A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 49

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The following chapter is part of a single novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery and growth involving a small group of people.

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Chapter 49: Siblings Spend Their First Day “Together”

A very unwanted ringing finally woke us. Apparently, it was Lynn calling to pump Carly for details of how their plan had worked. Since Munchkin was already up for a nature call, she’d answered the phone before I was even half-awake. By the time Carly returned, I was almost dressed for doing afternoon chores.

“Everything’s set. They’ll be over around 7:30.” grinned Munchkin. “Don’t head out without me.” she shouted, dashing to her room.

In no time, we were headed to the barn with our arms around each other. Unlike that morning, though, her hand was on my butt…INSIDE my pants. My left arm was around Munchkin’s shoulder and my hand was filled with her left teat. Life was good.

Doing chores that afternoon was a ball. Sure, they took a little longer to finish, but there was no real need to rush. We’d sneak up behind each other to grab a groin, butt, or boob. We made time for plenty of warm kisses and hugs. I’d have tried to make love to her in the barn, but I knew I’d better recharge my batteries if I expected to have any juice left for the evening’s fun and games.

Finishing the barn work, we decided to help our folks out and save them some propane… by showering together… to conserve hot water. We tremendously enjoyed soaping each other. Straight away, I lathered the daylights out of Munchkin’s muff. Before I relented, she was panting. The way she held onto me, told me I’d massaged her pussy past the point of it being a game.

Turning canlı bahis şirketleri off the water, I dried us off, then carried her back to my bed. Carly displayed considerable passion in her kisses as we chewed each other’s lips. I’d felt up her pussy while we kissed, so after a short time her hips were rocking steadily.

Kissing her face until I reached her ear, my tongue invaded it; the moist tip elicited many sighs as it probed the sensitive folds of her earlobe. When I felt she was really purring along, I whispered, “I’m going to eat you now until you ask me to stop.”

That got a big groan of approval.

“I’m going to rest my pooped pecker until tonight, so just enjoy yourself. Set your own pace.”

That said, I moved lower to munch her squeaky-clean pussy. Grabbing my head between her hands, Carly directed my mouth to hers for a long, loving kiss.

When she lay back with her eyes closed, I kissed my way south. During my wanderings, my lips visited both of her puffed up nipples, staying long enough for a few good sucks on each one. As much as I loved spending time climbing Carly’s peaks, I continued my journey to Bushland, where my services were urgently needed.

Arriving at my final destination, I received a warm welcome. Wow, what a beautiful beaver! So I could take some time to study her face and body, I alternated between eating her and feeling her up. I never wanted to forget how she looked the day she gave me her virginity.

Her entire pussy was sodden. Carly was highly aroused. She was pink, slick and open. Her aroma made my groin tingle; already I was rather erect despite not being fondled. Her black pubic hair was such a sexy contrast to her alabaster skin.

Prying her vaginal lips wide apart, I flattened my tongue. Time after time I licked her from top to bottom, or side to side. Every moan or sigh from Carly motivated me to try still harder to find even more ways to please her.

Like sticking my face into a sauna, I basked in the moist heat rising from her groin. The way her hips rocked with a steady, gentle motion reminded me of waves coming ashore. Working my hands underneath her beautiful butt, the regularity of her muscles tightening, then relaxing in my grip, sent ripples of excitement coursing through my veins.

Obviously nearing a climax, Carly asked me to shift into a 69 position so she could see or touch my genitals. Managing to continue sucking on her clit, I spun my torso around to straddle her head. Soon her fingertips were lightly grazing my penis and scrotum. Damn I was hard; Carly rubbed my sensitive glans all over her face and lips. As she did, my sexy sister stoked my shaft, slowly, very slowly. I could sense her eyes watching me, studying my sexual organs the way I was studying hers. The experience was so exciting I became lightheaded.

My efforts were yielding results; Carly was tensing up. canlı kaçak iddaa Every breath became a long, deep inhale.

“Larry, I’m going to suck you. I know the second I feel your warm penis in my mouth I’ll come. If you want to come, I’d love feeling your sperm shoot into my mouth again.”

Slipping her lips around my glans, her tongue swirled around the entire red knob. She seemed content to concentrate on just my helmet; she sucked at it harder and harder. Abruptly, her hips rose and fell far more rapidly, announcing the arrival of her orgasm. Leaning forward, my tongue pushed into her contracting vagina.

Seeing my sister in the throes of an obviously wonderful climax was far too much for my aroused body not to respond. Relaxing my self-control, I came with her.

My sperm spurted into Carly’s mouth. Since she seemed to enjoy having just my knob poking into her mouth, I did my best not to thrust into her the way my hips wanted so badly to do. The way her head moved in a circle, I suspect she wanted my cock shooting warm semen all around the inside of her mouth. I don’t know what I had left in me, but Munchkin was welcome to all I had.

Warm, soft hands glided all over my tush, balls, and shaft. My entire groin was caressed and fondled; holding fairly still, I allowed my penis to drain into her soft, warm, suckling mouth. As I softened, Munchkin pulled my hips down until my flaccid penis hung entirely in her mouth. As if it was a tether ball, her tongue steadily batted it around; try as I might, I cannot find words to adequately describe how utterly phenomenal that felt.

Keeping my promise, I continued to suck and lave her pussy. After a few minutes, her hips were rocking in a familiar fashion. Munchkin was headed for another orgasm. Meanwhile, Carly still nursed my limp cock like a foal on a mare; I achieved a state of euphoria.

Sliding my thumb into her canal, I wormed a fingertip in between her cheeks so I could tease her anus. When Carly reacted, I sucked as much of her clit into my mouth as possible, slapping her clit silly with my tongue. A minute more of my three-pronged attack got Carly off big time. Lifting my face, so her hips were free to buck, I worked three fingers into her vagina, keeping them deep inside her sheath for her to ride.

Her palms, smacking my butt in pitter-patter fashion, got my attention. When I withdrew my fingers, she relaxed. Following one last, long suck on my penis, it likewise was freed.

“Stop! I surrender!” came a giggled plea from beneath me.

Exhausted myself, I flopped onto my side.

Turning so she could slither on top of me, Munchkin rested her head on my upper chest.

“That was unbelievably wonderful.” she purred.

Lovingly I squeezed her butt in reply.

“If I had enough energy left, I’d try telling you how incredible it is making love with you. I’ve dreamed about it hundreds canlı kaçak bahis of times, but actually doing it is a thousand times better than I ever imagined.”

Carly proceeded to give me a sexy-as-hell French kiss if ever there was one. Literally I couldn’t speak when she finished with me, so I just held her tight until we had to get up for farm chores.

Gotta love her… It was Carly’s idea: we put on our shoes and socks, then headed out to do chores. I mean…we put on our socks…we put on our shoes… but not a damned thing more. There wasn’t anything we had to do that evening that with a little care we couldn’t do naked. We had no idea when we’d next be alone to dare being nudist farm hands; so off we went.

How much fun were chores??? A whole damned lot! My male brain certainly got quite a few good jolts. As we performed the same routine we’d been doing most evenings for years, I got to see how my sister’s body actually looked underneath the clothes she’d always worn. Oh man, all the times I’d imagined how she might look walking around; that night I actually saw Carly’s God given beauty as her svelte body walked about me displaying her feline grace.

Not only was Carly’s body breathtakingly beautiful, but I also got a most welcome education. When she would bend over, naturally, I’d ogle her. Over the years, I’d often imagined her tush, but I’d never accurately envisioned her dark fur or pink slit peeking out from underneath her taut buns. When I’d imagined her breasts, it never occurred to me how her teats would proudly swing and sway as she walked, bent, or reached.

The way her young body would shimmy and shake had a devastating effect on my young body. Despite actually getting work accomplished, I was soon walking around with a horn for her to admire. Once I was out there, I did my own swinging and swaying, which Munchkin purely enjoyed, judging by her leering grins.

Whenever we could, we’d walk side by side with a hand on our sibling’s butt. Which is exactly how we walked to the house when we finished outside. Damn, it was so neat feeling her buns rolling beneath my fingers. Since we were having company soon, we took a long, hot, shower. You can bet we washed each other thoroughly, but mostly we lingered in the warm spray to revitalize ourselves.

Following a hardy, cold dinner, we headed upstairs to dress for our guests. It was my idea to dress each other. Lord knows I had a ball helping Carly into her panties, bra, skirt and blouse. Munchkin seemed to get a big kick out of arranging my ‘goods,’ her words — not mine, inside my briefs. When we finished, I was wearing good jeans and a short-sleeved shirt; her favorite — not mine.

Once dressed, I hugged Carly to me. Following what I hoped was a very affection-laden kiss, I told her how special the whole day had been for me. The look on her face melted my heart, she was a genuinely, great girl by any standards I could think of.

Now it was time for me to dwell upon what stunt the girls had dreamed up for this evening.

* * * * *

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