Alone at Home

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First of all I would like to make it clear that i am not a native English speaker. It is my humble request to all the readers to ignore the grammatical mistakes in my story. Thank you.


From the early age of my life I discovered that I like to stay naked so much. I didn’t stay horny at all. It was my secret fantasy of getting naked when nobody is around. As I got older, this fantasy increased gradually. I started spending more time in the shower and started sleeping naked as well. I never shared my fantasy with anybody. I used to take my clothes off when I felt that I was alone and nobody was going to catch me. But some months before, I took my inner fantasy one step ahead, took it to a new level. I decided to spend a night out of my house without any clothes on. It was risky but there was an adventure in getting naked without getting caught. I was a bit scared but the thought of getting naked in an open air made me feel the happiest person in the world.

Before I start my story, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Natasha. I am a 20 year old girl, living in India with my family. I am currently studying in college which is not far from my home. Here my story begins—

After I decided to go naked, I waited for the right day and right moment. I waited and waited and got the chance at last. It was my cousin’s wedding. My parents, my grandmother and my brother were going to his wedding. My parents insisted me to go with them but I refused. I told that that I had a lot of college projects that had to be finished within two days, but the truth was different.

As they left, I locked the door from inside and sat on the couch. I couldn’t explain how happy I was staying alone in the house. I was going to stay without clothes until they returned. I closed the curtains and kicked my clothes off on the floor. They were scattered poker oyna here and there on the floor. I lied on the couch and turned the television on. I was not going to waste my day watching that idiot box!

I thought about my parents who were on their way to the wedding but was totally unaware of what was happening at home. I wished that I could share this moment with anybody right now! Lily, my best friend also once told me about her secret fantasy. She also liked to stay with fewer clothes and watched adult films on her phone. She asked me several times if I had anything like that but I laughed and said no. Lying on the couch I remembered some of my classmates who used to watch pornography without noticing that there were girls in the class too. I once glanced at the cell-phone and found a couple fucking each other.

I felt a little a little wetness between my legs while thinking about them. I touched myself and my finger became wet with my juices. I turned wet thinking about those porn watching guys! I felt my nipples were hard. I couldn’t help myself from touching. My pussy was wet and it needed my fingers to please it. I looked at my cleanly shaven mound and ran my fingers over it. I pushed my two fingers into the wet slit and started taking them in and out. The sclurp, sclurp, sclurp sounds made the atmosphere intoxicated. My left hand was gently caressing my breasts, my eyes were closed and my fingers were continuously fucking me in a rhythmic way. I imagined someone is digging my pussy with his big thick dick. I doubled the speed of my fingers and fingered myself furiously. Suddenly my legs started to shake and I started breathing heavily. I wanted to scream loudly but couldn’t because of the neighbors. I couldn’t myself and shot a crystal cleared liquid all over the floor. My legs were still shaking and I was panting heavily.

My canlı poker oyna fingers were wet and glistening with my sticky juices. I took them into my mouth and tasted. I always tasted my cum but today it was tastier than ever. I never masturbated on the couch as my family members always stayed around me. I used to masturbate either in the bathroom or in my room.

I took rest on the couch for a couple of minutes and then went to take a shower. Then I talked to my friends over phone and after that finished my college work. I did everything as a naked woman. In the evening, I sat on the sofa taking a pen and paper in my hand. I noted the plan of how I would go naked tonight. It was summer so there was no need of feeling cold. I finished my lunch early and waited till midnight.

I looked at the clock which was showing its 12am. I turned all the lights off and slowly opened the door. I looked outside to ensure if there was anybody around. I couldn’t find anybody. I came to the backyard and reached the gate. Again I looked at the street and as before nobody was there. But I was scared to go outdoor because the street lights were on. I waited for the power cut as it was a common problem in India during summer. I was pretty sure the lights would be off after some minutes like the other days. I waited and at last it happened. It was 01:30am when the lights were gone finally. I waited to ensure that the lights would not back in a minute. It didn’t. I opened the gate slowly and silently and stepped out. Now, I was standing on the street butt naked. My heart was pounding like a bell. I looked at the houses but couldn’t see anything due to darkness.

I was nervous but gathered my courage and started walking finally. It was a daring idea of getting completely naked and walking on the street when everybody is sleeping in their houses peacefully. I had internet casino been walking for five or six minutes, suddenly I saw a light coming towards me. My heart stopped beating when I realized that a middle aged man was coming with a torch in his hand. I rushed to the electric pole to hide behind it. Fortunately he didn’t see me. When I reached the main road, the street lights lit up again. I became horrified and couldn’t decide what to do at that very moment. I tried to find a suitable place to hide. I ran to the backside of a closed shop but was extremely frightened thinking about the way to home. It was almost impossible to reach home when the lights were still on. On the other hand, the morning would be more dangerous and embarrassing if I stayed here naked all night.

I was thinking how to reach home when I thought of a plan. The backyards of the houses were safer than the street. Each house was fenced with brick walls. I jumped over the fences of every house and walked through their backyards silently. My pussy was damn wet and my juices dripping down my legs. I was so horny that I couldn’t help myself from touching. I stopped and sat on one of my neighbor’s backyard. I spread my legs apart and felt the wetness of my cunt with fingers. My nipples with brown areola were hardened again. I was gently rubbing my pussy in a circular motion and then entered my fingers to feel the wetness of my slit. I was pressing my boobs harder with each stroke in my pussy. The warm breeze also made the night sexier. I was biting my lips with closed eyes and was thinking what would happen if the members of this house heard my moans and grown and suddenly opened the door. This thought made me reach orgasm and I felt something coming out from my stomach and… BANG! I shot like a gun. The wave after wave of my juices made the grasses moist and sticky. They were sticking with each other seemed they bowed their heads and thanking me for a hot show.

I had to run again! I was tired and needed to sleep. I got up and jumped over their walls. After a couple of minutes I reached my home safely.

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