Milky Boy Ch. 03

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Saturday morning I got up and immediately checked my e-mail and voice mail – nothing from Lauren! I took advantage of my free time and got a lot of stuff done around the house and also ran a few errands. After lunch I signed back on to the computer and found my next e-mail from Lauren. I noticed she was now copying Jen on the e-mails. Lauren said in her e-mail that she and Jen had decided last night to add a new “menu item” to the list of ways they could get money from their “ATM”. They called it the “Blue Dick Special” and it cost $50. She added a little smiley face emoticon in the e-mail after she wrote that. She want on to explain that they would want a Blue Dick Special whenever they were too tired to give me a hand job, foot job or blow job. A Blue Dick Special amounted to me jerking myself off in front of them for their amusement. This privilege was to cost me $50 every time! The last sentence in the e-mail read “Jen and I are here in bed waiting for our Blue Dick Special. Be here by 12:45 (the back door is unlocked, Mom and Dad won’t be home until later) or you will be fined $25.”

I looked at the clock, it was 12:40! Luckily my wife was playing tennis at the moment. I ran for the back door, got half way there and remembered my milking towel and had to turn around. I got over to Lauren’s and let myself in the back door and scooted up the stairs to her bedroom. As I walked into her room, the clock on her nightstand clicked over to 12:45. Lauren and Jen were in the same bed, cuddling, apparently nude under the covers.

“Right on time! Now that’s what I call service!” Lauren said sarcastically. She continued as though she were placing an order poker oyna in a restaurant “We’d like one Blue Dick Special please, heavy on the mayo!” I stood there catching my breath for a moment and Lauren motioned me to stand near the bed so they could get a good view. She handed me some hand lotion from the drawer in her nightstand and simply said “Commence.”

I unzipped my shorts and pulled my dick out. “No, no Milky” Jen said sweetly, “we want your shorts all the way down around your ankles.” I shrugged, unbuckled my belt and pushed my shorts and underwear all the way to the floor. As soon as I looked up Jen had her camera and started snapping pictures again. I spread some of the hand lotion on my cock and began stroking, holding the towel in my other hand to catch my cum when the time came. I thought to myself “how did I get into this predicament? How does a 48 year old man get to the point of standing before two teenage lesbians, dick in hand, paying them for the privilege of jerking off?!” I looked around the room and saw their discarded clothes from their date the night before. I couldn’t help staring at Jen’s discarded pantyhose, carelessly tossed across the arm of the bedroom chair. Just something about a pair of worn pantyhose casually discarded that gets my blood moving!

Lauren figured out what I was looking at and said to Jen “Oh Jen honey, I think the Milk Boy likes your pantyhose. Why don’t you let him get a closer look?” Jen smiled and hopped out of bed, stark naked. I continued stroking my dick. Jen walked over, grabbed her pantyhose and walked over to me. She turned and winked at Lauren and then turned back to me. She reached up and pulled canlı poker oyna the panty part of her pantyhose over my head and face, pulling them down to my neck and shoulders. Her pantyhose were sheer-to-the-waist and you could clearly make out my face through the nylon panty. I was stroking madly now and getting ready to cum. The girls were giggling. Jen retrieved her camera and took several shots of me standing there, dick in hand, her pantyhose over my head, getting ready to orgasm.

“I think our order is about ready!” Lauren proclaimed. I deeply inhaled and could smell Jen’s perfume on her pantyhose – that was the final straw! I exploded in orgasm and luckily caught my cum in the towel, preventing any from falling onto the carpet. The orgasm was so intense my knees actually buckled and I almost fell over.

I finally knelt down and wiped myself off, the pantyhose still over my head. Truth be known, I didn’t want to take them off! I think Lauren sensed this and said

“Okay little boy, give Jen back her hose.” I pulled the pantyhose off and laid them on the bed. “That will be $50 Milky, pay up.” Lauren said. It then hit me that in my haste to get over here, I had run out of the house without my wallet!

“Uhm, I’ll have to go home and get it.” I said meekly, “I forgot my wallet.”

“Now Milky, you know forgetting is not allowed” Lauren said in a mock stern tone. “This is gonna cost you an extra $50, now run home and get the money and be quick about it” she said. I stood up to pull my shorts back up and head home. “Not so fast” Lauren said. She reached over and grabbed Jen’s pantyhose off the bed and tossed them at me. “Put these internet casino on and then put your shorts back on” she smiled. Jen was already reaching for her camera.

“But what if my wife is home from tennis? She’ll see me in these pantyhose” I protested.

“Listen little boy,” Lauren replied, “she’s gonna find out about this little arrangement we have sooner or later anyway; I’m gonna make sure of that!”

I kicked my shoes off, removed my shorts and underwear and pulled on Jen’s sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose. The camera was clicking away. I put my clothes back on over her hose, but my legs were clearly incased in nylon if anyone bothered to look my way. Lauren (that bitch!) made me got out the front door when I left.

“Hurry back Milky, and don’t get a run in those nylons while you’re gone!” Jen shouted as I walked down the stairs heading for the door. I luckily made it over to my house without running into any of the neighbors and was relieved to find my wife was not home yet. I grabbed my wallet and took out $100, just then the phone rang.

“Now what?” I thought. Of course, it was Lauren.

“Milky, go in your wife’s dresser and bring me a pair of her sheer black panties. I know she has some, I saw them when I was babysitting one time” Lauren said.

Feeling defeated at the hands of this demanding girl, I simply replied “Okay.”

I got back to Lauren’s house and gave her and Jen each $50.

“Thanks,” Jen said, “we really enjoyed the Blue Dick Special today!” “Put your wife’s panties on the nightstand and you can go, for now” Lauren said.

“What about the pantyhose?” I said, looking down at my legs.

“Why, they look lovely on you,” Jen said “I want you to keep them.” The girls giggled and kissed briefly.

Lauren then turned to me and said “Goodbye. Make sure you use the front door!”

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