked about I wondered if all the companions were ladyboy’s for the night or what. I did recognise, even through their makeup and ensembles, some faces from the college and university in town, all playing their character parts to perfection.

Shelia and Anjou came over as promised to give us a grand tour of the Club’s facilities and attraction. They were dressed in more provocative hostess outfits this time, we were shown the theme studios, dark rooms and cabin’s. We were both overwhelmed with what we saw. Then were shown the spa with its various aqua themed rooms and cabins, and given a description of what the themed parties would consist off, including the Japanese Bukkake room that Sheila had experienced and told us about. Anjou added she had been the offering, at last night’s Bukkake ritual, we both looked at her in amazement. She replied the Club wanted some guys to do it too if we were interested. Before we panicked out of character, Shelia said we better head back to the Grand Hall, I think the principals have started to return.

We arrive back as Giuseppe and Ken came out the anti-room both looked very pleased with themselves and we went over to join them, but, they were tight lipped about whatever happened. Everybody then retired to the Grand Dining Room where we were served a meal followed by the inevitable speeches.

Speeches’ finished we all disbursed to talking huddles, we joined Ken and Giuseppe who were talking to two Japanese businessmen who were introduced as Haru and Jiro, Ken introduced me as Alana and Steve as Steff. They polity bowed and complemented us on our appearances, Jiro then introduced their two companions Jin and Kata, both ladyboys from appearance.

Giuseppe said Haru would be pleased if I spent some of the night with him in the Japanese room, I bowed and smiled in acceptance of his offer. As we left Jiro left with Steve and Giuseppe and Ken left with Jin and Kata, I was curious which theme room they would be visiting.

Haru led me to a room with a sunken Japanese bathing pool. In the adjacent dressing room Haru enjoyed helping me undress as Giuseppe had the previous week. I was then expected to fully undress Haru without his help, which I did, Shelia’s tour instructions of the ritual saved the day. We both donned long silk wraps to return to the bathing pool. When we arrived there, two Gisha girls were already their, with only their short silk almost see through wraps on, looking at the floor and not directly at us.

It was like the scene in the James Bond film, the one with the helicopter called little Nellie. Haru invited me to select one to bathe me. When I looked up one was Shelia and the other one of her friends that I recognised from some student beach parties. I said this little old lady here and pointed to Shelia, she smiled and bowed in acceptance. She came over to me and removed my wrap from behind, as did Shelia’s friend for Haru. They then remover their own wraps as we all stood their naked.

Haru sat on a sunken seat in the pool, I sat on a sunken seat adjacent to him, neither of us speaking or looking at each other. Shelia then entered the pool and looked at me, if looks could kill I was in trouble. She slowly and ritually washed me all over with a sponge, when she got to the vulnerable parts of my anatomy with her sponge. She squeezed them hard and bowed in courtesy, she must have dislike my little old lady comment, after tonight at least I could afford to make it up to her.

Finished and clean Haru led the way to the drying area, Shelia then dried me like a baby, slowly and caringly until she got to a sensitive part of my anatomy where out of sight of Haru squeezed me hard. I was actually starting to enjoy her doing this to me. We were then oiled, I got extra oil applied in a sensitive area by Shelia’s fingers we were now prepared all over for our impending assignation. Shelia and her friend then refitted our wraps leaning round from behind as they tied them. After refitting their robes and sandals they left.

Haru led me into a private cabin with Japanese markings, on the floor was a low lying mattress, he then removed my robe then his and carefully lay them together. By hand gesture invited me to lay on the mattress on my back, it was then that I realised that the mattress was contoured appropriately. I then moved my knees up and legs apart as an invitation to proceed.

He leaned over me and slowly started to caress me in preparation of our now impending engagement until we were both fully aroused as to the prospects of what lay ahead of us. I felt him start, at first I moaned as we aligned with each other then I started to enjoy it, he was so gentle canlı poker oyna and caring I was really enjoying it. Then I could start to feel it build inside me as he started to touch my Spot, I started to twitch a little in excitement. I could feel him I was ecstatic as he undulated ever so gently. I was really starting to enjoy him.

Haru then started to withdraw and re-enter his movement becoming more aggressively and exhilarating each time he withdrew and re-entered he was now touching my Spot erotically but gently, which was giving me such a rush of adrenalin or something. I tried to hold him back but his rhythm was building, I could feel his excitement build as was mine which was now high and building.

His rhythm quicken and he started to convulse as he started to climax, I was also starting to convulse at an increasing rate, it was not slow convulsions like with Giuseppe but quick and more exhilarating for both of us. Haru’s rhythm broke as he convulsed and stopped. I could feel his flow press inside me, it was a fantastic feeling then it eased as he withdrew, we parted and lay there side by side on our backs, both exhausted.

We lay there for what seemed a long time before we recovered, Haru then said can you sit on me the American way. I straddled over him slowly lowering as I engaged him, he held my hips steading and aligning us both.

I started to undulate slowly at first then built my rhythm, I felt him start to respond, quicker than I had anticipated. I was getting a rush with each stroke as Haru reached out for me, again it was gentle and exhilarating as he touched my Spot, I could see from Haru’s face he was enjoying it too.

His eyes were now closed, his head was slightly canted as he rolled it from side to side. Suddenly without warning he let go, I wasn’t prepared for it as he unloaded, it was a solitary moment of ectasia. We both sat there frozen in time like a white marble statue, neither moving nor responding. Haru broke our mutual moment of extreme ectasia by removing his grip on my hips, we separated and parted and lay on our backs side by side.

As we lay there Haru thanked me for his enjoyment and asked if I though Ken and Giuseppe would be trustworthy partners? I said I didn’t know as we only recently became friends, but I liked Giuseppe and he has treated me well. Haru then said he was cheated once by one of his closest friends and has never forgiven him for it, seeing the Bukkake humiliation room next door brought it all back and what he would have liked to have done to him.

I said that happened to me once a few years back, not in a room like that but in my bedroom. He said please tell me if you can. I said ok.

I was on holiday with my family in a big rented house by the sea when my sister and her friends came to stay with us for the weekend. The girls went shopping and the guys all went down to a secluded beach, all stripped off naked although I had swimwear insisted that I was naked too. I suppose I was ok about it, we started to frolic in the sea and on the beach, during one of these games one of the guys wrapped his hand round me and started to stroke me off.

At first I was horrified then I saw two of the other guys on the beach making out with each other. Somehow it now seemed ok, as I stood there I let him bring me on until, well you know. As he was leaning over me he was also stroking between my buttocks with an erection. Point was I liked it too. Finished we went back up on the beach and lay on the warm sand, I was lying face up with an erection when one of them kneeled over my legs and gave me what he called mouth resuscitation. My excitement was so intense that I unloaded all over his face. We called it a day at that and went back up to the house.

That night the booze flowed freely, sometime in the early hours we all went to bed, we all had to bed share, all the guys in one room, all sleeping naked, you know boys all in it together.

Sometime during the night I felt a hand lean over me and start to stroke me again, this time I was very willing, it wasn’t long before I unloaded. The other guys were watching and photographed me on their phones, I didn’t mind. Then the next one came over to me realising I couldn’t again and said try this, that was my first time anal, then the other two came over and serviced me. Before the morning arrived they had all serviced each other and me each again, how nobody heard us I don’t know. Maybe they did.

They wanted me to service them no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t, they didn’t like that and stood around me all masturbating themselves until they each unloaded over me. I felt so humiliated it was painful, I just lay there covered in their aftermath. I felt so dirty that I went and had a long shower. In the morning they were all friends with me again saying nothing about it. How could I say anything, I had nobody to talk to about it, my friend Steve was away on holiday for another three weeks with his parents.

The following internet casino day they all headed home strangely I felt I was cheated when they left, somehow I wanted to make it up to them. A few weeks later I bumped into one of them, we spent the rest of the day in his bed. He also gave me a copy of the photographs and videos they took of me on the beach and that night.

When I looked at them for the first time somehow they didn’t seem sordid or humiliating, maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought. But I did later find them on a pay to view web site, not difficult to do when you know what you are looking for. Clearly they sold them, although I was very disappointed with them, I moved on as though it had never happened.

Although I had closure and forgave them within myself I still felt so guilty, after that that I didn’t do it again until with my friend Steve. This is the first time I ever talked to anyone about it. Haru said you may have been a Ronan but you are now a true Samurai, I am one as was my father, part of our culture is to forgive our friends for their mistakes as though it never happened. I will now do that with my closes friend.

As we sat their in silence Haru said we better get washed and return to the Grand Hall. The shower was warm with a slow copious gentle flow of water, Haru first washed me then I him. I later found out that this was a sign of high respect for a Samurai to wash you. As we enjoyed the shower we heard someone at the door, it was our dressers waiting for us to finish. Haru walked out and his dresser wrapped a towel round him and they both went away to get dressed.

As I stepped out Shelia was waiting for me in her very alluring hostess’s outfit, as she wrapped the towel around my naked body said I like seeing you naked, I replied I find you very alluring in your hostesses outfit and without it. She smiled at me and leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips, she tasted very nice, this was the first time I had seen Shelia show any affection to anyone other than girls. She said maybe later we can enjoy each other’s company, I was just propositioned by a girl for the first time. When she removed the towel could see I was aroused by her. Touched it and said later, it was like a bolt of energy passing from her to me.

When I was dressed as Alana again I returned to the Grand Hall, they were all there waiting for me. Ken and Giuseppe were on a visible high, at first I thought it was because their Steff and Alana had returned. No Haru and Jiro had agreed to do business with them. They were to meet for a golf game tomorrow and finalise the details. We all left together, as we sat in our Limo waiting on them, Steff told me how she and Jiro enjoyed each other’s company, I shared my enjoyment with him leaving out the bit about my private Bukkake experience.

As we travelled back Giuseppe sat alongside me and Ken with Steff, from their wandering hands we knew what tonight would entail. I left the limo with Giuseppe we were now so tired that knicker flashing was not a concern. Approaching Giuseppe’s apartment entrance the elderly couple that I had passed twice before were leaving, he held the door opened respectively for me and smiled knowingly.

We travelled up in the lift Giuseppe was getting more friskier, for a moment I thought he was going to have us perform in the lift. I pointed up at the CCTV camera, he straitened his jacket then discreetly pulled my dress down and patted it straight. I think we may have made someone’s night at the security control and monitoring centre. If only they knew. We walked dignified to Giuseppe apartment door.

He closed the door, as I walked directly to his bedroom could feel him slowly and caringly unzip my dress until it was fully open. I turned round and as he held my dress I stepped out of it, I was standing there naked apart from a very small pair of paper disposable pants. I slowly undressed him until he was standing their naked in front of me, when I had his intimate attention I reached down and ripped off my paper pants. It took him by complete surprise as he popped up there and then, he extended his hand out to me inviting me to join him in his bed.

As I lay back Giuseppe moved over me then moving my legs up and apart, positioning some pillows for support. I was looking forward to what was going to happen next I could start to feel it build inside me as I started to twitch in excitement. I could feel him I was so ecstatic I could feel his every movement and undulation gently caress me, I was really starting to enjoy it. His every movement became more exhilarating, each time he touched my Spot gently I got a rush of adrenalin. I tried to hold him back his rhythm, although slow, my excitement was high and quickly building.

Suddenly I felt his rhythm quicken and convulse he was about to climax, I was also starting too, his rhythm broke convulsed and stopped. I could feel his flow inside, it was a fantastic feeling then it eased as he withdrew, we parted and lay there side by side. We must have fallen asleep, yesterday had been a demanding day, the sun broke in through the window wakening us even although Giuseppe was an early riser it was late morning.

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