Initiation Ch. 03

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Jasmine and Madison looked at each other in their graduation gowns. It had been a great four years. Now, they were graduating and moving on with their lives. They had been roommates the last three years and grinned as they remembered all the good times together.

“You look amazing, sweetie. No one would know you’re pregnant.”

Madison blushed. She adjusted her robe and grinned.

“Thanks, sweetie. Rob is going to propose, for real tonight, in front of our parents and everything.”

“Oh sweetie, that’s so exciting.”

Jasmine and Madison had spent the majority of their first two years being lovers and enjoyed making love to each other whenever they were either single or had idiot boyfriends that didn’t know anything about female anatomy. The summer between sophomore and junior year Madison had met Rob and their encounters had been reduced from a few times a year to nothing at all. Jasmine didn’t really mind since she always had Jamie but she still missed Madison and was quite sad that, after today, they would only see each other occasionally. Jasmine had gotten into graduate school and was moving into a nice apartment while Madison was going home to pretend to plan a wedding.

“So poker oyna your parents really don’t know about the pregnancy?”

“Nope. Rob and I are going to start planning a wedding and then start a fight with one of our family members that will conveniently result in us eloping to Niagara Falls.”

“Niagara Falls! It’s wet there all the time. Why not Las Vegas?”

Madison walked over to Jasmine and leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“It’s wet like me, sweetie. Want one last quickie before the ceremony?”

Jasmine whimpered and forcefully dragged Madison to the nearest chair and sat her down on it. Removing their robes Jasmine straddled Madison’s hips and started grinding against her. They each slid a hand against each other’s pussies and began to rub hard and fast. It was frantic. It was fast. It was hard. It was desperate.

Jasmine stood up and pushed Madison up onto the desk, spreading her legs wide. She could almost taste a difference in her pussy juices since becoming pregnant and she moaned as she ran her hands up and down Madison’s thighs. Her tongue probed Madison’s pussy and clit. Madison was moaning louder and louder. Her moans were probably canlı poker oyna being heard down the hall, but neither of them cared.

“Cum for me, baby.”

Madison came. Her whole body shook and she could barely stay conscious as Jasmine continued to lick her throbbing clit.

“Your turn.”

This was reminiscent of their first time and they both knew it. Madison leaned down and sank four fingers back into Jasmine’s pussy. Jasmine wrapped her red lips around Madison’s nipple. Her breasts were so huge from the pregnancy. They were bigger than Jasmine’s and she boasted that she could suck her own nipples.

“Cum for me, baby. One last time. Let me feel it.”

Jasmine squirmed against Madison and suddenly she was cumming. It was so intense she almost blacked out. She felt Madison’s fingers so deep inside her and every part of her pussy was burning with desire. Staring at each other, with complete lust and love in their eyes, they didn’t have to say a word. They would always love each other. There was a knock on the door.

“Shit. It’s probably Rob.”

Both of them grabbed their robes and quickly fixed themselves up. Madison opened the door and hugged her soon internet casino to be fiancé.

“Hi, Jasmine.”

“Hi, Rob.”

“You girls ready to go?”

Jasmine, Madison, and Rob walked towards the auditorium for the graduation ceremonies. Both of them grinned as they watched the other receive their degrees. It had been a great four years and they were never going to forget each other.

Later that evening, Madison and Rob arrived at the hotel they had booked for the night. Madison was tired, but horny and Rob could tell she was in the mood. Madison was wearing a stunning two carat diamond engagement ring on her left hand. Rob had proposed at dinner, in front of their families, and everyone was so happy and excited. Rob leaned up and rubbed her shoulders as they undressed and got into bed. They cuddled close as Rob rubbed her belly softly.

“So did you and Jasmine have fun before I arrived?”

Madison bit her lip as she realized what he was saying.

“You know?”

“Of course, baby. I know how the two of you look at each other and your sorority secret isn’t much of a secret after some girl Jamie spilled the beans to her boyfriend.”

Madison rolled on top of Rob and straddled his legs. She played with her nipples as Rob rubbed her thighs.

“So can I still play with her?”

“On one condition. I get to watch.”

Madison giggled and rolled her eyes.

“You’re such a typical guy.”

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