First Lesbian 3-way (Legendary!)

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When I had first moved in with my best friends that summer, I thought that life couldn’t get any better. It had been me, my best friends Justin, Matt, Samantha and Cheyenne. We moved into a very cool duplex, with floor to ceiling mirrors built into the walls and a cool little yellow and orange wallpaper on the ceiling, and a fireplace in every other room. It was very retro, and very us.

We had been living there for about 4 months when this crazy night approached. We had had some crazy parties before, but this one was ridiculous. There was a slip and slide in the kitchen, an endless supply of boos and guys, and even girls for that matter, and I had my pick of literally anyone that night. I was bored though. I was pretty drunk, but extremely horny and I desperately wanted someone to hook up with. It had been a pretty dry summer, and I could definitely use some excitement. With that thought, I went to the bathroom. There were a few tricks I had known to use in order to seduce someone properly. I let my long blonde hair that was being held in a pony tail fall to my shoulders. I ran my fingers through it and gave it some extra volume for a more sultry look. Next was my outfit. I had on a black lacy tank top under a white cotton shirt. My bra was hot pink and had lace around the outer area. It was very sexy and it needed to be shown off. I took off my white shirt and pulled down my tank top, letting my bra peek out against the top. My boobs looked amazing and i knew it. The only problem was my pants. I don’t know what I was thinking but I had worn jeans. Being the most persistent I had ever been towards getting laid, I slipped them off. My underwear were pink lace that matched my bra, and see threw. The framed my ass, riding up it like a thong, but they were much more sexy and intriguing. Now I was perfect.

My bedroom was right next to the bedroom, so I threw my clothes in there and made my appearance. “Damn!” said my guy roommates. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Cheyenne watching me. I knew she was a lesbian in high school, but recently she had been very into guys again. I had a feeling she was going to hit on me, and I was prepared. I had seen her naked body before and she was perfect. I had thought about her a couple of times when I had been ate out by my ex-boyfriend, and I had closed my eyes and pretended it was her. She was kind of like my dream girl.

“DAMN! What are you WEARING!?” asked some girl. I had only met her one other time. I knew three things about her, that her name was Brandy, she had the biggest breasts I had ever seen and she was a stripper. “Don’t you guys know? This is a panty party!” I said. And with that, Brandy had screamed with delight, went up on the table and started to strip. Guys crowded around to watch her and all of them cheered with each piece unveiled. I smiled and walked past the scene she was creating, towards Cheyenne.

“A panty party? HAHA, you are so bad. Not amusing enough for you, huh?” she said with a little wink. “Nope, not quite. I’m so fucking tired of all of these guys. It’s like this town is going through a drought.” I said.

“So, those are really cute, did you get them at Victoria Secret?” she said, pointing to my lacy boy-shorts.

“Yeah! Do you like them?” I said.

“Yeah, I have some like those in poker oyna yellow! I love them. They make your ass look amazing” She said.

“Well, everyone else is stripping down. You might as well, too!”

“Oh, I would but I’m not dressed appropriately. Hahaha.”

“You mean, you have on a thong? Come on, Cheyenne, I hardly think anyone would mind!”

She smiled. “Are you sure?” she asked. I’m not sure why she was being so shy. “Listen,” I said “if you strip down to a thong, I will take my bra off. That way, you’ll fit in and we can give everyone a show. Then we’ll surely get hit on.”

“hah! DEAL!” she said and with that she slid her pants off. She had on a red thong. It looked amazing around her ass. I got excited. “Your turn!” she said.

I slid off my black tank top. When I got it off, I looked up and noticed that everyone, even Brandy, had stopped what they were doing and started watching us. This delighted me. I looked at Cheyenne. “Will you undo it for me?” She laughed and agreed. I turned around and felt her hands on the clasp of my bra. I felt the bra loosen around my body as I started to slide it off. My nipples were hard and pointing upward. I felt hott. “THANK HER WITH A KISS!” Some guy yelled out, other guys agreeing with cheers. I looked at her and shrugged and smiled.

She leaned in.

I felt her warm lips against mine and I started to move my jaw. I slid my tongue into her mouth as I heard the guys cheering. That just made it even more intense. Our bodies pressed into each other and her hand fell to my boob and started massaging it as our intensity grew. I grabbed her ass and started squeezing as she pinned me against the wall.

That’s when it occurred to me. I didn’t want a guy that night. I wanted her. I wanted to taste her and fuck her and suck her. Not some guy.

I broke our kiss and took her by the hand and smiled. I grabbed the almost full wine bottle to my left with my other hand and led her into the bedroom. “Anybody wanna join us?” I said as I walked into the doorway of my bedroom. “I do!” It was Brandy. She jumped off the table and ran into the bedroom as I shut and locked the door. I started to chug the bottle of wine. I realized that I needed to be a little tipsy in order to fuck one of my best friends. Leaving about half, I passed the bottle to Cheyenne. While she was chugging, I slid off my panties. I looked up to see Brandy doing the same and walking towards me. She pushed me against the wall and started to kiss me deeply. She pushed her body into mine and I felt our breast smoosh together. Then, she moved away a little and let Cheyenne in on our kiss. There we were, all three of us kissing each other and grabbing each other. Cheyenne sort of forced Brandy out of the way so that she could have me all to herself, so that left Brandy kissing my neck. This made me feel very sexual and hot, so I let out a little moan. Brandy then, moved her way down to my breast and started suckling on my nipple. I moaned again and Cheyenne opened her eyes to see what she was doing, and then started to do the same, suckling on my other breast. I felt amazing and lucky. I was so turned on by the situation that I almost got off. Then Brandy stopped, and stood up. She took me by the hand and led my to the bed and sort of pushed me down. She pulled canlı poker oyna my legs apart and started eating me out, keeping one finger in my vagina and finger fucking me. Her legs draped over the edge of my bed and Cheyenne kneeled on the floor behind her and start eating her out, while finger fucking herself. There we were in a chain of orgasms. We all three got off at the same time, and after I got off, I looked down and saw the juices all over Brandy’s face. She turned to Cheyenne, who had Brandy’s juices all over face and they started to kiss, licking the juices off of each other.

While they did this, I hunched down and started sucking on Cheyennes breast. Then, I took Brandy’s into my mouth as well, sucking both of their nipples at once while they licked the pussy cum off of each other. Then I raised up for a taste. It was so hott that I was getting wet all over again.

Then Cheyenne pushed me down against the bed and climbed on top of me, thrusting her pussy into mine, while kissing me. I moaned. She was wetter than I was. I sort of wrestled her back down against the bed and climbed on top of her. I kissed my way down to her pussy and flicked my tongue against her clit. She yelped. I then shoved two fingers into her vagina and started sucking and biting her clit. She tasted sweet. This was a dream come true. This was everything I wanted. As I was doing this, Brandy was kissing her neck and breasts and feeling her up while Cheyenne was fingering her. I slid in three fingers, moving them all around and in circles, then all four, moving them in a waving motion. She was screaming in pleasure. She came all over my hand and face, her pussy shot out cum. I licked my fingers.

Then, it was Brandy’s turn. She stood up as me and Cheyenne both knelt before her, I was sucking her vagina and Cheyenne was sucking her clit. Then, it got a little crowded so I moved my mouth to her taint, licking and kissing it. Then to her butthole. She starting screaming in pleasure as I stuck my tongue deep into her ass, as Cheyenne nibbled on her clit and finger fucked her pussy. “I wanna make her scream like that!” Cheyenne said. I reluctantly agreed to change places with her. Her clit was hard and a purplish color. Her pussy was literally dripping wet as I put my tongue against her slit, licking it up and down, inserting 3 fingers and fucking her with force. Her vagina was really loosening up, so I put 4 fingers in, and moved them forcefully. Then, I curled them up and formed a fist. I was actually fisting someones cunt and she was loving it. She was screaming and sucking on her own giant breasts pulling her hair as I bit her clit and fisted her even harder and harder until she came. When she did, she came for like a minute straight. I didn;t stop though. I kept fisting her, and Cheyenne kept eating her ass, and Brandy kept moaning and screaming, until she came again. Except this time, she accidentally pissed as she was cumming. It ran down her legs and onto my hand and face before I realized what was happening. Surprisingly, I was a little turned on by it. I knew I had pushed her to her limits and she couldn’t control what was happening to her body.

I don’t know if it was the boos, or the fact that we were now legends of the party, but we still weren’t done, even though we were exhausted. internet casino We had all gotten off more than 3 times each, but it wasn’t enough. Brandy wanted to get me back for making her that hot, I could tell. She pulled me up by my arms and with one hand on each breast, she pushed me down onto my bed. She started fingering my sopping wet vagina. She was completely in control and I knew it. I just laid back and relaxed as she worked her magic. Fingering me, then licking, then sucking, then biting, then fingering again. Then she surprised me, by stopping. This gave me a chance to see where Cheyenne was. She was posted up in my chair in the corner fingering herself, watching me very closely. Brandy came back with a new prop: the wine bottle.

She started slowly, shoving the mouth of the bottle in and out of my vagina, while fingering my asshole. Then she got a little more violent with it, and I was moaning her name. It felt so good, the way she was rotating it and thrusting it, better than any dick. She stopped. The neck of the bottle was completely submerged in my body, when she repositioned herself, guiding the bottom of the wine bottle into her own pussy. I guess her pussy had been stretched because I had fisted her for 45 minutes, but the way she stretched her pussy around the wine bottle, her face moaning with every inch, was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Once her vagina lips met mine, she started thrusting. When she did this, I started thrusting too. Pushing the bottle out of my pussy and into hers, as she did the same as well. We were screaming and moaning and shaking when we both got off.

I slid back, and pulled the bottle out of us and shoved her down. I pinned her hands down with my legs and sat on her face. When I did this, Cheyenne bend over in front of me. I started eating her out as Brandy started in on me. I was shoving my pussy in her face so hard, I’m not even sure how she could breathe. I was so into the moment and being with these girls that I got off, and when I got off, I got Brandy back by pissing all over her breasts and in her mouth. She gulped it in and moaned louder than I was. I guess she was into that sort of thing. I was doing it to just be a bitch, but she was enjoying it. Hearing us both moan, sent Cheyenne into a frinzy, cumming all over me.

Then, we all three collapsed. “Lets go to bed, guys” I said as we all three climbed into my bed. As I turned out the light, I heard applauding. I turned the light back on and looked up to see all the guys from the party outside my window. They had seen the whole thing. Cheyenne and Brandy both looked at me and we all three died laughing.

We spent the night cuddling and talking and kissing under the covers until we fell asleep. Even after we fell asleep, if one of us woke up, we’d wake the others and fool around until we feel asleep again. We fooled around for about 3 weeks straight after that, until we decided to take it further and start dating.

We got our own apartment after that. We live the perfect life, going to bed together, waking each other up, all three of us taking showers together, shaving each other, going to movies and parties and clubs and restaurants together, all three of us holding hands. We work out together, and almost every night we have threesomes, sometimes outside, sometimes videotaped, sometimes just one on one, sometimes we invite a fourth, but it is always satisfying and always kinky. Sometimes we pretend to be sisters and role play.

I truly live the life and I love my girls.

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