Aunt Ellen

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This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement; hopefully yours as well as mine. Comment and constructive criticism welcomed.

* * * * *

Matt’s my nephew; my sister Alice’s boy. Alice is the oldest and I’m the youngest of mom’s seven children, so I’m only five years older than Matt, twenty-three to his eighteen. I’d been away to college, had just graduated, had a big split with my boyfriend, my ex-boss, who had a wife he’d forgotten to tell me about and had come trailing home to lick my wounds.

So there I was; home, broke, unemployed and miserable. Matt’s more like a younger brother than a nephew. It had been nearly four years since I’d seen him last, and the gangly young teenager I’d left behind was turning into a good-looking young man. Tall, lithe, well-built; quite a head-turner. He’d cheered me up quite a bit with his affectionate, but shy, welcome home and it was Matt who found me somewhere to stay while I got myself turned around.

Matt’s friend Paul and his folks were going off to Europe for a six week jaunt. They had a ranch-style house with a parcel of land on the Lake Chance road. They also had two dogs. Now they could have just put the dogs into a boarding kennel while they were away, but they were fond of the mutts. They were also wary about leaving the house empty for so long. Paul and Matt were pretty good friends and they had been discussing this, when Matt had his brainwave. What happened next was that Jack Elsman, Paul’s dad, telephoned me and asked me if I would call on him, ‘to discuss a proposition’. Curious, I’d agreed and Matt drove me over in his pickup.

An hour later, I had somewhere to stay and a few dollars to help me look for a job. I had agreed to stay at the Elsman house and look after the house and dogs while the family took itself off to Europe. Jack Elsman told me it had been Matt’s suggestion and I thanked him as we drove over to mom’s, where I’d been staying since I got back.

“Matt, I’m really grateful. I have time to find myself a job and somewhere to stay now, without being under mom’s feet all the time. I love mom, but I’ve gotten used to having somewhere of my own.” I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

Matt went bright pink. “Heck, Ellen,” he said. He always called me Ellen, not Aunt Ellen, since I was ten and he was five, when I had decided that it was silly being called ‘Aunty’ when I was so young. So, “Heck, Ellen. When Paul told me they were worried about leaving the house empty and putting the dogs into kennels, it just seemed obvious that somebody had to stay and look after the place.”

“And you thought of me.” Now that is really sweet, I thought.

“Well, yeah. You told me you wanted somewhere to stay. I know it’s only for six weeks.” He shrugged.

“Six weeks without having to pay rent. Six weeks in a luxury home with a swimming pool. Six weeks and a hundred dollars a week just to stay. Matt, my boy, you’re a genius.”

He grinned. “Tell that to my teachers. Or Kathy Evans.”

“Ah! And who is Kathy Evans?” I asked, my feminine curiosity antennae quivering.

Matt went pink again. “A girl at school.”

“You sweet on her?” I asked, curious suddenly about my good-looking nephew’s love life.

He shrugged. “I guess I am. I like her, I think she likes me.”

“Have you dated her?”

“Not yet. I was going to ask her next Saturday.”

“Go for it!” I grinned at him, yet I wasn’t sure that I really meant it. Strange. “Matt,” I said, “I owe you one for getting me into this. The Elsmans are leaving next Thursday. They’ve asked me to go over on Tuesday, learn the routine. It’ll take me a couple of days to settle in. Next Saturday, come over for a swim, then I’ll cook dinner for you. Sort of a ‘thank-you’ meal. Bring Kathy.”

His face lit up. “That’d be great! I’ll ask her at school tomorrow.”

He was disappointed. I didn’t see him until the Tuesday. “Still on for Saturday?” I asked. He made a face.

“I asked Kathy, but she’s going away for the weekend with her mom.” His face brightened. “She said OK for the following Saturday, if it’s OK with you.”

“Fine, I’ll look forward to meeting her. But Matt?”


“You still come over on Saturday. I’ll still cook you dinner, just for the two of us.”

“You sure, Ellen?” He was pleased, I was glad to see.

“Certain, Matt. Come over about two.” I grinned at him.

OK, something to look forward to on Saturday. In the meantime, I had to get myself to the Elsman house. They made me welcome, showed me the guest room where I’d be sleeping. Impressive. Double bed and its own bathroom. I loved the dogs, an ageing German shepherd called Prince and a black poodle called, for some reason, Amber. Jack Elsman was an architect and he’d designed the house himself. It was designed to be looked after easily and I could see no problems with looking after it by myself. I would still have plenty of time to look for a job and a place of my own. When he found out I didn’t have a car, Jack took a set of keys from poker oyna a drawer.

“Use the Honda, Ellen,” he said. “It’s in the garage.”

“Well, thank you, Mr Elsman, that’s very kind.”

“You’re welcome, Ellen.” He laughed. “I know your family; did some work for your brother Ben last year. I wouldn’t have asked you to do this if I hadn’t already known the family. So anyway, let’s change the subject. What sort of job are you looking for?”

“Computer programmer, if I can get it, or analyst-programmer.” I enjoy programming. OK, I use a lot of the popular packages, but there’s an extra zing in getting a computer to do just as you want.

He mused for a moment, then took a business card from his pocket and scribbled something on the back. He handed me the card. “Go and see Sol Levy at Levy Investments, corner of Cedar and 3rd. He might have something. Tell him I sent you. But don’t go until Monday, he’s away. I’ll ring his secretary and fix you an appointment. In fact, sit down for a moment, Ellen. I’ll do it now.” He disappeared into his office and I looked at the card. He’d written, ‘Sol, Ellen’s a friend. Have you anything in her line?’. Well, nice of him. He came back.

“Ten on Tuesday, not Monday. OK?”

“Marvellous, thank you Mr Elsman.”

“A pleasure, Ellen. Right, now on with the guided tour!”

The Elsmans set off on the Thursday and I was alone with the dogs. They were restless at first but as Thursday moved into Friday and I fed them and walked them, so they got used to me and settled down.

Saturday dawned bright and clear and the forecast hinted at temperatures in the low eighties. Nice day for a swim. I’d promised Matt a meal and I got everything ready for fried chicken and salad, then went to my room and took a shower. I rummaged through my wardrobe and checked my two bikinis. I decided on the slightly more modest one with the string ties and slipped it on, then put on a wraparound cotton skirt and a tank top.

Matt was punctual and rolled up in his pickup at the stroke of two. Prince and Amber knew him and greeted him with wagging tails. He bent and fussed over them then followed me indoors. “Thanks for inviting me, Ellen,” he said.

“Nice to have company, Matt. This place is so big the nearest neighbour is nearly a mile away. The dogs are good company, but their conversation isn’t marvellous.”

He laughed. “Yeah, there is rather a lot of room, isn’t there. Still, the pool is real-size, not dinky. You can really stretch out and go for it.” He grinned companionably at me.

“You a keen swimmer, Matt?”

“Yeah, I made the school team.” There was pride in his voice.

“Good for you!” So that’s where the sleek build comes from. “Ready for a swim now?”

“Sure am!” He grinned at me. “Change in the cabana?”

Cabana? Then I remembered. There was a small bathroom beside the pool, with a shower and two tiny changing rooms. Jack Elsman had pointed them out to me to use if I had friends round for a swim. The family just used their own rooms. “Yes, Matt, you use the cabana,” I said. “I’ve got my bikini on under these. I’ll just drop them in my room and I’ll be right out.”

“OK.” He smiled and went out.

I went to my room and discarded my tank top and skirt, tugged the bikini into a slightly less revealing position and went out to the pool. Matt was already in the water, moving seemingly effortlessly along in an Australian crawl. I watched him for a moment, admiring the grace of his movements. There was a smooth, raw power in him that suddenly got to me and I could feel a tingle in my cunt. ‘Down, girl!’ I thought to myself, ‘That’s your nephew, not some stud. Get in the water and cool off!’

I’m a good swimmer. Not in Matt’s apparent class, but perfectly competent, so I took a racing dive into the water and sprinted to the far end and back, then, turned to my back and floated for a moment, relaxing. Matt came easing up alongside me.

“It’s great, Ellen, much better than a commercial pool. Not nearly so crowded,” Matt smiled.

“But no girls to ogle over.” I was flip.

Matt’s look turned serious. “Who wants to look at some silly girl when there’s a woman as beautiful as you right here?” He flushed deep scarlet suddenly and looked very confused. “I’m sorry, Ellen, I didn’t mean… Er… Oh, shit, I’m sorry!”

“Sorry for what, Matt?” I asked softly. “For calling me beautiful? You don’t ever need to apologise for that!” I leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Thank you for a lovely compliment.” I turned away from him and did a gentle breast stroke along the pool. I had to, my cunt was tingling and I could feel my nipples becoming like pebbles in my bikini top. Luckily, my tits were under water and Matt couldn’t have seen. I tried to still my racing heart, without conspicuous success. What was I thinking of? I had just had a vivid vision in my mind of a naked Matt vigorously fucking his equally naked Aunt Ellen. Wow, did I want this? My own nephew? Did I dare? I took a deep breath and decided to let myself cool canlı poker oyna down.

I trundled back and forth along the pool for a while but we’d been in the pool for about forty minutes and I was feeling a little tired, so decided to get out. I headed towards the steps. Matt was there before me and gave me a hand to get out. My good intentions were foiled, because the feel of the air on my wet skin caused my nipples to harden again.

I don’t know whether it was the sight of my nipples showing through my bikini top or not, but Matt’s eyes were fixed on my tits, at least until he caught my eye. He flushed and looked away, moving uncomfortably. There was a huge bulge in his swim shorts and when he caught me looking at it he went even redder.

My conscience fought a brief battle with my personal devil. The devil won. “Got a hardon, Matt?” I asked teasingly. He went an even deeper shade of red, which if I hadn’t seen it myself I would have said was impossible and seemed about to say something, but his bulge was getting bigger and I guess he figured he couldn’t deny it, because he nodded.

“I wonder, do you know what to do with it?” I asked gently. Have you fucked Kathy with it, Matt? Have you?

“Of course!” he retorted.

“Have you?” I asked.

“Have I what?” he asked carefully.

“Fucked,” I said succinctly.

He paused for a moment, then reluctantly shook his head. “No, not yet,” he muttered, avoiding my eye. He looked away, across the pool.

Oh, God! I thought, an eighteen-year old virgin. Gimme! “Would you like to, Matt?” I asked gently, trembling inside, and he looked at me, startled, apparently not believing his ears.

“You mean you and me? Here? Now?” he said awkwardly.

I nodded, smiling. “Yes, you and me. Here. Now.” I could feel the excitement within me. I had the feeling that I was going to enjoy this. My throat was suddenly dry. My bikini was fastened by ties at the hips, neck and back. I didn’t want Matt to get cold feet, so decided to present him with a fait accompli. I tugged at the strings and was suddenly naked before him. He was staring and my nipples got harder, my pussy got wetter, my… God, I was tingling. I was breathing heavily and held out my hand to him.

“Come on inside, Matt, and let’s fuck!”

He took my hand and I could feel him trembling. I led him to my bedroom and stopped beside the bed, turning to face him. His eyes were smoky and he looked me over from head to toe. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I held out my arms to him. “Kiss me, Matt,” I said. “Kiss me as your lover, not your Aunt. Kiss me as if you want me.” I wanted him, I really wanted him, wanted his prick in my pussy.

“I do want you,” he croaked, “I’ve wanted you since I was about fourteen, when you were staying with us. I…” He faltered.

“You what?” I prompted gently. Then I had a flash of inspiration. “What did you do, Matt, spy on me?”

He flushed again, poor lamb, and nodded, shame-faced. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done it. But you were so beautiful.” He raised his head and looked me in the eye. “You still are.” Shaking, he raised his hand and cupped my tit. My nipples were like rocks and the feel of his hand on my breast made me shake. I pulled him closer and raised my face for his kiss.

His lips were warm, dry, firm. I revelled in the sensation for a moment then gently insinuated my tongue between his lips. He gasped slightly, then I could feel his mouth open to me, his own tongue slipping forth to twine with mine. My arms were around his neck, his around my waist, then I felt his hands moving down, gently, almost stealthily, until he was cupping my ass cheeks. His bulge was hot and hard against my belly, and I chuckled into the kiss, then drew my head back.

“Ever held a girl’s naked butt before, Matt?” I asked. “Do you like it?”

He laughed, almost normally. “It’s a first for me! I like it,” he replied, squeezing my ass. “Mmm, nice,” he said. “Lovely and firm, but deliciously squeezable.”

“Lets try yours,” I said, running my fingers down his spine. His swim shorts were almost dry from the animal heat we were producing and I gripped his butt. I almost drooled. The musculature created by his swimming meant that his ass was firm and strong. And, as he’d gallantly said of my own butt, deliciously squeezable. I unfastened the drawstring at his waist and put my hands on his waistband. I leaned back slightly and looked into his eyes.

“Am I the first girl to see this treasure?” I whispered. “Am I?”

He swallowed, then nodded. “Apart from mom, when I was younger, of course.”

I grinned at him. “And me, when you were about two. Your mom let me help to bathe you one night. We won’t count that, though. I mean adult type female persons, say fifteen or older?”

“You’re the first, Ellen.”

“OK, I’m going to unwrap my treasure,” I said, grinning at him. Slowly, I peeled down his shorts. His prick, when it bounced free of its restriction, almost hit me in the face. I gasped, from internet casino anticipated pleasure. I’m twenty-three, and I first had sex when I was seventeen. I’m not promiscuous and I don’t play around, so in my six years of sexual experience I’d only had seven lovers before now. My eighth was definitely the biggest.

Matt’s prick was – is – a little over eight inches long, and as thick as my wrist. The head was deep red, the veins on the shaft clearly defined. I dropped my hand to it and squeezed gently. Matt groaned. I wanted him inside me, badly. Very badly. But I knew that there was a very good chance that he would go off bang at first contact, if I was his first. Unless he’d masturbated, of course, I suddenly thought.

“Matt?” I whispered.


“Do you masturbate?”

“Yeah. It helps when I don’t have a woman handy,” he said wryly, “which is of course, all of the time. ” He groaned as I gently fingered his prick. “Until now.”

“When did you do it last?”

“Just before I came here.” He flushed. “I didn’t know if I could keep it down if I saw you in a bikini.” He laughed. “I guess I couldn’t, huh!”

I laughed with him. “Let’s take a chance,” I whispered. “Let’s put that lovely prick of yours into my cunt and see what happens.” I moved to the bed, still holding gently to his prick, and lay down. I spread my legs. “Come on, Matt, put it in me, put it in now, baby, I want to feel it inside me. Oh, Matt, I want to feel it so bad!” I was shaking.

He knelt carefully between my legs, then lowered himself until his prick was near my cunt. Taking no chances, I grasped him gently and steered him in. I was wet, very wet, and he went straight in. Jeez! He felt good, oh so very, fucking good. I wriggled slightly, a little uncomfortable at first with this monster inside me, but I soon adjusted. Matt was still, not breathing. I tugged gently at his hips.

“Deeper, Matt, deeper. I want to feel you deeper!” Matt groaned and pressed tentatively forward, until his balls were slapping my ass. I sighed deeply.

“God, Matt, that feels so good, so very, fucking good! Fuck me, Matt, fuck your Ellen!”

He began to move, tentatively at first, tiny movements, until he got more used to the feel of my pussy about his prick, then he began to move in and out, gently at first, gradually increasing the length of his stroke. I groaned; my cunt had never felt so full of prick before. My juices were liberally coating his prick, there was no sense of friction, just that wonderful feeling of being full of my lover’s prick. He was wordless, his bottom lip caught between his teeth, an expression of intense concentration on his face.

I was feeling good, stuffed so full of virile male. “Matt, baby, that feels good, baby, oh, so good. Fuck me, baby, fuck me. ” I groaned, and Matt’s stroke lengthened then, suddenly, an expression of intense surprise appeared on his face and his stroke faltered. I realised immediately what had happened and threw my arms around him, hugging him to me.

“Oh, baby, come for me!” I whispered, “Fill me, baby, fill me full!” Matt had come, too soon for both of us. I had more than half-expected this, had hoped he could last longer, but there was no way I would scold him. Poor lamb, he was at his most vulnerable.

Matt trembled at last into immobility, then raised his head and kissed me gently on the lips. “Sorry, Ellen. I came too soon. I couldn’t help myself.” His expression was wry.

“Don’t fret, baby, don’t fret,” I whispered. “That was just a taster. We’ll have a rest, then we’ll go again. I’m going to make you come so many times you’ll lose count!”

“It takes me ages to get it up again when I jack off,” he said ruefully.

I grinned at him. “You’ve never had me around before,” I said. “Ease out, and let’s see what we can do about it.” He withdrew carefully and I looked closely at him. He was still half-hard, but softening. I kissed his lips gently, then wriggled down on the bed. I looked up and he was watching me intently. “Are you going to..?” he began.

“Suck you off? I certainly am, Matt, I love the taste of male come and my own pussy juice, it always makes me horny!” Has done since I was seventeen. Matt’s prick twitched in my grasp. I laughed. “Hey, it makes you horny as well!”

He groaned. “It’s not that, Ellen, it’s you. How do you think I feel? My favourite Aunt, the subject of all my fantasies, naked, her pussy full of my come, talking about sucking my cock!”

“All of your fantasies, Matt?” I asked gently.

“Most of them, about ninety-nine per cent. I admit, Kathy Evans has started to pop up now and again recently.”

“What’s she like, I mean physically?” I was curious about my rival for Matt’s fantasies.

“Well, she’s about five feet eight inches tall, I’d guess she’s about your size. She has long, dark brown hair, to about the middle of her back, blue eyes and I’ve just realised, she reminds me of you!”

“I look forward to meeting her one day. I’ll tell her all about what turns you on, when you’re not listening.”

Matt groaned suddenly.

“What’s up?” I asked, alarmed.

“Nothing. I just had this sudden mental vision of myself in bed with both of you!” He shuddered. “That was a hell of a turn on.”

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