Four Seasons: Summer Lover

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The summer sun shines through the gap in the white sheers over her window, casting a wedge of light across me. The sun is warm upon my black bikini. I lie there sprawled on my back, my muscles tired from our swim. My heart is pounding not from the past exertion, but in anticipation as I watch her. She is well aware of my happy stare, her eyes staying fixed on mine as she kicks off her sandals. She unties the white wrap from about her waist and lets it drop to the floor. Her one-piece of pale blue is well suited to her gracefully tanned skin, her blond hair falling around her face, only half dried by the sun on our walk home. She is not a small or skinny girl, instead with a delicious smoothly rounded look.

She hooks her shoulder straps and pulls the suit down to her waist, allowing her full breasts to spill out naturally. She knows I am entranced. My tongue licks my lips in a quick instinctive motion. She pulls the suit off still keeping her eyes on mine, and pauses there for a moment in the sunlight. She crawls up on the foot of the bed, and begins moving on all fours up until she is above me. Enjoying the moment I lie still and make myself hers to enjoy. Her breasts hang above my nipples now erectly pushing through my bikini top. She lowers herself slowly and as her breasts rest upon my own, she places a soft, gentle kiss upon my lips. Her full lips are soft, her touch delicate. I raise my head to keep that contact as she draws away again. My head falls back upon the pillow as I watch her mouth drift down. I feel those soft lips nibbling poker oyna at each nipple in turn, teasing through the fabric of my top. I cannot help but draw a deep shuddering breath, warm tingling radiating from my chest and echoed in the dampness between my legs. I arch my back as her hands seek the clasp behind my back. She tosses the twin triangles of black cloth aside and returns her lips to my breasts.

My breasts are quite different from hers, but she knows how to tease them. Hers are large, soft mounds of smooth tanned skin, with paler triangles surrounding large pink areoles and low, wide nipples. Mine are small, pert things with pale skin and darker nipples that stick out through most bras and shirts when properly motivated. They are so sensitive to exactly the kind of teasing light touch that she knows exactly how to apply. My body twists and turns under her tapping licks that dance around my nipples, curve along the underside of my breasts, and swirls circles around my areoles.

Her lips trail down my belly and across the surface of my bikini bottoms. An unexpected lick along the upper inside crease of my thigh makes me gasp. Her teeth gently clamp on my swollen outer lips through the fabric. My legs widen involuntarily but her hands push them back together as she slides the string bikini bottom down. My legs are thinner and more obviously muscled than hers, my hips only shallow curves compared to hers. Her hands run back up my legs and push them apart as her head dips between them. Her face vanishes from my view, canlı poker oyna screened in draping golden hair, and then I forget everything as her lips and tongue begin to trace my sex. She traces up and down my folds, and runs circle around my clit. My hips buck and my mouth makes meaningless sounds of pleasure. Her arms run under my legs and up to cup my breasts. Her takes each nipple between finger and thumb, rolling them gently. As her tongue tightly circles my clit, she gently squeezes both nipples simultaneously, sending my over the edge. My orgasms come like waves, rising then falling while I float shuddering upon them.

When my senses begin to clear I reach down and grab her head, pulling her up to me, her body warm against my sweaty skin. I kiss her hard and long, tasting myself on her lips. Her breasts press against mine, soft and warm on my almost hypersensitive nipples. Her sex is hot and damp against the top of my thigh. I roll her over, sliding my legs between her own with my black hair now hanging about her flushed face.

I gently take her earlobe between my teeth, my tongue circling the small gold stud earring. I place small bites along her neck to that place just along the side that always makes her squirm. I lift myself to regard her breasts, larger, softer and more delicate than my own. I toy with them as much for my own pleasure as for hers. I know they are not nearly as sensitive as mine. I suck one nipple into my mouth, feeling it engorge into a soft nub. As I take the other into my mouth, I slide internet casino one hand down her belly, and let my fingers play through the soft hair there. My fingers press into the top of her mound, pushing gently towards the top of her folds and the clitoris hidden beneath.

I look up at her, her mouth and eyes wide as my fingers slide across the dampness and into her. I kiss her then, holding a passionate press as my index finger traces her from inside out. With her own juices I massage circles over her hood as her moans become louder. My fingers pulse in and out of her. I climb down her body, reversing myself above her, and begin to dab licks across the silken strands that lie pressed around her outer lips. I keep myself shaved almost completely, and generally like that best in others as well, but her hair is so fine and light it is almost like it isn’t there. I bury my head down into her, tracing the infamous alphabet upon her clit while my fingers continue their motion low in her. Her hips push against my motion, her cries a series of affirmations to God and anyone else in particular that lets me know she is near to her own orgasm. I suck her clit into my mouth, swirl it with my tongue, and let it pop back into place. She lets out a stifled half-scream as she quivers. Stilling my hand, I run licks up and down her folds as her orgasm writhes across her body.

I crawl about again to lie alongside her, holding her. We are very different in shape, she and I. But her wavy blond hair mingles now with my straight black hair. Her large, soft breasts press against my small firm ones. Both her round blue eyes and my almond black ones meet in satisfaction. Both of us are covered in sweat, the sunlight shimmering across our naked bodies. It is summer, and we are the same in love.

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