Fantasy Meeting with Marc

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It was a dark autumnal night as I pulled into his road the biblical rain briefly subsided for long enough to me find his house. I paused momentarily outside the door before ringing the bell, my heart was in my mouth as I saw some movement in the house, this was it the moment I got to meet the man I had been sharing fantasies with for so long. I had met him on line months before and we had chatted but never met, the door opened and there he was a look of slight bewilderment on his face, “Marc?” I asked inquisitively.


“I am Ste…” please, please, please know who I am in, his face broke into a smile.

“Come in,” he said, and offered me a drink but sadly I knew I had to drive later and the butterflies in my stomach were so bad I am not sure I could stomach anything right now but I was busting for a wee. I excused myself and slipped upstairs, there I wondered whether to just strip and appear back downstairs completely naked to see how things would go from there; deciding that maybe that would be a bit weird and presumptuous and potentially do me out a whole load of fun I decided against it and put my shirt back on.

We chatted for a time about work and other things while he smoked and enjoyed a glass of wine. Glancing at my watch I noticed that time was progressing and figured what the hell. I stood up and invited him into my arms, I was shaking as I kissed his shoulder and neck and was pleased that I could feel him shaking too. We kissed gently on the lips as our hand explored each other. I pulled his shirt over his head to reveal his shaved smooth chest. I kissed down his neck and paused briefly on his left nipple before returning to his mouth. Our hands explored each other’s bodies as we kissed and he pulled my shirt over my head, as we kissed my hand slipped down his side and gently slipped into the waistband of his trousers to be met by his semi coming rapidly up the other way, I let out a little gasp as I briefly stroked his warm thick manhood rapidly growing in his pants before returning to kissing him. He turned me around and standing behind me caressed my body caressing my nipples and slipping his hand into my waistband to feel my growing cock. I was shaking with nervous anticipation as he did to it felt so good as he kissed my neck and caressed my body but I needed more.

I turned around and we continued to kiss as my hands clumsily tried to unhitch his belt. Embarrassed I gave up and got him to undo it. I slowly pulled his trousers and pants down as the elastic of his waistband past his cock it briefly held then lightly his cock bobbed back up against his stomach. His cock was uncut but he was so hard and his foreskin pulled back so tight he could have been cut. He was slightly bigger than me and his swollen glans gleamed in the dim light as I stared at it. My god it looked good, I had seen pictures of it online but close up it looked even bigger and beautifully thick. I so wanted to suck it, but first things first as I knelt in front of him staring at his massively erect and perfectly shaved cock, I slowly slid his shoes and socks off and slipped his trousers and pants off. I stared at his cock momentarily before leaning forwards and slowly starting to lick his shaft and slowly poker oyna around the head, before taking it into my mouth. It was ages since I had tasted cock and boy it tasted good. I could hear from his breathing as I sucked his cock that he was enjoying himself letting out little stifled groans as I gradually sucked the tip of his cock slowly taking more of it into my mouth, before releasing it and letting my tongue drift down his length to his balls. I kissed and licked his lightly stubbly balls before working my tongue back up his length to suck again at his cock. I sucked him for what seemed an age loosing myself in the sensation of the smooth head in my mouth and his stifled groans.

Wanting him to be more comfortable I stood up kissing his mouth letting him taste his cock on my lips and tongue. His rock hard cock felt warm against me as we kissed, then I pushed him back so that his knees buckled against the sofa behind him. He sat and opened his legs, I could believe how hard he was as he sat there cock curving up skywards glistening with my saliva and a bead of precum. I knelt back between his legs staring at is straining cock, kissed his shaved tummy all around that lovely cock before slowly running my tongue from his balls up to the tip around the tip and then taking just the head in my mouth as my tongue continued to work the head. I slowly sucked gradually taking more of him in my mouth listening to his little gasps and groans, I could hear from his groans that he was both nervous and enjoying himself. I caressed the smooth skin where his pubes once were as I sucked him and he watched me with eager eyes as I worked.

After a time I started to notice that my knees were killing me from kneeling on his hard floor as I sucked him. It became too much I had to stand. As I did so he slipped his hands into my waistband and slipped down my pants. I couldn’t believe it I wasn’t hard yet, I was so nervous and was so transfixed on sucking his cock and fondling his body I hadn’t touched myself at all. “Err… sorry,” I said embarrassed, ” I am so Nervous…” and I held out a shaking hand which trembled with excitement.

“Not to worry,” he smiled and gently took the head of my cock in his mouth, he expertly sucked it slowly working back the foreskin and sucking the tip. I slowly ran my fingers through his hair an watched as he sucked me it felt so good and yet still only a semi .I pulled him off my cock and he stood, ” we might be more comfortable upstairs if you like?” I smiled and followed him as he led the way upstairs, having cleared the cat of the bed we were ready to go.

Clambering onto the bed it quickly became apparent we both wanted to suck eachother off so manoeuvring ourselves so that we were lying diagonally across the bed we slowly started working eachothers cocks. It felt so good sucking and being sucked and yet I still wasn’t fully hard yet. Releasing his cock I looked down to watch him as he sucked me hmm he was good. I turned back to his cock licking the tip slowly at first and then faster and faster licking then alternating between licking and taking him deep into my mouth. I spread my legs slightly and he slipped my cock out of his mouth licking around my balls, I spread my legs a little wider canlı poker oyna and quite suddenly his tongue was hard against my bum probing my tight puckered little ass. My god it felt good, it was the first tongue that had ever been there and my I loved it! I laid back for a moment lost loving it, then went to work on sucking his balls, before returning my tongue to the tip of his cock working it like I would a clit on the verge. Only this time as I returned to taking as much of that lovely cock in as I could I was rewarded with the glorious taste of precum hmm that tasted good. But I didn’t want him cumming just yet there was so much more I wanted to do in this steamy session so I released his cock and enjoyed him sucking me again, I rolled on top of him still 69ing and started sucking him deep, surprising even myself as to how much of that lovely curved cock fitted in my mouth.

After a little time of him switching between my cock my balls and my bum, I was getting incredibly horny and needed a change of position. So turning around I kissed him and started to rub my now hard cock against his. I sat up and taking both our cocks together in my hand gently wanked them. Our two cocks together made such a handful and wow they looked good together, this turned me on and I needed to feel his lips around it again so I straddled his chest and fed him my cock. I slowly tipped my hips forward slowly pushing more of my cock into his waiting mouth. Hmm wow this felt good, then I pushed a little too hard he gasped momentarily before I could continue, I mouthed the word, “sorry” and reaching behind me started caress his cock as he sucked me. Rocking back slightly I let the tip of his cock rub against my bum cheeks as he sucked. Then letting my cock fall from his mouth I slipped back a bit further as I kissed him to let his hard cock rub against my tight puckered hole. I let his cock spread my bum very slightly as we kissed. Feeling him there made me want him in me properly. I never thought I would feel this stronger urge to have a cock in me but this night I certainly did. I had to resist the urge to sit down hard on that lovely cock, instead I whispered, “have you got a condom?”

“Er… yes, just a mo…” Marc disappeared into the next room returning with a little black sachet, “Last one…” he said coyly lying back on the bed next to me. Looking his cock was still hard but not standing as proud as it had been just moments ago, so I slipped back down taking the condom with me to suck that beautiful cock once more. Within seconds it was straining hard again and looking magnificent gleaming with my saliva,

“Do you have any lube?” I asked, releasing his cock momentarily.




Taking his cock fully out of my mouth, “LUBE?”

“Ohh… err not that will go with that…” he replied…

“Ahh, well just as well I brought some with me then…” I chuckled as I climbed off the bed and nipped downstairs to grab the lube out of my jacket pocket and raced back upstairs my cock bobbing all the way. On returning to the bed Marc was lying out cock resting against his tummy again, “can’t have that I thought!” and slipped back down between his legs taking the lube and condom internet casino with me I sucked him again till his cock stood proud by itself again and took the condom from the wrapper as I sucked him, releasing him briefly I rolled the condom down his cock and paused to admire my handy work, dam that was one fine cock all dressed up and ready.

Marc started to move as if to manoeuvre behind me, ” ahh, ahh, ” I muttered as I fixed his legs in place grabbing the lube I straddled him and generously lubed his cock and my tight little hole. Holding his cock firmly I guided it to my waiting bum. I paused momentarily before slipping it inside me slowly sitting down, I let just the head slip in, I gasped as that magnificent head slipped into my arse with almost a little pop. “Man that is big!” I thought as I held it momentarily before lifting off, I waited a second and repeated, it was easier this time and I was able to sink onto it a little more. As I went to lift off Marc held my hips and thrust upwards, I let out a little moan as his cock sank deep into me . The initial pain had subsided and now his cock was starting to feel great in side me. His hand had moved onto my cock and was now jerking away. I realised for the first time in the night I was properly hard and straining. Looking over my shoulder I could just see myself riding him in his mirror. I reached behind me and caressed his balls as I rode him, man this felt so good!

After riding him for a little while Marc wanted to change position so I got on all fours and let him slip in behind me, spread my cheeks rubbed himself against me then slipped into my arse again holding my cheeks apart as he did so. Somehow he felt even bigger like this, I couldn’t seem to get comfortable like this so I slipped my knees down so I was lying prone. Marc continued to fuck me but somehow this position wasn’t doing it for me either, so signalled him off and rolled onto my back pulling my knees up as I did so. Marc manoeuvred himself into position and slipped himself into my arse, it seemed to go in much easier again in this position and was much more comfortable.

I let my legs flop open as he fucked me, his hands were all over me exploring my body playing with my nipples as he did. I slipped my feet up onto his shoulders so he could fuck deep. Man it felt good, moving my feet back down Marc started stroking my cock again, only now my foreskin was so tight that was also a bit uncomfortable, so I took over wanking myself. Quite quickly I was on the verge of cumming, “OMG no not yet!” I thought releasing my cock. I was on the verge but Marc wasn’t quite there yet, my arse was tensing around Marc cock as it pumped into me. I reached down and felt Marcs huge slippery cock pumping into me between my fingers, then I caressed his balls letting my fingers get ever closer to his tight little hole. Eventually my lubed finger slipped into him as he fucked me. Suddenly Marcs breathing quickened as did his stroke and he came hard in my arse pushing his cock deep inside me. I kept him in me as long as I could but his semi hard cock quickly got pushed out of my bum. He managed to get it back in again briefly but by now his cock was wilting fast. Mark lay next to me his spent cock resting on my thigh as I continued to wank my cock, his hand gently caressed my balls before I guided him down to finger my freshly fucked arse. Quite quickly as wanked my cock feeling his fingers inside me I came a huge load all over my chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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