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I met Amanda through a mutual friend in college. We hit it off pretty quick, and soon we were messing around and experimenting with a lot of different things. Amanda was a flirt, but she was prepared to back it up if you called her bluff. She loved to try new things, and quite often getting me off got her off as well. It was a nice friendship we had worked out between us. The only drawback was that she was a virgin, and was saving herself. Other than that, she was willing to try or do anything that either one of us could think of.

Amanda was a little girl, she stood about 5′ 2″ and probably never got above 110 lbs while we were hanging out. She had beautiful long blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. She had nice lips and a small mouth, as well as cute little hands, both of which made my average size cock look like some pornstar. Her body was evenly tanned all over, as she laid out in her backyard nude every summer. She had a nice set of perky C cup breasts with puffy nipples which I gave a good deal of attention, and a perfect round butt.

Amanda and I hung out for awhile, flirting back and forth, but neither one of us knew what the other wanted, so no one made a move. Until the day we were smoking pot at my apartment.

We were sitting around my place one afternoon, just Amanda and I, getting stoned. We were sitting next to each other on the couch, laughing and giving each other a hard time. Amanda got up and started going through my movies, looking for something to watch. I wasn’t paying much attention, and got up to get us something to drink. Amanda started giggling and yelled that she had found something. I was coming back into the room as she popped the tape into the VCR. She came over and sat down next to me as the tape started to play.

Amanda had stumbled on to my stash of porn, and had put in one of my favorites, “Big Tit Fuckers”. I just sat there as the tape began to play, and watched as Holly Body gave some lucky stud the titfuck of his life. I looked over at Amanda, but her attention was riveted to the action on the screen. She was engrossed with that guy fucking Holly’s tits, his dick drooling precum all over her cleavage. Watching Holly Body get her big tits fucked was having quite an effect on me as well, and it turned me on even more to watch it with this hot and horny little girl. My cock poker oyna was throbbing in my jeans and forming a sizeable tent that Amanda soon noticed.

“Do you jerk off while you watch this?” she asked, her voice barely a whisper. I nodded, and she swallowed and looked down at the bulge in my pants. “Can I jerk you off while we watch this?” she breathed. I could barely mumble yes before she had my cock out and began to slowly move her soft hand up and down my aching shaft. Her eyes never left the TV as she squeezed and pumped my cock. The scene continued until the guy was ready to cum. I braced myself as she began to squeeze and pump my cock harder and faster, just as the guy pulled back and pointed his dick at Holly’s big tits. Amanda moaned as his dick shot his seed all over the pornstar’s jiggling tits.

As the scene ended, Amanda turned to me with lust in her eyes. “I want you to cover my tits in cum too!” she moaned. She pulled off her shirt and bra, revealing her ripe young tits perfectly tanned and capped by a pair of puffy pink nipples. I groaned and leaned over to suck those nipples, licking her tits all over as she continued to jack me off. She used her other hand to alternate between cupping her tits and feeding them to me and grabbing the back of my head to press my face harder into her tits. I could feel my balls begin to ache and knew I would cum soon, so I pushed her away and got up to stand in front of her.

She cupped her tits and held them up to me. “Shoot your hot cum all over my tits, cover me with your jizz!” she cooed slightly jiggling them and offering them to my rock hard cock. I took my drooling dick in my hand and started slapping her tits, splattering large amounts of precum all over her nipples. When her titties were dripping and wet, I slid my dick between them as she pressed them together. She moaned and looked up at me, begging me to cum on her. I couldn’t hold back for very long, the sight and sensation of my throbbing dick moving back and forth between her big tits was just too much. I pulled away, stepping back about a foot and jacking my dick. She arched her back and cupped her tits in front of my aching cock, begging me to cum all over her.

I pointed my dick at her tits and let loose a large stream of cum. It flew through the air, splattering on her chest and covering canlı poker oyna her from her neck to the nipple of her left breast. As it began to drip from her hard pink nipple I groaned and shot a second stream of cum, larger than the first, that completely soaked her entire left breast. Cum was splattered and dripping all over the left side of her chest, and she was squealing and begging for more as she orgasmed. I pointed my dick and stroked it again, this time sending three large spurts of cum splashing across her right breast and covering it with semen.

Amanda looked up at and licked her lips, but I wasn’t finished. I stepped forward and thrust my still spurting cock between her tits, placing my hands on her shoulders and fucking them as hard as I could. On each thrust between her cum covered tits my dick erupted once more, sending stream of cum into the air and all over her tits and face, splashing all over the fabulous vixen I finally able to have. After four or five thrusts my cum finally slowed, and she took my dick in her hand and milked the last of my cum onto one of her nipples, rubbing the purple head of my dick all over her cum covered tits.

She sat back, almost purring like a cat, as she rubbed my cum all over her boobs. She moaned and fingered herself to another small orgasm as she did. Watching her play with herself and the cum on her tits kept me rock hard, and I started thinking about round two. I stood in front of her and started slowly jacking my dick. She looked up with lust and hunger, “Can you do that to me again?” she asked. I nodded and she groaned and got off the couch. “I want to watch this time.” she informed me as she took me by the hand and led me into me bedroom.

When we got inside she shut the door, and got on her knees in front of my full length mirror. “I want you to fuck my tit and cream them again. I want to watch as you shoot your load all over me!” she moaned sexily, as she cupped her tits and arched her back. Her breasts were still wet and slippery from my first load, so my dick slid nicely between them as I stepped forward to fuck her tits. She moaned and stared into the mirror, watching my throbbing cock move slowly back and forth through her cleavage. She jiggled her tits around my cock, moving them back and forth along my rod as I fucked them.

She was internet casino really putting on a show, and soon my dick was spewing precum all over her shiny tits. Amanda was enjoying the action as well, and she reached down to finger her clit. I grabbed her tits with both hands, squeezing them hard around my cock as I started to pump harder and faster. The sight of me fucking her beautiful her tanned tits in the mirror and hearing her moans as she got off was soon too much for me. I wanted this to last, so I pulled out of her cleavage and started slapping and poking her hard, puffy nipples with the head of my dick. This drove Amanda over the edge, and she came hard as I continued to rub and poke her nipples. She grabbed my dick and started pumping it with both hands, completely overcome with lust. “I want your cum, baby, I want you to shoot it all over me!” she cried as she stroked my dick harder and faster. Her lust for cum was such a turnon, I could feel her trying to milk the cum from my balls. I looked over at the mirror at her jacking me off, on her knees begging for my cum. Her motions were causing her big tits to bounce and jiggle. There was precum flying everywhere as she jacked my dick, landing all over her face and chest.

At that moment I felt the familiar sensation rise from my balls and travel up my dick. I groaned and grabbed my cock, pointing it at her while watching in the mirror. She sat up, pushing her tits together and up, offering me her breasts as a target to shoot on. She gasped as she looked in the mirror in time to see me point my dick at her chest and shoot a gout of cum directly at one of her nipples. It slapped against her breast, and a thick pool collected in her cleavage as my cum dripped from her nipple. She turned sideways. kneeling directly in front of the mirror, holding her tits up to catch the rest of my cum. I moved beside he, and shot another thick stream of cum across both of her tits, completely soaking them both in jizz. I watched her in the mirror as her soaked chest heaved, waiting for my cum. I pointed my dick at her image in the mirror, and sprayed another blast across her reflected tits. It splattered against the glass in a long streak and slowly began dripping down.

Amanda’s eyes widened and her mouth opened wide at the sight and sound of my cum hitting the glass, She squealed as I turned my hose back onto her tits, shooting four more streams of cum across her chest. I milked the rest of my cum onto her tits as she sat entranced, watching herself in the mirror as my cum slowly ran down her tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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